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A knock at the door

I am in my house and I hear a knock at the door. I yell “who is it?” You answer “the police”. I come to the door and open it. You are standing there in a skin tight dress. It goes from shoulders to just below your ass. Button down the front, with a belt and hat. You are wearing stiletto boots that come above the knee. I invite you in. As I close the door I ask you how I may help you.

You tell me that I am under arrest. I am in shock. You tell me to put my hands on the wall and spread my legs. You start frisking me. I am wearing blue jeans, no shirt and no shoes. You find a leather strap in my pocket and pull it out. “What am I under arrest for?” I ask. You tell me women in the area have accused me of stalking them. You tell me to stand up straight and place my hands behind my back.

I do as I’m told. You place handcuffs on my wrists. I start pleading with you not to do this. “I just got out of jail and I don’t want to go back. Is there anything you want? Is there anything I can do?” I am pleading with you. ”I will do anything you want, anything. ”
You push me down to my knees and grab a chair and place it in front of me.

You hike up your dress a little and sit in the chair. You grab a fist full of my hair and say, ”Eat me. You want to stay out of jail? You will do whatever I want. Start licking. ” You spread your legs and pull my face to your pussy. I start licking. I start at your clit and work my way down. I nibble at your lips, spreading them so I may lick inside of you.

I am licking all the way up and down your slit. I taste your sweetness. I feel your body tensing. I lick faster. You push my head away and say ”This isn’t working. You’re not getting out of this that easy” you tell me. “Women tell me you tie them up and play with them. It’s your turn now. ” You take me still handcuffed to my bedroom. There you find a four poster bed with leather cuffs tie to the posts.

You take my jeans off and reach for the strap you took out of my pocket. The strap looks like an ”H”, but one side is shorter than the other. You take the longer side and wrap it around my cock and balls. Then you bring the other side up and place it between my balls and snap it into to place. The strap allows my cock to get hard. It also makes it bigger and stay harder longer.

You have me get up on the bed and sit up with my legs spread. You bucket each ankle into a leather cuff. You release my wrists from the handcuffs and have me lay back. You place my wrists in the leather cuffs. I am now spread eagle, face up on the bed. You place a blindfold over my eyes. I protest.

”Please don’t hurt me. I will do anything. ”
You reach over and start stroking my cock. I become hard almost instantly. You climb up on the bed between my legs, with one hand on my cock like a vice you say “You still have a lot of work to do”, then you kiss the tip of my hard cock. Your tongue licks around the head and you take my cock in your warm mouth.

You slide up and down it several times, sucking and pulling. You release my cock from your mouth and hand and start sliding your body up my chest. Your leather boots brush up the sides of my body. Your knees are now on both sides of my head. “You are going to finish what you started on your knees boy”, you tell me and you lower your hot wet pussy down to my mouth.

My tongue dives right for your canal and darts in and out. I slide my tongue up and down your pussy taking all of you in my mouth and sucking. I start concentrating on your clit. Sucking and pulling on it. With both your hands you pull my head closer, grinding your clit into me. You erupt into orgasm. Your body shaking as you keep the pressure on my head to your pussy.

I drink up your juices. You climb off my face and lay next to me on the bed. As you catch your breath you start stroking my still hard cock. My cock is throbbing.
I beg you to untie me so that I may please you more. You laugh. “You will please me more as you are. I don’t want to hear another word out of you”, you say.

On a table next to the bed you see a ball gag and reach for it. I feel you push it against my lips and I open my mouth. You push the ball in and buckle it around my head. I can’t see or speak. You start sucking my cock again and I moan. I am at your mercy.
You climb up on my chest facing me and start sliding your pussy down my body.

You slide down farther until you are between my legs again. You start licking and sucking on my balls. Pulling each ball as you suck. My moans are getting louder. You climb back up, stopping with your pussy just above my cock.
With your right hand you grab my cock and rub the tip of it on your soaking wet pussy, and start to lower yourself on to it.

I feel the heat of you all around my cock. You are on fire. I start thrusting in you as much as I can. You start humping me back. I want to explode but the strap prevents me from doing that. I feel your pussy tightening around my cock. You reach down and pinch both my nipples. This drives me crazy. I love it. Your body is tensing up again. You are about to have another orgasm.

You pinch my nipples hard and you cum. My body explodes inside of you at the same time. We are cumming together. You lean forward rapping your arms and hands around my head, cradling me. “You have been a very good boy for someone that is such a naughty boy”. We both lie there catching your breath. You whisper in my ear, ”I need to call your parole officer and tell her it is her turn to have you.

” You get up off the bed adjust yourself in the mirror and walk out of the room. Leaving me lying there wondering what will happen next.

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