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Absolute Pain

Jack was your average man. He had a good job, good house, but was single. He wasn’t good at “getting” women, except for one.

He was walking down the street when he saw her. She wasn’t an above-average woman, and he wasn’t a below-average man… So he decided to talk to her. When she, Maria, saw Jack, she hated him, and she knew also, that this man was going to try to get her in bed.

Maria came up with a plan….

Jack started talking to Maria, and after a few hours and drinks (for Jack only though), they ended up going over to Maria’s place. She led him down a corridor, and told him to strip down, and lie on this table face up. Jack started stripping, thinking he was going to have sex with her. He then lay down on the table, and felt extremely cold, as the table was metal, and the room was not that warm either.

She tied Jack up on the table, while he asked What are you doing?!? She told him that its part of her… Plan.

Maria left the room and told Jack to wait there. She went to the cellar to get a knife, a gag, a pair of scissors, an injection needle, and 50 cc of saline. She returned within 5 minutes. Jack said What ‘re those for?, and She replied Oh you thought we were going to have sex? No way.

now don’t move. She put the gag in his mouth to stop him from screaming. She started playing with his testicles, and his dick started to stiffen, then she stopped and left for a minute for his dick to get back to “normal”. She came back and took both her hands, and placed them on his balls, then took the skin and started pulling it apart, she could hear muffled screaming, and started pulling harder on the skin.

It only took her 30 seconds to rip apart his scrotum, and there was already lots of bleed. She could see both of his testicles, just sitting there. She spun him over so he was face down, but moved his balls out of the way so HE wouldn’t crush them himself. she took the knife and the right testicle, and started cutting his right ball. One slice, Two slice, Three slice, Four. Five slice, Si- Oh well that’s all the slices I can make from YOUR balls, Jack.

There was cum on the table from his testicle, and there was even more bleed. She took his one remaining ball, and bent down.

She took the scissors, and cut part of the cord attached to his balls, so there was a hole in the tube. Maria then flipped jack back over, and started masturbating him. Right before he ejaculated, the cum shot out the side of the tube instead of his penis, and she ate up all that cum, and continued to masturbate Jack so he could get as much pain as possible.

She took one of her (probably heavy, but large!) breasts, and started lifting it up, and let it fall, straight on the unsuspecting testicle, and saw Jack writhe in pain. She took another blow at it with her boob, and one last one. She then took the injection needle, and proceeded to fill it with saline. She stuck the needle into his testicle, and started pumping, the testicle got bigger and bigger, and then the injection needle emptied.

She filled it up again, with another 15 cc, and started filling his ball, which, after being “fed” 25 cc, exploded and Marie got cum, bleed, and saline all over herself, and Jack had now become “fed” to Marie.

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