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Ai Kawaii at Hawaii

Ai is my fine friend playing the game of Go, I call her Ai Kawaii – as Kawaii means Cute in Japanese
Ai and I go to Hawaii for a fine free sex holy holiday between palm trees during a full moon weekend

Ai is almost MA in logics and still a sexy student complete virgin in kissing caressing and the rest
Ai is lucky with me as her first ever lover patient perfect expert in initiating inhibited innocents

Ai Kawaii falls for my sweet slow seduction: warm wise words written to her and whispered in her ear

Ai Kawaii looks smart and cute – she smiles back at me from first time we meet at our weekly evening!
Ai Kawaii is my nickname for her to protect her real identity from possibly too curious readers of me

Ai is impressed by my short stories of famous Japanese players whom I met and still will remember me
Ai is interested in my experiences – and agrees to become friends at Facebook to communicate with me

Ai likes my invitation to attend a grand piano concert at Holland Festival for free admission with me
Ai loves the music of her countrywoman Tomoko which starts and ends with Nocturnes of Frédéric Chopin

Ai sits down on the floor – as there are no chairs for this free onetime concert – right behind her
Ai is moved by the content and tribute to the tsunami victims music school, losing their two pianos

Ai paints a piano after the unique concert to commemorate the loss of all musical instruments

I introduce Ai to my youngest brother, who is an able piano player himself, and actualy her manager
I invite Ai to try a casual chat to Tomoko after the concert: Holland is informal and they Japanese

I notice a nice short talk in Japanese between them and find the almost empty guest book of the event
I invite my Ai to write a few words of praise if she likes, which she happily accepts very seriously!

I notice to my slight amazement that Ai takes my suggestion indeed to write a few words or a drawing
I see how Ai paints a picture of her view and impression of our only one time tsunami moving concert

I see how Ai draws the grand piano in a cartoon like painting of arms moving all over the keyboard
I recognise how she wants to capture the middle part of Tomoko’s composition of a tsunami on piano

I offer her my red fountain pen to draw the very female profile of the pianist in her red gala dress
I am a writer and wear with me usually four or five different coloured fountain pens to all events

I invite my Ai Kawaii for a Summer holiday to Poland with a friend to attend a name day party

Ai and I meet every week at our club evenings in a bar for foreigners and ex-pats in old Amsterdam
Ai plays about three grades weaker than me and I envisage a jubango ten game match on our trip

Ai likss the idea of a stop-over for a few first days at another friend near Worpswede in Germany
Ai tells she did an essay during her European cultural studies about that town where artists live

Ai likes to see the house where Rainer Maria Rilke wrote his famous poetry there in Worpswede
Ai has one more wish on her list if we go indeed to Warsaw where I once lived and still have a house

Ai admires Madame Marie Curie as a feminist scientist – the only one to win the Nobel Prize!
Ai wants to visit the museum at the house where she was born a short walk across old town from me

Ai asks advise about which things to pack for our trip of over a fortnight to Poland through Germany
Ai resigns from my invitation at last possible moment as her mother does not want her dod to date us

Ai and I have a dream for next Summer – a holiday to hot Hawaii – so Kawaii to Japanese

Ai will need only one more year in Amsterdam to finish her MA in Logics at the Science Centre there
Ai and I want to go on holiday together first in the Summer a fortnight to the European Championship

Ai and I will play many games in our match and if we match well we will go for more as we love Hawaii
Ai Kawaii and I will fall in love under the palm trees as we dance at the deserted beach in full moon

Ai and I make love first in the still warm sand – as an elder Master of Arts I tie her between trees
Ai and I make love second time as the tight fresh MA is tied up as my sweet submissive slave of love.

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