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A Night of Ecstasy and Pleasure (True)

Last night was an night of ecstasy, pleasure, and release. After an late afternoon nap i wake up to a dark room and my my half naked girlfriend laying next to me. As we layed there in the silent room I then gently began to caress her softly starting at the bottom of her legs slowly making my up past the calf muscle to the inner thigh. From there I smoothly glide my hands across her slightly haired wet pussy across to her other thigh.

I continue to move from though to though slowly adjusting each leg further apart from each other while she is still sleep.

As I manage to get them as far as I need them to be I next begin to spread each of her pussy lips apart taking my index finger and teasing her clit for all of 10 goods seconds. She’s already begging to become wet so I transition slowly face in between her legs that I spreaded so widely.

At this moment she slightly awakes and then the next moment I am opening her phat chocolate lips apart. Taking the very tip of my tongue and sliding it across her little pink clit like licking an ice cream cone. She jumps a little as i continue to flick my tongue up and down across her pearl. My mouth is watering up so I i wrap my arms around the top of her thighs and the base of her stomach getting a firm grip onto her.

By now she is fully awake and enjoying what I have started. Now i push my face in her pussy like a fat k** and cake i began with sucking and pulling on that clit like a vacuum getting my wet mouth nice and lathery. Spitting her juices back on that soaked box of goodness slurping, sucking, and licking her pussy from top to bottom. Slowing it down taking one big lick i make my way up to her clit licking in a circular motion as if it were a lollipop she’s moaning oh so sexy grabing onto my dreads pushing my face deeper in as i eat all her drippings cleaning my platr untill ot all gone.

She’s cumming over and over i can tell not only for thr fact that she is telling me ” daddy im coming dont stop ” but as well her body is shaking, trembling, and tensing up from pleasure as her grip become stronger with each time she cums. My face is covered with juices dripping off my beard inserting my tongue in deep in her hole and going in and out as she tell me she’s ready for daddy’s dick.

I began to strip under the covers as she pulls her dress off her top half of her body. I grab a hold of my dick hard ass a rock take the head and play with her clit her body nudging from pleasure. Dippin in and out that soaking wett juicy dripping pussy. She decided she wanted a massage first so I will be her mesus. She lays flat and strech out I grab the baby oil and spray it all over starting from her nice big round juicy chocolate buns all the way up to her upper back getting her nice shining and lathered up.

As i massage jer from the bottom up she moans from the release of tention from her body. Adding more oil to keep her nice and shiny. As i slowly massage her shoulders i take my hefty chocolate dick and slide t between each no hands needed and ease my way into jer pussy which i already hot wet and ready.

Griding and easing my way in as the head pushes he way the the sensation is amazing.

Looking down her ass is jumping rippling as I take slow deep pounds against that ass skin smaking. Readjusting her body putting that ass in the air face down griping both cheecks spreading the apart ass i go deep. Taking. Long deep strokes while sraying more oil on that ass each stroking feeling more sensation then the next ass that ass bounce on daddy’s dick. Her body stretched our her hands on the walls as i grab her hip and speed up watcher her ass glide across this dick ever so shining shes moaning saying ” this yo pussy daddy dont stop this daddy’s pussy ” and i tell her ” this momma’s big dick ” as her pussy creams all over my dick no questions ask she begins to throw that ass back at me taking this dick hard fast and deep i can now feel the cum making its way through my dick and pull out that rub the head of it across her lips and and clit.

It fels so good shes gripping the bed as i slide back in between her drippin wet walls with slow deep strokes hearing that skin smack together like hand claps I love that sound. Arching her back ass drive deep and drill her pussy open she puts an arm back i grab it for leverage and go balls deep as i pound hard and strong in her wet pussy splashing against my pelvis.

Shes ready for a swith of position she wants missionary and im here to please in all aspects.

She lays on her back I oil her up some more rub it in real good tgen grab both of her legs and raise them in the sky and make her hold them up for me. As I insert my cock in slowly fillin her tight wet slippery juicy pussy wr****g around my dick. The gasp pf air she catch as fuck her with ahression and passion caresing her body sofly as I transition deep in and out pumping she tells me ” im about to come daddy dont stop i wanna scream your ” which makes me wanna keep going bodys sweating and all oiled up.

Now is around the time where i wanted to switch up positions and i wanted her to ride me. So she climbed on top and grab the shaft and put him in nice and easy felt so good to feel her slide on top. I grap both of her ass cheeks like two beach balls and controlled here as she bounce on my dick riding me like a wild stallion.

She slows down and go deep and grind her pussy is drippin wet like silk on the inside. I lock my hands on her back and she rides me and begin to uk back as she take my dick whole her eyes are rolling ” daddy dont stop take this pussy ” as tensions are high and pleasure is at a maximum she say ” im gonna scream ” ” go ahead baby let it out give me all that cum ” she say ” you can have it all daddy ” turning me on more and more as her pussy gush down on me ” take all of daddy’s dicl give me all that pussy ” as she rides none stop sliding on daddys pole fucking me real good.

Again i can feel the nut rising as rode my dick like a mechanical bull.

He slides out due to her pussy leaking all her juices. Back to missionary we end up switching I grab one leg up angle in and dive in deep drilling her soaking wet pussy. You can hear me smaking against her the sounds from me pounding her pussy gushing as she squirts on my dick she says ” thats the spot dont stop “.

I continue to go long strong and deep as her pussy gush out juice i feeling like im bout to cum. She say ” daddy cum with me as i continue to fuck her brains out the climax is reaching i can feel me bout to burst as she moan ” daddy dont stop cum with me daddy “. As my he fill up an explosion is near her pussy so very wet and silky as she screams ” daddy dont stop ” i continue to thrust and dig deep as I began the burst silky white cum in side her i pull out and beat while im still cumming a huge load its shoot every where the feeling is exceptional as it flys from my dick onto her pussy and stomach one last big burst fly out and makes way falling on neck and some on her face pure ecstasy was achieved for the both of us as we came simultaneously panting sweating and oily we are both tired from pleasure.

A night filled of pleasure.

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