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A Walk Home…

Working the late shift at the burger barn had it’s set backs and privileges… For instance when the shift was over if there were any burgers that had not been sold the shift supervisor would often give them to the associates to take home.

If you did not have private transportation, you had to depend on public transportation(buses and cabs). Sometime you could hitch a ride home but most time I had to make the four mile hike after twelve midnight.

You see in my town the buses normally stop running about that time…it was on such an occasion that I had to walk home. It was during the summer time, the night was still warm and there was plenty of people out on the streets walking and going to their various destinations.

I was half way between home and work when I was approached by three guys, they just seemed to walk across the street and join up with me as I walked, they didn’t seemed to be threatening or hostile.

One looked at me and asked ‘…you got any burgers in that sack…’ I didn’t look at him and replied ‘…yeah I’ve got one or two…’ Another of the guys asked ‘…you don’t know how many you got…’ the third said rather roughly ‘…may be we better look an see what you got in that bag…’ Not wanting to confront them I raised the bag and reached it out to the first one that spoke saying ‘…here, y’all take it.

I’m full any way…’

The third guy quipped ‘…naw you ain’t got shit in you yet, or maybe you do and need to let us get it out of you…’ Tensed and scared I kept walking as the first guy took my sack of buggers, he said ‘…come on don’t act like that, here we’ll give you back your sack we don’t mean nothing…’

The third guy saw I wasn’t taking hold of the bag and grabbed my right arm just above the elbow and snatched me around to face him saying ‘…look bitch, you think you all that bad that you can whip all us before we take you down…’ I tried to be bold and answer ‘…I’ll get one or two of you fi…’ wrong answer.

The guy hit me so hard that I saw stars and blacked out for an instance.

The three of them had taken hold of me and pulled me into the cemetery, I tried to struggle free and cry out for help. They all seemed to pummel me at the same time knocking the breath out of me and beating me down. They stopped and all spoke at once ‘…shut the fuck up…, don’t make us hurt you bad…, bring your stupid ass on here…’

I could barely stand less walk yet I stumbled along with them coughing trying to catch my breath and pleading for my safety.

They pulled me back into the rear of the cemetery near the tree line behind a crypt. They threw me against the wall of the crypt and sort of hemmed me in.

The third guy was right in my face I turned my head from his face since he was so close his lips were touching my face as he spoke. ‘…You ain’t shit bitch, bitch that’s just what you are and we gonna make you know that.

You think you better then we are, you think cause you wear that sissy ass uniform that you can just walk by us. Bitch take that shit off…’

Trembling I froze with fear as he stepped back just far enough to reach up and take hold of my shirt collar and snatch me to him. ‘…you think I’m playing with you, get down and suck my dick, get down and suck my dick bitch…’

Frantically I looked from one face to another trying to discern any mercy, it was so dark all I could make out was the smiles on their faces.

The guy that held me by the collar yanked me to my knees and pulled my face into his crotch. Placing one of his hands on the back of my head, as he held me close by my collar, he smashed my face into his rough blue jeans.

The zipper on his jeans wear scratching my face as I raised my hands to push him away, he growled at me saying ‘…that’s right bitch get my dick out, get it out…’ He let up just enough to see if I was going to obey, when I didn’t move fast enough he yanked my face back into his crotch and repeated what he said ‘…get my dick out bitch, you get it out now…’

I was shaking so badly that I could barely move yet I managed to get my hands up and take hold of the waist of his jeans and fumbled around for the clasp.

He pushed me away so violently that I fell back against the crypt and bumped my head I fell to my left and his two friends took hold of me and brought me back to my kneeling position.

Know I had his penis being rubbed across my face and lips as he demanded ‘… open you mouth slut, open you damn mouth…’ He took hold of my chin and pinched my jaws together forcing open my mouth.

His penile head plopped into my oral cavity and he ordered me to ‘…suck my dick bitch, suck my dick…’

The musty order of his man hood almost caused me to vomit, he pushed his man hood into my mouth before I could stop him. His friends held me just tight enough so I could not break away but I could brace my hands against his thighs as he attempted to face fuck me.

I gagged a couple of times before he pulled his penis from my mouth and said ‘…this bitch trying to throw up on me. Turn him around, turn him around…’

I was pulled up to my feet and turned around to face the wall of the crypt my pants were roughly yanked down to my knees and fingers probed my buttocks till the found my anus. I tried to twist away and begged ‘…please stop you can’t do this to me…’ The third guy was against my back his hard penis pressed into my buttcrack saying ‘…you should’ve thought about that before you suck on my dick now you give me some of this pussy and do it good…’

I tried to get loose saying ‘…y’all done lost your minds you can’t do me like this…’ The third guy answered ‘…yeah we can and we gonna do it and you ain’t gonna stop us…get the hoes arms up, get’em up…’ His friends struggled with me to get my hands above my head and hold me still.

I felt the third guy as he tried to hold my hips and guide his penis.

He was dripping per-ejaculate as we twisted and struggled finally he took hold of my hips in both hands and sort of lifted me up as he pushed me into to wall of the crypt. The stone wall limited my ability to twist as the jagged ends of the stones cut into my thighs and stomach.

I felt his penis as it slid down my buttcrack and probed it’s way back up, the slippery substance of his male member lubing my buttcrack with each stroke. Down he slid and up he probed till on one of his down ward motions his penile head parted my buttocks and no matter how hard I clinched my buttocks his penile head found my anal opening.

I screamed out in agony as his huge head entered my clinching anus with only his pre-cum easing the passage.

He growled ‘…bitch you better let me in or I’ll bust your asshole open so bad it want never get well…’Up he hunched again and again till half his tool was seated deep in my bowels.

Crying openly I begged ‘…please take it out, please take it…’ All he did was grunt as he hunched up forcing his tool deeper up into me till all that was keeping me from being totally impaled on his shaft was my tiptoes.

‘…Let him go y’all, let him go I’m in his ass now he can’t get away…’ as his friend slowly loosen their grip I slid down on his long thick tool. I tried to grip hold of the stones above my head to keep from having more of him up in me all to no avail. To make matters worse I had to try and keep off the wall as he hammered into me to keep from scratching up my stomach and thighs.

This made my buttocks poke out some and his penis get deeper. His friends waste no time they both came to the same side and started to pull my pants off over my tennis. I was there being attacked by this brute half naked helpless against the wall of a crypt in a cemetery.

The brute new he had me helpless and took advantage of my situation, he pulled back on my hips as he continued to invade my neither region.

For maybe twenty minutes after my pants were removed he battered my bung till he started to grunt and say ‘…this bitches ass is so good I’m gonna bust a nutt deep in his ass. Shit this bitch is just like a real hoe…’

He slammed deep into my bung forcing the final four or five inches of his shaft deep into my bung. I felt his shaft as it throbbed and felt the squirt of his substance as it traveled up the length of his penile shaft.

When his penis exploded deep in my rectum I felt it strike the wall of my bung hole and heard him groan as he slowly pulled his shaft from my bung hole.

I stumble against the wall as one of his friends took hold of my hips and pulled me back till I was bent at the waist. With little to no resistance he pushed his steel hard penis into my anal opening till his pubic hair was pressed against my buttocks.

He grind deep into me as I whimpered and whined both from the agony of the assault and the depravity of the deed. I could only manage to keep my head off the sharp stone edges of the crypts wall as he had his way. Thankfully he did not last as long as his pall, he shot his load and stepped away giving room for the last guy.

This guy pulled me back a little farther and placed his head against my ruptured bung hole.

Immediately I panic and was filled with fear, for the mass of his head against my tender sore anus was so huge that I knew I could not take him in my anus. I tried to get away only to have his two friends hold me bent over I begged ‘…nonononono, you’re too big, you’re too big…’

It only seemed to make him determine to enter my achingly sore anal opening. I could feel my bung hole tearing as he slowly and determinedly pushed into my rectum, my anal sphincter muscle ring struggled to keep from ripping itself apart as his enormous head slid slowly into my anal canal.

Had it not been for the two loads of cum already in my rectum his head would not have entered or it would have done significant damage to me.

I could do nothing to protect my self my legs gave way to the point that he held me up as he slowly slid his massive tool in and out of my anus. I mumbled incoherently from the agony of the pain and desperately reached out for anything to grasp.

The first guy to enter me was now in front of me and was holding my shoulders up as he said to the other guy ‘…here take his shoulder, I’m gonna get me some more head…’

As his accomplish took hold of my shoulder he guided my face to his throbbing member and pressed it against my gaping mouth. The pain of the intrusion by such a huge member was moire than I could accommodate as I gasped for air my mouth was open so he had no resistance to enter and begin to sexually attach my oral orifice.

I could do little else but try to steady myself by placing my hands on his hips as he worked his huge tool around my mouth and his friend was working deliberately my bunghole I was like a pig on a spit.

The guy in my mouth explode flooding my mouth with his substance, gasping I had to swallow as well as try to breath. He pulled away and his friend twisted my unwilling head to his phallus and entered my now seeded mouth.

He pushed his penis so far into my mouth that it beat against my throat as I gagged my anal sphincter muscle constricted giving the brute in my anus the tightest canal he could have.

The two of them came at the same time, the one in my mouth pulled my face to his crotch so I could not turn away and said harshly ‘…swallow bitch, swallow it all…’ as the one in my bung emptied his testicles into my anus the combined seeds of all three dripped and slithered down my thighs.

They let me go and I fell to the ground helpless and exhausted, one of them looked into the bag I had and took out one of the sandwiches and took a bite then he knelt down and lifted my head saying ‘…open your mouth…’ like a defeated servant I managed to part my lips as he pushed the rest of the sandwich into my mouth.

They laughed as they dressed and walked away as I coughed and cried, whimpering I laid there feeling the coolness of the night envelope my half naked body.

I tried to get to my feet but found that all my strength was gone.

I laid there whimpering till day break when I could survey my surroundings, my pants were around one of my ankles, my thighs had the caked smeared residue of there seed dried to them. My anus was as if a red hot poker had been thrust inside and left there.

I knew I could not make it home in this way and struggled to get dress.

The only way I could manage was to remove my tennis and pants and start over again. I was laying on the ground trying to pull up my underwear when out of the tree line came an old man walking up the path.

At first he didn’t see me nor I him till he was almost on top of me. He smiled down as he muttered ‘…what the fuck you been doing…’ then he leaned closer and stood up looking around saying ‘…boy you’ve fucking all night haven’t you…’

I tried to speak but the deposits of cum in my mouth and some of the remnants of the sandwich made me incoherent.

The old man knelt down and sort of whispered ‘…don’t worry babe uncle Bret a help you, uncle Bret a help you…’

Too exhausted to struggle I was turned to my side as “uncle Bret” pulled my underwear off and laid down behind me and pushed his old mans penis into my aching anus. I whined from the pain but could barely move as “uncle Bret” hunched into my well used bung till he too filled my bunghole with his seed.

“Uncle Bret” pulled his old mans penis from my bung saying ‘…thank you boy, you better hurry up and get dress some one might just come along and **** you…’ He walked off laughing to his self. I could feel the nasty substance leaking from my anus as I tried to get my underwear up and my pants on.

I had just got my shoes tied when I stood up staggering and saw “uncle Bret” talking to another old man and pointing towards my direction.

Not knowing what he was saying but having a good ideal I slipped off through the path and went through the woods to the back of my home. I managed to ease in and get into the shower just as I heard my folks begin to stir.

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