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Ai Kawaii as sweet slave

At the end of last issue I left my readers with a thrilling cliffhanger and very difficult choice
Ai Kawaii is deeply sedated in bed and tied up with ankles to wrists at both bed posts: all open!

On offer for me are two tight holy holes of her: her hymen intact, her sphinxter never penetrated
On offer for me are also her small bums both firm tight – a bottom begging for some sexy spanking

In her sedated state I make her come from my licks and kisses at her slit and clit both swollen now
In her first ever squirting she wets my face while I shoot my load of love in her throat, deep down

All action is captured on cameras at three different angles: one peeps through the bedroom window
All cameras are close her bed just behind the window, my garden full of fine strong smelling weed

The smell of the weed in the night is very strong, only a few weeks before it is time to harvest
The smell from her wide open thick love lips shining with her pussy juice drives me crazy almost

I decide otherwise and try if I can wake her up with her first ever spanking to heat her bums

I hear her moan again – just like during the build-up to her first orgasm under my direction
I know for her – half unconcious – it is like an erotic dream which gets wet and out of hand

Her next dream will be even more naughty and make her not only wet but burning hot at her butt
Her muscles respond as on automatic pilot contract after every slap, her cunt-muscles likewise

I apply my slaps from the sexy sixty-nine position, her head still dangles down mouth wide open
I apply caresses in rythm in between my spanking, my mouth making at Mt.

Venus circular motions

Ai Kawaii searches in her sexy dream with her hungry upper lips for my big bent brown banana
Ai Kawaii eagerly swallows all of it when I enter her orifice for the second time this night

I slap her harder and slowly move up her thighs, down tight ass towards her swollen love lips
I softly start to spank her pussy which causes her hot dream to suck me harder for my potion!

Ai Kawaii has her second sweet salty sexy suck-cess, as her convulsions make me orgasm as well
Ai Kawaii opens alowly her eyes as I apply, to cool her heat, at hot private parts cold lotion

I kiss and sweetly embrace my Ai Kawaii – I whisper in her ear “This is all real love!”

I untie Ai Kawaii who is exhausted from her dear dirty dreams, not really awake she curls up with me
I am the next ‘Morpheus’ in whose arms she hopes to get more of those thirsty making sexy scenarios!

Ai Kawaii wonders when she wakes up: how she can have had me as her hot ‘Mr.

Morpheus’ for a night?
Ai Kawaii well-bred upper-middle class, doubly doesn’t dare to ask as a young woman at an elder man

She has a light olive skin which usually hides her blushes but beyond the shame she feels: on video!
She stares at her toes, nice small feet by the way, no idea what she could say and waits for my word

I make her mine by saving this embarrassing situation for her with a subtle simple sexy suggestion
“I make you mine and teach you everything at the proper time – just give me your slip as a sign!

Ai Kawaii you already were so hot and horny went you wet to bed I can smell your sexy slit in it”
Ai Kawaii visibly blushes red hot now and kneels between my knees whispering “Thank You my sensei”

Ai and I are a cute couple now as happy horny as so sexy all the time she visits me as my sweet slave
Ai never wears any underware as she visits me hornily hoping for a next lesson in love and obedience!

Ai Kawaii is still a virgin in technical terms at both her hairy horny hot holy holes down there!

Ai and I – how will we continue our sweet story of her sexy submissiveness and dear dirty dedication?
Ai and I – every visit we go some steps further by my lessons of proper love in her erotic education!

Ai and I – we wait and see how fast she will mature under my great guidance from guilt to refutation
Ai and I – we wait and see how fast she will offer her ‘holy’ holes to her sexy sensei of domination

Ai and I – a sweet submissive slave and her mighty Master Professor Peter, a top love-professional
Ai and I – a sweet continuation of this teasing tasty tale is what my readers will be waiting for!.

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