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We were at the movies enjoying ourselves of course with the naughty play we do sometimes there. The teasing, the wanting, the squeezing of your cock which in return has you caressing me and grabbing my hair. We are so worked up that usually we head back to your place to relieve our built up sexual tension.
But tonight was different. Tonight started our newest journey, especially for me. Tonight started breath play.

Let me explain.
You see sometimes we will every now and then play around with breath play. He will use his hands, or a scarf or even his belt but never really going too far. Ohh but tonight changed everything.
We were driving back to his place and of course I am being a good girl by keeping my hand on his cock, caressing and teasing and squeezing it. As he was driving, he ran over a hole and I suggested he check it out which he did.. When he came back inside the car, that’s when it all changed.

He put his belt around my neck and very loosely had it around the back of the head rest. This was to have his control of me but also not to hurt me since we were in the car. I love when he is in control, I love to be at his mercy and to submit to him…. gets me so turned on.
So, here I am in the car, helpless knowing that he could pull on the reins of the belt at any time .. oh the thought had me wet but he was careful and always thought ahead.

Never would he pull on them while he was driving only when we had stopped. When he pulled those reins I was scared but excited. What will he do now… Can I handle it? I trust him so I knew he would take care of me, but can I handle it? He knows if I can’t I will red out, but I never do red out with him.. Omg how he makes me wet.. my panties are so drenched now.. Oh but I forgot to say also….

I am also gagged and handcuffed, which is making all of this even more so exciting and daring and do I say more… ?? Yes, I am nervous.. what if someone sees me like this??
I didn’t care, I chose this with him. I know what I am getting myself into with him and yes I can say stop at any time with any of this but I don’t want to.. I crave it.

I need it. I so desire it!
We get to his house, it is dark so no one can see how helpless I am. Hmm, he allows the handcuffs to come off but keeps the gag on and the belt..
We get inside and a chair is waiting for me, mind you I am soaked at this point, my insides are screaming with this excitement. I am heaving hard now.. What will he do now? What will I be submitting to now? Like a good girl I obeyed and was ready for him.

When he said to sit I said yes sir through my gagged mouth with no questions asked. He takes out the duct tape out and precedes to bind my hands and legs to the chair. Then the fun begins. He fixes the belt now to where he can put more pressure around my neck, so he can remind me who is in charge. He takes out another belt and precededs to lightly hit my breasts… He keeps doing that till he I yellow out… Taking a break he checks up on me like he always does.. Making sure I am not hurt or in discomfort.

I am thinking now how much have I gone? This is not what I thought I would ever get myself into when I first met him. What has he done to me? All I know is that I want more and more is what I will get. I give all my being to him, my devotion and my submission and he is always proud and pleased with me. I love when he tells me good girl I am proud of you.

He hits my breasts again and again then he stops to massage them and kiss them.. ohh damn his mouth and lips feel so good… then next he pinches my nipples.. oooohhh damn.. he knows me.. he knows how much I love breast play.. I wanted him to tie them up, bind them but he didn’t ..maybe next time. He continues with my nipples but now he is biting them.. ohhhh damn again… help me is going to through my mind but not a bad thought.. I wanted him to stop only so he could take me, make my yearning and cravings now be relieved but no….

he kept going… he takes the reins of the belt and pulls… not too hard but not light.. just enough to control me, remind me who he was, that he was the only one…. to never make me forget that. As he pulls on the reins he sucks and bites my nipples.. Oh what a rush, what a feeling… that’s nothing to what I will be experiencing later…
He’s teasing me again, that cock of his in my face and I can’t even taste it… can’t lick, can’t suck… making me want it.. all I can do is smell it.

Smell his sex making me yearn for his cock.. He tells me to beg for it.. beg girl.. so through the gag I beg.. please please may I have your cock dear sir? He smiles and says good girl then slaps my mouth with his cock.
He unties me from the chair and tells me to go to the bed and lay on my back. He adjusts the belt and ties my hands together.

Still gagged he tells me you are going to get fucked girl… Yes sir is coming out through the gag.. he just smiles … that smile of his shows me how much I please him through my obedience.
He got off of me for a moment to get the condoms and I am breathing so hard, thinking to myself please sir, please lover hurry.. my body is aching for you. He teases me with his cock now.. He knows what he’s doing.. He loves when I beg for him.

He starts to fuck me, oh damn he feels so good, but he stops… He sees in my eyes that I am disappointed that I wanna ask why but I don’t dare to do that.. He unties my hands and I find out why he stops. He is allowing me to cum first.. OH really??? Thank you sir! He tells me to touch myself.. He loves to watch me get off… I don’t hesitate at all I start to masturbate.

It feels so good fingering myself and rubbing my clit. I wanna get off so bad.. been needing this since the drive back. I’m so close now but he knows what I need. He pulls on the reins again and again.. I feel it, I feel how my body is reacting.. oh my god i am so close.. he knows it too.. He starts to bite me… damn.. that feeling just shook my body… the pressure right there almost made me cum.. He leans in and ask me something I never dreamed I would I say yes to.. do you need the pain to get off slut? I hesitated and then nodded and said yes sir.. At that moment he pulled on the reins hard and at the same time he bit me hard .. so hard that I came.. It was so intense… OMG!! I thought to myself what have I done?
I was breathing so hard now… oh wow.. I can’t believe this… But he was wonderful.. He made sure I was ok.

Caressed me, talked to me, wouldn’t leave me till he knew I was ok from it all…
I was fine but I also was asking what about him? I didn’t get him off.. He said it was ok, this was about you.. He knows that for me to get off is very hard so he made this night about me.. He also knows that I take care of him every single time.

Tonight was about exploring and moving forward based on previous play. He wanted to have me feel what it was like and to see if this was something we could do more of.. If I was now comfortable in doing this.
As I layed in his arms, I said yes I am with you. I thanked him for all that he has done and he kissed me gently.
I never thought in a million years I would do this.

I don’t know yet if I will be able to, down the road, with someone else. Right now I am enjoying my journey with him and seeing what else I can allow myself to do.

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