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Ai Kawaii is my virgin slave

Ai Kawaii is my sexy slave of love – of all the love I give her

Ai Kawaii is still a virgin, in both her hairy horny holy holes!
Ai Kawaii is first learning how to proper munch my mighty member

Ai Kawaii brings me my tea in bed before she starts sucking me
Ai Kawaii already can mouth my mighty member, its full length!

Ai Kawaii loves licking my big bent brown banana till it creams
Ai Kawaii loves her daily diet of her Master Peter’s proteines!

After her breakfast in our bed Ai Kawaii goes to her University
After all my Ai Kawaii wants a major in Logic, visit Congresses

Ai Kawaii learns she can be clean for me also at her hot backdoor

My Ai Kawaii wants to become an able international Master of Arts
My Ai Kawaii is in the evenings and nights the slave of her heart

In weekends we have much more time to teach and train her further
In weekends we take time to prepare her for first ever penetration

I circle and tickle her tight tasty sexy sphinxter by my long tongue
I circle and tickle it with the tip of my index – my play lasts long

One nice night I feel how it finally relaxes just enough to let me in
One nice night I can finally enter it a bit by my pointed tongue-tip

I know that my Ai Kawaii first found it very dirty and too perverse
I know that my Ai Kawaii feels clean there now after her first enema

Ai Kawaii’s preferred position is opened wide with hands at her ankles

Ai Kawaii loves the position in which I first took her while she dreamt
Ai Kawaii thought she was only enjoying an extremely erotic dirty dream

Ai Kawaii didn’t realise that she really came so hard that she screamed
Ai Kawaii didn’t realise I also orgasmed deep down her throat I creamed

Ai Kawaii only believed me after I shown her the footage from my cameras
Ai Kawaii only after that step couldn’t help to follow her heart with me

Ai Kawaii was wide open for me first time when I tied her up – sedated!
Ai Kawaii is wide open now every time for me from free will for thrills

Ai Kawaii travels at times – sometimes too far for me to follow her there

Sometimes Ai Kawaii asks permission to leave for a few days or even longer
Sometimes Ai Kawaii wants to attend some Congress abroad with her professor

Like last sunny Summer for a fortnight in a lovely small old town in Germany
Like last sunny Summer for a fortnight in our big bedroom above a nice Greek

Sometimes Ai Kawaii needs at be back in Japan to see her parents – pass some exam
Sometimes Ai Kawaii needs a lil’ lie at her very conservative traditional parents

I imagine her interrogation by her mother: “Hai Mama-san, I am still a virgin”
I imagine her mother won’t have the idea to inform if her dead dod is loveslave

Ai Kawaii still gets her lesson of love by me every day she can’t stay with me

Ai Kawaii secretly reads me along with you all – if only her mother would find out!
Ai Kawaii secretly loves all my lessons of love best in practise in bed, also here

Ai Kawaii is allowed to practise more in masturbation – whenever she is reading me!
Ai Kawaii is allowed to come without me only in those quite rare sexy circumstances

Ai Kawaii didn’t have the faintest idea that a woman can get such sexy selfpleasure
Ai Kawaii didn’t have any experience till I seduced her with my words and our play!

Ai Kawaii first loved to play long games of Go with me at my big board every evening
Ai Kawaii first loved Logics and very logical the great game of Go which is logical!

Ai Kawaii now loves our lessons of love over our games of Go we play once a week

Ai Kawaii nevers wears her sexy slips when she is at me – I always want access to her
Ai Kawaii nevers wear anything when we play Go – no point, as her mind is naked then!

Ai Kawaii is Japanese, who are used to nudity in public as in their traditional baths
Ai Kawaii is Japanese, so she knows that one’s moves bare ideas thinking and feelings

Ai Kawaii waits patiently week after week when I think she will be ripe for full love
Ai Kawaii waits – longs long for first full penetration by my finger in her sphinxter

Ai Kawaii longs to lose at least her virginity at her backdoor to me – still thinking
Ai Kawaii longs to go all the way with me – not only in Go – will she ever dare that?.

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