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A Weekend Party…

Ralph, Leon and I worked at the same burger joint, yet we went to three different high schools. Ralph was tall, slim, close to six feet and street wise, Leon was built thick, about 5’6″ husky, I’, close to 5’8″.

The two of them made friends quick and hung out together at lunch and would often ride the bus together from the burger joint. Ralph always tried to get out of during the assigned tasks each day that we were assigned, luckily we did not work the same shifts often.

This Saturday I was on to come in at five o’clock and Ralph came in at seven that morning, Leon had ten to seven. The morning was slow and the manger ask Ralph and I to go into the storage area and tidy it up.

The dry storage area was below the kitchen and contained everything that did not require refrigeration. The manager sent Ralph down first and ask me to go down as soon as I cleaned up the dinning area.

Needless to say that it was a mess, and as usual Ralph saw this as a time to get a nap while on the clock.

Once I was through with the dinning room I made my way to the dry storage area, Ralph was sitting on a stack of boxes sound asl**p. I kicked his feet and he glared at me asking ‘…you want your ass whip, keep fucking with me and I’ll bust your ass…’

I retaliated by reminding him ‘…we are supposed to be cleaning this area not sl**ping, you haven’t done anything…’ Ralph looked at me and said rather sourly ‘…this is bitches work and I ain’t nobodies bitch…’ Seeing that I was not going to get any where with him I started to get busy at our assigned task.

Ralph watched as I begin to straighten up the area, as I worked my way farther back, away from the front, Ralph decided to get up and come stand over me. I knew he was behind me but paid him no mind as I continued to perform our task.

Ralph cleared his throat as if he wanted to say something, I glanced back over my left shoulder and saw Ralph standing there stroking his penis.

Taking aback I stumbled as I tried to turn and stand and fell over the box to the floor.

Ralph smiled at me and asked ‘…what’s the matter, you’ve sucked to many boy dicks that a mans dick scares you…’ I quickly shot back ‘…I don’t do nothing like that, you better get busy before Ms Helen comes to check on us…’

Ralph smiled saying ‘…I thought you didn’t hear her, she’s gone to the bank and want be back for about an hour…’ I said ‘… than we better get busy and finish up before she returns…’ Ralph stepped forward saying ‘… I thought you would see it my way, now show me what the boys say you’re good at…’

Shocked I couldn’t get the words out as he came to me taking hold of my head and brushing his rigid penis across my lips.

Just then Leon came around the corner and gasped saying ‘…shit it’s true David’s a real live cock sucker…’

I pushed Ralph’s rigid tool from my face and twisted my head away from Ralph’s grasp. Ralph laughed saying ‘…yeah he’s a damn good head polisher, too bad you got here late…’ I tried to explain but Leon and Ralph was too busy slapping each others hands to listen to me.

I hurried upstairs and left the two of them below and made myself busy until Ms.

Helen returned, she asked me if we were through and I affirmed that we were and she called Ralph and Leon up and told us ‘…the three of you can leave now, see you next week at your assigned time.

Shocked I went and clocked out as did Leon and Ralph, as we crossed the parking lot, Leon came up to me and said ‘…alright you sucked Ralph’s dick now you got to suck mine…’ I sputtered ‘…I didn’t suck his dick and I’m not gonna suck yours…’

Leon started to yell at the top of his voice ‘…DAVID SUCKED RALPH”S DICK AND WON”T SUCK MINE!!!’ Panicking I looked around to see if anyone paid him any attention, Ralph looked at me and said ‘…guess you better do him too or else he’s gonna keep shouting it till we get to your house…’

The look of disgust and horror must have betrayed me to them, Leon said ‘…I’ll stop shouting if you go with us to that empty building…’ I looked at the old two story building and my heart sank.

Defeated I agreed only if they would leave me alone once we were finished, they glanced at each other Ralph said ‘…you’ve got to do both of us or it’s no deal…’ Leon said ‘…I’m going first, you already had your dick sucked…’

We entered the building and checked it out stopping on the top floor in the front room so we could see any one coming. Ralph told me ‘…you better get out of your shirt so we don’t leave any cum juice on it…’ Leon added ‘…ain’t no reason to keep your pants on they too could get cum stained…’

So quickly I stripped down to my jockeys and knelt before Leon as he fished his penis out.

Leon was uncut, thick about eight inches long and maybe three or four inches across his penile shaft. His penile head was thick and dark purplish black, with pre-cum oozing from his piss slit.

Leon said to me as I reached up to wipe his penis ‘…no, don’t use your hand, lick my dick like a lollipop. Don’t waste a drop of my baby fluid…’ Gingerly I took hold of his throbbing penile shaft and closed my eyes as I licked the tip of his penis.

‘…Damn…’ Leon exclaimed ‘…the bitch really do suck dick…’I pulled back and looked up at Leon, he looked down at me and said ‘…yeah just like that, I want you to look at me just like that as you suck my dick. I don’t want to feel none of your teeth either, suck me good and I want tell nobody what a good little dick sucker you are…’ It was then I noticed that I was slowly stroking his massive member.

I fixed my glaze on to his and leaned into his crotch, I slowly opened my lips and extended my tongue. Using my tongue I slowly circled his penile head, licking the tip of his penis as he exuded an abundant amount of thick white fluid.

Leon’ penis throbbed and twitched as I slowly enveloped his huge penile glans, moaning softly, Leon begin to undulate his hips as he caressed my head.


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