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A new TV Delivered

Donna and I had decided we needed a new TV, we went to a big electrical superstore and ordered a 50″ flat screen, stand, DVD player and as we already had satellite TV, not only would they deliver it they would also wire it all in at no extra cost. We bought it and booked them in for a week the following Sunday.

We got a phone call saying the delivery guys would be here around 4pm and we were their last drop off.

I said to Donna “Have a shower one never knows”. As she got out of the shower, and dressed in a skimpy nightie and smelled delicious there was a knock on the door. The lads soon got to work as Donna came in the room their eyes were bulging.

The main guy was Tony, 45, a little chubby and knew exactly what her was doing. His side kick was Luke, 23, slim and toned and they had been working together for around 18 months.

As Donna was sorting the lads out with drinks she said to me “They seem Ok”, I said “Do you fancy them?” she said “Yes she did” and gave me a wink.

I slipped upstairs for about ten minutes and I could hear chatter and laughing from downstairs. I sneaked back down just in time as Donna and Tony were kissing by the fire, he had his hands on her ample tits and she was stroking his evident bulge in his pants.

Luke came up behind her and unclipped her bra.

As they laid my wife on her back Tony was licking and kissing her nipples as Luke was stroking the front of her knickers, Donna was still rubbing Tony’s bulge which was now more of a rocket shape in his trousers. After a couple of minutes she turned to her left and unbuttoned Tony’s pants and he took them off showing his cock through his undies.

Luke had opened Donna’s thighs and was licking her pussy through her white panties, she was moaning. As she put her head to the side she got Tony’s 5″ cock in her hand and was slowly putting him into her mouth, Tony was gasping as she did a good blow job. But as Luke was doing his own thing in satisfying her I knew she was close.

As Donna quickened her grip on Tonys cock, Luke had pulled her knickers to one side and was not only licking her clit but fingering her hole, as she gasped and writhed around she took her mouth off tony’s cock and screamed out her climax, wanking Tony off at top speed, unfortunately for him, he was coming also and then he shot his load onto Donna’s cheek.

I walked into the room with only my T shirt on and said to Luke “Take Tony’s place”, Tony looked horrified but sat up with a limp prick dangling down. I pulled Donna’s knickers down and teased her cunt with my cock, as she unbuttoned Luke and dragged out his 7″ boner, quickly stuffing it inside her mouth as I pushed my 6″ deep inside her.

She was giving Luke his first ever blow job, expertly licking and taking it all in her mouth, as I fucked her in my own special way.

After about six or seven minutes, pulled out and said “On your knees” to Donna. She got on her knees as Luke sat on the sofa, and carried on sucking him, I re- entered her from behind, out favourite position.

As I fucked her hard and fast she was moaning, as she wanked and sucked Luke he said “Oh my GOD I’m coming”, that remark made me start to cum also.

I shagged her faster and she removed Luke from her mouth and said “Fuck me ***** I’m coming”. Then Luke exploded, his seed shot down her throat and she drank every last drop.

At the same time she squeeled and I knew she’d come, she couldn’t shout like she usually did as she had Luke’s cock in her mouth, at the exact same time I flooded her cunt with my hot spunk, filling her crevis to capacity.

As I stood up, cum dripped off my cock, as Luke stood up he was bone dry, as Donna stood up she was sweating like a pig.

We all got dressed, Donna went upstairs as the delivery men got their stuff together. Luke said “It’s been an experience thanks” and Tony said to me “Wish I’d have cum in her mouth” and with that they were gone. I went upstairs and Donna was on the bed, she smiled at me and I kissed her and then licked her minge and……………….

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