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A Trip with mom

My name is Ajay. I am doing my medicine. My mother’s name is Madhumathi, a woman from village and was married off in her early 17 and in 18 she gave birth to me. My father is a manager in a recognized bank.

when i was in final year i and mom went on a tour to Kashmir. We were traveling in a two-tier AC compartment and we were alone. The train left as usual but after some time she began to show uneasiness because of the AC.

She was coughing heavily. After dinner we went to sleep. But her coughing got intense and so I went to her and found she had got fever.

“Don’t worry mom. I have medicine. I gave her some tablets to swallow and she did. Then I went to sleep and she also went to sleep. We never had any problem in our entire journey.

We reached Kashmir safely and we had booked a good hotel with a single room suite.

She was quite delighted to see the icy peaks and the valley there. We roamed about the city and went back to the hotel in the evening.

But soon she began to show signs of illness. She was coughing heavily. After dinner I gave her some medicine and she lay on the huge double-bed of the room. In her kashmiri gown (I presented one there) she looked lovely. She was protesting against its light pink color but I told her to think of the beautiful things in life and colors are the most beautiful things.

Now in her pink gown she looked like a young lady on a honeymoon tour. Since she was tired she fell asleep soon. But then the attack of cough came back. I got up from bed and thought of some cure. Fortunately I carried a medicinal massage oil and told her to take a message.

She was reluctant but pressed on it and she agreed to get only her back massaged. I took some oil and started rubbing her back.

In my career I saw many female back but that night her back seemed to be the most beautiful. After sometime I told her to lie on her back and let me massage her throat area. I started softly and slowly but soon I found my hand gown down and tough the parted points of her breasts. She was still coughing and so I told her to unbutton her gown.

“Unbutton it and let me massage your chest”.

“No. Its ok. I am fine. ” She said smilingly.

“Why?” my hand already slipped down and was touching the upper portion of a breast. I felt it fulsome and so soft.
“What are you doing?” I unhooked her bra and took it off casually. Now her breasts danced delightfully.
“Let me massage you fully”
“I feel shame”. She said and sighed.

“What shame? I am your son and a doctor too.

Take the quilt up” She tried to resist but I unbuttoned her gown and she drew the quilt on her. Now I went down and massaged a full breast. Ah! What a feeling! I saw and touched many patients but none can come nearer this. I felt both the breasts and massaged them with oil and the cough subsided.

“Feeling better, mom?”
“Hmm…a bit”.
Then I took oil in both hands, took off the quilt and started massaging her both breasts.

“I feel shame. ”
I said: “You are beautiful. ”

She let go a deep sigh and closed her eyes. Her face became somewhat reddish. Now my hands were working automatically. Before me I saw two full breasts, just like bowls of gold. Or you may say golden big mangoes with cherries in the form of nipples. Her aureolas were like kolams. I saw her heaving high and low and her coughing was gone.

I put my lips on one of the nipples and she staggered suddenly.

“What are you doing?”
“Why? Cannot I suck you as a son?”. I said and again sucked the nipple. Instantly it became hard and I put my finger on another nipple.

She could not say anything but moaned helplessly. Her throat was choked. She tried to push me away but her resistance was feeble and I unbuttoned the rest of the gown and she was wearing a saya (a kind of under gown).

With a simple pull the saya got loose and I slid it from under her buttocks.

What a sight! She was lying in her lovely nakedness. Her breasts like golden bowls were going up and down with her breathing and her belly was flat and no trace of stretch marks and her deep navel was like the black hole drawing every light into it. After that her slightly swelled up mount of Venus and then the valley! How deep it is how I can express.

A deep triangle with curly black pubic hairs going down her thighs. Thighs as smooth as peeled off banana tree! Her vagina looked exactly like triangular chocolate cake, full of cream. I parted her legs and a big pink cherry popped up glistening in pre-cum. I bowed down to the temple of love and took the cherry in my lips and she shook violently. I stretched my hand and grabbed her boobs and rubbed the nipples with fingers and she started moaning as if crying.

I tasted the cherry her clitoris and found it larger than I thought just like a ripe big date. It felt salty a bit but a fine scent like that of jasmine entered my nostril. The Clitoris was hard and I understood she was excited and without wasting time I took off my pant and my 12-inch cock 6-inch in girth, a heavy piece jumped up.

I parted the foreskin and put it on the opening and pushed a bit.

“Don’t do this. I am your son”. She jumped up to me. I kissed her on the forehead and said. “I love you. ” And I pushed her down and with a deep thrust I entered her temple. She cried out “Ahhh…uuuuuhhh” like a 12-year old girl in her fist penetration. She started shaking her head violently just a beheaded chicken. I went down and kissed her cheeks and lips tenderly and said, “I am giving you what you have been deprived of for many years.

If you say no, I will go away”.

She remained silent and I started thrusting my dick into her very tight pussy.

“Tell me to go away. ” She put her hands around my back and said, “Slowly. It hurts. You have got a thing. ”

“Ohh mom. But your hymen gone long ago“ I kissed her and now with a full thrust I entered her and all the 12-inch went down smoothly just as a knife in a pot of butter.

“Having this after long time and you have given me a big gift” She caressed my buttocks and said.

“But you have eaten the whole thing now. ” I started giving her deep thrust. The whole room became filled with the sweet sounds of choaak-choaak coming out of the result of swift union of our sweet organs. It was very hot and juicy inside her. I saw her face filled with divine joy.

Her face looked like a red lotus. I went down and kissed her lips and she whimpered with each thrust. Then she lowered my face on to her left nipple and I engulfed it like juicy g****. So tender and juicy. I grabbed her other breast and sucked another. I felt her vagina contracting to my penis as if it wanted to it the cock up. Suddenly she began to move violently as if she was under some terrible pain.

Then her entire body trembled and let out loud sound—ah ahha uhahahh…

I was looking at her and while she became calm she was heaving lovingly with a smile on her face. She kissed me on the cheek and took me to her arms. I felt melting away of her vagina on my cock and this made my cock as stiff and hot as a heated piece of iron. It seemed my hot iron melted the butter inside.

I wanted to see the vagina once again and so I brought out the 12-inch shaft and she moved a bit perhaps because of the separation which she did not want. Now I looked at the bushy triangle and saw it has become a bit bigger and the opening is bigger now with her labia popped up from their side. So beautiful vagina. It looked like a pink lotus opening in the first sun.

I went down to the opening glistening with hot juice. I set my mouth there and mom grabbed my head.

“Don’t do this. This is dirty. ”

I went up to her and displayed my cock on her face and said: “Is this dirty?”

She looked in admiration and said in a very respecting tone: “Oh my God! This is so huge and heavy. It can tear apart any woman.

” She grabbed it and rubbed up and down. I brought near her mouth and she kissed it and smiled. I understood that she was feeling ashamed of eating it and so I pushed it into her mouth and she swallowed some part.

“Come on me. ” I said and I almost fucked her to place her vagina on my face as I lay and lowered her face to my cock. I placed my tongue into the opened lips of her vagina.

Flush of juice came down and I sucked the jasmine-scented honey while she kissed the head of my penis. The head was itself like the big egg of a swan and she had difficulty in swallowing it. But after some effort it went half into her mouth and touched her throat and she got choked. However she managed it and soon we found ourselves in a swinging rhythm of eating each other. It is not possible for anyone to understand the sweetest delight if it is not tried.

It felt more pleasing than fucking her. In fact I had the feeling of becoming one with her and I felt melting into her. It was a DIVINE moment.

After sometime I found her excited again and I would have also exploded had I allowed a bit more to suck me. So I turned her to me and I guided her to sit on my erection while I lay on bed. As she sat and tried to get the thing in, she was having difficulty again.

So I had to stretch her legs and enter her a bit facefully because of the largeness of the thing. Her face showed some pain and got crooked. But pain is necessary for some gain and she gained a huge cock inside ready to take her to the seventh heaven of pleasure. Mom whimpered and let out a sigh as the cock entered her hole completely. She gasped for breath and I started pumping her from under.

I grabbed her big full buttocks—like big pumpkins and started moving them on the pole. She was looking for support and I placed her hands on my chest. As she herself started moving up and down I grabbed mom’s boobs and gave her some big thrust from under. Her whole body shook heavily.

“Malay, please, do it slowly. ”

“Ok. Come on me. ” I placed her face on my chest and her entire body collapsed on me with the red hot thing still inside her.

Mom tickled my nipples and took one into her lips. Ah! What a sensation.

I started thrusting from under furiously as I was nearing explosion. Mom also was biting my nipple with quick breathing. Finally I grabbed her butts and said “Mom, mom. I love you…” and exploded into her. She also fell down on me after a huge orgasm.

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