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Ai Kawaii at my disposal

Ai I introduced to my readers over one month ago, leaving you wonder how my story will get wet and hot
Ai and I shared some wine to celebrate my marginal victory at the board, I take my prize in the night!

Ai is my fine friend playing the game of Go – I call her Ai Kawaii – as Kawaii means Cute in Japanese
Ai and I play in my Go-dojo a ‘Jubango’: ten game match at the rate of one game every Saturday evening

Ai is unlucky – or lucky? – to lose first game by only one point – to comfort her I offer Ai some wine
Ai is lucky as I invite her at my lap to hug her, luckily she does not know how potent I made the wine

Ai will wine soon after she finishes that glass as she will feel suddenly tired and retire to the dojo
Ai will fall into Morpheus arms as soon as she stretches in the bed which is afront of the open window

Ai will experience everything in erotics for the first time with me lasting all forthcoming night long
Ai will not remember anything conciously, she will wake up with a fat twat wet from a very dirty dream

Ai is almost MA in logics – a sexy student still complete virgin in kissing caressing and all the rest
Ai is lucky with me as her first ever lover patient perfect sexpert in initiating inhibited innocents!

Ai and I are a perfect match in many respects which I realise well – but she only our so close game!
Ai will not only learn how to play stronger from our match but also in her dirty dreams or for real?

Ai is almost unconcious when I enter my Go-dojo to visit her in dirty dreams or is it a nightmare?

Ai lays at her back, eyes closed and a sweet sensual smile at her lips as if she is already dreaming
Ai dreams of her win over me next game – or about some other interesting intimate encounter with me?

Ai does not move as I draw back the covers to take a better look at her so I also undress her slowly
Ai looks more or less as my minds eye had seen her, when I secretly undressed her in my imagination!

Ai sports small firm titties – she is quite short as most Japanese and likewise some sturdy thighs
Ai has a tiny butt I think – I want a good look at it from close – so I shift her slightly upwards

Ai’s head slightly dangles down at the edge of the mattrass, I shift the pillow under her lower back
Ai’s legs I move up till her ankles meet her wrists, which I tie together at the two upper bed posts

Ai’s pyjama top I unbutton in order to bare her breasts – I pull her pants down to below her knees
Ai’s holy centre of horniness is now her last secret – a few pubic hairs curl up beyond her panties

Ai’s last sexy secret does not last long, I take a few close-up pictures and pull her knickers down
Ai’s smell curls up to my nose – raising my state of arousal so much I want to undress as well now!

Ai’s sexy snatch, her love lips look so delicious I have to smell them from as close as possible

Ai’s sexy slit is wet so that is why she smells so well, her hairs shine with bits of her pussy juice
Ai’s juice tastes like more so I start to lick and kiss her love lips from her clit down to sphinxter

Ai starts to moan in her hot dirty dream: being eaten out for the first time in her life without love
Ai does not wake up so I continue my slow lick of her slit up and down and up again down and up above

Ai has her first ever orgasm with a man – and she gets so excited she even squirts at her first time!
Ai tastes wonderful so I eagerly drink all that juice she squirts unto my face till she is almost dry

“Ai my dear if you like so much to come with me I will give you more love” I whisper in her ear
Ai and I are soon in sexy sixty-nine position – that is exactly why I let her head dangle down a bit

Ai has to breath now only through her nose as I deep-throat her at her first ever open mouth blow-job
Ai smells even sexier now with my nose at her tight brown rose that secret sphinxter never penetrated

Ai almost suffogates from my fucking furiously her throat, munching her now sexily swollen love lips!
Ai dreams she almost dies deep under water in an ocean of love no breath left while we both come hard

Ai is about to lose her virginity to me after she swallows all of my semen for amuse gueule

Ai has two tasty tight virgin hot horny holy holes on offer now for my ‘low’ lustful of love for her!
Ai and I – how will we continue her long lasting dear dirty dream of making love for very first time?

Ai has a very tight sphinxter, I can not enter her with the tip of my tongue despite she is very wet
Ai has a very pretty pussy, as I have prove on a few photos, love lips pulled wide showing her hymen

Ai can tell you now, after I show her our long hot night captured by my two cameras in-, one outside!
Ai and I decide to leave our readers a next ‘cliffhanger’ – we wait for your guesses and reasons why?.

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