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A Life-Changing Experience, Part Four

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Four

Kerry leaned toward me, removed his finger from my lips as he reached toward me with his own lips. He kissed me gently, smoothly, as I felt myself melting. I gave in and kissed him back, also gently at first. He tasted smooth and sweet, no doubt a consequence of the lipstick. It did not take long for our kissing to become more fervent, both of us pressing closer against each other.

Meanwhile, I could not control my hands from exploring every square inch of Kerry’s body that I could reach. I instinctively cupped each of his ass cheeks with my hands, gently kneading the firm flesh beneath the diamond pattern of his industrial fencenet bodystocking. The sensation of feeling Kerry’s completely shaven skin intertwined with the texture of the lingerie was absolutely heavenly. I allowed myself to caress as far down his legs as my reach would allow, then slowly traced my touch up his sides to his shoulders.

They were strong and feminine at the same time.

At the same time, our kissing had become even more passionate. I allowed my lips to open, and Kerry’s tongue traced my lips and darted into mouth. He held my head in both of his hands, pulling me toward him in a fully enveloping kiss. Our mouths were now fully engaged with each others’, giving me the sensation of a purely out of body experience.

Now Kerry’s hands were in motion, caressing my lingerie-clad back, ass, and my stockinged thighs. He placed both his hands between us and expertly massaged my nipples through the fabric of the basque.

Needless to say, by this point I had no control over my engorged cock –not that I really wanted to. I felt as if I would climax right then and there. But Kerry, apparently anticipating my sensation, intervened.

He pulled his lips away from mine just an inch and seductively whispered, “If you are considering cumming, I recommend you wait. . the best is yet to come. ” I started to smile, but my lips were soon re-engaged with Kerry’s.

After a few more minutes, Kerry traced his tongue to my ear and whispered, “Do you like this?” At the same time, he took his right hand and began caressing my cock, which was straining at the fabric of the thong which was ineffectively attempting to contain it.

I nodded and grunted at the same time, which made Kerry smile widely. I looked down because I desperately wanted to see his hand expertly stroking my cock, and I noticed that he had somehow managed to slip it through the slit in the thong. Now, like most men I suppose, I have spent some time admiring my own erect penis, and at a full 6” and relatively thick with a very subtle upward curvature, I was pretty proud of mine.

But the sight of my own cock, fully at attention, enveloped in the soft satiny fabric of the satin thong and in the context of the basque, garter straps and stockings, along with this gorgeous being giving it his full attention, I was fairly certain I was going to melt.

Just then, Kerry nudged me slightly so that I stepped back and he guided me to sit on the edge of the desk.

As he stood directly in front of me, his full chest only inches from my face, placed his finger on my chin and lifted my head so that he could look me straight in the eyes. Then Kerry took his hands and began to lightly run them over my shoulders, arms, back, waist, butt, and thighs, all the while deeply gazing into my eyes. Eventually, his attentions shifted to my still-engorged cock. While still eye-locked, Kerry gently but firmly stroked me expertly with both hands.

Suddenly, without warning, Kerry then dropped to his knees, his face inches from my cock. He continued caressing me with both hands as his eyes were still fastened on my. I have no idea how long he kept me on the edge of ecstasy like that, as time seemed to be standing still and racing ahead simultaneously. Before I knew it though, Kerry had parted his lips, lowered his head, and took me deeply into his mouth.

The hot, wet sensation was phenomenal, and I involuntarily let out a low moan.

I do not know if Kerry noticed, because all his attentions were focused on my cock. He expertly drew my member in and out of his mouth, his lips enclosed around my shaft as he did so. As my tip exited him, Kerry widely opened his mouth and licked around my glans with his long, wet tongue. The first time he did it, I nearly fainted.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s left hand pistoned up and down my shaft just ahead of his lips. Now, I had had a number of women give me blowjobs in my past, but this was the part they never were able to – or, in most cases, were interested in – mastering. But Kerry’s technique far surpassed anything I had previously experienced. I closed my eyes and moaned my approval.

I then felt Kerry’s other hand gently gliding over the rest of my body.

It felt heavenly with my eyes closed, so I just kept them shut. In my mind, I envisioned looking at this scene as if I was looking at it from the other side of the room: me, perched on a desk, sissied up in this satiny, sexy, and slutty lingerie and heels; this amazing man, his own sculpted body encased in his stretchy bodysuit, kneeling in front of me, giving me the most amazing head imaginable.

I felt my body involuntarily starting the climb to my orgasm. It steadily and urgently took ahold of every fiber of my being, and all I could manage was a barely perceptible, “oh, my god. ” Then I came in wave after wave after wave of climax, as Kerry continued to bob his head up and down on my cock, extending the sensation. I shot load after load of cum deep into his throat, but Kerry continued working me up and down.

Eventually I began to squirm and could not stand it anymore, so I gently touched each of Kerry’s jaws with my forefingers. He gave me one more up-and-down for good measure, then looked up at me with a satisfied expression. He stood up slowly while looking me full in the eyes and bent down to kiss me. As his lips parted to take mine in, I could tell he had swallowed all of my load, yet there was a hint of saltiness on his lips and tongue that had not been there before, and I realized I had just tasted my own cum.

It was hard to tell exactly what it tasted like, but the idea of it ever further intoxicated my senses.

After all these new experiences in one short period, with reckless abandon I instinctively reached for Kerry’s cock, which was still ensconced in his panties. But Kerry gently reached down while shaking his head and whispered, “Not now. We have to get dressed. I called some friends who are coming over to help us load the desk onto my pickup.

” I felt somewhat frustrated by my inability to carry forward with my sudden longing to reciprocate by sucking Kerry’s cock, but I obeyed his instruction.

I stood up unsteadily and started back to the bathroom, where I had left my regular clothes. As I went through the doorway, I looked back over my shoulder at Kerry, and caught his eyes fixed on my ass. He looked up and smiled satisfyingly at me while I started to ask, “What should I do with—“ Reading my mind, Kerry responded, “Just leave them in the bathroom.

I’ll take care of it. ”

To be continued. .

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