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A love of boss

A love of boss … 1 of 31 …
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Author: Bilitis
A love of boss … 1 31 … Bilitis
Chapters 1-3
In the real Christine, who has been my model; to Evelyn who both helped me in my difficult times, Natacha At my tender without which life would be so different. To all those and all those who try to overcome the difficulty of loving ‘differently’, despite the prejudices and who do not give face still many obstacles on our path.

A new chief of staff The news was finally dropped: the Minister had to thank his chief of staff. In our stage, that of the hostesses, this departure as no surprise that announced for several weeks. The chatter went well underway when the sacrosanct lunch break: each went there for his comments. – Oh! I’ve never been this frame pignouf! Cried the buxom Sonia. And she added: With little pig eyes fouinaient everywhere … Wow! ! Hou, the ugly … This lapidary sentence provoked a general laugh.

– What was ugly! Suzanne bids early, freeing visibly weighing. – Me, he always reminds me of my old maths teacher! Françoise stated, the attendant phone. Mylène, a little red in the face dotted with freckles spoke to me: He probably dredged you, Dominique, right? She leaned her question by insisting look. A heavy silence fell and all eyes converged in my direction. I did not know where to hide. I curse the little fool Mylène who could not help … With her little mouse face, it was a bit like Marlène Jobert.

She stared at me with his stubborn air, visibly impatient to finally get – by f***e – answer to a question that I had asked many times and I always avoided. Mylène was rather kind of glue pot. She had beaten me a few months to the Ministry, and since the day I took my position at home, she had not stopped harassing me. Obviously, it would make me strongly desired a friend, a very dear friend … his girlfriend, to be precise.

It never failed, whenever we crossed paths in the hallway, which frequently happens, send me a greedy smile, often accompanied by an eloquent glance towards my chest. Admittedly, on this side, I’m pretty well stocked. This generous gift from nature soon proved a poisoned chalice: from my f******n years it took me to use all sorts of tricks to try to hide a chest early imposing the leering of the vast majority of men – a significant number of women -.

I could cross Bored supported glances which did not fail to gratify my visitors Cabinet, I begged Irene, our eldest and supervisor, to give me another job that direct home visitors. It fell on my breasts properly enclosed in a strict suit cutting a little amused look that I interpreted as an accomplice, and told me, to my great relief, the responsibility of the visitor of one minister. Fewer, they showed themselves much more reserved.

In return, I was entitled to a silent court, but oh so pressing, the Minister in person. Handsome man, rather large, extremely elegant, this Conservative sexagenarian never failed to send me, whenever I introduced a visitor, a greedy smile supported by a glance unequivocal. Mortified, Mylène was able to report of the Ministerial favor which I became the object. She conceived a fierce jealousy. question she had asked me therefore surprised me, but suddenly faced with the convergence looks of the whole team, I was pretty distraught.

So what was my relief when I heard the saving words of Irene, with a loud voice: Come on, ladies! The break is over, return to your posts, please. I spoke to Irene with a look of recognition. She awarded me a brief glance before to return to the office of Minister blink. Despite the poor
Mylène was almost palpable! few days later, we were all convened in the conference room. Irene had told me the same morning as the new chief of staff had taken office.

– You will be surprise! I had she said with a strange smile. I had not been able to get more.
A love of boss … 2 of 31
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A love of boss … 2 31 Bilitis
So there we were, all gathered in the great hall richly carved paneled ceilings. The conversations were rife. All wondered what was going to look like their new boss.

After a few minutes, Irene joined us. Ladies, please! Intima does. The silence then ensued, those were seated arose in a single movement, and we waited, staring at the door. Moments passed that seemed endless, and the new Chief of Staff of the Minister made his entrance. I stifled an exclamation of surprise: the new chief of staff was a woman, what a woman! Tall, slender, beautiful, rare elegance in a pearl gray suit that suited her to perfection.

She was a beauty breathtaking. It emanated from his person a kind of aura that inspired immediate respect. She had locked her hair, probably abundant, a beautiful light brown color in a tight bun. She wore a pair of glasses with thick black border which gave him a stern look. His eyes, wide and slightly almond, were a pale blue water, almost transparent. On the impenetrable gaze, she slowly ran our little meeting. She took the time to measure the eye each of us, as if looking from the outset to get an idea of what we could make.

When her beautiful blue eyes rested on me, as I was panicked. I felt myself melt under the inquisitive gaze. I do not however looked down, leaving me as penetrated by a fluid spill that I felt in me. The feeling was strange: a mixture of fear and fascination. Without a doubt, we were in the presence of a strong woman. It seemed to me – but I was too impressed to be sure to remember it accurately today – it lingered somewhat on me, all my browsing silhouette top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Anyway, it is clear that this brief review we all disturbed; most of us still talking a few weeks later. She gave us a short speech, assuring us that it relied on our dedication, our availability and tact. His voice was like his appearance: a beautiful medium, wide and warm, authoritarian and majestic. I kept this first contact a complex impression, mixture of admiration and awe. One thing was clear: we should walk to the strip! It seemed obvious to me that we could hardly afford to make mistakes.

At the beginning of the following week, I was called into the office of our new boss. It is not without trepidation that I crossed the padded double door on which a plate of shiny copper simply posted: “Christine Zamann. Chief of Staff. ” I walked, experiencing great apprehension in the middle of the large room richly furnished. I noticed the appearance of beautiful tropical plants and pleasant smell that filled the place. It changed me for the smell of cigars and old paper chef outgoing cabinet.

Sitting at a large table, unobstructed except open before her file, some minor office supplies and a combined ultra modern with multiple functions, the new hostess was on the phone conversation. She did not pay me any attention at first, then suddenly asked me a short and precise to sit in front of it on one of the chairs next to his desk gesture. While pursuing her
interview, she looked at me again in an insistent manner, as if trying to guess me to discover me.

I thought I perceived in his penetrating gaze as a hint of irony or fun. I felt the blush rise to my cheeks, which increased my discomfort. I thought I literally melt when his eyes rested on my chest for a moment before rising along my neck and stop on my lips. The ironic light had turned into something much more subtle that I do not identifiai. Suddenly she hung a small bright gesture.

Bien! she said, without preamble. Miss, I want to tie you to my personal service. Though pronounced with a soft, calm voice, the phrase had sounded like an order. She continued: -You will stand at my disposal at all times and be ready to respond to any request … without delay. ? It is understood Taken aback, not knowing if I should rejoice or scare me, I stammered: -Uh … yes ma’am, yes, of course … as you please.

Mademoiselle! She corrected him with an amused smile. I bit my lip. I noticed, however, she was not wearing alliance. How could I forget? -Excuse me, miss me …! I said sheepishly. I felt ridiculous. -It does not matter, she says. Irene will tell you the procedures. You have three days to make arrangements. Visit here Monday at the first time. Here! that’s it. See you later, Dominique. Do you mind if I call you Dominique? It was just a question.

I nodded. Yes, yes, of course. Goodbye, my … miss … My respects. But she listened to me more, already diving, pensively in the spread before her record. It was not strictly speaking a promotion, but this function envied represented a significant privilege; the sullen looks, downright hostile gratified me with some of my colleagues the next day achevèrent to convince myself. few days, this fascinating woman had taken an extraordinary influence on me.

Curiously, I who am not yet capable of letting me lead by the nose, I felt no bomb and was in no way put off by the net workload and significant increase in my responsibilities. Instead, I tried to fully meet the requirements of my new boss that already, I revered. I was always ready to take a case to the Minister or an urgent fold, to be transmitted to a circular punched cards to modify or emergency call any employee.

This was always available in a short time, woven between this woman – I knew nothing – and I, poor willing slave, a unbreakable bond. A significant positive aspect was that overtime, which were rapidly accumulated, were handsomely paid
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A love of boss … 3 31 Bilitis 2. Inaccessible. That night, a Friday, we met both locked in his office while almost all staff had left.

I had to bring him to the minister the green note she expected; She cast a quick glance at the document DISPLA a smirk, then sank into the broad leather sofa that sat in the back of the room, heaving a deep sigh. -Phew! I’m broken! she said. This was the first time I saw her relax a little and I felt some discomfort, as if I had violated her privacy. At the same time, the discovery of this unexpected weakness triggered in me a sense of complicity, almost tenderness.

I had the most normal human discover more and more accessible, somehow. She took off her glasses and slid his tie which she had to loosen the knot. She took a deep gulp of air and gave me – a rare thing – a broad smile. While I felt
honored and at the same time, intimidated Seeking what I might do to relieve, I heard myself say: -Would you? mass that I neck Blushing immediately at my audacity, j ‘sketched a small step back it does not seem to notice.

-What a great idea! she said. I think I needed it. Having recovered, she took a nimble move the pin that held his eternal knot and released a beautiful and abundant hair that spilled over her shoulders in long, silky curls, slightly curled. I felt my heart begin to bump into my chest. And abandoned in the darkness that filled this part of the large room, it seemed to me a radiant beauty. She put her hands on either side of her thighs, the leather sofa, closed his eyes and bowed head slightly forward.

I realized that it was up to me to act now, and out of my torpor admiration, I approached. Bypassing the couch, I went into his back. I had a hesitation when my fingers would come into contact with the skin of his neck. I had the impression of being about to commit a kind of sacrilege. Thus, I would feel this wonderful woman, I would dare lay a hand on this being sublime object of awe of all, and that intimidated me at the highest point.

I was shivering. At the same time, I realized that I would have given my place for anything. I gently put my hands on the nape offered. The skin was soft and silky. I felt light blond lie to pass my fingers were careful to begin a slow and careful down back and forth along the neck sore. The muscles in his neck were hard as wood and it took me a while to get to relax.

To increase the effectiveness of my massage, I insinuated myself further under the shirt, covering an area larger flesh. To help me, my boss released the top buttons of her blouse. Where I was, overhanging, I could contemplate at leisure the body of my boss who had completely abandoned my caresses. I could not help but glance in the cut that had appeared. The birth of two large breasts proved to present to my admiring gaze.

I was seized with a sudden urge to feel these two masses of flesh that waddled gently to the rhythm of my comings and goings. Me being slightly bent forward, I could see a fine lace bra blue silk, which clearly could hardly contain voluminous chest Christine. Immediately repressing my thoughts, as displaced as guilty, I continued my massage. I winced when I heard speak in a slightly hoarse voice !-God is good … Continue my little Dominic.

It makes me crazy good! … You’re good, you know! She finished, punctuating his words with a chuckle. It emanated from his person a smell, slightly peppery, sweating which made me fire up the temples. I felt at the crotch characteristic tingling that began to frighten me. What I felt for this woman was no longer only the admiration was the desire! This observation upset me and I congratulated myself to be so placed in his back, out of reach of his piercing gaze.

But things were nearly ended in disaster when she said, bluntly: Thanks, Dominique, it will go like that! Highly withdrew the hands of his neck and tried so ridiculous, to blend into the surrounding darkness. But already, she stood and faced me. She put on his black-rimmed glasses terrible and shut the buttons of her blouse. I am reluctantly away both generous globes behind the fine linen fabric. I thought faint when interrupting his gesture, she frowned and stared at me.

-What did you Dominique? You are scarlet! Ah … ah … I stammered, completely panicked, I … – I wanted to drag me under rich Persian carpet – I think … I have a little warm. indeed I burned … desire, shame. gaze of the woman who had, against his will, to seize my senses, became suspicious, the time of a flash. It was so short that the next moment, I doubted the relevance of my perception.

A love of boss … 4 31
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A love of boss … 4 31 Bilitis -Bon! Well I think we deserved to go to rest, is not it? she said, displaying a wide smile that seemed to me, saying I did not know why, slightly f***ed. ‘Yes! I replied, a little voice that trembled. Rest well! I rushed off to the office door, not daring to look at her.

I was about to cross the threshold when I heard call me ! Dominic My bl**d froze in my veins. Taking upon me, I turned calmly, trying to smile so acceptable. Standing in the middle of the room, Christine looked at me a long time without saying anything, staring at me intently. Obviously, she was trying to guess the reasons for my excitement. I tried to calm, but I felt my heart beating wildly in my chest.

His eyes seemed cold and harsh. I saw a strange light switch that I do not identifiai. Her lips parted, I saw her swallow and heard him say, in a hoarse voice: -Thank you Dominique! Good weekend. Our eyes remained as hanging a moment. I could not guess what she felt in that moment magical and awesome, delicious and terrifying. I finally tore and fled like a thief. soon as I was back in my little apartment, I rushed into the shower to try to calm my senses wild.

A few minutes later, naked, in front of my mirror, trying to soak my hair, I began to wonder what my new boss would feel to see me. She would feel a certain pleasure in watching my body, to caress, to discover the intimate details? Would she like to knead my chest, his hands go my fluffy thighs? I tried to imagine the scene, and this evocation, I felt my crotch wet and my breasts were covered this tingling that led me to so many doors voluptuousness.

I imagined the hands of Christine browsing through my body. I began to fondle me vigorously breasts, crushing one another while trying to represent me the expression that would, at this show, Christine’s face. I began to undulate in the mirror, facing a growing excitement. I threw myself on my bed and started masturbating wildly, like a schoolgirl. I did enjoy several times, with a sort of frustrated rage, kneading my breasts swollen with excitement, trying to persuade me that c ‘ was in the hands of Christine and the malaxaient.

All soaked wet and tears, I soon plunged into a fitful sl**p. The next week I was a real torture. I had to face the facts: I was just in love with my boss!I aspired to be in his presence as much as possible; but if the opportunity arose indeed quite frequently, it was not every time to see a few moments, busy, unavailable, not paying me any attention. Sometimes I find myself close to her at his side in his scent, but as his shadow, while addressing other.

then I took pleasure in listening to his shimmering voice to me leave overwhelmed by this emotion that overwhelmed me. It was a permanent punishment. This beautiful, intelligent woman, fine, racy, responsive, intuitive, I guessed; desirable in every respect, was there, beside me and I could not refuse him hastily some stereotypical formula or send him a brief report. He would just move me hand to touch and I spent my day to suppress the urge to make this gesture.

The growing attraction I felt for this woman who had bewitched me turned to obsession. soon as I was in his presence, the air began to vibrate waves of desire came from my body to rush on his own; thousand hands, mine and invisible, sprang from my quivering skin and roamed her thighs, her belly, her breasts, her ass fingered, irritated the tips of her breasts slipped into her panties and penetrated her vagina; a multitude of languages roamed my belly, licking her areolas, her neck, her lips, her mouth penetrated then spun to her pussy and went nipping her clit … I felt my breasts swell, my tips and my crotch itched threw me unbearable flashes.

Oh! I was going
crazy! I began to fear finding myself in his presence. I seriously worried that my attraction is become impossible to conceal. I had more trouble and curb my senses, control my desire. More than once it happened to me I have to rush to the toilet to change me because I was wet like a maniac. How absurd! That, usually, when a guy or occasionally a girl, I liked it enough for me to respond to a look or a smile and the deal was done.

I was here in the situation completely disarmed beginner. Who hardly ever had to undertake maneuvers of seduction, I knew nothing about the intricacies of difficult approaches. At most I was for fun, to change me too predictable customary ease, tackled some difficult cases: a beautiful teenager who hardly dared to look at me, paralyzed by shyness; richard pretentious and thought he could buy all the girls he wanted (I made him drool, that one!) or this brave guy, married to a real tigress and threw me despairing eyes.

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A love of boss … 5 31 Bilitis I was again paying the price, unexpected, a sexy body too. Poisoned chalice, a figure like mine! I arrived to regret again be well built, as when a young teenager, I was frightened it fevered eyes of men. Dominic, please bring this to Jean-Pierre, he needs immediately. The voice reached me through a cottony fog.

Instinctively, I reached out and gathered the thick puffy shirt documents. Yes, yes, I will … I mouthed. Me pulling the cruel sweetness of her presence, I left the office in tears. I really had to watch me. I knew I was about to crack I walked to the elevators with a mechanical not mind totally absorbed in my fantasies: I saw Christine, lying on the floor of his office, naked, languid, her hands tied to one of the legs of the table and trying to enjoy as a b**st while I licked her pussy blows voracious language.

Eyes rolled back, she uttered a long moan … -Okay, Dominique? Little Mylène shrill voice suddenly snatched my erotic reverie. She had joined me in the elevator. Returned to reality, I replied: -Well … yes, okay … thank you. ! -You’re pale! … -It’s nothing! Just a little tired. -Hey! We do not see you much more since you are in the private service of Her Majesty! She smirked. , Her Majesty? -Yeah! This is what they call the new boss … Do not tell me you did not know.

-If! I did not know! … it goes well?-And -yes … yes … why would it not? She annoyed me, that little weasel, and I had only one desire: that elevator stops at the floor so I can plant it there and spinning! -She is demanding, right? … The heavy metal doors were opening to slide the large hall. I rushed to the left knowing that Mylène would join his desk on the right.

She added hastily: -In any case, she seems to like you! I stopped, turned to face him and could not help but ask: ?-What makes you say that too pleased have managed to hang me, Mylène not wait to be asked: -She had a pretty soap Genevieve groaning under the pretext that you had been selected because of … well … My heart began to beat blows. – Because of what? -Because of your physical, here! She blurted, pouting.

-Due to … ah! this example! I exclaimed, overwhelmed with embarrassment, hoping that my emotion is placed on the account of the surprise. I wondered how I was going to be able to get out this time, but, to my great relief, Mylène
continued: -That idiot had not heard the boss arrived. It was s**thing! ? Ah -She said, very calmly, “miss, know that people who work for me are selected according to their own motivations and skills, and for their dedication and their labor.

You’d better try to be like him in this regard. Hold it to say. ” And … so what? Genevieve was mortified. She started crying after the departure of “Her Majesty”. She displayed a low profile for at least three days. I did not know quite how I had interpreted the facts Mylène had to bring me. Thanks, Mylène! I whispered. The little redhead gave me a smug smile before to go on his side.

3. Mylène The Interlude Things did not seem nearly arrange: I could not regain my composure and I was afraid of finding myself in the mesmerizing near Christine. I had to admit I was like a cat in heat and I do not quite see what might alleviate my suffering. I kept trying to imagine who could possibly share his life, who had the right to put his hands on this beautiful body, give him pleasure.

Did she? She must have a lover, a man of his class, it was probably selected from a large yard. This thought made me to torture. I felt ready to all v******e. To divert and try to redirect my impulses, I remembered the pleasures that I could feel the arms hunks that I could send me the opportunity. As I loved these wild penetrations or more elaborate, as I enjoyed feeling the cock swollen with desire plow me with brutality or perseverance.

I remembered the day the salesman gave me a tidy sum just to contemplate my chest at the bottom of underground parking. It also came to my mind disorder and powerful as I was with Jean-Jacques who broke like a b**st on my tits enjoying pleasure. These evocations away to calm down, were only further excite me and brought me even more cruelly painful subject of my present dissatisfaction.
A love of boss … 6 31
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A love of boss … 6 31 Bilitis I decided to give me a break: stop the toilet allow me to refresh myself and unwind a little.

passed me I was water on the face and I finished mop of me when I saw Mylène enter. Really, it was unavoidable that! Ah! you’re here! she said upon entering. I saw his eyes round and her cheeks red. Wondering what was taking him, I realized that I had to offer a curious spectacle indeed to better spray, I had generously ajar my blouse … and eloquent image that sent me the large mirror on the column Central immediately enlightened me about the excitement of Mylène: my blouse was almost out of my skirt, my breasts half discovered went far beyond my support and areolas downright exceeded; all and offered a good provoking table.

I immediately began to adjust me. Mylène approached me, experiencing a vigorous stirring. -Oh! Dominique, what you’re beautiful! she looked at me, bewildered, his feverish eyes browsing through my body. My first impulse was to repel, and even scolded sharply, but the confusion that was displayed on his little face reddened with emotion me unseated somewhat. Taking my lack of response to a stimulus, Mylène literally threw herself on me. Dominique, Dominique! She gasped, forgive me, there is so long … I … She was really boosted.

With a gesture resolved, she parted the folds of my shirt that I had not had time
buttoning and grabbed my breasts she immediately began to mix with passion. She gasped, eyes bulging. His tongue comically jumped from one corner to the other of its mouth wide open. She was experiencing a strong excitation. With surprising agility, his hands plunged into my back and my dégrafèrent support. I was so stunned that I could not make the slightest gesture of defense.

Mylène gave a little squeal when released from their shackles, my breasts made a slight leap. His eyes were riveted to my chest and I saw his nose wings to beat wildly. -God you’re beautiful! She uttered in a toneless voice. She shoved his head between my breasts she hit her cheeks and began to traverse the surface of my globes blows of language lovers. I’ve always been particularly sensitive to chest, and wild caresses Mylène, combined with state of nervousness and frustration in which I found myself almost immediately led me to an irrepressible excitement.

I felt my breasts, Mylène continued to fondle and lick generously get to bend my tips hardened and I felt a warmth spread through my crotch. Returning the stomach within the scope of the excitement, I chambray better offer to me touching Mylène who, realizing that I gave up, redoubled his caresses. After I sent a quick glance where a gleam of triumph shone she began sucking me greedily, what finally engulf me. Confident now she insinuated a hand under my skirt, crossed the barrier ridiculous my panties and pushed his way into my already dripping pussy she immediately began to plow an expert finger while continuing to suck me and fondle me.

This was too much under the combined effect of this triple caress and my nervousness, I let myself go and started to enjoy without restraint. Ultimately, we had indeed lost his mind both. I was the first to pull myself together. Mylène, which was probably still in the grip of a strong pleasure, kept me entwined. Head stuffed between my breasts, she rubbed her pussy convulsively on my thigh and pushed a curious complaint citing a crying infant.

I took her head in his hands and f***ed him to look at me. She had rolled back, obviously eyes, she was in full swoon. Mouth wide open, she pumped the air repeated sips, like a puppy that ran too. It was something both pathetic and touching, as the grief of a little girl. I had to wait until the orgasm had passed and she calmed a bit. Gently, but firmly, I took her hands loosened his grip and pulled her up.

She was dazed. She stammered: Oh, Dominique! What I have enjoyed, you have no idea! I … I … it’s been so long I expected it! … It’s unbelievable … I … -Mylène enough! Adjust yourself, you’re all upset. Anyone could enter, we were lucky. So saying, I readjusted myself, which was quite necessary. Softly, Mylène did the same. posted She is now a delighted smile, which was the gift of annoy me. Very quickly, I had the feeling of having committed a great blunder in me being let go as well.

There was unfortunately no doubt that this little fool would take advantage of the incident. It would surely put the cover and, certainly, it would not fail to brag to one or another colleague. I shudder at the prospect and decided to take the lead in order to limit the damage. I turned to it which ended happened red lips and announced to him: -Listen to me, Mylène! What just happened between us was an accident, okay? There are two things you need to know: the first is that it will not happen again, ever; the second is that, if I find out anyone outside of us is aware, you can find another job.

Have I been clear enough?
A love of boss … 7 31
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A love of boss … 7 31 Bilitis I had my tirade delivered a hard, husky voice that surprised myself. I must say that I was imbued with a cold anger against myself, against my weakness against my inability to control my senses. Stupidly happy face of the little redhead decomposed as and as I stated my threat.

It was almost comical. She replied, a frightened tone: -Co … as you like Dominique. You must not get excited … I fortunately bénéficiais a certain influence on the naive though certainly capable of cunning, if not worse girl. I said, ‘I want you to know that I do not want you for what has happened. We had a moment of madness and it is two that we made this mistake. But this does not change what I just told you, okay? Having looked at me a long time with an expression of amazement frightened, Mylène suddenly burst into tears.

Going good! I said to myself, it was missing that! I took her head in her hands – she began to sob like a c***d – and stared without irritation or severity. I managed to tell him gently: -There, there! That’s it! You have no reason to take this tragic, of course. sidera His reply to me: But, Dominique, I love you! She uttered, with great difficulty holding a new round of tears. Completely distraught, I did not know what to do.

Moved by a sudden impulse, I kissed her lips, without haste. The irrepressible tremor that shook stopped. Still holding his head trapped between my hands, I find: -Do not be tubal especially, Mylène: this is to seal our pact Without giving him time to recover, I planted myself there and hastened to leave the places before having to wipe a new fit of despair. Trapped in the elevator shaft which brought me to the top floor, I remembered that, at the height of my excitement, it was the hands of Christine, who had walked my body, his lips sucked my breasts.

The return to reality seemed very bitter. I feared now to find myself in the presence of Christine with on consciousness, what I already was considering a little stupidly perhaps, as infidelity. In fact, I was angry against myself: how could I have let myself go like this? Early Mylène had only enjoy my dismay, without even realizing what was happening in the background. The week that followed was a long and slow ordeal.

In contrast, however, the days that preceded the incident with Mylène, I forbade myself to fantasize about Christine. I wanted my boss, my boss only, and I made up for not ineffective elsewhere, my frustration with increased zeal in the work. However, it happened to me, one evening in my cocoon, let me go to sob like a teenager. 4. Where the dream takes shape. This happened on a Saturday morning. The mere mention of the facts is sufficient even now to put me in a trance.

On Friday evening, Christine, exhausted after a week overloaded, sunken eyes, gray complexion, asked wearily if I would consent to join her the next day in his office to help wrap some important urgent matters. When I answered, of course yes, I had a hunch as I approached that something would happen, something decisive. Taking a real apprehension, I tell myself that maybe I should have to change my mind, but curiosity, or some form of cowardice prevailed and I did not add anything.

I spent an anxious night. The prospect of an entire morning with Christine terrified me. I was afraid it would eventually guess my crazy attraction to her and it takes therefore the only decision that I was not all ready had to endure: that send me. At the mere mention of a ball of anxiety began to weigh on my stomach. It is inhabited by a dull apprehension, heart pounding, stomach knotted as I reported the next day at the appointed time before the terrible and lovely lady who had, without doubt, made my life hell.

Fortunately, Christine, who was already immersed in the examination of a large folder gave me little attention, merely mumble one or the other direction without contact me any
look. I found both mortified and relieved. I had never managed to detect any traces of these sometimes leave a sated body frolicking the night before. A brief but attentive examination led to the usual conclusion: nothing to report. She had not seen her lover, unless … I preferred not construct any hypothesis, at least for now.

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A love of boss … 8 31 Bilitis The morning, harassing, took place without incident, to my great relief: I arrived without much difficulty, to keep my concentration. I was slipping a final report in a shirt hanging when I heard Christine tell me in a clear voice: And voila! I think we can boast of having filled that damn late! It’s not too early!I confess that I am foundered.

Saying it sank in the big leather sofa. I gave him a smile that should be very pale. I could not help admiring her beautiful long legs nicely muscled, well designed curves asked casually on the shiny surface of polished leather. She had let her head rest on top of the file, rather high, the sofa, and in an attitude of relaxation, had closed eyelids. I felt my heart begin to beat wildly. The opportunity was too good: after weeks long weeks of stiff and stealth interviews where everything was as anxious, agitation, emergency, stress, now I could finally contemplate at leisure that dream body that radiated now every moment of my life, this wonderful object of my repressed desires.

Knowing she could not see me, I began to eat the eyes, without restraint, without shame. I let my eyes go again sculptural legs, continuing the smooth curve that drew the inside of the thigh flat on the stiff leather. The miniskirt, high rise in the movement had done Christine to sit, no longer concealed great thing and I guessed, in the dark, the whiteness of panties I tried to imagine the sweet wetness.

I felt my breasts harden when my greedy gaze dwells on generous shapes that filled the half-open blouse. I could see the birth of breasts, I designed an uncontrollable disorder. And languid, Christine was more beautiful than ever, and I had to contain a mad desire to throw myself on this beautiful body lying there inert, offered prohibited. reigned in the room a heavy silence, filled with a kind of religiosity, punctuated only by the regular breathing of Christine who had probably yielded to sl**p.

The moment was magical. I did not dare make the slightest gesture for fear of breaking the spell to wake the sl**per. I stood there, frozen, motionless, for a moment I am unable to express the duration;a moment of pure delight, of awe, of true worship. My senses were calmed somewhat as to let me collect a new feeling deep, intense, but I could not manage to identify. A mixture of peace, sacrifice, admiration and affection.

I could not repress a shudder when suddenly rang, slightly hoarse voice of Christine: Dominic, be nice, could you repeat me a little massage like the other day? It made me so much good I felt invaded by a wave of panic. Christine had not opened his eyes and did not move an inch. Heart pounding, I went, biting my lip to f***e me to keep control of my emotions … and my actions.

Christine opened her eyes and gave me a smile that seemed a little f***ed. She sent him packing his shoes in the middle of the room and lay full length on the belly. I took a brief look at the plump buttocks my boss then shyly wines sit on a
small corner sofa, close it. I began to massage her neck and upper back through the thin fabric of the blouse. Before laying hands on it, I formally forbid any emotion.

I tried to perform a series of purely technical gestures, and so mechanically, without any qualms. At first it worked pretty well and I managed to confine my mind in the close supervision of my actions, attentive only to their effectiveness. slowly undid the nodes under my fingers I dosais pressure accurately, varying the pace and magnitude of my comings and goings. It lasted quite a while and I thought I would get out of this ordeal without damage.

But things would not be so simple. Christine, apparently rested, relaxed, expressed a desire to enjoy more before my masseuse donations. -You know you do it terribly well, Dominique! A real pro! Have you received any special training, taking courses? So saying, she sat up half and having made a slight movement, found himself sitting next to me. While talking, she began to unbutton her blouse nimbly. I felt the bl**d rush to my cheeks, my head began to spin.

Without sending me a look, Christine also unbuttoned his cuffs and then with his usual personable, took off her blouse she sank to the floor. As if drawn by a powerful magnet, my eyes riveted on the large chest Christine swung adorably contained in a soft green support adorned with a fine lace ribbon. My body was suddenly covered millions of needles. God that I found beautiful at this moment. Very short time indeed, because she immediately resumed his position lying on her stomach.

Crushed by his weight, her breasts spilling on either side of his chest and I looked sumptuous curvature of these prohibited flesh.
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A love of boss … 9 31 Bilitis I came to pull myself together and handed me a massage, carefully, cautiously, back to the admirable proportions that stretched before my eyes. Contact, direct this time, with firm flesh with a pleasant texture, gave me a well-being that I could not manage to repress.

To better control the emergence of sinful thoughts that assailed me, I began to make large movements increasingly supported. I clasped hands below his waist and went up to the neck, punctuating my movement of small jolts that I repeated regularly to produce a kind of ripple stubborn. After repeating the process a few times, I put my hands on her floating ribs and pressed a few moments before releasing the pressure very gradually.

I heard Christine pushing a “phew” Satisfaction. -It’s good! Confirmed she a funny voice, half stifled by the pillow, no doubt. would I get my massage at the shoulders when I noticed that Christine buttocks up and down, slowly but steadily and a greater extent. I observed simultaneously at the time of the descent, she clenched her buttocks and spread her legs slightly. Doubt was not allowed: Christine was going to get excited. Moreover, as to sweep my last question, I noticed that his breathing was accelerated and was both faster and louder.

Paralyzed, I dared not move, believes that, whatever I do, it would be a disaster. I would have liked to have seen nothing and be able to finish my massage a small sound or tap on the shoulder … but I was not at my surprises. Christine raised himself on one arm, and a rapid rotation of the torso, rolled over one
shoulder and found herself lying on her back. Half naked, her statuesque body thrives on the soft leather couch.

She had kept her eyes closed and had raised his arms above his head. She had red cheeks, but maybe it was because she had her head resting on the cushions for long minutes; she gasped, but perhaps she just regained his breath; his whole body seemed to shiver, but she was feeling the need to stretch after a massage … but no! I could not fool myself any longer: it was indeed excited.

I felt a warmth invade my lower body at the sight of the sensual image, provocative, erotic, that met my admiring glances. I was seized with an uncontrollable urge to put me to knead these two big tits waddled within reach of my fingers. My vision blurred, I felt all my body ablaze. As to continue the massage, I put my hands on her floating ribs which jutted over a flat, muscular stomach that stretched as a result of an obvious excitement.

I began to slowly massage his lower ribs, his eyes fixed on her breasts that seemed to leap out of their close support. Two chubby globes, covered with a fine down blonde quivered under the blow of a growing excitement. Spikes, erect, were two small mounds around the distended tissue support. Christine opened her eyes. The look she gave me when I was like an electric shock. His fevered eyes burned with an intense fire, almost painful; his pupils constantly jumping from one of my eyes to another; a kind of rictus of pain distorted the right side of her beautiful face portion;his nostrils quivering nostrils like a horse ready to run at a gallop.

Stunned, I stared, waiting for me to do is deal with what could only be a product of my delirious imagination, an illusion related to my state of frustration, an absurd fantasy. But delightfully moving image was waning at all. Having braced on her buttocks and shoulder blades, she pushed her chest now up while rolling it on his chest in a provocative calls. Her pelvis up and down in a slow and lascivious dance, expressing a strong surge of desire; his thighs were now wide open.

I had often had the opportunity to contemplate the image of desire in all sorts of shapes and in all kinds of circumstances, but a desire so intense, tinted addition of a kind Desperate appeal, that I had never seen or even imagined. This languid body screamed, screamed his desire, writhing in obvious waiting to be hugged, mixed, triturated, perhaps abused. And I was there, paralyzed, as the most perfect fools, absolutely unable to respond to the demand for sex the most eloquent, rawest, most direct that I have ever been sent.

I understood what was blocking me how could it be that this is not my boss – with all the authority at its disposal, while the influence she had on me – who have taken the initiative to draw me to it therefore that she showed the most blatant desire? Was it not in the nature of things Christine, my boss, my boss, my mistress, whom I revered, might dispose of me in his own way, according to its absolute whim? Clearly, the lead was rightfully his.

A gesture, a look, a word would have been enough to throw myself at his feet, panting and willing. Why did she do anything? Really, I do not understand. She gasped, her hands kneading now the top of her thighs shamelessly open, she impressed on her pelvis strong ascension movements, his eyes vrillaient me as inhabited a kind of dementia.
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A love of boss … 10 31 Bilitis And all of a sudden, I understood.

I realized that this wonderful woman, this dream creature, this bombshell this insolent beauty, this incredibly sexy vamp, was actually completely stuck. He could not – I had to collect evidence – to dare the slightest gesture in my direction. It was then that the click occurred. Rather clicks, it was like the sudden collapse of a dam, like a big rocking motion, as if the world was reversed, as if I found myself suddenly invested with a wonderful power, gas and magical origin.

I felt growing up, inflate, vibrate in a new and unknown power. Conversely, I felt dwarfed Christine, she was now relegated to the role of a pathetic scared k**. She suddenly seemed so weak, so helpless, so helpless and at the same time, if wildly beautiful! I was totally shocked, excited as I had never been. Suddenly, I let the floodgates. Things then went very quickly, in a kind of frantic and wild disorder.

Forgetting all restraint, I crossed “the surface of the mirror” I threw myself on Christine with a v******e that I do not sought to contain. Our hungry bodies immediately riveted to each other, our lips made contact, and this was a delightful burn. Voraciously, my tongue entered his mouth and his tongue sought to expect. Our saliva intermingled, our tongues fought a frantic race, is nibbled, licked, and then walked away more beautiful, like two young dogs playing in the grass.

At the same time, my hands had seized her breasts they immediately began to knead savagely. My fingers penetrated the raging hot and firm flesh, which annoyed by waiting, throbbing frustration. I think I had the scratch. In the same movement, my hands roamed these big rough balls uncontrollable shivering and crushed one over the other. Our vulvas were immediately found and rubbed frantically. We were there two such tigers to fondle us, scratch us to devour us.

Christine’s hands had seized my buttocks and malaxaient with the same rage I déployais him plow breasts. Energetic movements she made to hit my butt on one another had the effect of causing each time a gentle stream of air on my rose I felt awake and flourish. My vulva became painful, but I did not hear break contact and I remained riveted to the body shivering with Christine. It was as if we also kissed the bottom.

The first wave of this sudden and violent assault was, I felt, passing, or more precisely, the sudden rush of adrenaline that had triggered the opening of valves had fallen, making me a minimum of lucidity. While our games continued, a conviction imposed on my mind that it was my responsibility here to lead the game, driving the ball; the mistress here, it was me, it would be me. Illogical, absurd, but obvious. Moved by a sudden impulse, I sat up and stared as if Christine was acted prey, a victim.

I failed to enjoy the sight of this incredible beauty, completely disheveled, wild-eyed, his face reddened by places, dripping lips our saliva mixed, breathless, excited spasms body. Under my frantic caresses, bra and had given one of her breasts was released. His chest was striped with long red marks, witnesses of my v******e, and enthroned at the center of a large areola and all dotted with small roughness on edge, proudly stood a nipple seemed triumphant bend like a miniature penis.

I heard speak in a hoarse, harsh voice that I did not know, surprisingly authoritarian, which sounded to my own ears as an order: – Undress! I intimal. I thought I had ruined everything. I dreaded to see Christine recover, resume its rightful role as patron with the same suddenness that she had abandoned, and put me in my place by some good thrust forward formula. It would not surprise me that she giflât me.

How had I dared tu? Where had I found the courage to send him an order? I was terrified, expecting the worst. Already, I was ready to throw myself at his feet to seek his forgiveness. It nothing happened what I feared. I am zipping his surprised look, then resuming his suppliant attitude girl caught in the act, she began to unbutton his support. Stripping She put her chest a slowness that was more of his emotional
state that the calculation of an expert in seduction.

It was infinitely more exciting. The excitement she felt was almost palpable. I felt my throat dry up the appearance of her chest she had sumptuous. A kind of firework idle flashed into my vagina and went back to browse my whole body releasing thousand roaring down my thighs, my belly, to come to flourish in my breasts bandaged to crack. She did not fail to notice the effect that gave me the vision of its charms.

She had a heavy chest absolutely superb, full, voluminous, but firm and compact, the perfect curve. Areolas, broad and slightly irregular, a delicate noble seemed set me greedily like two wide eyes.
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A love of boss … 11 31 Bilitis Encouraged no doubt by my admiring expression, she pointed her breasts to me while at the strange new painful grin came mark her beautiful face.

I approached and began to weigh slowly, with a tender sweetness, these beautiful breasts wholes inflated desire to be admired, caressed, kneaded. The flesh was warm, firm and soft, dotted with toddlers almost white blond hair. She pressed her breasts on my hands while arching up, the better to offer. We lived there a strangely intense moment. She was visibly pleased to see that admired its beautiful breasts, we took pleasure to touch, caress.

Clearly, she had more sensitive;it was enough to convince, to see her eyes again and upset her pelvis back his lascivious dance. She began to gasp, half-closed eyes, quivering flesh. Totally taken by the game, I continued to fondle two globes offered quivering. To better show off her breasts, to better highlight, she pushed her pelvis backwards along his shoulders and had returned her belly up as sometimes do c***dren play “to lean”. offered Thus, it was an aggressive beauty.

As such, it could downgrade many of these girls posing in magazines like Playboy. Unlike Christine, if it had been well photographed, would have needed no editing. I was given to me to knead vigorously her breasts she had locked her hands to the crushing one another, to make them stand out. Fascinated by large areolas that taunted me insolently shaking with desire bordering on hysteria, I plunged suddenly on globes that I began to lick blows voracious language.

Warm and tender flesh quivered under my caresses. Christine leaned back and spread across the wide couch. The following in its movement, riveted to his quivering curves, I continued my caresses and began to invest the nipple erect as I began to tickle, to chew, to suck in all ways and at all speeds. I was invaded by a wave to heat again. At the same time my wet spread on my thigh, I felt Christine stiffen, his face assumed an expression close to the surprise or fear, she was shaken by violent spasms and then stopped, as if petrified.

Time seemed to freeze. Then, with a sudden and unexpected v******e, I felt a warm and thick spread on my thigh jet while Christine had grabbed me by the shoulders, crushing my body on hers at the same time that ‘she gave a long shriek. His whole body was covered with a kind of earthquake. She quivered as if she was shaken by an electric shock. Then, all of a sudden, everything stopped dead and fell in a heap at the bottom of the couch.

I had myself to have an orgasm, and it was not the first, but it was
hardly comparable to the eruption that had just shaken Christine. I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the show. Having seen and abandoned, a victim of his senses screaming, I felt any tender. I snuggled against that great body, still panting, all moist and deliciously fragrant. I knew this: I loved love this wonderful woman, I was his thing, his willing slave, his admirer and ready to subject all insults, all the pleasures, all the turpitude.

My head rested on one of her breasts, nipple to reach my lips. Without thinking about anything, I began to suck this beautiful farm, round and warm within me that was like the surface of heaven. At the same time, I gently rubbed my pussy on his thigh while I walked my fingers on her belly exerting slight pressure that I repeated randomly. I felt light blond lie down like wheat under the caress of the wind.

For small moans of pleasure qu’émit Christine, the slight undulation of his languid body, mild tremor of his skin, his pulse to pulse, I knew the fact that he procured my caresses, and I designed an ineffable happiness and pride. I savored the taste of his firm, smooth flesh, amused me to tease the tip of my tongue multiple small roughness adorning her areola and shivered under my bécots. Rounding the lips, I grabbed the nipple and began to tighten and release alternately by varying the pressure of my lips as my mouth sent small repeated on the top of the mound.

Blows Christine squealed and his hands rested on my neck to crush my face on his breast. Her other hand, she ran up my arm, then my back, lingered a moment on my butt going down along my thigh before reassembling. His touch was strangely hesitant, indecisive, clumsy; one would have said a teenager discovering physical love. I was convinced that this was the first time that Christine herself up in the arms of a woman.

It was confirmed at the same time that it was me – at least for the moment -. Was to be the guide of our lovemaking I opened my eyes and looked. She smiled fondly. I read in the light of recognition, desire again, and a sort of apprehension that annoyed me somewhat.
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A love of boss … 12 31 Bilitis Oh, Dominique! she said in a toneless voice, barely audible.

Dominique! … I … Her eyes took this strange expression of both pleading and anxious. She could not find the words and did not pursue his sentence. Timidly, as if afraid of being rebuffed, she put a trembling hand on my shoulder still covered by my shirt. Guessing his intention, I told him, on the breath: Yes, that’s it, undress me. And, given its guiltily, almost timid, I added: -I really want! Nothing could be more true.

In fact, it had been weeks that I did not dare hope that Christine was for me a look, a gesture, in the absence of a draft sexual relationship, even fleeting, I would merely me. I was ready to melt, liquefy me to the feet of my mistress undisputed, my suzerain, which I had – unbeknownst to her, it was obvious – given all rights to my person. I longed for her to take the top; I found myself lacking that bullies me, it makes me his obedient slave, her thing, her doll of flesh.

I was ready to submit to his every whim, to bow to its wildest requirements to become the object of her wildest fantasies. Had she chosen to make me suffer, I would have accepted his slaps his shots, his humiliation, his
cruelties. Had she taken a perverse pleasure to piss in my face that I had agreed with joy. This fiery whirlwind of thoughts raced through my mind was of course accompanied by a renewed excitement, and I felt again my breasts throbbing desire to be contemplated in turn, to be kneaded, licked, sucked.

A puff of incandescent desire went up my vagina on fire to spread throughout my body languid. My breath was short, I felt the wings of my nose throb. It would have been blind not to see the excitement that was mine at that moment and I was not looking elsewhere means to conceal, quite the contrary. fevered My eyes, my excitement, my obvious desire, all contributed to sweep incredible scruples of my mistress, timidly at first, then more openly, undertook to get rid of my blouse.

Me being slightly raised to facilitate his movements, I began to set in Christine’s eyes a look that I tried to make harsh, forbidding me smile. I obeyed there a pure intuition. But it worked: Christine untied one by one the last buttons that had not skipped during our first impulses. His gaze roamed my body: my shoulders now bare, my belly, my thighs, my chest palpitating. It seemed to me she put an infinite time to get rid of my blouse, as if she feared to break some kind charming, as if she was dreaming or under the influence of any d**g.

When – finally – the garment collapsed on the floor in a soft sigh, she froze, staring at my breasts. I felt an immense pride, but also a dull apprehension. So far, I seemed to have done enough to maintain our position in the delicate balance required, but it was not commit any faux pas: clumsiness, moved a word, premature gesture, a look supported too, and everything could collapse like a house of cards.

Very slowly, I emprisonnai his hands in mine and walked to my chest still enclosed in its support and screaming his impatience to be touched, groped, kneaded. A moment before contact, she seemed to change his mind, his hands began to tremble, she trembled slightly and his eyes took on a worried expression. Clearly, she was about to defy a ban. I began to gently caress his hands and without him smile, eyes closed, I uttered: Oh yes, go ahead … Caress them, I dying to … Do not make me wait!Apparently , the idea of giving him outright orders was correct.

As if a barrier had been removed, the hands of Christine resumed their way and reached their goal. As soon as they made contact with my flesh, his fingers began to caress her, timidly, with unbearable slowness and lightness missed snatched a cry of impatience. Quickly enough, the caress becomes stronger and the contact fingers became firmer. Soon, I was right in a petting rule: it is both hands now that Christine kneading my breasts, crushed one over the other.

I was having trouble keeping my control! fact is that I was also particularly sensitive to touching breast. It happened to me very often experience violent orgasms after a good session of petting well managed, and this as a teenager. How many times had I not walked into town, bare breasts under my shirt to enjoy the excitement that gave me the constant friction of the fabric on my tips! I then took a great pleasure to see them darting through the fabric stretched.

The feverish eyes that threw me passersby then put me in a trance. Removes-! I said in an authoritative tone, presenting him with my breasts.
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A love of boss … 13 31 Bilitis This time, it was definitely passed hands behind my chest and began to unbutton my support. It also showed a clumsy schoolboy. I saw it up close now, his eyes fixed on my curves, the distended nostrils, trying to penetrate my smell.

I felt flattered. When released, my breasts made a small step towards his face, I saw her eyes widen and her cheeks red. I felt an indescribable joy and immense pride and a surge of desire. I dominai, however, and as a diversion, pricked me of my size. Standing now before Christine, my mistress, my boss, I ordered him: -Removes the rest She had this nose up to my vulva. Stupidly, I shudder at the thought that she would soon not fail to notice the eloquent stains spattered my thong and wet trails that larmoyaient along my thighs.

She was quick to drag the closure of my skirt and to fall on the ground. I am thrilled the wings of his nose: it filled my smell. Finally, slipping two fingers between my skin and the thin fabric of my thong, she slid the ridiculous clothing along my legs. I felt, to my great joy, she took the opportunity to caress my thighs the way, then calves. Kneeling before me, she remained in this attitude of total submission.

She looked at me with face expression submissive, frightened, as if she feared any v******e. It was disturbing, as unreal. Without thinking about anything, I began to undulate slowly, swinging me a leg over the other, offering my body now fully exposed. I was no longer animated by one desire: to please, to charm! Yes, I wanted to seduce this wonderful woman, make sure she admired me too, she should desire me again and again.

I put my hands in my hair to make me eat while showing off the fevered eyes of Christine who seemed to revel in the spectacle. Then I put my hands on my thighs as I traveled slowly before them back to my breasts as I began to stroke in a wide turning movement. At the same time, I printed in my pelvis back a movement forward, spreading her legs to better highlight my vulva which was beginning to itch furiously.

Christine’s voice, crushed, hoarse, but sound was heardDominic! God you’re beautiful! … This is … this is evil, I never thought … this … this is not possible! … I … She began to recover, it seemed to me that she would try to recover, that I did not want to take any. -Ball! I ordered almost wickedly handing him my thigh. My knee came fit between her breasts. Captivated, Christine grabbed my calf and pressed it as if it were a lifeline and, closing his eyes and began to lick my thigh.

The first two return his tongue alone were undecided: quickly, the movement grew louder and the pressure deepened. I felt his tongue widened each time and she was going to lick my whole body. Interrupting his licks, she grabbed my ass suddenly she clasped firmly; it seemed for a moment scrutinizing my pubes as if trying to detect an unfathomable mystery there. She examined my lips, my fleece, the contours of my vulva, gently oozing hole pleasure.

She seemed super concentrated. After a few seconds of this strange examination, she began to go through my lips with his fingers that trembled slightly. Backing me a little, I put my ass on the edge of the couch nearby. This new support, although appropriate, allowed me to secure my position and much more open thighs to better provide my vulva to the anxious curiosity of my strange partner. Dominic! … Dominique! … stammered she nodded, this is not true … Oh, my God she gently approached the nose of my vulva offered and, opening his nostrils large, absorbed the peppermint odor emanated.

She seemed to revel in, closing eyes for a moment to better savor. She then buried her nose firmly in my fleece streaming, rummaged for a moment at the entrance to my cave, then, almost abruptly closed his jaws on my vulva. There was like a very brief moment of confusion, then she began to chew my labia with increasing vigor. The fire of desire soon spread throughout my body. I knew I would have to struggle not to inflame me instantly.

His lips and tongue were
burning, it was delicious, strong, too strong, I was on the verge of orgasm. She longed now my lips into his mouth to better grind, the chew, then she relaxed and to take advantage of stretch. It was horribly delicious!
A love of boss … 14 31
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A love of boss … 14 31 Bilitis And then suddenly emboldened, she plunged her together in my gaping hole, dripping fingers parted the swollen flesh, found my clit she immediately imprisoned between his burning lips.

I could not repress a cry of Vive enjoyment. She began to tickle my clitoris which had doubled in size, all hardened, aching all over, wriggling. She distributed her a burst of small strokes short and precise language, then with his tongue groove, slid along the small penis panic. I suppressed with great difficulty orgasm that rose. I felt warm and round her big breasts which enclosed one of my thighs masses. I did not managed to contain myself any longer.

Suddenly everything went black, and thousands of stars burst, my body lost its limitations, my legs wide open, climbed to a fiery sky, lightning roamed my limbs torn, everything froze for a brief moment before the outbreak the central bouquet: the large pocket in my vagina suddenly burst, releasing its content rushed outside in a triumphant splash Christine received in the face, staining her nose, her cheeks, her hair, before dripping on her chin and then slide down his neck.

Through a cottony haze, I thought I heard: !-Yep … God it’s beautiful … God is good … Dominique … aaah! Vacillante I let choir, half u*********s. When I came to me, I lay all my long on the couch, Christine reclining on me watching me intently. His eyes expressed an infinite tenderness, a strange mixture of triumph and also grateful joy, which upset me. His face was smeared with my secretions. Wings of nose and lips were all stained.

I felt stupidly, a whiff of shame. But Christine snuggled against me and enclosing my face between his hands greedily kissed my lips. Language, laden with my cream of love, sought the passage and began to lick my own, pursuing passionately. I could not believe my happiness: I was desired by the woman whom I admired, I procurais her pleasure, she was out of her, all excited because of me!Christine I shook my arm in , its break bones.

She returned my embrace. I was in heaven, no doubt to the seventh heaven! 5. Obstacles Our situation was not going to be simple: given the high position occupied by Christine, he was out of the question that we affichions our relationship. A good tolerance was certainly emerged in recent years in terms of homosexuality, but the real beneficiaries of this change of mentality does exceptionally accounted beyond the middle class, and never without difficulties.

Prejudice against followers of Sappho remained tenacious, we were aware. We decided that even outside the ministry, we would meet in conditions of absolute discretion. We would see us all the necessary precautions. It is a true double life which is thus imposed on us, on the one hand, public life, official, set, with its ritual and its well-oiled automation, which only accounted efficiency and thoroughness, and the other our discrete and fleeting encounters.

This secret we shared between us more surely than any possible ambition that we could conceive. At the
Ministry, we understand the slightest glance; the most furtive gesture was full of meaning and I hastened, at every opportunity, to give more – discrete or official – Christine waited. Our power to work in and we found increased had only to be welcomed. The volume of tasks that were assigned to me had also increased considerably, and it was not uncommon Christine ask of me to receive a visitor medium importance in his place.

The reports I sent him these interviews – made in complete irregularity – gave him satisfaction, at least to me she stated. I must say she had taught me the art of synthesizing the content of an interview with precision and rigor copies, and many exercises she had me quickly imposed gave me the assurance and aplomb required. Christine had the prudence to provide early information the minister, given the results marked a purely verbal agreement, but said it would cover us no incident.

I held well, entirely unofficial, the functions of “Private Secretary to the Chief of Staff of the Minister. ” ! That position – Fictional – was created especially for me: what catch dizzy As the real secretary Christine, a promoted through a recommendation from above young journalist recently it was enough to Christine to submit my contribution as a single adjuvant which could only benefit. He agreed, almost gratefully. It must be said that the boy was so obviously in love with her boss that was laughable.

Whenever he came to take his instructions, his eyes comically papillotaient and felt feverish and left. the morning, when we always allocated appointment of the day, it was he who, of course, is discharged on I interviewed who seemed worthy him of little interest. When we were in the office of Christine, he could not help gazing delightedly, displaying a smug smile and perpetually being constantly rolling his pen between his fingers. Christine managed without any apparent difficulty, not to send him that looks cold, clear and direct, taking him about as technical and precise as possible.

A love of boss … 15 31
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A love of boss … 15 31 Bilitis From time to time, he took the liberty to come and see me in my little office for a chat. In fact, the topic of conversation was quickly still the same. After pretending to be interested in any case, he questioned me about Christine, trying to get an idea of his work habits, his tics and mannerisms possible, its specific requirements.

He had to realize that the tandem that we were operating effectively. Obviously, the thing on his mind. I was convinced he was dying of jealousy. I also answered his questions evasively, hoping to discourage, especially when they became more accurate. During quite some time, he sought in effect to make a more private Christine more personal image. He wanted to know his tastes, whether it went to the theater, opera, if she liked sports, if she practiced either, etc.. He ventured to ask me that she attended in private.

After some time, having realized he had no chance of getting anything from Christine, his attitude towards me evolved. He began to congratulate me – very politely elsewhere – on my effectiveness at work, my dedication, my availability, then my holding on “good taste” with which I decorated my office. He came quickly to compliment me on my outfit, my elegance and my perfume, my eyes, my figure; short, he
was courting me.

‘You are a beautiful woman, you know, Dominique! Had he told me Thursday during the lunch break he had spent in my office. He had accompanied his compliment an eloquent glance towards my chest. The situation is complicated: it was dragging me now. Had waived the attention of Christine? Yet nothing had changed in his behavior towards her: he continued to eat the eyes and be troubled in his presence. Was he trying to approach it through me, even to make her jealous by seducing me? I was puzzled.

It seemed useful to discourage the man. ‘Where you’re going, Hubert? I asked, showing a wry look. -Oh! but nowhere! he asserted without departing from its insurance. I was only emphasize the obvious! And he pressed her about a hungry wolf smile. He had a point! But I do not let myself disconcerting. thank you but, you know … Hubert-I – and I threw in a blatant lie – my current boyfriend is a wonderful person, he gives me all that I expect of a partner and for your information, he is jealous as a tiger.

-Do not pack, Dominique, I … The office door swung open to let Christine, in the twinkling of an eye, had guessed what happened. I must say that Hubert was sitting still, could not be more familiarly, on the corner of my desk, which allowed him to dive at leisure in the cut of my blouse and ogling me in his own way. Sentence fell, clear and precise: -No! about it here, Hubert Livid, he swallowed hard and began to flicker eyes more than usual, sought an excuse that did not come then, jumping to his feet, sped to his desk without asking for his.

gaze that gave me Christine froze me. I felt my stomach knot and anxiety shake my groove ball. This is a harsh voice, she told me tight: Dominic, I want you to give this envelope to the Minister … immediately! tone was impersonal, administrative, but much drier than usual. She turned and left the office. My nose began to sting and I thought I would burst into tears like a c***d caught in the act.

Traditionally afternoon, Christine did not gave me a look. Was it by chance that it sought virtually no service on my part? While doing my routine work, I could not help but recall the scene to me. Ultimately, I was not there for nothing if that idiot had thought dredging permit me so. I could hardly throw him to the door he was my superior after all, and at this point it could not be a question of speaking of harassment.

However, I consoled myself with the idea that the reaction of Christine showed me his attachment. So already, she could not bear another came near me. I felt flattered that mitigation somewhat my dismay. By late afternoon, I received a most unexpected visit: Thomas Steward, entered my office looking worried. After a few platitudes, he began to ask me many questions about Christine; he wanted to know how she treated me, if it does not show is tyrannical, if not overloaded me work, if it does not harassed me in one way or another … I quickly acquired the conviction he was convinced that Christine was abusing the situation, the thing seemed to be no doubt in his eyes.

A love of boss … 16 31
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A love of boss … 16 31 Bilitis it was out of concern or … the idea crossed my mind he was trying to do battle with Christine, for some mysterious reason that escaped me. Would he one of
those men who bear difficult for a woman to demonstrate competence at the point of rising to a higher position; Would it misogynistic?I shudder to think what his reaction would be if he knew what it really was.

Anyway, there seemed little doubt that the man was looking for a casus belli. Its ridiculous suspicions gave full extent of his profound misunderstanding of the situation. I took care to show me indignant and shared a burning desire to burst out laughing in his nose or dismiss it bluntly, I tried to show the greatest calm, too aware that too strong reaction on my part could redirect his suspicions of a much more dangerous way.

Visibly upset, feeling that he would get nothing from me that can support its argument, the evil eye, he delivered before leaving angrily my office: -The hierarchical pressure or abuse of power, are unacceptable practices, miss, I hope you’re aware enough! Poor if he had known! But how can we go astray at this point? I finished reassure me considering that, on balance, deep error of assessment was to Christine and me, the safer walls.

Hardly returned that evening, I rushed to the phone and called Christine. I got no response. Disappointed, angry, I turned around in my small apartment, not arriving to read or to get interested in news broadcast on TV. A second attempt, to 20 h, was also proved unsuccessful and I stood there, biting my bl**d. The phone rang as I was finishing my frugal meal. It was Christine! On hearing his voice, I again felt my stomach knot.

I realized that I was worried sick. Dominic? The voice was a little crushed, as worried. , Christine, I … I tried to call you, I …-Yes -Listen to me … I wanted to tell you: I probably had a little backlash just now and … I … do not worry darling, you’re there for nothing … -Oh! Christine, I said, with a voice of a little girl, I was so afraid you would veuilles me, that thou goest not imagine you … you-Whether you’re seduced by Hubert? … No! … she gave a little tinkling laugh.

No, I was just a jealous … nothing, that’s all. Forgive me if I’m worried about you. And she continued: Besides, to forgive me, I invite you to the countryside this weekend. I could not suppress an explosion of joy: That is true? In the countryside … you know a place? … -A real nest of spies, you see. I’ll pick you up at 10 am! Be ready! -Oh, Christine, I … But she hung up.

More than relieved, I was now all excited to find myself, for an entire weekend in the privacy of the woman I had put myself to love like crazy. I could not manage to get to sl**p, my mind filled with all the anticipation of a thousand caresses, sweets thousand, a thousand hugs. 6. The nest. guestrooms was quite withdrawn, it was necessary to get there, take a side road rather stony and winding.

Only a small plate with peeling paint, more legible, planted at the edge of the national, renseignait the little old hotel that was also longer included in any tourist guide or brochure for several years. Tenants, an elderly Bulgarian emigrants couple wearing the curious name of Zorimba. Rather nice, they were obviously used to receive clients who sought peace, tranquility and … discretion. Christine knew the place to have found the need to get his minister a discreet love nest to house one of his many escapades.

At the time she had discovered this quaint harbor setting, old-fashioned, but nice and well isolated, it was far from suspecting that she would use in one day for its own account. This I had booked and had , upon arrival, the hotel registration form signed under a fancy name. The place was lovely. The building, built entirely of local stone, was surrounded by trees and tall trees of various species. There was no other access the rocky path by which we had arrived.

No neighbors for miles round: the perfect cover! We were not too far from the capital at the end of the 60 miles of highway, there we had to go on the national ten kilometers before entering the private road that led us to.
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A love of boss … 17 31 Bilitis The room we had been assigned was spacious, fully paneled, provided huge radiators that rustled by issuing from time to time small metal snaps.

The wall paper represented huge stylized chrysanthemums, old and thick curtains on the same grounds but with reversed colors. Emanated from the whole a pleasant impression of a cozy smell of old woodwork had confirmed. It was like a dip in the past that have deepened our sense of isolation. Everything was wooden in this venerable remains of the vast dining room with thick rustic tables with six rooms on both floors through the beautiful staircase carved in oak.

Thick carpet that covered the floor of most rooms had great difficulties to absorb crunches a fairly dilapidated wooden floors. The place immediately appealed to me. We took a light meal but which proved, in its rustic simplicity, all simply delicious. I was eager to meet us in the room, warm, cozy, where we expected the delights of a different nature than the excellent omelet with mushrooms we had to absorb. Christine and I apparently took the same pleasure perverse nothing to differ when we would be up there, only finally free to tell us and we do everything we would again prohibited the next day.

I had towards the end of the meal, almost succumbed to the urge to put my hand on Christine, but I thought better me, out of respect for our rules: absolutely nothing intimate outside the strict isolation. She was gently swirl the little wine that was left at the bottom of his glass and looked at me with tenderness, a slight smile on his lips barely masked. His eyes had an unusual depth, a particular density and it seemed to me that his dark eyes flashed fire, laden with sensual promise.

I felt rising in me first wave of desire for this beautiful creature, this exceptional woman, this rare beauty was, for me, for me alone, which was soon to take me in his arms, kissing my lips undress me, look at me, caress me, feel me at its option, make me what she wanted. I longed to let me melt in his divine arms, love to run off along its sculptural legs. I felt my breasts swell with an impatient desire, my tips came to harden and my stomach was already invaded by a gentle heat.

Yet I knew, in the light of what happened during our first lovemaking, that things would proceed more likely a slightly different scenario. I knew that blocking Christine bridled in his impulses, and I was not at all convinced that our first touches were enough to raise his inhibitions. This would probably have to undress me that this wonderful body, which would have to plunge my admiring gaze its beautiful breasts, which have the privilege of stripping, to kissing, to knead, to lick, before traveling throughout his body.

That would be me that should, once again, directing operations. This was however not the role I’d given me, even if it was a how enviable O function, an unexpected privilege. I experienced our first lovemaking as a reversal of roles. Orders that I was allowed me to give Christine, my boss, my mistress, my queen, even if they had led to provide us great pleasure,’m not seemed less affected unacceptably illegitimacy. It was returned as Christine, of right, the privilege of guiding, directing our lovemaking.

The slave was me, it would be me. As if Christine had wanted to illustrate my thoughts, I am not without apprehension, appear in his feverish eyes this kind of fear, this anxiety deaf who had heralded our first caresses. Driven by the same type of impulse, I decided to take matters into their hands. Anyway, my desire was
such that I would have done anything for Christine felt himself well and should live fully the sweet moments that we prepared.

Liquidate your glass! I told him. Somehow, I was breaking the taboo: the familiarity, tone, stern look which I supported my order, it was all a taste decidedly premature, that we would live. Christine’s face flushed in an instant. I saw a glimmer concerned through her beautiful eyes suddenly expanded. She cast a furtive glance left and right: none! This observation seemed to reassure her. But his breathing was accelerated and I saw, to my great delight, his chest rising rhythmically.

His hands were clutching his glass and stared at me with a burning gaze, almost pleading. Suddenly … I almost cry of surprise as the unexpected thing was I felt on my left thigh, the imprint of a foot. Underneath the table, Christine came to support her foot bare on my thigh. Without waiting, it slipped up, pushed his way between my legs and came into contact with my vulva. I immediately spread my legs to facilitate delicious intrusion.

Christine vigorously massaged my pussy through her toes, like a cat’s belly before you plow to settle there. Delectable caress! My excitement went up a notch immediately.
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A love of boss … 18 31 Bilitis shoves my butt in the chair cushions comfortable, I pushed my pubes to meet the inquisitor walk me gripping the edges of the heavy table to ensure my position.

Christine had a stubborn look, an almost savage expression chastised me, Caress continued, I did undulate my pelvis, I realized that I was already almost ready to enjoy. lighting the room abruptly changed and I realized, not without terror, the door had opened and the owner of the property advanced, limping a small step towards our table, we smiling affably. She chose her moment! She inquired whether everything was fine, if we lacked nothing.

I refoulai nascent orgasm and took a deep breath to calm myself. I remembered appropriately, and to my great relief, that our table was covered with a large sheet descending almost to the ground. I had feared a negative reaction to Christine, but she had not left my eyes and had kept his foot firmly in place on my vulva. I replied politely to the old brave everything was perfect, we lacked nothing and besides … (I almost can not repress a cry Christine had to tighten its toes, substantially increasing the pressure on my cock) … besides that, we went up to bed soon.

After awarding me a charming smile, adorable little lady began to clear the table. She slid her gnarled under the edge of our plates fingers, hail piled on his arm and took my empty glass before hobbling to return to her kitchen. Goodnight! she said in a small voice which betrayed, he seemed to me a hint of irony. Christine seemed to have decided to make me come there on the spot, immediately. Sufficiently attested by his look and decided that drew fierce frown on his face.

We have tarried a good time sitting, eating our eyes. I tried to slip a hand under the table to spread the fabric of my panties, but Christine gave me a very light “no” head and I froze my gesture. There, I felt in my place. I was his obedient slave This simple little nod, probably because it implied whipped my bl**d, and the next moment, I felt warmth spread throughout
my body, my eyes and abhorred by my vagina explode.

I stifled a cry of pleasure. Still palpitating, I let myself go back on the back of comfortable chair that greeted me with a “poof” accomplice. I let my senses calm down a bit and then opened my eyes. Christine looked at me with an expression of c***dish triumph; a strange grin blocked the bottom of his face. She savored the show I had to give a girl panting, breathless, his eyes still glassy.

Obviously, she took great pleasure, which I congratulated myself. Slowly, she held out her hand, smiling tenderly, his eyes had lost none of its urgency. I walked arm and our hands met. I do not know which of us pressed the strongest. It was a rare moment, intense. We got almost the same time, the same movement, without taking his eyes. It was I who had to pass her to reach the door of the dining room.

But instead of directing me to the exit, I went right to it. I stopped so that it should remain between our breasts a tiny space. His gaze had taken this little anxious about expression I knew well now and he jumped from one of my pupils to another. His breath was short, his mouth was ajar on this painful grimace that was apparent at the birth of his nose again. She was very excited.

Abandoning my pupils, she dropped her eyes on my breasts. His eyes immediately made gourmand, which gave me a proud puff excitement. I chambray immediately gonflai my chest and threw back his shoulders as a gesture of defiance. Christine bit her lips and I saw that, as in c***dish mimicry, also swelled the breasts to develop. My eyes went from his fevered her breasts quivering, I felt vibrate against mine eyes. Our busts came in contact, it was a magical moment.

I began to rub my curves very gently against hers. She immediately replied with the same restraint. It was fascinating, we were both there, dying of desire, now our big breasts rubbing on each other. The fabric of her blouse was strained to bursting. Had bandaged her breasts as much as mine I knew that Christine had, like me, like a lot of women attractive curves, made her breasts a prime erogenous zone. I already had the opportunity to gather in this respect the confidences of school friends or female colleagues.

But that thrill, the almost tangible vibration, powerful emotion, the meaning delirious, this eye ready to capsize, this will also ostensibly to exhibit a chest which I had no doubt, would be subject to meticulous care, it could only belong to an addict. Christine and I were on this point, real s****rs. This conviction was needed there flooded me with great tenderness towards my companion, my alter ego. We take equal pleasure and to challenge us, caressing us without using our hands, through what was undoubtedly our greatest asset to both.

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A love of boss … 19 31 Bilitis It was I who broke the spell. I grabbed the hand of Christine, I dragged after me: ‘Come! I said simply. staircase, as in most old houses, was very steep; steps, high enough, were moreover not very deep. Accordingly, Christine, who followed me, his nose was just up to my ass, and was a few inches away.

Seriously excited by our ordinary session of seduction in the dining room, I could not resist the sudden urge to provoke somewhat. -This is stiff, eh! I did cheerfully. Ben rather, yes, ‘she replied, amused. Ostensibly, I slowed my progress
and pushing the buttocks backwards, I accentuai my swaying. I knew Christine looked my ass, that, perhaps, she would have liked to knead. For my part, I dying to her to. I wanted to feel her fingers close around my flesh offered, I wanted her to tear my panties, she creeps into my already dripping tunnel, she shoves a finger, then two, then in my cunt and in my also ass to make me cum like a slut.

God, I was excited! I heard a small voice hoarse, barely audible, protested a bit softly: ! Dominic, stop taking the word for it, I froze in mid maliciously staircase, buttocks brandies ass open. D agree! I said, laughing. Christine laughed and me imposing a sound slap on the buttocks, ordered me to continue. -Go ahead! she said through her laughter. slap had galvanized me and at the same time allowed me to pull myself together a little.

Yes, it was better to postpone again this contact as my body was demanding thrills. I strongly crossed the last few steps and without waiting for Christine, I rushed inside the room. I planted myself in the middle of the room, facing the door, waited, trembling, as a schoolgirl. The panel of the venerable door squeaked on its old hinges and Christine appeared resplendent beauty in the subdued lighting of the room. Slowly, she joined me.

We were both very excited and already our cheeks burning as well as our short and heavy breaths sufficiently attested. We stayed there a long time motionless, gazing us look serious, as collected By a strange phenomenon that is probably no coincidence, we both eûmes the same time the first thing: that we caress each other the face. Gently, we first effleurâmes our cheeks, and then the back of the hand, our foreheads before heading down to our lips.

It was incredible: we act in perfect symmetry, as if we were facing a mirror. Our hands continued their descent, and after petting our necks in passing froze in the notch of our blouses, the birth of our breasts. Very slowly, I began to unbutton the blouse inflated Christine let him do without flinching. My excitement grew as I saw the show two compact globes, honey color. Christine chose a mischievous little support satin, beautifully decorated with fine lace, but much too small.

Erotic provocation she had not expected to disappoint: the sight of her big boobs spilling out of tight clothing, I was seized with a kind of trembling. My breath was hoarse, I had to swallow as my throat had dried my hands leapt to meet the flesh insolently offered but, quick as lightning, Christine, grabbed my hands and stopped flying. His eyes expressed a kind of feverish triumph. -Wait! she whispered. Oh, Christine! I said, you’re … -chHT! wait! To me now.

Abandoning my hands, Christine began to unbutton me. A kind of shiver ran through me when I saw her eyes, she tried to make impassive, be troubled, then his eyes widened when she discovered my breasts also locked in a bra that made them stand out arrogantly. Proudly, I chambray, trembling. Christine had the same gesture towards my chest. Though I have expected, it was faster: two strong hands took hold of my breasts before I could intercept.

I do désolai way! I left the hands of my flesh Christine browse at leisure.
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A love of boss … 20 31 Bilitis After a moment, blowing my lungs, I advanced my chest desire to meet those hands had begun to knead my curves with feverish f***e. Closing his eyes, I abandoned myself to the delicious caresses. I felt my abdomen flare again swarmed my breasts, flourished under the tender caresses fine hands of my girlfriend.

Opening my eyes, I pulled myself together. unfastened-up! I whispered, suddenly impatient to see her naked, to contemplate. movement she made to unfasten her mini-support was suckered his chest, accentuating the sensual curves. I marveled to see flourish under my eyes the two balls of flesh that waddled a moment before finding their position. The large areolas looked at me again this mockingly who threw me into such a stir the first time. My heart began to beat wildly.

All my admiration, I did not notice was that Christine, who was watching me, reveled in the pleasure I took in contemplating her charms. -What you’re beautiful! I said, a little shyly. Oh, Christine! God you’re … you’re beautiful! … I saw the bl**d mount to his face: she blushed at the compliment, like a k**! I was all softened. She again staring at my chest. I wore a support which opened in front: in a jiffy, I did skip the closure and waved proudly to my breasts Christine whose face turned scarlet.

Dominic! but what you are beautiful! … That’s not true … I’ve never seen anything so sexy, so exciting … She gasped, short of breath, hoarseness. Before j ‘have been the slightest gesture, she had captured my breasts she crushed one over the other while pushing his thumbs into my areolas, which snatched a moan of pleasure. After literally devoured eyes my chest and trapped between her fingers, she suddenly buried his face between my breasts before starting to distribute their broad strokes voracious language while pounding them.

I fell so deliciously assaulted and taking the head Christine in my hands, I leaned on my melons to accentuate the voluptuous sensations that roamed me any. Delectable caresses which put me in a trance! I looked up, eyes rolling: orgasm was there that I left over me unconditionally. Having realized that I enjoyed, Christine began to get rid of my skirt and my panties, which was done in a jiffy. Before letting fall on the floor my panties all smudged, she shoved his nose and sniffed sharply.

As soon as I was naked, she lifted me with a strength I did not suspect him and threw me on the bed that emitted a soft squeaky protest. With fever, she slid her skirt on the thick carpet and then took off her panties. When she straightened up, I tell myself that I had decidedly eyes the most beautiful woman in the world, with its smooth face, his straight nose, slightly pointed, fleshy, his strong chin lips, all topped of this beautiful wavy hair that swept his neck now and ate part of his face; shoulders with these well designed, these long thin and muscular arms, the hands of pianist; with its long torso which enthroned the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen, ample, generous, responsible for an incredible sensuality; with that flat stomach that suggested a strong musculature, with those long legs curves beautifully drawn; Finally with this love nest topped with an elegant fleece frisottante … No, I do not think there would most beautiful woman in the world! And this absolute treasure was there for me! Inconceivable happiness! I thought dreaming when this wonderful creature joined me on the bed.

She stepped smoothly my languid body and a knee down on each side of my hips, dominating me his full height, said, blushing !-Show yourself the excitement I felt at hearing his injunction me left no doubt. , I was in my place, dominated, receiving orders, happy to be subject Bringing hands in my hair I did eat, I began to undulate my body under the greedy eyes of Christine who, to my astonishment, began to masturbate without any false modesty.

Returning to my belly grow better my pubis forward, I spread her legs to provide watchful eyes of my companion show of loving woman that I was submitted in desire, awaiting
his touch, his goodwill. – It’s you that! I told him staring intensely, my body stretched toward her absolute gift. I designed a renewed excitement to see Christine masturbating and just above me, because of the show I offered him. Orgasm promised again.

Leaving my hair, I brought my hands around my vulva that I presented to Christine as an oblation. Through my fingers, I spread my lips to better show off the pink and gaping hole in my desperate desire. My vulva up and down towards her an urgent appeal. I wanted to feel his fingers, his lips, in my cunt, my ass, I wanted it, oh! I wanted …
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A love of boss … 21 31 Bilitis Excited, I made up my hands to my stomach that I stroked a moment, back to my floating ribs.

Christine gasped above me, it was not long to enjoy it too. At the edge of orgasm, already blurred vision, I began to knead my breasts, entrechoquai the waved in all directions, the crushed one over the other, pinched tips, stretched. I felt that I was losing all measure. Suddenly, at the same time I felt a weight settle on my basin, I saw two big balls of flesh swinging before my eyes. I could see up close the flesh distended swollen breasts by waiting, large areolas that stared at me, surprised, greedy, with their erect spikes that, engorged, darting, aggressive, as two peaks ready to stamp me to hurt me.

Christine began to slap my face with her breasts. This made great “cop flac”. God, I adored the contact, too fleeting, almost frustrating, this firm and supple flesh, warm and soft. I tried to catch a nipple in passing, but it was useless: Christine refused and continued his onslaught delicious. Terrified, excited to the last degree, I forsook my breasts and grabbed those flying Christine I immediately began to mix with frenzy. She squealed with pleasure and grabbed my breasts she began to knead vigorously.

We looked at this, distraught, now we fondle each other with an insatiable passion, while our vulvas rattled, rubbed convulsively. I crushed at the same time both breasts Christine squealed with pleasure. Areolas and caught in the middle, distorted by crushing, seemed to beg me. I enjoy the first, like a b**st. I arrived while screaming my pleasure, keep your eyes wide open, not wanting to leave the haunted look of Christine, and continue kneading her big breasts she held me and crushed his hands to better provide my caresses.

I felt hot and sticky welling my small orifice by sudden jerks liquid. Everything began to spin around me, my vision blurred, I think I had lost consciousness for a moment. When I came to myself, Christine, her head thrown back, shook himself like a demented pending an orgasm which promised major. Sliding under it smoothly, I began to lick her vulva licks. Trapping dripping pussy in my jaws, I hastily grabbed her clitoris which I imposed a barrage of small clear and sharp shots of the tip of my tongue.

At the same time, I kneaded the muscular buttocks Christine began to enjoy his turn. I felt the orgasm come the sudden stiffness of the body, this outstanding, always moving, preceding the grant. I opened my mouth wide to collect nectar religiously love my beautiful mistress. When she began to flow, I absorbai its transparent cum in a series of blows of language lovers. God, that was good! Her wet, the lemony taste, a little
salty too, ate it with an almost religious relish.

I accompanied Christine in languor that followed and which marked the end of his violent orgasm. We found ourselves closely entwined, all of our sticky secretions, still panting and exhausted, but how delighted. 7. Country walk. This is a water noise that woke me. I opened my eyes and immediately realized, seeing the empty seat beside me in the big bed, Christine made his morning toilet. I stretched, yawned, and waited for Christine left the small bathroom.

After a few minutes during which I was amused to see water dripping down her body, she entered the room, naked, a knotted around the hair, smiling, beautiful towel. She immediately came and sat on the edge of the bed and gently kissed my lips. -How beautiful you are! I said sincerely appreciative. She smiled, put a finger across my mouth to shut me up and stated: It is you who are beautiful, my Dominique! And then, without transition: Go! you will quickly showered, I’m starving.

Fresh water finished waking up. I had just started to wipe myself when I felt the eyes of Christine laid on my naked body. I turned, laughing: -Go! leave me alone. But Christine came and started kissing my neck, laughing. Debating me, I began to tickle her everywhere. A small fight ensued which ended in laughter. At the shower water discreetly mingled tears of happiness. While Christine took his coffee, small gulps, in lighting a little thought a lazy morning when the sun does not mind to clear the sky rather loaded, I found myself contemplating again the harmony of her features, the precise line of his nose, the thick fleshy lips, the brightness of her complexion, the hairline of his neck … What a beautiful girl! I thought, how amazing woman! I could not believe my luck.

She put her coffee cup and threw me with a naughty smile !-Stop looking at me like that … Come on, let’s go for a ride.
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A love of boss … 22 31 Bilitis bosses we had indicated a small way, some fifty feet below, to national, who started and eastward, a few kilometers, skirted the fields, meadows and a river.

The walk proved most enjoyable, despite a sun remained shy. After market close an hour in a country setting quite lovely, we sat side by side on a rock overlooking the river, a stream in reality, clear waters and winding path. Apart from a peasant saw in the distance, the top of a hill, we had crossed person. We had the feeling of being at the end of the world. In addition to the soft whisper quiet waters, various birdsong coming in, far away.

-What peace! Christine sighed after a few minutes of silence. Yes, how calm! … it feels good! I let go of my head on his shoulder. She rested her cheek on my hair she began to smooth peacefully. We were both in shorts and I never tired of contemplating the smooth curve formed thigh Christine, crushed on the rock. I put a hand on the thigh nicely muscled and palpai tenderly. -What is that! I whispered.

She put her arm over my shoulder and began to gently caress my forearm. -You know, a long time ago that I was expecting that! she confided. -You … you mean? … -Yes! it had been weeks that I was watching, I watched you, I expected … a sign … a word … a gesture. flabbergasted, I sat up and looked at her incredulously. Thou k**ding me! this is not
possible! -Eh! yet it is like that! she said, smiling with all his teeth.

shaken I was a kind of nervous laughter. Ben, gosh! when I think … What-what? … she said, half amused, half intrigued. I began to tell him what I felt all this time, how I suffered from what I thought was indifference on his part. This kind of confession was me relief, a deliverance. Christine-You know, it’s been weeks since I want you, that … that I love you. Yes, I love you like … like crazy.

I had tears in my eyes, I was like a c***d, bewildered, almost frightened. But how do you do – do not get me wrong – to give such an impression of indifference, coldness … I guess nothing, felt nothing! What idiot I am! -I completely did not know all this, Dominique! I never imagined … She was moved, too, I could see, and it was a consolation to me. Emboldened, she added: Since the first moment I saw you, I knew there was something strong between us.

I think I liked you right now, even if I have been slow to admit. His smile, a little sad, moved me more than any words could have done. I snuggled into his arms. I was given to me tenderly stroking her thigh. After a brief pause, she said: -At first I thought it was purely sexual. I wanted you, I confess, for your body: I thought you were so beautiful, so well built, so sexy! But soon I realized that it was much more than that, and then I started to really panic!Hence my … discretion.

‘But then … I found it hard to achieve. So, from the beginning, you … -Yes! I watched you on the sly. Once even … She smiled curiously. You were on duty at the reception in the great hall, off the elevators, I watched you … She laughed frankly. … Through the surveillance camera. I pouffai: What?camera … -Yes! it is rather ridiculous, right? In fact, I did not know what to invent to bring … to ensure that … She tried to hide her embarrassment.

Do you understand? … I’ve never touched a woman before … before … you. This confession had fired her cheeks. It was confusing. I was quite upset. She continued: ‘I do not even know it would happen to me! It was so sudden. In fact, I started fighting against myself. It was terrible, I was completely torn … I even arrived at the office one morning with the intention of … She stopped abruptly and looked at me, very emotional.

-With the intent of what? I asked, anxiously. -From fire you! She mouthed, on the breath. -Oh! I said, shocked. Really? -Yeah … But when I saw you there before me, so beautiful, both radiant and humble, simple, humble, so alive, so this, I started to t ‘ really love. It was like a leap forward. We looked long, with ineffable tenderness, without desire, without thinking about anything, happy to be here, to be alive, belong to us.

We felt transparent, clear. We listened for a moment the soft murmur of the brook that accompanied the sharp birdsong. Christine replied: And then one night … I made a first attempt … well … seduction. What I could hurt me go! I stared at her, eyes wide. -What? … you mean …
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A love of boss … 23 31 Bilitis -I tried to get close to you … I do not really know how to do it … It’s stupid, right? she said, smiling ironically, mocking itself.

Ben, not so much! I replied. You know, I was awfully confused, too. I struggled to hide my emotions. -This is silly! I had no idea … -In any case, you, as an actress! … -It!one can say that I learned to hide my feelings and to
curb my emotions. But at what cost! When I think that I almost away from me … She looked at me tenderly, then added with a mischievous smile: After the first failure, I decided to put the package.

second massage-La! I said laughing. ‘Yes! But it is not at all as I had expected. Ah? -No! I was hoping to make you lose control by forcing physical contact. I was ready, I am perfectly in control, and then … And then what? … I was hanging on his lips. And then I saw you watching me. -Oh! I exclaimed, blushing, taking a retrospective shame. You do not sl**p! -No! I … I watched you through my eyelids barely parted.

Ah, well gosh! … And that’s when I realized, the way you’d look at me, do you pinched me. It was so unexpected, so unexpected, that I did not know at all what to do. I was completely lost! Faute de mieux, I decided to stick to what I had expected. At first I stood, but I was excited like a flea. I expected … I expected … But as you decided you do not … Oh! you can not imagine how hard I was hoping you touch me.

From the beginning of the massage, it was an ordeal. I shudder viewing of, assign the desire to hold you against me, to kiss you … and … ah … I want you to caress me, you … And then I decided to remove my blouse for … tease you! I wanted you to look at me, you want me, but at the same time, I was afraid to cross your eyes. It was a real torture! -This is crazy! I had chills retrospective.

She continued: -When you started to caress my back, I thought I was going to put me to scream, I could not go. And … when I returned, I was very panicked, despite – and, in fact, perhaps because of – that I had just discovered … I … I did not dare … I was paralyzed … but What I wanted you! you have no idea … -If! I whispered, smiling. It was almost scary! -My breasts ached, my head was spinning, I was very feverish, I thought I would feel bad.

And then we finally found … I was stunned. How this beautiful girl who had me drooling, I thought she cared about me as a strictly professional level, wanted me from the very beginning! … I do not believe it. Could I be so stupid! I laughed when I heard Christine say: -not what I’ve been stupid! One thing remained mysterious, however, it was his weird inhibition. But he had to be there for something very distant, injury more than likely, as I dared not address the issue.

But Christine landed itself the subject with apparent composure that left me speechless: -You wonder what could hold me, huh? …-Ben -Ben of course! His face darkened suddenly. She continued: -You know, it’s pretty simple to bottom: before we met, I was pretty bad, and emotionally … and even sexual. When I was still in high school, about f******n, I was already well developed, if you know what I mean … One night while I was returning from a boom with friends – they left me to throw from my parents – I was … I did … ****.

Christine was considerable efforts to speak, she practically spat the last word as to throw away the ugly memories of her. She began to sob. I immediately hugged and squeezed hard. She was like a little girl in my arms. She replied very quickly, however: -So … you know since then, my relationships with men … it was pretty bad. I tried to f***e me, I thought this shit could not fuck my life so foolishly in the air, but … nothing to do! So I sent them to myself, one behind the other, like a d**g.

For sex, brutal and hard, bestial and dry, without love … fuck, what! To shout a stunning pleasure to stun me.
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A love of boss … 24 31 Bilitis And you do not have found that … She interrupted me, experiencing a sudden fit of anger: A-obsessed band! Ah, ogling me, pick me, that they have all been very strong! promises and oaths, I had galore! But what is to get these pigs rut a semblance of understanding, tenderness, sweetness … Oh!that’s not it, they insisted, they clung for months sometimes, but I once disappointed, it’s over! There has been one or two, the worst in the end, who had played well their dirty little comedy.

André at this con, for example, playing the understanding, philosophers, gurus … The day I saw clear, it did not take long, will … Christine emptied, obviously, it made him the property. I let her relieve all this rancor, all this grief. She spoke at length about his failed experiments, the fiasco of his love life and arid desert had become his sex life. When she had calmed down, I rocked him long, maternally, without saying a word.

She blew her nose, smiled and concludes: -Even! women, you know … I left bamboozled by the wife of a cabinet attached to the department where I worked before being named here. She was professional psychother****t! Pretty cool, pretty straightforward, not bad at all for that matter. I must admit she had guessed early on that I had … a slight problem. She managed to get me on the couch. I quickly realized where she was going.

‘But … I began. ‘But you,’ she interrupted, you is something else. With you, it’s wide, it is wide, it is deep, it’s … I felt right away that you respected that I am, even without knowing me, because it is your nature. I knew early on that, for you, I’m not an ass and tits! She laughed through her tears and said, again naughty: And yet God knows that ass is involved in our fully equipped … Christine, you know … Yes, yes, my dear, I do not know … do not worry! You have no reason to worry: I love you, I really love you, that I know, from the depths of my being.

Never forget … But enough about me! You, tell me … Me? … I’m not gone far from the ****, but I was luckier than you, apparently, and I was leaving for a few bruises and a big scare. It is my cry that saved me … No, I think my story is desperately simple: I have not had any luck, that’s all , built as you are …-But -That’s just it, the problem! I believe that, with few exceptions, I have known that presumptuous male, unable to channel their rut and macho maddening.

Ah! I dabbled in them! Regarding compliments hat, but then the sack, it was almost always the Berezina! Ah? -When I was not getting a premature ejaculation, it was a maniac or obsessed, or so fetishist or a sentimental fool … At one point, I had made a reason: I do not Fuck looking, good fuck, fucked me, what! I acknowledge that I have known great moments, I saw impressive bollards at the Olympic endurance.

But then manage bullshit owners of these great tools, it was quickly over my strength! ‘s story, somewhat embellished with my best getaways made us laugh out loud for a long time. I had just finished a heartbreaking Italian fop particularly hefty, but unable to hold an erection worthy of the name more than five minutes story, when Christine pointed out to me: -I think we would do well to return to the path of return, there is a good time that we are there! You’re right, let’s go!
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A love of boss … 25 31 Bilitis After lunch, delicious, we got into the room in order to take a nap that naturally degenerated fairly quickly, and we knew again those wonderful moments, almost unspeakable, where the hand light that caresses the body traveled a thousand fires of passion; where bodies entwined seek to merge into a cosmic clay; where the eyes riveted to each other become incandescent corridors of desire, witnesses involved major changes projected body out of themselves, ready for departure, the self-denial, the Supreme merger; where panting breaths take effect bombastic forges of yore, when the scarlet fevered faces refers to flesh panicked, traveled telluric waves of desire; where the temples inhabited the rumbling flesh messy fight at the same pace hearts unruly; where intimate partitions tend anticipation of impending failure; where menus towers erected in their gaping caves spread throughout the body electrified shockwaves nascent orgasm; where the nipples ready to burst spread like tidal waves, heralding the dazzling big swoons; where maddening and sharp smells sticky liqueurs fun start to well up with increased vigor; where, finally, the levees break and spread into a long river song spiraling exultation flesh erupting.

Christine, her head resting on my breast still palpitating after our hugs, told me: -You know, I not told you everything. ‘Ah? I said, intrigued. -No! To thirteen, my dad caught me masturbating in my. Bed -Ah! I see … So what?-I was treated to one of those spankings! After I was beaten, he asked me how I had got to take “such a bad habit. ” I did not dare say anything, but he insisted so much that I ended up telling him the truth: that it was good, it felt good.

Then he f***ed me to masturbate in his presence. It was horrible! I obviously took no pleasure. It was repeated several times. After some time, “help me” – this is what he said – he fondling my breasts. At the time, my chest was going to grow dramatically. It became all red, he took it off, it is safe. However, he never ****d me. I think he should suffer. Anyway, since I saw sex as a shameful thing.

It is clear that the **** occurred just four years later did not help. -I see! Moved by a sudden impulse, I added without thinking: You know, Christine, if you need me to tell you or I’ll fasses some things … In the v******e of his reaction, I knew I had made a mistake, I thought I had hurt. Raising her head, she looked at me, suddenly hard look: -How? do you know How do I know what? I said, taken aback.

His stern expression also faded quickly as it had appeared, and it is almost shameful tone she said, -Oh! nothing. I felt that I had hit a point more sensitive and decided to let things ripen. This was the first false note between us, and I was all heartbroken. But Christine began to cuddle me and provide me a thousand caresses, as if nothing had happened. 8. The. Menu On Monday life resumed its course with its laborious procession dull administrative tasks of bows and smiles f***ed.

Christine violated our agreements with absolute rigor. I have waited in vain for a glance accomplice, any allusion ambiguous about. This evidence, while it deprived me hope, gave me a sense of security our secret is well kept! Still, it was hard to bully and, having to give this comedy cruel indifference. I knew if I was going to show me able to play this long frustrating game. Christine is found, otherwise the solution, at least a distraction.

every morning on the stroke of eleven, small Joëlle, a small charming brunette with laughing eyes brought me what she comically called “the Menu “. It was a great shirt bellows canvas, rigid and dull. It gave off a smell of old cardboard and stale tobacco. The object was clearly passed through many hands. He owed his survival to the effective simplicity of its design and sturdiness. The contents of this workbook daunting hardly varied over days: various notes to
ventilate between attached cabinet, usually terse instructions hastily thrown on plain paper documents for different signatories attached or that of the Minister himself yourself.

From time to time there was a sealed envelope bearing above the recipient’s name, a bright red label that read, fat, marked “Confidential. ” It was tactical instructions, instructions informal or even outright orders, but whose source or procedure should remain secret.
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A love of boss … 26 31 Bilitis That morning, we were already on Thursday that followed our trip “Aux Trois Partridges” I espied among the usual envelopes and documents contained “Menu”, an envelope with my name in craft paper – something unusual – and coated with the famous “Confidential” label.

Intrigued, I tore up the envelope and pulled out three sheets folded. The last two were a nice green apple and were covered with fine writing Christine that I immediately recognized. The first sheet, an ordinary letter-head of the Ministry, stated the following: “To play only in the strictest confidentiality. “And there, in a postscript:” Preferably outside the service. ” I replaced all nimbly in the envelope that I enclosed it to key in my particular drawer with a firm resolution to take cognizance of the curious letter in the solitude of my apartment in the evening after the service.

I had inflicted me a cruel decision. Twenty times during the day, I almost open the drawer with the intention to go and read the famous notes in a restroom upstairs. I managed to refrain myself. Rarely hours had seemed so long. I had that day, the opportunity to be in the presence of Christine, only three times. As I feared, I had no right to maintain his usual impassive. The hour of deliverance finally rang.

Hardly closed the door of my apartment, I got rid of my jacket and my shoes and threw myself on the couch. Any febrile, I slid the sheets out of the envelope and began to browse eagerly, his heart pounding. Christine wrote me: “My dear, I do not know if you feel the same as me but this obligation, unfortunately essential that we imposed on us is very painful to me. I spend my day to push a thousand images and impressions that come to me from you: your smell if involved, the pressure of your skin in contact with mine, caress your hair on my neck, the delicate taste of your lips … When to evoke better, I close my eyes, it’s your eyes while entering me, your hands running through my breasts, your lips that creep between mine … Right now, I’m all excited and I’m dying to desire to hold you in my arms, stroking your lovely body, breathe your smell, … ” Obviously, Christine was interrupted by his letter, probably disturbed by some intruder.

That seemed to indicate she was writing at the office. This departure from our pact species inspired me a curious feeling of jealousy and fear. At the same time, I felt flattered. Writing resumed, more responsive, faster, it seemed, judging by the letters less completed and considerably larger characters. “… kiss your lips, drink your saliva, biting your neck, caress your breasts, exploring your privacy, see you enjoy. You know, when I see that you are about to enjoy, when you look that this file when you’re hung with desire, when your face is inflamed, I become like mad! Nothing to raise this point, I’m all wet.

I need to calm
myself. ” Again, Christine had to suspend his writing, because the suite was written in more regular characters again. She concluded: “I just reread my letter and finds me a little crazy. I almost sent to the basket, but I think that it will do you may be pleased to know what state you are able to put me even remotely. Ta Christine delirium and who loves you. ” When I read these words, I realized that a crushed on the vulva hand, I was ready to orgasm.

I closed my eyes, let me go back on the couch, spread my legs and evoking the haunting image of Christine currently enjoy, I prepared the sweet thrill. While one hand crushing a breast, the other I plunged into my cave of love and began to masturbate the clitoris, one finger on each side of the small shaft, although the base. Orgasm did not expect. I heard myself cry !?-Christine, ooh … oh … my love … Why you’re not there … Apart from me, I turned on the belly, emprisonnai my head between two pillows and put me to sob.

It took me a few minutes to regain my composure. My breathing regularization. I brought all my sticky secretions and my hand took a bitter pleasure to immerse myself in my own smell while regretting that it was not that of Christine.
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A love of boss … 27 31 Bilitis Taken by a kind of irrepressible impulse, I rushed to my little secretary, draft, answered him: “My love, Your letter has upset me, as you can imagine.

I am still trembling and – it will not surprise you – all wet, because you made me enjoy my beautiful bitch! I do not know if it will comfort you, but I can tell you that for me as this comedy is difficult to play throughout the day. I also, of course, I can not stop thinking of you, of your strength, your beauty, your sweetness, your frailty to also (do not upset you!).

I love you, my beloved Christine, I love you like crazy, I am your slave, your thing, do with me what you want. Dominique Ta who adores you. ” Instead of signing, I applied conscientiously my thumb that I had to walk on my pussy still dripping. This made the paper a circular, almost translucent stain. Without thinking, without rereading me, I folded the sheet I nervously slipped into my bag. Christine would receive the next morning, by the “Menu”.

9. An exorcism. As often on Fridays, I hardly saw Christine, who spent most of his day with the Minister. At best could I see him crossing the wide corridors of a no hurry, arms cluttered folders, preoccupied air, flanked by three or four attached cabinet. I did pass this gloomy day using me to fill menial tasks that were assigned to me as accurately as possible. Excellent outlet moreover I took the lazy habit after my days in the department, to bathe long and, after a retro pajamas to the point of being quite ridiculous – but so comfortable – to lie down on my sofa to listen to various programs broadcast by radio.

I loved opera broadcasts, with a weakness for great Italian composers of the last century, Verdi head. That evening, we gave a very beautiful version of La Traviata that I knew almost by heart. Eyes closed, abandoned in the middle of the cushions, I let myself be enveloped by the energetic music broadcast my stereo – I wanted to get hold of high-end – and I was a real pleasure to me to identify this Marguerite Gauthier , moving and capricious lover who was more of a thrill.

heart Suddenly he seemed to perceive the chime of my front door. I
immediately lowered the volume of my chain: the question was not allowed, I heard again, clearly this time the doorbell. I was not expecting anyone. Intrigued, I put on my slippers, quickly passed my old threadbare bathrobe and worried, I approached the door of my apartment. I opened the door that kept the chain remained embedded in its housing. I had a jolt when I saw in the dim light of the bearing, the slender silhouette of Christine.

The heart pounding, I libérai the lock and opened my door off. Lips with a smirk, Christine walked. I was both pleased and ashamed to be so surprise unkempt. spluttering in a kind of sign, I readjusted my robe, looking vaguely hide my pajamas. I felt myself blush like a little girl caught in the act. I had to be awful, hair all tangled, no makeup, dressed neglected. I was cursing my stupid carelessness.

I opened my mouth in the hope that some excuse would come to mind, but Christine did me little time left. She walked to the middle of the room and turned to me, gave me: -So here’s your nest! She took a few steps, letting his gaze wander everywhere. It is cute and cuddly! I recognize if your good taste and attention to your storage! Bravo … She looked at me, looked me toiser and added: And here I am, incognito … surprise visit … What do you say? -Uh … I … I … I was so stunned that I just could! not to make any coherent thought.

Christine laughed. , Forgive you, of course … This is the effect I worry? … -That is … if I expected … you landed there, like that, without warning, I … -You were afraid that I would catch you in the arms of your lover? she continued, naughty. For a second, I hated. I had to send him a glare as she told me, after coming crashing in front of me ! … Oh would I guessed right … I felt my eyes begin to tingle: I would not put myself in bray, anyway! -Stop! … I begged.

Dominic! she said, suddenly serious. I’m here! For you, to see you, to … I could not go … He … I had come, I hold you in my arms … I … I saw his eyes moisten, she was ready to cry. Upset I kissed her lips. We hugged passionately. Our tongues licked our hands roamed feverishly our hungry caresses body. With a gesture nimble, Christine had spread the folds of my robe and one of his hands kneading my buttocks while the other crushed breast.

I employai to undress my friend, unbuttoned, tore her blouse, slid closed her mini skirt, let her fall on the ground …
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A love of boss … 28 31 Bilitis In the blink of an eye, we were both naked, entwined, laid on the couch, giving free rein to the joy of finding us, our craving for touching and petting.

We devoured, as if we did we were more affected for months. Our gestures made clear, precise and effective in a few minutes, we came to get us a major orgasm. We extended the one next to the other, still naked and trembling all. Dominic! … what I am happy to be here! , Not as much as me! I replied, cheeky but sincere. But … I added, how is it? … -Your letter! She whispered.

Your bl**dy letter! … You can boast of having possessed me there! After reading it … after … sniffed … I had the blazes all day! I laughed. -What? -It’s like I tell you! Wait, I need to check something … She plunged between my legs and shamelessly shoved his nose on my vulva. -That’s right! she said, showing me his hilarious and triumphant face. I was shaking with laughter. odor-
Ton! she said, with grave again, clinching his pupils in mine.

The smell of your body, your sex … Oh, God! … I dreamed all day. But you’re here now, and I can see you, admire you. She ate my eyes greedily, traveling all over my body. I felt that I began again to wet. Pricked in my pride, I stood proudly, offering me his eyes. I began to caress her inner thighs. The warm flesh slipped under my feverish fingers. We were again very excited! Shortness of breath, red cheeks, glassy eyes, vulva delirium, swollen breasts.

I loved seeing Christine in this state, I felt a strong emotion and contemplate her beautiful face distorted by irregular grin, witness disruption of his senses, his mouth open, his eyes half-closed, half open, or rather the impending orgasm. We were now sitting on our heels, face to face contact our knees, trying to deliver what we proved our favorite caress we caressed her breasts, with infinite tenderness. The tips of the index of Christine, she moistened with saliva, roamed my areolas, or rather grazed.

My breasts, swollen wholes were driven unbearable small electric shocks. From time to time, she sank her fingers into the flesh willing and resumed his furtive touches. It tickled a moment erect spikes all who bandaged like small penis. My breasts, annoyed, were suddenly driven uncontrollable shivering, it seemed they would burst my temples throbbed, I wet like a b**st. It triturated now my globes, fun to crush on each other, then scratching the grip between his fingers, pinching them in different places, I gasped with happiness and excitement.

I was all bent, with my chest desire the sweet caresses of my divine companion. From my side, I walked on the surface of her breasts and fingers unruly rascals infinitely varied career, rhythm and pressure. From time to time, by the way, I fixed my thumbs on her toes and sank in turn, far in the soft, warm flesh, which was bouncing all bust Christine loved the caress. It seemed that we could continue this game indefinitely.

We were on watch at the bottom of our pupils inflamed, the spark that would trigger the big wild outpouring for restoring calm in our starved bodies. Christine stopped suddenly put his hands on my thighs and gave me a funny voice: Dominic, I … hhh … hhh … I want you … am not wilt if … She seemed distraught. -What’s going on?I did, half worried, half curious. I guessed she was prey to one of these fantasies to consecutive humiliating experiences she had experienced.

, Tell me! I whispered hurriedly. Tell me what you want … anything, I will. Instinctively, I slid back and étalai me all my long arms reassembled down my face, offered, panting, desperate to all insults, all follies, all v******e. Christine looked at me a long time, as if she found me, examining every curve of my body, every detail of my skin, sternly, like a stubborn c***d. I felt a vague uneasiness. She mouthed, not without difficulty, obviously plagued by violent internal conflict: -I … I want … that you masturbate … for me … to myself! She gasped, suddenly scarlet.

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A love of boss … 29 31 Bilitis The male she used had not escaped me, but neither the circumstances nor our respective states not lend themselves to a psychological analysis, I also obtempérai without asking questions, too happy to assume the role that was assigned to me
and I was looking for probably forever. I let a hand slowly slide down my face, licked my hand in passing an index plunged into my mouth and saliva inondai; Then I let my hand slide down my neck, slowly stroked the surface of my breasts and my belly covered while performing a slow dance of the basin and, very slowly, completely opened thighs.

I began to gently massage my vulva. Meanwhile, my other hand came in a trap she began to knead without haste or v******e. Christine was petrified as she stared at me, eyes bulging, prey to a particularly intense emotion. While somewhat intimidated by this unusual scene, I continued my intimate touching. I slipped a finger into my slit and began to gently tease my clit while already embedded in the first onslaught of pleasure.

I felt, fortunately fleeting to be a whore now indulge the whims of a voyeur. Christine The excitement was something upsetting that disturbed me and drew me irresistibly to continue my masturbation. I decided to abandon myself completely to this bizarre ritual of offering him my gesture. Was it not my mistress, my top, my queen? Do I not his subordinate, his willing slave? A curious disorder seized me at this moment and that is without restraint I continued my gesture.

Movement my basin, accentuated by that of my thighs that were closed to better reopen grew louder and s’ accelerated. I felt multiply the warning tingling pleasure, my heart was pounding, I felt I was spinning. Christine’s face became very severe blow and she gave me: -This is it! Continuous slut! Caress you, slut! … Go on, give yourself pleasure! … No, but you have no shame? … Bitch, vicious fucking! … It’s good, huh? … This is it is fucking beautiful, little bitch! Awfully exciting, huh! … Come on … go, go! … Commotion … well you make yourself enjoy … for me … for me! … I wanna see your juice flowing along your little ass … Come on … go ! … Come on! … come, I tell you … Obviously, Christine was beside herself, she screamed like one possessed.

His invectives humiliated me and at the same time castigated me, increasing my excitement. The unusual scene had left a helpless now, but the sudden certainty that imposed on me galvanized me: I occupied the same place now Christine, I became his double. So I let myself humble like her for it. I took a strange pleasure to let me dirty, insulting, as she had to be in c***dhood. I felt incredibly close to her in this surreal moment, it was upsetting.

I finished let me away, body and soul, in this whirlwind. I could not contain my tears flooded my face. I lived an extreme moment, unique probably beyond the real, outside the can, I was in the heart of an exorcism, and my body panting, dripping and was offered the medium! The words were more for me now, they slipped on the body glistening with sweat, I no longer lived for a time, all tended towards the plight of Christine, to his injury.

I became his shield: and every insult I was getting in its place relieved, that was obvious that penetrated me and tore me tears of joy and compassion. abandonment My obscene, morbid perhaps, was , I was convinced, an act of deep love. This certainty castigated me. I was seized with a mad desire Christine insulted me more. I tried it myself suddenly violent. I encouraged him there. I heard myself say in a strange wailing voice but proud though: -I disgust you, huh? Well punish me! It was insane, it was crazy! Castigated as Christine jumped on me, went strongly one hand under my ass and a violent shove, turned my stomach.

She immediately began to spank me generously. The cry that I issued was a mixture of surprise and pain. Christine applied me a dozen good spanking dealt out, sound and stinging! Far from seeking to evade me, I stood resting on my lap, and he presented my sore bottom. She immediately began to knead vigorously my glowing buttocks. I felt her nails hurt my bruised flesh. She pushed my ass to show my rose.

I thought she was going to drag an inquisitive finger in my anus that I f***ed myself to relax in anticipation of the
storm, but it made me again switch on the back. His face was flushed, his expression was scary. She was obviously out of itself. Panting, she stared at a haunted look on my slot, eager expectation. Spanking was well warmed me orgasm repeatedly delayed, was again close and announced major.

I took a strange pleasure to scan the almost demented expression on his face.
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A love of boss … 30 31 Bilitis orgasm came, I would give it to him. I crushed my heart as to expel a new pleasure, and then spreading her legs up, I handed my gaping pussy to his face contorted Christine. I wanted something that would last, so I did my best to contain my swoon, moulting brutal explosion which promised a kind of fireworks in slow motion, let the enjoyment spread slowly, gradually, to a kind of show that I offered to my mistress.

I was shaken by a first spasm that accompanied a first casting, and then after a while, a second left me, accompanied by a new shock, and a third again after which I released her to feel flow from my body twitching, all my sticky delivery. During this time, I did not leave Christine eyes. She had followed all without flinching, eyes wide, as if she attended a shipwreck. After a few moments of perfect stillness, she burst into tears and fell upon me, all shaken by an uncontrollable sorrow.

I immediately hugged him and started kissing the face while smoothing her hair. ‘My God, Dominique! … Oh, but what took me? … what j have done? … sorry … sorry, my love … She was crying, it was totally overwhelming, I was quite upset. Calm down! I whispered softly. You did nothing at all a pleasure. ‘But … I spank you … I … -I love you, Christine, I love you. You have me artful shots, I love you just as much.

-This is crazy! I … I do not know what came over me … Oh! I think you just simply settle an old score!10. Epilogue. The months that followed were among the happiest of my life, despite the cruel constraints we imposed our secret. We continue to see us on the sly with redoubled precautions; but intense moments of pleasure that ineffable not we share? Christine, I had it in the skin, it had become a part of myself, I felt him belong all and every evening when leaving the ministry, it was a new tear.

On this day a Monday, chanced that found ourselves alone both in the elevator. It never happened. We could not help but take advantage of this brief moment of precarious intimacy to let us go to a look. I will never forget the intensity of the moment. When Christine plunged his beautiful light in my eyes dilated pupils with emotion, I thought I fainted in shock. felt like I penetrated, owned by a stream of fire that ran through me from head to toe.

Rope tensed in my stomach and I knew I wet. I vibrated, I felt rising in me a huge wave of tenderness and desire. I was seized with a mad desire to throw myself into his arms. I felt my nipples hang the fabric of my bra, my heart began to pound wildly. I knew at his sudden stiffness, which passed the languor in her eyes, that Christine was also moved, she shared my excitement.

It was incredible: we ate eyes, our hungry bodies were only inches from each other, quivering, stretched to breaking without being able to touch. Horrible and delicious torment. The small impact of the elevator reached its destination
brought us back to reality. Christine immediately resumed his usual maintenance and I followed in his footsteps, trying to adopt a casual look. And then disaster struck! Irene, our hostess chief asked me to go through his office.

She told me the shocking news: Christine had to submit his resignation to the Minister. That was at least the official version, in reality, it had been removed from office. “To avoid a scandal” Precisa me Irene by addressing a heavy look. Immediately the bl**d rushed to my cheeks and I thought the floor would give way under my feet. The unthinkable had happened: probably motivated by jealousy or God knows what petty feeling, someone – or some one – had, in defiance of the rules and practices in effect, open an envelope of the menu, of course, contained a message character ‘very private’ I was not able to stop myself from contact Christine.

There was enough to meet the expectations of those seeking irrefutable proof. So Christine had lost his place, and my fault! I was making a mad scratching my face envy, pull my hair. The damage was done. The heart in my mouth, I realized that I had lost Christine, and very cruel way. The move was expected, however, we knew that our situation was fraught with risk, that sooner or later something like this would happen.

Still, the shock was rude and I was devastated. course, it was not possible for me to see her: she was locked in the Minister’s office and not come out soon. The news spread end of the day, so that I did not have to take me too long to find myself alone and helpless in my little apartment. I threw myself on my bed and immediately burst into tears. I realized the gravity of the situation: Christine not only lost his job, but his career had probably just break.

No, I would never introduce myself once again in front of her, I could not bear her look full of rancor. How could she not assign me responsibility for this disaster? Was I not the cause of his misfortune? She could never forgive me, it was much too serious.
A love of boss … 31 31
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A love of boss … 31 31 Bilitis But how could I be so stupid? It was indeed my fault, my fault alone! How naive! … Well, I figured me that our little secrets would never be discovered, we were safe.

Poor idiot! The truth is that I was blinded me, I preferred to ignore the danger, yet very real, rather than resign myself to be cautious; caution that f***ed me, it is true, maintain an unbearable distance between Christine and me. My blindness, my selfishness, I was going to pay full price! I never see him again Christine, my treasure, my love, my flesh, my life. I felt unable to go to the Department the following day and made me sick.

Irene was not deceived, but understanding, let him. After having called, and I burst into tears, realizing that I would be unable to contain myself when called, I simply débranchai my phone. It ficherait me peace, it would still be why I do not have to suffer. During a whole week, I dragged myself as a lost soul from a very short time in my little apartment that kept reminding me the presence ever lost a loved one: the place where she sat on the couch; corner cabinet where she placed, always in a hurry, his little bag beige leather; it occupied the chair in the kitchen, facing the mine during our too brief meal button which, in the small lobby, she hung her coat; Finally, the bed in which …
No! It was above my strength, and I preferred to wander the streets to back much later, after I fed her cinemas sessions window shopping – any windows – and many stations in the tavern.

the corner where I was intoxicated peacefully such a hopeless alcoholic It was this morning, a filthy time: a good wetting drizzle that chilled you to the bone marrow, flanked by fog cut with a knife. But I still prefer the sky sorrow, so in tune with my condition, my apartment that kept reminding me of my misfortune. I wandered, big heart, along facades and storefronts, without deigning to take a look, without paying attention to anything else, inhabited this form of stupidity that accompanies great pain.

That’s when I felt my hair stand on end, that his breath failed me, I thought my heart stopped beating: she was there! just around the corner, standing up straight, motionless, facing me, in his eternal waterproof cream. But no, I had to deceive me, it could only be a vague resemblance, at most, my grief distorted developed to coincide with the image of Christine, my adored forever lost. Besides that I could see through the haze persistent, could hardly match anything but a distortion.

“You fantasies, my poor darling! “I told myself, falsely mocking. I nevertheless approached, since it was my way. My eyes were blurred by all these damn tears that I could not contain, and I could distinguish nothing clear: the silhouette flickering, is distorted almost comically, she was a prisoner of my uncontrollable grief. It was only when spoke to me that I thought I die on the spot. Dominic! I heard through a kind of fluffy cloud, but where the hell were you? it’s been a week that I seek you.

Chri …-Christine, is that you? … I arrived to articulate painfully, heart in mouth, drowned by too much emotion. Blind, mentally retarded, a disabled, would not have acted differently! -Of course it’s me! But in what state are you then! Oh, my God! My poor darling! … I thought faint when she hugged me, hugged me in his arms. Under the shock, I began to sob like a c***d. ‘But … but why? … that … -Shut up then, stupid!she said.

You have taken everything on you, huh? I should have guessed … I love you Dominic, I love you darling! Nothing has changed, stop hurting you! I’m here!’But … your situation … your career … it’s my fault … I … sorry … sorry … I could not stop my tears repeat. Deviating slightly, she grabbed me by the shoulders. To my great surprise, the smile she bestowed me was open, radiant, almost joyful.

I did not understand more! really, everything is muddled in my head. -My darling! I have friends, you know, relationships! I am no longer in Cabinet! … Big deal! Here I am with a status as an officer in the Administration, all things considered, I wonder if it is not better! … I thought at first that she was joking, she said anything to me calm, to diminish my fault, to mitigate my responsibility.

But she did not seem to play comedy and I felt sincere. I was quite upset. -A … so you do not want me? … I stammered, in a small voice broken. Oh no, my dear! I do not hide that at the time, I was collapsed and I’ve wanted you for your lightness, which was, let us not forget, as a proof of love; but I quickly said that, in some way, it was better.

For now that everything is known, the abscess is punctured, we no longer have to hide. At most, we will show discrete, do not show us. -Dis … tell me I’m dreaming! …Oh no, my darling, my love, you’re not dreaming, and I will immediately prove it to you ! Come, come home! … Well get a cup of coffee to serve us, it is freezing cold! … END … November 2003 (revised and completed in August 2006)

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