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A Pleasant Saturday Afternoon.( continued)

Any doubts were quickly dispelled when the next guy presented himself, clad only in a singlet he was a beautiful hunk of a man, and the angle on his dangle was hypnotic. I placed my hand behind his ample ball bag and caressed lovingly while kissing his knob. “Got a full load for you faggy boy” he smirked. I smiled and my heart skipped a beat, no d**g could match the high as I took him in mouth.

I worked him a treat as my own cock hardened. Then I felt the sperm welling up the walls of shaft, he pushed his cock as far as possible down my throat and gifted me with a full throat finish. It took all my experience but I got the lot without spilling a drop. He patted my head as a master would his dog, telling me I’ve got a talent as he left. Seemingly never to be seen again.

I breezed through the next guy still on a high from the previous, he cum and went with the minimum of fuss. The next guy entered nude with the cushion I’d knelt on when I did Ringer outside, in the other hand he had a cold can of beer. I’ve learned from previous experience that beer can repeat on you while cocksucking, so I gargled a mouthful and spat it down the basin.

“That’s unique” he quipped. “You spit out the beer yet swallow the sperm. ” We both laughed. “That makes you witty, thoughtful and handsome. How can I pleasure you sir”. I replied. “I’ll have the suck thankyou” he replied as if ordering a meal. He got his rocks of well, and quickly I was surprised how easy things were working out. Next to enter was a chubby guy, he still had his jocks on hiding his smallish cock.

I kissed his ample tummy, tilted my head slightly to the side and started sucking on his slack lifeless cock. It took a while but eventually he cum a thimble full with half a fat. I smiled at him saying yummy yummy, glad it was over. It was a few minutes before the next guy made his entry, leaving me to wonder how many left.

“Seven to go after me” replied the new guy on the scene.

“I’m busting for a piss, wait on a second”. As I waited another guy entered. “We’re partners and do everything together” he explained. I sucked one off while the other watched , then vice versa. They complimented me then left, six to go by my reckoning. My jaw is starting to ache and a quick glance at the next guys gold watch saw the time at 5pm. I started with the birthday boy at 3.

30 and calculated I could be done by 5. 30 if I work hard enough. The guys all expect to cum when they see me, that helps a lot. The man with the gold watch played his part, another suck, another swallow. A beautiful Asian guy graced me with his presence next, bringing back memories of my Ladyboy experiences all of a sudden I felt rejuvenated, kissed his pubic area then started my suck.

It didn’t take long for me to nail it either, we were in perfect harmony as he let go, a long controlled cum shot was warmly accepted. Four guys left now, no problems I thought to myself I’ll finish this gig easy.

To be continued, there could be a sting in the tail.

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