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A new begining

I had just gotten a divorce with my wife of 15 years and had decided to start a new and move to Washington and with what Little money I had left I bought a condo on the outside of Seattle, and after a nights decided to spend a night out of the town. The city was amazing and as I walked down first ave when I saw a strip club, I figured why not I’ll grab a drink.

So I walked in and sat down. A heaver set woman came over dressed in a bright purple corset and asked me what ya have to doing darling, Ill take a Guinness I replayed and she walked away. She is kind of large for a strip club waitress I though, but my thought was cut short when I realized all the women here were of simile size At this sight I decided I’d go somewhere else, never was a fan of large women.

As I left a much smaller, yet still fairly large woman dressed in a suit approached me. She asked me are you new to town and I replied yes, She then asked if I was working to which I said no I haven’t found work. At this she said id like to offer you a job. We pay well. I asked do you allays offer your patrons jobs and she let out a soft laugh.

As a matter of fact yes, most of our employs here were former patrons. I looked over the club and didn’t see a single male employee, just fairly large women. I think ill pass I replied and began to walk away. At that moment the lady in the suit replied, I’m afraid I cant let you do that and I felt a prick on my arm. Everything went black. When I awoke I found my self in a somewhat small room, the walls were painted ping and black and I was laying down on a fuzzy pink couch.

I rose to my feet and walked to the door, I opened it and looked down what seemed to be a long hallway. At one end I saw a dead end the other a flashing exit sign. This is too weird I thought and I began walking to the exit. As I walked down the hallway i could feel my skin start to change it felt tight yet somewhat elastic but I thought nothing of it all I knew is I had to get out the more I walked the father the exit seemed and after walking for what seemed like hours my feet began to feel weird.

They felt smaller making my shows feel ill fit yet at the same time my feet felt swollen. My mission still in mind i stopped and removed my boots and as i took off my socks i got a glimpses as to why my feet felt so strange. They were in fact much smaller yet appeared to be soft and pudgy much like the feet of a plump woman. To to it all of my toe nails were painted a bright red.

This is to weird i must be tripping i thought. I removed my other boot and was greeted by the same sight. I wiggled my toes and have a giggle thinking how cute the looked. The fact that i giggled didn’t bother me it was the fact they my giggle sounded more feminine then masculine. With that i got back to guy feet and began to push on with my escape. Things felt off as i pushed on it felt as if my strides were getting shorter like i wasn’t covering as much ground with each step.

That’s when it hit me i was shorter then before my capture. My guess was by only a few inches but i could tell i was still shrinking and sure enough w with each step my eye level dropped until i was no more than 5’2. Panicking my walk turned into a run however this didn’t last long as i started to lose my balance. My center of gravity was changing and before my eyes my chest began to causing not only my balance to worsen but I was bringing to have a hard time breathing.

My chest still swelling was telling on the form of breasts as my nipples stretched and widened. There was no doubt I now had breasts but it wasn’t the fact that I now has female mams that worried me the most it was the fact that they were still growing becoming heaver as they began to slightly sag. With each step they flopped from side to side even within the confines of my T-shirt, which was at its tearing point and just like that sure enough my shirt began to rip at the seams.

My newly developed tits flew everywhere and with that I feel foreword, luckily I caught my fall. Again I was greeted by an alien sight. My hands looked completely different. They were much smaller and as i started my fingers plumped up like sausages and my finger nails changed to match my toes. There was no doubt i was becoming a girl and a rather large girl at that. Again i got to my feet and pressed on.

It still felt as if i made no ground as to making to the exit. Unable to run anymore due to my flipping tits i was f***ed to show down to a brisk walk. For the next hour so nothing really felt different, but then out of the blue a new sensation started to form in my balls. It quickly spread to my cock and just as fast is it came the sensation was over, but i was left with a new feeling.

I felt empty, like a hole was cut into my groin. In the back of my mind i knew what just happened but i didn’t want to believe it. I pushed on and with each step the emptiness grew beginning needy. The further i walked the more i felt the need for something to fill it. I knew what i needed but knew if i stopped now I’d never make it out. However my body has different plans and as if it had a mind of its own my hand began to rub my new slit.

Instantly my legs turned to jello which yet again caused me to fall to the ground a new sensation swarmed over my body. It was jiggling. Looking down I could see not only has my fits grew another 2 cup size but I now had a full blown belly. Poking it with my chubby finger caused ripples to form as it ballooned out words and dark red lines began to form around my now hidden belly button.

The sight of these growing stretch marks began to make my slit wet and burn with desire I gently sk** one finger in fallowed by a second then the third. This threw me over the edge causing me to moan. My tires and belly juggled with each convolution of pleasure and with that for the first time in my life I felt my thighs touch and with that I rose to my feet and again made my way threw the never ending hallway to the exit.

I could feel my thighs continue to swell. The gap closing quick until they touched all the way to my knees. my ass soon began to join in the swelling. With each step I could feel more weight push down. My walk was slowly turning to a waddle as my thighs continued to swell, and then just like that. The swelling stopped, but before I could catch my breath a sharp cold pain spread over my hole body.

It felt like my hole body was under a tattoo gun and before my very eye my skin turned a creamy pale white. I could see patches of freckle form on my arms and top of my tits. A strange pricking feeling spread over my head and pubic mound and with a quick burst a thick carpet of ginger colored hair appeared shortly after the same ginger colored hair began to sprout from my scalp.

Being bald for the bast 20 years the new felling of hair surprised me. By the time it stopped growing my hair reached down to my plump ass. Realizing the exit finally seemed to be getting close i began to waddle again and as i did my face began to tingle and with that the last of my masculinity slipped away. I knew at that moment i was now fully a female, a plump voluptuous red head female.

With that i felt the handle of the exit door. A jolt of electricity shoot threw my hand and traveled threw my body. Before my very eyes a pair of bright green and turquoise panties began to form over my crotch soon accompanied by matching bra and garter fallowed by matching green skirt and black blouse and just like that I felt my eye level raise several inches as 4″ heals formed on my feet.

Lastly a purse formed on my shoulder. I opened up the purse and inside I found Washington ID. It read Lyllith Miller age 24 and sure enough there was a young plump redhead in the picture. With that new memory’s formed in my mind and slowly my mind became that of the girl in the ID my former life’s memory’s faded away and with that I opened the door and began my walk home after all I start my new job tomorrow and a dancer like my self needs her beauty sl**p.


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