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A hot summer with… 6

I followed my mom into her bedroom as she led me by my hard cock. Once in her room, she turned around and placed a very hot passionate kiss on my lips and pressed her naked body against mine. We must have kissed for several minutes with our bodies rubbing against one another, we really got hot. My mom released her lips saying, “Looking at those pictures really makes me hot, I have never looked at much pornography before, I can see while it is so popular.

Shit I’m hot, I think my pussy is boiling over with cum. I want you to really fuck me hard tonight Glenn, I need a good fuck. “

“But mom, you are ovulating!”

“Shit that’s right. Well,” she said, “you will just have to fuck me in the ass. That’s OK with you, right?”

I just nodded yes as she immediately turned and walked over to the bed, crawled up on it on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me while reaching back with her hand to rub her ass.

When her finger ran across her little rosebud, she stuck the tip of her finger in her ass saying, “In here big boy, get that big hard cock of yours in this tight hole and fuck me good. I need a good hard cum tonight and want you to fuck me silly. “

She then looked between her legs at me saying, “What are you waiting for stud? Here I am, your hot and horny mom offering her ass to you for a good fuck.

Are you ready?”

What a site, there was my mom on the bed, stark naked with her sexy shapely ass pointing directly at me and her nice big tits hanging down. I love to see my mom in the nude in some provocative pose wanting me to fuck her. I just stood there for a second stroking my hard cock before I walked over to the bed. I bent over and gave her ass and pussy a big sloppy kiss, I ran my tongue all along her crack paying special attention to her asshole, probing it as best I could.

She said, “Oh honey, you know how to treat me so well, yes lick your mommy’s ass before you stick your big cock inside it. Oh yes, lick me, eat me, suck me baby, get my asshole ready for your hard cock that I love so much. Please fuck me hard, I want to feel all of you inside me tonight, every inch of that beautiful cock of yours. I want to feel your sperm shooting inside me, I want to feel that if your cock were in my pussy, you would be impregnating me with your semen, fertilizing my eggs, getting me pregnant.

“Mom, what are you saying?”

“Oh honey, I have so much passion for you, I just love you and sometimes wish I could have your c***d inside my belly. “

“I have never heard you talk like this. You really don’t want to get pregnant do you?”

“No son, absolutely not. But I just get so horny with you that my female instincts take over and makes me want your c***d.

I did not know what to say, so I just got up on the bed behind her sweet ass and pressed my hard cock against her juiced up asshole. She moaned as the head of my dick was trying to spread her asshole open, I know it was hurting her but did not hesitate as she very vocally urged and encouraged me to push harder and harder until my cock finally slipped through her tight asshole and slid deep inside her warm butt.

She let out a loud sigh of relief when my cock was all the way in her and as my balls bounced against her pussy. She then just looked back at me saying, “Now baby, don’t hold back. Fuck your mama’s ass like there is no tomorrow, fuck me hard, fuck me deep and fill my ass with you hot sweet cum. I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel you filling me with your sperm.

Fuck me baby, just fuck me and fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. Ohhh I need you so bad. ”

I slowly began to fuck my mom’s ass like she said, long hard deep strokes for several minutes. I did not want it to end and neither did she. But with all the friction her tight asshole was giving my cock, I did not last very long and before I knew it, my balls began to boil and I shot a big load of cum deep inside my mom’s sweet sexy ass.

She was in the meantime, fingering her own pussy, working over her clit as I was pumping my cum into her ass. She climaxed just as the last of my cum was spurting inside her ass. Shit, her asshole had a grip on my cock like a vice, I was really loading her up. As I relaxed and slumped down on top of her, she also collapsed and we both just lay on the bed totally exhausted and feeling very fulfilled.

She only laid there a few seconds until she squirmed out from underneath me and turned so she could get my cock in her mouth. Just before she totally enveloped my now semi-soft cock she said, “I want to taste you baby, I don’t care where your cock has been, I just need to feel your wonderful cock meat in my mouth and to taste your sperm. ” She took my entire cock in her mouth as she sucked and licked me completely.

She took a hold of my balls and worked her mouth up and down my shaft with great intensity and care. She was making love to my dick.

She is a great cock sucker and it felt so wonderful having her warm mouth around my dick. I was responding to the touch of her lips and tongue and shortly was supporting another hard on. She told me to lay on my back which I did.

She said, “Now I don’t want you to cum, I just want to feel your cock in my cunt, so lay there and let me do the work. ” She straddled my body while holding on to my hard cock. She squatted over my hips and as she lowered her ass, she guided my hard cock straight into her pussy. She lowered herself getting only about half my dick in her. She then raised herself up and down on my dick repeatedly sighing all the time.

Suddenly she lowered herself entirely taking my entire cock up her cunt. She just sat there twitching her pelvis saying, “Oh god honey, this feels so good. You don’t know how much I love having you inside me, I love fucking you like I’ve never loved before. Even your dad was not this good. I can’t get enough of your cock. I love it, I love you. ” She just continued twitching her pelvis working my cock into every crevice inside her pussy.

She paused holding herself totally still as a climax swept over her body.

I knew I was not going to last too long so I said, “Mom, you need to either get up and suck me off or turn over so I can really pound your pussy as I fertilize your eggs. ” She looked at me and pushed her pelvis down real hard on my dick like she wanted me to cum as she jerked her pelvis back and forth a few times.

I wasn’t sure she was not going to let me cum in her, she was so horny. But she got up and turned around so she could suck me while she offered me her pussy to eat. We 69′ it giving each other another climax. My mom is the hottest slut I have ever known, one hot piece of ass.

Once I shot my load into my mom’s sucking warm mouth, I was completely bushed.

I finished licking the last residue of my mom’s cum from her pussy lips and then just laid my head back and zonked out. The next thing I knew was feeling a warm body next to mine. I looked around to see that mom had put a blanket over me and that my aunt had at some time crawled in bed next to me. He big bare tits were being pressed against me back as her hand was rubbing my thigh and across my semi-hard cock.

As I began to wake up, so did my dick. My aunt began to stroke me while she continued pressing her tits into my back.

I turned my head toward her and she kissed me on the cheek saying, “I love to sl**p with young studs like you, you get so hard so quick and knowing that you want to sink your dick in my pussy makes me so horny. My cunt is already wet and waiting to be fucked by your big cock.

Your mom is downstairs preparing us some breakfast. How about you getting on top of me for a good morning fuck and fill my love tunnel with your love juices and knowing how your mother loves the taste of your sperm, we’ll let her eat me for desert. “

“You are wicket, you hussy slut. You want your nephew to fuck you and have your s****r eat my cum from your cunt, is that right?”

“Yes, that is exactly right.

“Great, lets get it on!” We both giggled as I rolled over on top of my aunt getting between her widely spread sexy legs and without any preliminaries, sank my hard cock directly into her wet cunt and began to bang her. She met every one of my thrusts with hers and we both came within minutes. God she is hot, just like my mom, one hot piece of ass. What a lucky guy I am.

When we finished, we both headed downstairs, my aunt walked very slowly holding her hand in her crotch to prevent any cum from leaking out of her pussy. When we got into the kitchen, she said, “We have a surprise for you!”

My mom looked around at us both standing there in the nude, my cock half hard and shinny with cum residue, my aunt with her hand in her crotch.

“Let me guess. Glenn has just banged you and you are holding your hand over your pussy so his cum will not leak out. Right?”

“You are just too smart. Yes, that is right. I thought you would like some desert before we ate breakfast. “

“That kind of desert I’ll eat anytime almost anywhere. Get over her on the table, spread those sexy legs of yours and let me have my morning desert.

” My aunt walked over to the kitchen table and very carefully sat on the edge, leaned back taking a hold of her legs as she raised and spread them very wide giving her s****r ample access to her cum filled cunt. My mother sat on a chair right between my aunt’s legs and immediately pressed her face in her s****r’s snatch and began to dine on her pussy. She engulfed June’s cunt lips with her mouth and began sucking on her s****r’s cunt like she was starved, it was quite a site to see.

My mom moaned and groaned as she devoured my aunt’s cunt with her mouth, sucking, licking, sticking her tongue inside June’s spread cunt lips.

I suddenly thought about the camera Junior had left and said, “Hold it, let me get this action on camera, it is so hot. ” I ran and got the camera and began taking pictures of my mom eating my aunt’s pussy. I got some really close up shots showing the tip of my mom’s tongue in June’s slit licking up my cum; shots of my mom sucking June’s pussy lips into her mouth; shots of my mom fingering June’s asshole as she ate her cunt; shots of my mom licking June’s ass crack.

Finally my mom raised her head and pulled June’s cunt lips apart letting me take some great shots of June’s wide open pussy showing me her pink insides and revealing her clit. It was awesome, I took a couple dozen or so pictures.

When my mom thought I had taken enough pictures she returned to eating June’s cunt with vigor. Once she got a mouth full of cum and salvia, she looked up and said to June, “Want to share?”

My aunt just nodded as my mother raised herself up and laid on top of June on the kitchen table.

When my mom had her mouth directly above June’s, she opened her mouth just a little letting a string of cum and saliva slowly drip from her lips into June’s waiting open mouth. My mom then lowered her face pressing her lips to June’s and passionately kissed her. They swapped my cum back and forth between their mouths while their lips were pressed tight against each other; their tongues were obviously in each other’s mouth.

My mom was grinding her pussy into June’s as they kissed. I could see a small amount of cum and saliva leaking down June’s chin, all this action was getting me another hard on just watching my mom and aunt kissing. I kept taking pictures as fast as I could and got some really hot shots.

As I was standing behind them getting pictures of their pussy’s being pressed against each other, my mother raised her head turning it toward me saying, “Oh god Glenn, I need to be fucked so bad, I need to have my cunt rammed full of hard cock meat and to be pumped full of sperm, I need it bad baby.

I need you inside me. Please oh please fuck your mom right now, I need to climax, I need to cum. “

“But mom you are ovulating. “

“I don’t care Glenn, I need to be fucked really bad, I can’t stand not having your cock inside me right now! I’m so hot and horny and I need to cum so bad, please, oh please fuck your slutty mom. Slip that nice big cock of yours deep inside my pussy and fuck me.

Please do what I ask and slam your cock inside my pussy, fuck me baby, just fuck MEEEEEEEEEE!”

I didn’t want to get my mom pregnant so I ran and got a rubber, slipped it on and guided my hard cock into my mom’s cunt as she laid on top of my aunt with both of them on the kitchen table. It was a quickie, my mom was so fired up that she came within seconds of my cock being rammed inside her pussy.

As soon as she climaxed, she laid limp on top of her s****r, panting, nearly out of breath.

I actually did not cum, but that was alright, for I wanted to save myself for later. My mom sat back down on the chair and said, “You felt so different inside me and I did not feel you cum. “

“I used a rubber mom. I didn’t want to get you pregnant, OK?”

“Oh baby, that was nice of you but a few minutes ago I did not care whether your cock was covered or not, I just wanted to feel your cock in me regardless of the consequences.

I really needed to cum and thank you for giving me a climax like you did. Did you cum at all?”

“No mom, I did not cum. “

“Oh darn, I was hoping that I could suck your tasty sperm out of the rubber. Do you want me to get you off? I will you know, either by wanking you off or giving you a blowjob. You know how much I like to taste your sperm.

“No mom, I’m OK. I want to save myself for when Junior comes over to take more porno photo of you and June. ” I knew it would be a hot session and would get a lot of chances of fucking my aunt and mom.

My mom’s face lit up when I mentioned Junior and pornography. She immediately moved her hands down between her legs to her bare pussy and began rubbing her cunt vigorously saying, “Oh shit, I can’t wait to have more photos taken of my cunt, ass and tits while totally exposing myself.

I think that is so hot. I hope he takes some good pictures of you fucking me and me sucking you. I want to see some close ups of your cock inside my cunt baby, I want to see my pussy lips gripping your cock. ” I could not believe what I was hearing from my mom, she is really becoming a total slut and I’m loving it.

My mom just continued finger fucking her pussy with her eyes closed as she fantasized about being photographed.

What an opportunity, I grabbed the camera, turned her chair so I could get directly in front of her and between her legs saying, “Spread those pussy lips mom, let me get some close ups of your cunt. ” She opened her eyes giving me a big smile as she took her index fingers and pulled her pussy lips as far apart as she could. Lots of pink were showing and I zoomed in getting a half dozen shots of her cunt.

My aunt still lying on the table said, “What about me?” She had lifted her feet onto the edge of the table with her legs spread clearly exposing her sloppy cunt. I turned and photographed her pussy as she fingered herself. She used one hand to spread her pussy lips and used her index finger on her other hand to play with her clit. It was so hot to watch and even hotter to photograph.

She continued this action until she had a climax. I must have gotten a dozen shots of her masturbating.

I then told her to lift her legs way up in order to lift her ass up a little off the table. I was then able to get shots of her asshole and cunt, just awesome pictures. She reached around under her butt and using her middle finger, was able to finger her own asshole.

I was shooting pictures as fast as I could. Then suddenly my mom moved in, placing her head between June’s legs and began licking her asshole. She paused many times to give me the opportunity to get shots of this hot action. It was hard for me to believe what was happening, here I am taking photographs of my aunt and mom both totally nude and unashamed, fingering themselves, masturbating, licking one another, kissing, and eating each other.

Suddenly the camera beeped telling me that they little photo card was full.

“Well ladies, I need to download these pictures before I can take anymore shots. So hold on. ” My mom looked up at me and smiled, then returned to eating her s****rs ass and pussy. When I returned my mom and aunt were sitting at the table resting their heads on the hands with big smiles in their faces.

I said, “What did I miss?”

My aunt June said, “Jackie got me off again for at least the fourth time this morning. I love all this action guys, this is just too much. I love it. “

My mom said, “Junior told June that he was bringing over a couple guys tonight and wanted to get some double action shots. I think we need to cool it for awhile or we will all be totally exhausted for the main event.

I more than agreed, I needed to recharge my batteries for some hot fucking later on. The rest of the day involved running some errands and getting ready for tonight’s action. About 4 pm Junior showed up with a couple of suit cases with his clothes and three of four boxes of photographic equipment. We went into my mom’s bedroom and in the living room to set up lighting and backgrounds for good photography.

When we had it ready Junior said, “I hope your mom and aunt will like the guys I’ve invited. I asked the guy I workout with if he was interested in being part of some pornographic action with two hot mature women. He was more than willing and said his b*****r would also like to be involved. I said OK and they will be here in less than an hour. “

I responded, “Great.

What have you planned for this evening?”

Junior said, “I was thinking that we would have your mom and aunt dressed very revealing and sexy clothes sitting on the couch when these guys show up. All four will sit on the couch and begin to grope one another until they all are naked. The girls will invite them up to the bedroom and there, one of the gals will take on both guys for some hot double penetrate action.

Then we’ll switch gals and they will do the same to the other one. I will run the video and you can take still shots the whole time. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great. “

“Oh there is one more thing. These guys are black. “

“Holly shit, this is going to be really hot. Are the hung like blacks are supposed to be?”

“Well, I have showered at the club with the one guy and he is definitely hung.

I’ll bet that at full erection he is 9 or 10 inches, I assume his b*****r is similar. “

I pondered a minute and then said, “I think we should let my mom and aunt know that these guys are black so that they are not shocked. OK?”

“Yea, that is probably the smart thing to do. “

Just then my mom came into the room seeing all the preparations we were doing and said, “Wow, this looks like a real production.

Junior said, “Well I want to get really good photographs of all the action, the better the quality, the better the interest of your soon to be fans. “

My mom just smiled and we could see the visions she was having of guys looking at her intimate parts, she said, “How many people do you think will view the website you are setting up?”

Junior winked at me and said, “Well, if we do it right, there will be millions looking at your photos and videos everyday.


“Yep! Guys and gals from all over the world will be looking and downloading pictures of you fucking, sucking, eating, and doing whatever else you want to. Would you like for me to photograph you being cummed on, masturbating, pissing, shoving cucumbers, bananas, beer bottles, tools, or whatever up your twat?”

“What, are you saying?”

“Oh mom, you do know that these are the things that women do on the internet!”

“No I don’t know.

This all sounds pretty gross to me. Do you mean that people are shown pissing?”

“Sure, haven’t you heard about golden showers?”

“Yea I guess. I just never really thought much about it. So you mean that people will piss on each other?”

“Yep, I’ll show you if you want. Lets go to the computer and go to a site called Pissmops. ” We all walked into the den, cranked up the computer and began viewing pissmops.

com. My mother just stood next to Junior with her mouth open looking at all the photos of gals pissing and being pissed on. She seemed really fascinated and with her leaning over staring at the computer screen, I took advantage and reached under her skirt and began rubbing her thigh. I ran my hand up her thigh and across her buttocks and squeezed her buns a couple times before I slipped my hand into her crack.

When my finger rubbed against her asshole she responded by wiggling her butt back and forth, obviously liking the action I was giving her. I then moved my hand down her crack toward her pussy, she squatted a little more opening her legs more allowing me to easily reach her cunt. I slipped my finger inside her pussy saying, “Mom, you are really wet. These pictures of women pissing is making you hot. “

“I think this is gross, but it does excite for some reason.

I just can’t believe that what I’m seeing is making my pussy juice up. Oh baby, I like what you are doing to me. I always like how you treat me, you keep me so horny. Oh yes, yes play with my clit baby, yes finger fuck me right here. “

She kissed Junior on the cheek saying, “Junior you can join in if you want. Get me hot you guys, make me cum.

Ohhhhh fuck I’m becoming such a slut, a nasty, nasty slut. I hope you guys don’t get disgusted with me. Oh this is so hot looking at these pictures of women pissing and having my pussy played with. “

Junior turned toward my mom as she was squatting right next to him, he raised the front of her skirt to see the action going on between her legs. He could see my finger fully inserted in my mother’s pussy.

She also looked down at the action going on in her pussy and placed her hand on top of mine pressing my finger even deeper into her cunt. She moaned while she wiggled her pelvis to increase the intensity of the sensations in your twat. Her tits were right at Juniors eye level so he raised her blouse and pulled one of her tits into his mouth. He then reached around her ass and moved his hand under my arm so he could reach her asshole.

He began to finger her asshole while I continued fingering her pussy along with her having one of her tits in Junior’s mouth.

My mom bent her head back, closed her eyes saying, “You guys have me so hot, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, I’m coming, I’m coming. ” She had grabbed my wrist with both hands forcing my fingers deep into her pussy while at the same time, she humped my hand.

“Ohh I love you guys so much. This is so good, just so so good. Oh fuck I love sex so much. ” Junior then pulled his finger out of my mom’s ass and got up from the computer. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy as she moved over to sit down in front of the computer screen. There was a scene on the screen of a gal sitting on the ground in the nude with another gal squatting over her as she pissed on the first gals tits.

A guy was standing next to them also pissing on the gal sitting down. My mom just stared at the picture as she was recovering from her climax.

Junior and I returned to the living room to finish setting up the lighting for the initial encounter of my mom and aunt with two black guys. My mom came strolling into the room with a glazed look on her face. “What’s wrong mom?”

“I just can’t believe people enjoy pissing on each other.

It’s absolutely amazing to me. “

“Yea, it’s kind of weird. By the way mom, the two guys coming over tonight for your little sexual rendezvous are black guys. ”

My mom stopped in her tracks, blinked a couple times saying, “Black guys!”

“Yes, black guys with big cocks. ”

Just then June came in the room wearing only a thin nightie that did not hide a thing.

She walked over to Junior and gave him a big hug and said, “Thank you so much for last night. I enjoyed being photographed so very much, it was awesome. I also enjoyed your cock. I love you young guys with nice big cocks and lots of energy, our fuck was very exhilarating, you can fuck me anytime sweetie. Now what did I hear about black guys?”

Junior had his arm around June squeezing her ass as he spoke up saying, “I invited a fellow I workout with over for tonight’s photo session.

He is black and his b*****r is also coming. “

“Do you hear that Jackie? We are going to get fucked by some black dudes. That is so exciting, it has been a very long time since I’ve been fucked by a black man. Are they hung?”

“Yes they are hung, at least the guy I workout with is, I assume his b*****r also is hung. “

My mom said, “That does sound exciting.

I have never been with a black man before. “

“Oh Jackie, you are going to just love it. First of all it is so exciting to see their big black cocks, to fondle them, to suck and lick them. They are so beautiful when they get all shinny with cum. But best of all is to feel your pussy get stretched as they fuck you and then to look down between your legs as you are being fucked and see that big black cock meat against your white pussy lips.

It’s a thrill I will never forget. And now we get to have it all recorded by this sweet guy. ” She turned giving Junior a big kiss as she pushed her body into his.

Junior put both hands on her ass holding her tight against his pelvis as he dry humped my aunt as they kissed. She released his lips saying, “I love your hardness! Want a quick fuck before the night activities begins? Before I get my pussy crammed full of black cock?”

Junior retorted, “And your ass too I hope.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! Would love to have my ass fucked tonight with a big cock. Do you think they are willing to do a double fuck so I can experience a double penetration and have both holes full of black meat at the same time?”

“I hope so, that is what I have planned for both of you. First I want you two to put on some sexy clothes, meet these guys in the living room where you will grope one another until you are all naked, want to see some cock sucking, pussy eating, tit sucking and lots of fondling with some good shots of your pussies and asses being fingered and licked.

Then I want you to go upstairs to the bedroom and have one of you take on both guys. There I want to get some good shots of you having your ass and pussy stuffed with black cock. Then we’ll have the other one take on both guys. I will run the video camera and Glenn with take still pictures. “

June looked Junior directly in the eye saying, “Fuck me! I want to get my juices flowing for these guys, I want my pussy to be all sopping wet for them.

Please give me a quick fuck before they get here. “

Junior was not about to deny my beautiful sexy aunt, he picked her up and carried her over to the couch. He sat her down as he reached down to the bottom hem of her nightie, lifting it over her head which she freely let him do. She leaned back spreading her legs as he unbuckled his pants pushing them down to his ankles, then stepping out of them.

His hard cock was protruding straight out. June reached down between her legs spreading her pussy lips inviting him to quickly slip his cock between them. Junior did not hesitate a second, he was on his knees between her legs guiding his cock directly into her cunt. She was already wet and full length of his shaft went directly into her cunt. June let out a pleasurable sigh as Junior wiggled his pelvis to maximize the sensations and to assure he was in her to the max.

June said, “Oh yes, fuck me big guy, lubricate my pussy with your cum, I want to be totally juiced up for the big black cocks that will be penetrating me soon. I love you Junior, you are the greatest. “

Junior was slowly fucking June, taking long slow deep strokes of his cock into June’s cunt. They were both getting lots of pleasure from the action and were passionately kissing, Junior was also fondling her tits.

I had grabbed a camera and took a number of shots of Junior and June fucking. I wish I had the video camera, but as it turned out, the photos were really hot. My mom sat down on a chair across the room, pulled up her skirt and fingered herself into another orgasm as they fucked. Finally Junior pulled himself half way out of June’s cunt and held himself there while he to pumped his seeds into June’s pussy.

She was also climaxing and had pulled her knees up and out to give Junior greater access to her cunt.

As we all kind of unwound from the brief fucking frenzy of Junior and June, there was a knock on the door. My mom and aunt ran upstairs, Junior grabbed his clothes and ran to the bathroom. I quickly straightened the place up and answered the door. There stood two quite large black guys, very well built and rather handsome.

I introduced myself and they in turn did the same. Junior’s friend’s name was Craig and his b*****r was Jack. I showed them into the living room and offered them something to drink, they both chose a beer.

As Junior walked into the living room, he approached Craig saying, “Hi Craig. How are you?”

“Great Junior. This is my b*****r Jack. ” Junior and Jack shook hands as Junior told them what the plan was.

They both smiled and agreed to the whole idea. The four of us chit chatted for a few minutes until we heard the girls coming down the stairs. When they walked into the living room, all of us said in unison, “WOW!”

Both my mom and June were wearing very short skirts that hugged their asses, had on high heels and very low cut blouses. June’s tits were barely covered and looked larger than normal, they were really sticking out with lots of cleavage showing.

Junior spoke up, “Craig and Jack, I would like for you to meet June and Jackie, a very hot set of twins. They are your dates for this evening and maybe all night. “

Craig and Jack had both stood up to meet my mom and aunt and one could see bulges beginning to immediately form in their pants. Jackie walked over to Craig and shook his hand while June approached Jack. Both guys leaned down and gave the girls a big kiss on the lips, these were more than just light pecks.

There was some serious face sucking on first contact.

Junior said, “Well, I can sense a lot of energy here and so we might as well begin. I thought we would begin the session with you guys sitting on the couch waiting for the girls. When they approach, just do what comes natural, OK?”

They all agreed and so Junior turned on the photo lights and started up his video camera, he then motioned for the girls to approach the guys sitting on the couch.

My mother walked up to Craig and June to Jack. Craig said, “MY OH MY! You are one hot looking mama! Turn around please and let my gander at that hot looking ass of yours. ” My mom obliged and slowly turned around lifting her skirt showing Craig her bare ass when her back was to him. Junior and I got a great view of her bare pussy.

June stood in front of Jack and just leaned down to give him a kiss and to give him a great view down her blouse.

When their lips touched, he reached up pushing her blouse aside and took a tit in each hand, fondling June’s big bazooms without any hesitation. She just remained in that position for nearly a minute as Jack thoroughly fondled her tits, squeezing and caressing them until she stood up. She turned and sat her ass next to him on the couch immediately rubbing his thigh.

Jackie in the meantime had also taken a seat next to Craig.

He immediately kissed her and fondled her tits as she ran her hand across the bulge in his pants. June and Jack were also passionately kissing while groping each other. It wasn’t long before June and Jackie’s blouses were off and the guys were fondling their bare tits. More kissing and fondling occurred with lots of hand action, Jack was the first to loose his pants while June was also removing her skirt. Jackie and Craig were right behind them; all four were now sitting nude on the couch fondling, kissing, sucking and licking each other all over.

June was leaning over sucking on Jack’s dick as he reached around her backside rubbing her ass cheeks and fingering her ass and cunt. He was able to spread her buns and get most of his middle finger straight up her ass.

Jackie stroked Craig’s cock for some time marveling at its size while he fondled her tits, she then stood up facing Craig putting her pussy in his face.

He willingly grabbed her by the ass cheeks pulling her cunt into his mouth and began to lick her pussy. He then moved his hands so that he could finger her asshole while sucking on her cunt.

Junior and I were busy photographing all the action. It was really hot to watch and many times I wanted to reach out and grab my mom’s tits or ass as she was seducing Craig.

At one point Junior, “OK guys this is so hot. How about you girls switching partners?”

There were no hesitations by either my mom or my aunt. My mom looked over at Jack who was leaning over fingering June’s asshole and said, “Sit up big guy so I can put my cunt in your face, I need my main fuck hole sucked and licked before it’s filled with your cum spewing cock.

” Jack sat up as June released his cock and got up off the couch. Jackie simply moved over and placed her cunt in Jack’s face. He immediately opened his mouth and began to suck on her pussy lips.

June had moved over and was on her knees down between Craig’s legs taking a major portion of his cock into her mouth. She was also fondling his big black balls; he just laid his head back in total enjoyment.

This kind of action continued for some time, I was able to get pictures of both my mom’s and my aunt’s tits being sucked on, the guy’s cocks being sucked on, pussies fingered and licked, assholes fingered and licked, hot kissing, tits squeezed, cocks stroked, etc, etc. Finally Junior said, “Let’s all go to the bedroom and get some hard core fucking started. We need pictures of full penetrations of asses and pussies, we need to see lots of fucking.

At this point Jackie and Jack were in a 69 position, she was trying to get all of his huge cock in her mouth while he was dining on her twat. In the meantime Craig was sucking on June’s magnificent tits as she was grinding her cunt onto his body. They reluctantly released their holds on each other as the gals stood up and began to walk totally naked toward the bedroom.

Jack and Craig got up with their big hard cocks sticking straight out and walked behind them. Craig said to his b*****r, “Which one of these hot asses do you want to fuck first?”

Jack said, “They are both so hot, I really don’t care just as long I get to feel my cock deep inside a tight asshole. “

Both guys reached forward to fondle June and Jackie’s asses as they walked down the hall.

Once in the bedroom, Junior suggested that they all get up on the bed and continue fondling each other and work toward having June be the first to get it on with both guys. My mom got on the bed first followed by Jack, then June and Craig. My mom was on her back while Jack began to suck on her tits again while he played with her pussy which she made available by spreading her legs very wide.

I was able to focus my camera directly on her cunt getting great shots of Jack’s fingers being inserted way up in her pussy. I also got good shots of Jack’s mouth totally sucking in her tits, and of him licking her erect nipples.

June and Craig were lying next to them doing about the same. Craig was using both hands to squeeze June’s tits together in an attempt to get both nipples in his mouth which he almost did.

June was fingering her own pussy which I was able to get some good pictures of her doing. Craig then started to slide down her body ending with his face buried in her snatch. He pulled her pussy lips apart as he licked the pink insides of her exposed pussy. I got a very good shot of her clit being flicked by Craig’s tongue. She was really moaning as he toyed with her aroused clit.

He then reached down grabbing both thighs and lifting them up until her knees were almost touching her tits. This caused her ass to roll up totally exposing her tight asshole. He turned his head and began licking her crack from one end to the other paying special attention to her asshole. He was actually able to push the tip of his tongue into her asshole. He played with her asshole for some time then said, “Well sugar, you have a fantastic ass, I hope you are willing to let me fuck you in the ass with my big cock?”

“Oh yes.

YES! I want you to fuck me in the ass. I can’t wait to feel your big cock sliding in and out of my asshole. I do want to be fucked in the ass, please promise me that you will fuck my ass. “

“Baby, you have my promise, I definitely want to feel your tight asshole squeezing the cum out of my cock as I fuck you. ”

I then looked over at my mom and Jack who now were in a 69 position with my mom struggling to get as much of Jack’s huge cock in her mouth and down her throat.

She was able to get only about half or a little more. Jack was fingering both of my mom’s pussy and asshole while also sucking and licking both holes. She had had a small orgasm while I was getting shots of this hot action.

Junior suggested that Jack get on his back and that June mount him and that once Jack had fully penetrated June’s cunt, for Jackie to begin preparing her s****r’s asshole for Craig.

Jack rolled over and laid in the middle of the bed with his big black shinny cock sticking straight up. My mom continued to stroke his dick as June stood up on the bed straddling Jack. She got down on her knees with her pussy right above Jack’s cock that my mom was holding. June lowered herself as my mom guided Jack’s cock into June’s pussy. June took about a third of his dick inside her before she paused, closing her eyes and rotating her hips in total enjoyment.

My mom let go of Jack’s cock but slide her hand down to his balls cupping them. June raised up just a little and then lowered herself further down the black shaft that was partially inserted in her cunt. She took three or four more inches before pausing once more. Rotated her hips some more then just raised and lowered herself a few inches about four or five times. She then let out a big moan as she dropped herself so that Jack’s cock totally penetrated her pussy.

“Oh my god this is fantastic. I have never felt so full in my life, oh my god I love this, oh Jackie you are going to love being fucked by these guys. Oh shit I don’t want this feeling to ever go away. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck I love this. ” June then began to slowly raise and lower herself up and down Jack’s hard cock as Junior and I were busy photographing all the hot action.

Craig had moved around to the side of the bed where my mom was kneeling as she massaged Jack’s balls. Craig slipped his hand under her butt and began fingering her pussy. He shoved two or three fingers deep into her cunt while he used his thumb to probe her asshole. My mom smiled at him showing total acceptance of what he was doing. He then removed his hand and pushed his face into her ass and began sucking and kissing her asshole.

Junior then told my mom to get the butt plugs for her s****r. My mom scrambled off the bed giving Craig a big kiss and told him how she liked how he was playing with her cunt and ass. She grabbed the toys and petroleum jelly and got back on the bed. In the meantime, June had gotten off her knees and was laying flat on top of Craig. My mom took the smaller butt plug, coated it and June’s asshole with jelly and then slowly inserted the butt plug into her s****rs asshole.

June moaned as she felt the penetration into her ass. She worked it in and out many times getting June’s sphincter muscle to relax. It was not long before the butt plug could easily fit in June’s ass. My mom then took the bigger butt plug and did the same. Again is was not long before the larger butt plug easily slipped in and out of June’s ass. I had my mom pull out the plug so I could get a direct shot of her dilated asshole.

I took quite a few pictures showing June’s asshole was dilated to over an inch in diameter.

Craig was more than ready to fuck June’s ass and had crawled up on the bed with his dick now only inches from June’s butt. My mom immediately took his cock in her hand, stroked it a few times, then bent down and sucked it into her mouth trying to get as much saliva on it as she could, then guided Craig’s big black hard cock into her s****rs enlarged asshole.

She placed the head of his dick against her s****r’s asshole which clearly showed that her asshole would have to be at least doubled in size to accept his cock. He pressed hard and Junior video taped the process of Craig’s dick slowly penetrating June’s ass. We could see June’s asshole slowly enlarge as more of Craig’s dick head penetrated her ass. June was showing signs of pain as Craig’s cock head finally passed through her asshole and into her butt cavity.

It was awesome to witness up close, the forcing open a white asshole by a big black cock and then to see the cock gradually disappear inside her butt until his balls were bouncing off her butt. It was hard to believe that she could accept a nine or ten inch shaft up her ass while also being filled with a similar size cock up her twat.

I was absolutely as hard as a rock.

I had been having a hard-on the whole time and had opened my fly to let my cock free. It was now sticking straight out more so than I can ever remember.

I continued taking photographs as Junior was video taping the action of June getting fucked in both holes at the same time. She was in total ecstasy as she encouraged Craig and Jack to fuck her harder and harder. They were alternating their penetrations, Craig was forcing his cock in her ass as Jack was retracting, then Jack would ram his cock in her cunt while Craig was pulling his cock out.

The action was so hot, I was having a hard time concentrating on photographing it rather than just watching and stroking my hard cock.

My mom was in a frenzy watching the action, she was on her hands and knees only inches from June’s ass. When she looked over at me with my cock sticking out, she said, “Oh honey I need your cock in me so bad. Please fuck me now, I need to be fucked hard, I need to cum.

I can’t wait for my turn with these guys. “

I was not about to turn down my mom and since I figured I had enough photos, I set down the camera, crawled up on the bed. Knowing that my mom was susceptible to getting pregnant, I grabbed the petroleum jelly, lubed up my cock and pressed it against her asshole. She pressed back at me saying, “Ohhhh yes baby, fuck my ass.

Oh get your cock in me now, I need you. I need you. Fuck me hard. “

I had my cock buried in my mom’s ass in seconds and began pounding her as hard as I could. Our action was very intense as we were both very turned on. In the process of trying to ram my cock in her as hard as I could, at one point my cock came out completely, before I had time to grab my cock and guide it back into her ass, she had taken a hold of my dick and said, “I’ll do it.

It took a little doing for her to find the hole again but soon I was fully implanted in her and fucking like a wild a****l. She was bucking against me meeting every thrust with her own. I began to feel my balls starting to boil and yelled, “I’m going to cum mom, I’m about to flood you with my sperm. God you are hot!”

“Yes baby, flood me with your sperm, give me all you got, I want every drop of your seeds in me, fuck me baby, fuck your mom like you’ve never fucked me before.

” We were like two a****ls in heat, I was hammering her just as hard as I could, I was too excited to know whether I was hurting her or not. I had a hold of her hips and would pull my cock out of her as far as possible and then with all my might, ram my cock back into her as she rammed her ass back toward me. It was absolutely awesome, I think you could hear our bodies slapping together a block away.

We both came at the same time with lots of moaning and groaning and then we collapsed on the bed, both of us being very sweaty.

As I was fucking my mom, I was well aware that June was also experiencing a great climax as she was screaming obscenities as Jack and Craig were hammering their cocks in her, filling both holes with lots of cum. I could see my aunt being hammered by two black cocks, they were really giving it to her.

When Craig climaxed, I could see him flex his buns and could tell he was really loading her ass up with cum. When the screaming and moaning stopped, all three of them collapsed with Jack and Craig’s cocks still buried in her holes as was my cock in my mom’s ass.

Well, I thought it was her ass but when I looked down sensing the shrinking of my dick, I clearly saw that my cock was buried in my mother’s pussy.

“Mom! Mom! I’m thought I was fucking your ass, but my cock has been in your cunt. I just cum in your pussy and may have just impregnated you!”

“I know honey. It’s OK, it’s OK. I deliberately put your cock in my pussy because I knew that when my turn came with Jack and Craig, I would not want either of them to fuck me with a rubber on and if I didn’t have them use a rubber, I would get pregnant.

So I wanted it to be you who got me pregnant. I hope you are OK with that?”

“I don’t know. I guess so. ” I was in shock, had never really contemplated becoming a father, especially with my mom also being my c***d’s mother. Some how my cock began to harden again as I thought about having just fucked my fertile mom’s pussy.

She rolled over on her back spreading her legs real wide revealing her freshly fucked cunt.

She looked at me as she reached down pulling her pussy lips apart and said, “You can fuck me right here again sweetie, if you want to. I want to make sure it’s you that fertilizes my eggs, cause I know that after seeing Craig and Jack double fuck June, I want to have the same experience without any rubbers. I want to feel the skin of their big cocks in my pussy and ass and to feel them spewing their hot cum inside me.

At this point, as Craig was pulling his semi hard cock out of June’s ass, he leaned over to get a closer look at my mom’s open pussy. He bent down giving her cunt a quick lick, then said, “You have a hot looking cunt Sugar, I hope I’m the one that will be pumping your fertile pussy full of black semen. If your son doesn’t get you pregnant, I know I will definitely be knocking you up.

How would you like a black baby inside your belly?” He then gave her cunt a great big kiss and got up off the bed.

MY mom responded, “I would prefer having my son’s baby inside me but if it turns out that it’s your seeds or Jack’s seeds that fertilizes my eggs, so be it. I’ll just put the c***d up for adoption. I am so horny right now, I know I can’t fuck you guys with you wearing rubbers, I so want to feel your skin against mine when we fuck.

I really need to make sure it’s my son that impregnates me. So Glenn sweetie, please come over here and fuck your mother again! Fill me with more of your baby making juice, make a baby in me. “

I was still in shock hearing my mother talk like this. I was also spent for the moment and said, “Mom I need a little rest, lets take a break and get some refreshments.

” She reluctantly agreed but still just laid there on the bed.

June was slowly pulling her pussy up off of Jack’s soft dick, when her pussy was free of his shaft, cum began to drip out of her engorged cunt and onto Jack’s leg. She immediately rolled over on her back next to Jackie looking totally exhausted. Jack just laid there with his limp dick laying on his thigh.

Jackie said to June, “God June, Jack must have dumped a ton of cum in you.

“OHHHH yes he did, I could feel his dick spewing cum in my pussy for a long time, a real long time. God I love being fucked by a guy with a big cock. When it’s your turn for the double fuck June, you are going to go crazy, absolutely crazy with desire. It’s awesome to feel both holes being crammed with cock meat, big beautiful black cock meat. I have never had such a big cock inside me before, I think I could get hooked on big cocks, dam it was so wonderful.

Jackie looked over at her s****r seeing the look of total contentment on her face and also seeing cum oozing out of her cunt, a sight that she could not resist and immediately wanted to taste her s****r. She moved her face down closer to June’s cunt and placed a big kiss on her twat. June moaned and moved her pelvis in a way indicating she wanted more. Jackie then buried her face in her s****r’s pussy and made a meal out of Jack’s and June’s juices, totally devouring June’s pussy.

June did not want to be left out of good cunt eating and so she pulled Jackie’s body over so that she could feast on her pussy. There in the middle of the bed were my mom and aunt in a 69 position, eating each other like there was no tomorrow.

Junior was still video taping the action, not saying a thing but was supporting a large hard on by the size of the tent in his shorts.

I said, “Junior, every one has gotten off except you. I think it’s time for you to relieve all that pent up cum you have in you. “

Junior smiled saying, “I would love to have a good fuck right now. My balls are aching for relief. “

I noticed that neither of the gals were paying any attention, they were totally engrossed in their cunt eating episode. I said to Junior, “You know what we have here is a total of four very juicy, very willing fuck holes, three of which have been filled with cum so far.

It’s just my mom’s ass that has not received a load of cum. So why don’t we get the girls to turn over so my mom is on the top and then you can fuck her in the ass. I know she will love it. “

Junior just nodded as he laid down his video camera as he helped me roll the gals over taking every advantage of fondling their bodies in the process.

My mom did not miss a beat as she maintained keeping her head nestled between June’s legs eating Jack’s cum from her cunt. June was now on her back licking my mom’s cunt and winked at Junior when she saw him get on the bed straddling Jackie’s ass. I handed him the petroleum jelly which he used to oil up my mom’s asshole. June helped him as she reached around my mom’s hips spreading her buns to give Junior better access to Jackie’s asshole.

June also helped Junior work the oil into my mom’s asshole by fingering her anus while Junior began spitting on his dick to lubricate it in preparation for penetrating my mom’s ass. June pulled her mouth free from Jackie’s cunt long enough to say, “Let me suck your dick a few times to help lube you up. “

Junior repositioned himself to enable him to get his dick into June’s mouth. He basicly fucked her mouth a few times as she spread saliva all over his dick.

He pulled his dick free and then pressed his cock against my mom’s asshole. She was so oiled up that his cock head slipped right in with very little hesitation. Once his dick head disappeared, he f***ed his entire cock up my mom’s ass. My mother turned her head to check who it was that was penetrating her ass, she just smiled and returned to eating June’s cunt.

June had a very close up view of all the action in my mom’s ass with her eating my mom’s cunt.

In fact Junior’s cock rubbed against June’s nose and his balls rested on her eye lids from time to time. Junior went to work fucking Jackie’s ass as we all watched, he did not last very long because he had been supporting a hard on the whole time he was video taping June getting doubled fucked. Junior really rammed my mom’s ass hard. She released her mouth from June’s cunt begging Junior to fuck her harder, “Yes baby, fuck this old cunt’s ass real good, bang me, fuck me, load me up with your cum, fill up my ass, I want every drop of your juices, fuck me Junior, unload that cock of yours straight up my ass.

Oh yes, I can feel you coming, oh baby, yes, yes, fuck this old slut, hammer me, fuck me, ohhhh how I love this. I love being dirty and nasty, oh shit fuck me some more. “

Wow, my mom is really turning into a slut, an honest to god nasty cunt eating, cock sucking, ass fucking slut. It really turns me on to know how much my mom loves to fuck and to be fucked.

The really exciting part was that she wants me as her sex partner.

As soon as Junior finished unloading his cum up my mom’s ass, he slumped down on her back. This was putting a bit of a load on June so she suggested that they roll on to their sides which they did. It looked like a really hot fuck sandwich. June and Jackie continued licking and eating each other’s cunts while Junior remained against my mom’s back with his cock fully implanted in her ass, he was hugging her using both hands to fondle her tits.

As his cock began to recede from Jackie’s asshole, June would from time to time give his cock a quick lick and then return to eating her cunt. Once Junior’s cock head reappeared and was only inches from June’s face, she starred at it for a minute, then thrust her mouth over his entire semi hard cock and sucked him. I could not believe what I was seeing but totally enjoyed the scene.

June pulled her head back free of his dick and rolled across the bed, my mom and Junior also parted, all three of them just laid there for a few minutes catching their breaths.

June was the first to speak, “God that was nasty, I have never done anything like that before!”

My mom asked, “What are you talking about? You have eaten my cunt many times. “

“No, not that. I was referring to sucking on Junior’s cock. “

“You sucked Junior’s cock just now?”

“Yes. “

“Just now after he fucked my ass?”

“Yes, yes, I sucked Junior’s cock right after he fucked you in the ass.

“Oh that is so nasty and hot. Did it taste good?”

“That is the nasty part, I liked how he tasted. “

My mom scrambled around to look at Junior’s cock which was still gleaming with cum and saliva. His dick was also showing signs of revitalization. She looked over at June who looked real satisfied laying there licking her lips and moaning. Jackie, with a gleam in her eye, bent over taking Junior’s cock totally in her mouth and held it there while she ran her tongue all over it.

She pulled her mouth free saying, “I like the flavor too. I can’t believe that I’m sucking a cock that has just been up my ass, this is so nasty and I love it so. ” She returned to sucking his cock and within minutes she was sucking on a fully erect dick that began spewing another load of cum, this one down her throat.

Craig and Jack were watching the whole deal, each standing nearby stroking their very hard dicks.

Jack said, “Hope you gals are ready for another round of hot fucking sex. You both are so hot and nasty, we need to get our rocks off again. “

Junior said, “As soon as I recover, I’ll get the video setup for another round of double fucking, this time is will be Jackie’s turn to get both of her holes crammed with cock. ” By this time my mom had released her hold on Junior’s cock and they were both sitting back taking a little break.

Craig had walked over to the side of the bed where June was lying, he pulled her head to the edge of the bed so he could stick his dick down her throat while she laid there. He reached down and massaged her tits while she sucked his cock and fondled his big balls. He just rocked back and forth giving June’s mouth a mini fuck.

My mom looked over at June sucking on Craig’s cock and said, “Be sure and get his cock really hard and his balls full of cum, I want to be royally fucked by Craig and Jack.

Craig said, “Don’t worry about that, we will give you one royal fuck, and it’s my turn to have the pleasure of fucking your ass. I’ve seen your son do it, I’ve seen Junior do it and now it’s my turn to fuck your tight little asshole with my hard black meat, I may even rip you a new asshole. ‘

“Oh god don’t do that, but please fuck me deep and hard, I want to feel every inch of you inside me, every black fucking inch of you.

And if you could, I would like to have your balls inside me too. “

Craig look down at June who was totally concentrating on sucking his dick, she had one hand at the base of his cock while she was sucking the extremity of his dick, rubbing his dick head on her lips, licking his dick, kissing his dick, etc. She also was fondling his big black balls, massaging them and occasionally sucking them into her mouth.

She was basically making love to his cock and balls, it looked like she was almost worshiping them.

Craig said, “Your s****r has me ready now sweetie. I’m going to lay down on the bed and I want you to sit on my cock, I want to watch your ass slide down my pole until my cock is deep inside your bowls. ” He pulled his cock from June’s sucking mouth, he had to almost fight her off to let go of his cock.

He laid on his back, his huge cock stood straight up, it truly looked like a tent pole.

He looked over at Jackie saying, “OK baby, get that hot tight asshole over here and sit on me and be ready for the fuck of your life. I’m going to stretch your ass like it’s never been stretched before, you will love it. “

My mother got up and stood on the bed.

She straddled Craig’s thighs and then squatted down until her asshole was resting on Craig’s upright dick. She reached down and massaged her pussy as she wiggled her ass back and forth across the head of Craig’s cock. She said, “How about a quick plunge of your cock in my cunt before you fuck my ass?”

“Sure baby, I would love to feel the warm insides of your pussy. ” She reached down taking a hold of his cock and guided it into her cunt.

She worked his dick head back and forth between her pussy lips a number of times before she lowered herself onto his dick. Once she had the head of his dick an inch or two inside her pussy, she just dropped down taking his whole cock at once. She screamed, “Oh god that hurts and feels good too. Oh Craig, your cock is so big, oh shit this is so wonderful. Oh June you are so right.

Oh fuck this is the best. ” She then proceeded to move up and down his shaft a few times until he reminded her that it was her ass that he wanted to fuck.

She then raised up totally disengaging her cunt from his cock and moved his dick back so that his cock was now pressed against her asshole. She closed her eyes and moaned as she lowered herself, forcing only a portion of Craig’s huge cock head up her ass.

She paused saying, “I need to let my ass get accustomed to you baby. Oh this hurts so good, this is heaven, I love doing this. ”

She remained in a relatively still positions for but a few seconds and then again began to wiggle her ass around coaxing Craig’s cock further into her ass. She lowered herself a little more until the head of his cock slowly disappeared in her ass.

She again paused with her eyes closed and said, “Oh that hurts sooo goooooood. ”

She paused just a short time until she started to become more aggressive and began to raise and lower her butt five or six inches up and down on his big black shinny shaft. She was really getting into the rhythm moaning on every down stroke. She finally sat down hard, taking all of Craig inside her and just screamed with joy.

She turned with her back to Craig, laid back on him as she looked over at Jack saying, “I’m ready for you big boy, I now want my pussy as well as my ass full of black meat, I want to be totally stuffed with black cock. “

Jack said, “Maybe you should let Glenn to fuck your pussy once more before I load up that hot cunt of yours with my semen.

Once my seeds are in your fertile pussy, you will definitely get pregnant. “

My mom looked over at me as I was stroking my hard cock and said, “OK baby will you please fuck me one more time before Jack floods my pussy with his black baby making semen. I want to make sure it’s your baby I have in my belly. “

As I got up on the bed to straddle my mom and Craig’s bodies, she said to Junior, “Now get some good photos of this, I want to be able to later watch Glenn fucking me as he is making his baby inside me.

Get some close-ups when he is shooting his cum in me, OK?”

I could not believe what I was hearing but I was so horny I didn’t care. I lowered myself and slipped my cock into my mom’s wet cunt and immediately began fucking her. Craig was slowly working his cock in her ass while I was ramming my cock in her pussy. My mom and I were passionately kissing while I fucked her.

My tongue was in her mouth, my cock was in her cunt and my hands were all over her tits. It was a passionate fuck right there in front of everybody and on top of Craig. It did not take us long to both have a climax, I know that I really flooded her pussy with lots of semen, I was as turned on as I have ever been.

As soon as I finished, I knew my mom was anxious to feel Jack’s big cock inside her fuck hole and so I got up immediately withdrawing my semi-limp cock from her juiced up cunt.

Jack was standing next to the bed stroking his big cock ready to ram it in my mom’s freshly fucked pussy. Before Jack was able to mount my mom, she said, “Junior get some pictures of my open cunt right now, I want to have photos showing Glenn’s cum in my pussy. ” She reached down pulling her pussy lips apart for Junior to get some close-ups. I could actually see an inch or so inside her pussy.

There was a pool of cum in her with some of it oozing out.

As soon as Junior finished taking pictures, my mom said, “OK Jack I’m all yours now baby, fuck me like you said you were going to do. If Glenn’s seeds didn’t impregnate me, them its your turn to fertilize my eggs. I want to feel every inch of you in me, every fucking black inch of your dick inside my pussy, I want to be fucked hard and deep.

Jack did not waste any time mounting my mom, he was holding his cock with both hands as he guided it into her waiting cunt and immediately began to give her hell. His action prevented Craig from working his cock in and out of my mom’s ass so he suggested that they rotate onto their sides in order that they each could give the hole they were fucking good action. They went from one plunging into her while the other was retracting, to both plunging into her at the same time.

This kind of action she liked the best and was totally engrossed in what was being done to her body, begging them to slam her harder, deeper, faster, and on and on. Craig was the first to shoot his load letting out loud grunts as he flooded my mom’s ass with his semen. He was followed shortly there after by Jack. I believe my mother had three or four climaxes while they were fucking her.

It had been an intense fucking session, the guys were really into giving my mom a fuck of her life, which I think they did, if not, it was really close to it.

I had gotten a ton of great photos of my mom with two cocks penetrating her fuck holes while Junior was video taping the whole session. When I later reviewed these photos, I found I had a dozen great shots of both my mom’s holes being totally stretched at the same time by these two big black cocks.

I have subsequently jacked off a number times just looking at the photos and remembering this hot session. They are some of my best photos of my mom’s cunt and ass being fucked.

When Jack finished shooting his load in my mom’s pussy, all three just remained on the bed recuperating, the guys did not attempt to remove their cocks from the warm holes they were in. I also sat back, it had been a hot session and had me excited just watching.

I looked over at Junior and saw that he was now video taping June who was sitting on a chair, legs spread with a dildo up her ass and a vibrator in her cunt.

She was moaning and groaning with her eyes closed getting herself off. Junior kept the camera running until June came down off her self directed high and had let go of her toys although they still remained implanted in her cunt and ass.

Jack was the first to remove his cock from inside my mom’s body, he slowly pulled his semi-erect one eyed black snake from her well fucked pussy with a pop. His cock left her cunt with a definite gapping hole. Once his cock was free of her cunt, he turned over on his back letting his cum covered cock rest on his thigh. Jackie glanced down at him and said, “Oh sweetie, I need to taste you, I want to know what flavor your cum is, would you scoot up here and let me suck your cock?”

Jack was not about to turn down the opportunity of having a warm mouth engulf his cock and so he scooted up enough to allow Jackie to get her mouth around his dick.

She just uttered sounds of pleasure as she licked and sucked his cock until he decided to get up. She looked down at her pussy to see a large amount of cum had oozed out of her cunt and formed a pool on the bedspread. She said to June, “Oh look at the mess I’ve made, my pussy is totally over flowing with cum. God I wish I could eat myself. ”

June’s ears perked up and she walked over to where she could see what Jackie was talking about.

Her toys still remained stuffed in her pussy and ass. Craig in the meantime had pulled his cock loose from Jackie’s ass and got on his knees. Jackie then rolled over on her back and when she saw Craig kneeing with his shinny cock hanging from his crotch, her eyes sparkled and she motioned for Craig to move up toward her face. She reached out taking his cock in her hand pulling him even closer, she raised his cock above her face admiring it in all its glory.

She then opened her mouth and unceremoniously stuck his cock into her mouth. She grabbed him by his balls and pulled him deep into her mouth. She deep throated his cock which had been deeply implanted in her ass just seconds before. After a few seconds of deep throating Craig, she pulled her mouth free, took a deep breath, then re-engaged her mouth and throat totally consuming his dick once again. This time she grabbed his hips and was forcing his dick even deeper down her throat.

She again removed his dick from her mouth and licked his cock all up and down saying, “Oh god you taste so nasty, but I love it. I love tasting a cock that has just been up my ass. Am I a slut or what?”

June in the meantime could not resist Jackie’s cum filled cunt and was busy eating her s****r’s pussy. She had a lot to eat since Jackie had received two big loads of cum in her pussy, one from me in an effort to assure she would be impregnated by a white cock before receiving a lot of black cum from Jack.

Junior turned his video camera onto the action filming June’s cunt eating and Jackie’s cock sucking action. It was hot to watch but I was exhausted and really thirsty.

I headed for the kitchen to get something drink with Craig joining me. We sat down at the kitchen table and chatted a bit. He wanted some history on my mom and aunt. I filled him in what little I really knew about their former sex lives.

Just that recently they both have become nymphomaniacs. He said that he has fucked a lot of women including dozens of white women and said that my mom and aunt were a couple of the hottest, nastiest, sexiest women he has ever met and that he hoped there would be other opportunities to fuck them again. I told him that it was very probably that he would have easy and frequent access to their cunts and asses.

As we sat there chewing the fat, Junior came in also looking for a drink. All three of us sat there in the nude with very limp cocks. It was rather odd being around naked guys. We were not there very long before being joined by Jack, Jackie and June, all naked as J-birds. Jack was between the two gals with his arms around their shoulders fondling their tits. My mom was stroking his semi-hard cock.

June said, “What are you guys doing?”

“Just having a little refreshments. Having a beer. “

“How about finding something for us to drink?”

“Sure, what would you like? Beer, coke, wine, scotch, whiskey, rum, water or more cum?”

June said, “Well cum is always my first chose, but right now I need something a little more thirst quenching. How about a scotch and water?”

“Great, one scotch and water coming up.

What would you like mom?”

“Oh I’ll just take a beer. “

“And you Jack, what would you like to drink?”

“Milk from these fine tits I’m holding. “

My mom said, “Well, when my tits start to produce milk in about nine months, you will certainly be welcome to it and I hope you will be around to sample my milk along with letting me pleasure you with my cunt and ass.

“Uhhh, that sounds so hot. I will make a note of that and make sure I get to suck these nice tits when they are full of milk. I have never sucked on tits full of milk while fucking, sounds very exciting. In the meantime I’ll just take a beer. “

I got up and found beers for my mom and Jack, then made a scotch and water for my aunt.

I then sat back down at the table where everyone was sitting just relaxing after a long session of hard fucking. My mom was sitting next to Craig and June was sitting next to Jack. Craig said, “You gals are really hot fucks you know, and I mean hot fucks! You are a couple of really nasty sluts and I love gals that love to service us guys so well. I can tell that you both love having your pussies and asses fucked with hard cocks.

Would either one of you or both of you be available for a gangbang by my buddies?”

June said, “Are you serious?”

“Yes, absolutely. I know my buddies would love a chance to fuck you two hot cunts. ” He had leaned over and was playing with my mom’s tits as he was talking, “My buddies are also all well endowed and so I know you will enjoy being fucked by them and have your cunts and asses stretched to the max.

” He very gently bent over taking one of my mom’s tits in his mouth and sucked on her nipple. She held on to his head as he used his tongue to play with her erect nipple. God she has great nipples. She was definitely getting aroused again, of course now days my mom seems to get aroused at the sound of a zipper.

June said, “How many guys would you have at this gangbang?”

“Oh I think I could round up a dozen guys, all black with big juicy black cocks fully loaded to give each of you gals a real cum bath.

“Did you hear that Jackie, a dozen black cocks for us to fuck. “

“Yes. It makes my pussy wet just thinking of having that many black cocks to suck and fuck all at once. “

Craig reached down between my mom’s legs which she freely opened letting him have easy access to her cunt as he slipped his fingers in her. “Wow, you are wet baby! But I think maybe it’s just Jack’s cum that I’m feeling inside you.

” He continued fingering her cunt pushing a second finger inside her.

My mom moaned saying, “Yea it maybe Jack’s cum your feeling but I know seeing twelve black cocks would make my pussy cream. Ohhh I like what you are doing to me baby, your fingers feel so good inside me. “

My mom then reached over and began stroking Craig’s cock that had already begun to respond. Craig said, “You know sweetie, I think I should get a turn at impregnating you.

Your son banged you three times and Jack flooded your pussy with his semen, now I would like to a chance to fuck your fertile cunt. Maybe, just maybe Glenn and Jack’s semen did not do the trick. I know my cum will fertilize those little baby eggs inside you. “

“Oh god yes, I would love another fucking. Lets go in the den and do it on the couch. ” My mom stood up and headed for the den with Craig right behind her, his big hard cock sticking straight out like a huge sausage.

She glanced back and seeing his big black cock pointing at her, she grabbed it and led him into the den. The den is just off the kitchen so we were able to watch all the action. My mom turned passionately kissing Craig while she rubbed his cock all around her crotch. He was fondling her tits at the same time. She then laid down on the couch spreading her legs real wide while reaching up for Craig to join her.

He positioned himself between her outspread legs and as my mom pulled her pussy lips apart giving Craig an easy target, he was inside her immediately.

“Yes, yes, get your cock in me honey, fuck me hard, fuck me good, fill me with your baby making semen, cum in me hard, flood my fuck hole with your juice. Oh god fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop just keep fucking me, I want to feel every inch of you inside me.

” My mom had reached around his back as best she could pulling him into her on each down stroke. Craig was really into it and was pounding my mom’s pussy with long hard deep strokes to her constant encouragement. I was getting a real hard-on watching and when I looked over at my aunt to check on the only other availability cunt, I saw that she had mounted Jack as he sat in the chair.

She was sliding her pussy up and down his shiny black cock while he was sucking her tits and squeezing her butt. Junior had gotten down on the floor taking a video of the action from the floor level.

There I was watching my mom and aunt each getting totally fucked in some really hot action but with no available pussy for me. I wanted to cum so bad, so I walked into the den and stood next to my mother’s face as I jacked off.

When my mom saw me standing there stroking my hard cock, she said, “Yes baby, cum on my face, cover me with your tasty juices. Cum on me, cum all over my face. I love you so much. “

It is still hard to believe what I hear coming from my mother’s mouth, she has become such a slut so quickly. But I love it, it really turns me on knowing that my mom loves sex so much and seems to enjoy being a slut.

Just as I started to ejaculate onto my mom’s face, Craig let out a loud moan as he began to unload his semen inside my mom’s cunt. She had pulled her legs up along side her rips letting Craig get as deep into as he could, she also had her arms around him pulling him into her while she was also thrusting her hips into his. She was wanting maximum penetration from the big black guy to assure she was getting every drop of his sperm deep down inside her.

She was probably also using her pussy muscles to milk his cock like she has done many times with me.

She said, “Oh yea, fill me up big guy, god I love being fucked, I love having my pussy crammed full of cock meat, especially black cock meat, I want your baby in me, I want it to be you fertilizing my eggs, I want to be your slut, I want to be your whore, oh shit just fuck me.

” My mom has gone over the edge, she gets so turned on she sounds like a crazy woman.

When Craig quit moaning and had obviously shot his last drop of cum in her womb, he became motionless. My mom looked up at me taking my cock in her hand and pulled it into her mouth. She sucked my entire dick into her mouth, then used my cock to wipe up the cum that I had deposited onto her face and then returned my cock into her mouth for more sucking.

She pulled my cock from her mouth saying, “Uhhhh you taste so good my sweetie, so very very good. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth and to taste your cum. “

I looked back into the kitchen to see what action was going on and was not surprised to see my aunt on her back on the table with her legs over Jack’s shoulders. Jack was fucking her pussy and Junior was fucking her mouth; they both were busy fondling her tits.

They were well into it and within minutes they both shot their loads, Jack filled her pussy with his sperm and Junior shot his load of cum all over her face.

I had sat down on the floor completely exhausted, Craig had rolled off my mom and was also sitting on the floor, my mom was laying totally motionless on the couch. When Jack and Junior finished fucking June, they each walked into the den and collapsed on the floor.

My aunt remained on the table for while and then joined us in the den.

Junior was the first to speak, “Wow, I think I have enough videos and still shots to last for months. We are going to have one hell of a hot website. I’ll start tomorrow to get hooked up with some webmaster to get things going, shouldn’t take but a few days to get the website up and running.

What should we name it?”

Craig offered, “How about June and Jackie’s Place?”

“No”, my mom said, “I don’t want to use my real name. How about J&J’s Fuck Palace?”

June retorted, “Lets name it ‘Twin Twats’ and have the home page showing close-ups of our gapping pussies after being fucked. “

Junior laughed saying, “Well, we have time to figure a name out. “

Craig and Jack had gotten up and had headed up to my mom’s bedroom to fetch their clothes while we discussed the name of the website.

Shortly they came down fully clothed to say goodbye and thanks for the great fuck. Jack said he would call when he had set up the gangbang and that it would most likely be a couple weeks before he could get all the guys together. They each kissed my mom and aunt goodbye, gave their tits a quick fondle and headed out the door. My mom handed Craig a note with her number on it saying to give her a call anytime he wanted another good fuck.

Craig turned back to kiss her again while he reached down between her legs to finger her pussy. She grabbed his wrist to hold his fingers in her cunt saying, “My cunt is for your pleasure baby, anytime, anyplace you want it. And so is my mouth and ass. You just call me and I’ll be there. ” She then gave him a big passionate kiss.

They left and we all took turns showering and headed for the sack.

I crawled into bed next to my aunt while Junior crawled into bed with my mom. I was exhausted and cuddled against my aunts sexy body, cupping her breasts as I fell asl**p.

As I dozed off I did hear my mom say to Junior that she knew that she was already pregnant, if not be me, she was certain that she then had a little black baby growing inside her and so, it would be alright for him to fuck her and load up her cunt with more sperm, hot teenage white sperm.

It still amazes me how my mom now talks and her recent attitude about sex. Both my aunt and I fell asl**p hearing the sounds from my mom’s bedroom of her taking on one more load of cum before calling it a night.

The next day was not too eventful, my aunt went home before noon. Junior and I slept in and did not see her leave. My mom was in the kitchen cooking when I got up, she was wearing only an apron.

It still surprises me to see my mom so open and lax about sex. She was whistling and looking very happy. I walked over and gave her a big kiss, she responded like any lover would do, an open mouth kiss while she leaned her body into mine. “How do you feel this morning, mom?”

She had a twinkle in her eye saying, “I don’t know, how do I feel. ” I took the hint and reached around to fondle her bare ass, then moved my hands up her hips and waist to her side, them moved my hands under her apron cupping her nice tits.

“Uhhhhh, you feel nice, real nice. ” I kissed her again as I continued fondling her tits.

When we broke off the kiss, she said, “Oh I feel great Glenn! I feel wonderful, totally satisfied and content. “

“Because…. ?”

“Because of many things. I had a great time last night. I loved being fucked by two guys with great big cocks while also being photographed and I can’t wait to see the photos and the videos.

I loved the night I spent with Junior. I love how you fucked me yesterday and most likely got me pregnant. “

“Wow, that’s great. But how do you really feel about being pregnant?”

“I think it is going to be wonderful, just wonderful. “

“What if you give birth to a black baby?”

“Well, I really don’t think that will happen. You did fill me with three loads of your sperm before Jack and Craig fucked me.

So I think it’s very very likely that it is your c***d that is growing inside me. How do you feel about being a father?”

“I really don’t know mom, I haven’t had time to really think about it. You know, the c***d will also be my b*****r or s****r!”

“Yea, I know. I thought about that and we must keep it a secret that you are both the father and a sibling.

I might just give the c***d up for adoption. What do you think of that?”

“Right now I think that is a good idea. How are you going to explain your pregnancy to you boss and all your friends?”

“I’ll just say that I had a fling but do not want to marry the father, don’t believe in abortion so I’ll give birth to the c***d and then adopt it out. ” My mom looked so happy, she seemed to be glowing and looked even more sexy that normal.

I fondled her tits some more then dropped one hand down to her pussy.

She said, “Oh sweetie, I would love to make love to you again right now, but I have so much to do today. Can be wait until this evening before we fuck anymore?”

“Of course mom, what ever you say. But how about putting more clothes on, it is not fair for you to show us young guys lots of skin and then not be willing to fuck.

“You are right honey, I will go to my bedroom and put on some clothes. ” Before she could take a single step, Junior came in the kitchen wearing boxer shorts with what looked like a tent pole in them.

He said, “Can you believe that I woke up this morning with a woody! I was hoping Jackie, that you would still be in bed so I could play with those magnificent tits of yours and them I could maybe load up your hot pussy with more sperm.

But here you are down in the kitchen looking hot and sexy with just an apron on. I’m not going to want to ever go home after staying here. “

My mom looked a little embarrassed but I also could see she enjoyed the fact that her body was still hot enough to excite us young guys. As Junior approached us, she turned and gave him a good morning kiss as she had done me.

It was a very passionate kiss. Junior then reached around her back to fondle her bare ass as I had and pulled her in tight against his boner. She did not show any signs of resistance, in fact when Junior kind of squatted to get his cock at the same level as her pussy, she parted her legs letting his hard cock slip between her legs and then she road his dick by undulating her hips back and forth.

My dick got real hard watching my mom and Junior dry hump each other right there in the kitchen. My mom broke the kiss saying, “I was just headed to my bedroom to put some clothes on, but I can see that you two studs need some servicing which I am more than willing to provide. In fact, I insist you let me provide it. Lets go in the den and get comfortable.

Junior put his arm around her and they walked into the den, his hand went down to her ass as they walked. She turned around, removed her apron, laid down on the couch spreading her sexy legs saying, “This is going to be so much fun living with two sexy studs with delicious cocks. Who wants to be first?”

Junior said, “Well Glenn was up first and I was the last to fuck you last night, so I think Glenn should have he first fuck this morning, OK?”

I responded, “Thanks Junior, I really appreciate that, my cock is about to explode anyway.

” I pulled down my shorts as I approached my stretched out mom lying spread eagle on the couch.

She opened her arms greeting me saying, “Oh sweetie, come here and fuck your mama, give me that nice hard cock to fuck. I want you deep inside me again, I want you to pump more of your sperm in my fertile pussy. Fuck me baby, fuck your nasty cock loving, cum eating, slutty mother.

” What a mouth she has developed. I was inside her in a jiffy and maintained control until I felt her climax. I then let go and pressed my cock into her as hard as I could, making sure I was very deep inside her, she responded with moans of pleasure as more of my sperm was being spewed inside my pussy.

Junior was very patient as my mother and I fucked on the couch.

He stood close by stroking his hard cock waiting his turn to fuck my mother, to slip his big weenie between the pussy lips he had been video taping all last night. He did not have to wait very long because I was really horny and shot my wad in a short time.

When I finished with my mom and began to get up off the couch, my mom looked at me saying, “Honey, please let me lick off the cum you have dripping off your dick, I love tasting you.

” I was not about to deny my mom nor not take advantage of having a set of warm lips engulf my cock. I moved to where she could suck my dick while Junior mounted her. She removed my dick from her mouth long enough to say, “Oh my god, having two cocks around all the time is going to be heaven. How did I become so lucky?”

Junior and I did not respond as we were concentrating on the action our dicks were getting, my mom’s lips wrapped around my dick and her pussy entertaining Junior’s cock.

Junior brought my mom to a climax and shortly afterward, he shot his load of sperm in her. Even though my mom is a great cock sucker, I did no have another orgasm, I think she was wanting a mouth full of sperm to swallow, but I know I needed to pace myself, so I kept myself under control.

My mom released my dick from her mouth as Junior’s dick was shrinking from her pussy.

I moved away to sit down on a chair as she reached down taking Junior’s semi-hard cum coated cock in her hand pulling him toward her face. She obviously wanted more cock to suck and Junior was more than willing. She went to work on his dick and sure enough, within minutes he was supporting another hard on. As she sucked his cock, she also fondled his balls and fingered his anus. It was not long before Junior let out a low moan as he satisfied my mom with another load of sperm for her to swallow.

When she relaxed, he removed his cock from her sucking mouth and sat on the floor. My mom just remained stretched out on the couch and said, “Oh thank you guys! That was just the greatest. I love sex so much especially with you guys. I love being fucked, I love your cocks, I love to feel them, to suck them, to feel them shooting sperm inside me. Ohhhh how I wish June was here, I want June to eat and suck your cum from my pussy and give me another climax.

Oh thank you, thank you. ”

We all just sat there awhile recuperating. My mom was busy fingering herself and licking her fingers giving out little moans of enjoyment. It is so hard to believe what is happening in my life. Here is my mom lying on the couch bare ass naked with not a sign of any modesty, legs spread widely while sticking her fingers in her own pussy and then licking them.

She looked at me with a big smile saying, “Would you like to join in on a little desert? You guys are delicious. “

“No mom, just enjoy it all for yourself. “

“I wish I had something that would allow me to suck myself dry, get all of the cum out of me, I love to taste cum. “

“Mom, your slutness is unbelievable. Where did all this come from.

Were you a slut when you were a young girl?”

“No not at all. I guess it has just been a deep feeling I’ve repressed for years that you have awakened. I now have visions and fantasies that never occurred to me before. I spend most my time thinking about sex, ways I want to be fucked, things I want to do to you and other men. I feel I have become addicted to sex, hard core a****l sex.

“I think so mom. It seems that you have become one hot nasty slut with an insatiable appetite for fucking and sucking. “

“Do I discuss you?”

“No mom, you do not discuss me. I just think you are letting loose feelings that have been pent up for years. Go for it mom, do your thing!”

“Thanks Glenn, I really appreciate your attitude. I think that this is just a faze I’m going through and once I feel comfortable with myself sexuality again, I will be more like my old self but with a little more flare.

“Well, you can be in this so called faze for as long as you want mom! I love your attitude and your sense of sexual freedom. It’s so great to be just like we are now, you freely revealing your body and have no reservations with me touching you. “

“Oh yes, that is good. I like it too. “

Junior piped in saying, “I hope you stay just like you are Jackie, it is so great to be with you.

You are so sexy and free. I hope after my mom gets home you will let me stay here from time to time. “

My mom looked down at Junior sitting on the floor right next to the couch with his semi-hard cock in his hand and said, “You will always be welcome in my home Junior, especially if you will share your hard cock that you have in your hand with me.

I love to see you young guys bare ass naked stroking your nice cocks. It just stirs me up so much, I think my pussy is constantly wet with you guys around. “

Junior only had to turn his head a little to look straight up between my mom’s out stretched legs at her pussy. She was still fingering herself and licking her fingers as she spoke. Junior took a hold of her left leg and licked her calf.

She immediately said, “Uhhhh, yes! Why don’t you just lick your way up to my juicy honey pot, I know you will like the taste, a little of you mixed with a little of me. ”

Junior just smiled as he turned his body some in order to be able to move his face toward his target, my mom’s pussy. He openly licked my mom’s inner thigh as she spread her legs real wide to give Junior easy access to her cunt.

She also used her index fingers to spread her pussy lips so Junior could slip his tongue inside her and play with her hardened clit. He flicked her clit a number of times then opened his mouth and literally sucked her cunt lips inside his mouth. My mom placed her hand on his head as he ate her pussy. He wiggled his head back and forth sticking his tongue in and out of her cunt.

He also placed a hand under her ass and began to play with her anus. At this point my mom raised her knees up next to her tits. Junior took advantage of the opportunity and used his thumb to penetrate her asshole while his tongue was penetrating her pussy. She only lasted a few minutes before she climaxed and it was a big climax. She moaned and actually screamed as her juices began to flow in unison with the sensations that momentarily took over her body.

My mom placed a hand on each side of his face holding him tight against her convulsing pussy. She was humping his face with her eyes closed. She then said, “Do you want to fuck me again? I would love for you to fuck me in the ass right now. “

Junior was not able to answer her due to his face being pressed into her wet cunt. She released Junior’s head but he continued eating her pussy.

He eventually looked up at my mom, his lips were all shinny with cum. She motioned for him to move up which he did, first he kissed her tits then he moved up further placing his lips on hers as they passionately kissed. He laid on top of her, his hard cock was between her legs pressing against her pussy but not in it. He wiggled his ass to rub his cock against her wet mound to tease her some.

She released his lips saying, “Oh please put your cock in me again. I don’t care which hole, just get your cock inside me. I want to be fucked some more. “

Junior raised his ass up a little, reached down between the both of them taking a hold of his cock to guide it into Jackie’s freshly fucked pussy. She groaned the moment she felt his cock slide between her pussy lips and down inside her love tunnel.

He plunged his cock into her to the hilt on the first down stroke and kept it buried deep as he twitched his buns maximizing the sensations he was receiving and giving. My mom grabbed his face and kissed him very passionately as she ground her tits into his chest and her pussy into his pelvis, seeking maximum penetration of Junior’s cock. She was hot to trot and wanting all the action she could get.

Junior was ready to erupt and suddenly began fucking my mom’s pussy with wild abandon ramming his cock deep inside her while she hung on passionately kissing him. I was getting a hard-on watching the action.

After a minute or so of this hot action, Junior reached down and pulled her legs up high getting her knees next to her tits and then he slammed his cock hard into her pussy letting out a loud groan as he unloaded his sperm bank into my mom’s cunt.

He continued ramming her pussy while all the time groaning, and when he wasn’t groaning I could hear the squishing sound from all the cum that was in my mom’s cunt and could also see cum oozing out of her pussy and running down her crack. He suddenly collapsed on top of my mom, she responded by wrapping her arms around him holding him very tight against her nude body. She said, “Oh that was so good.

I love being fucked like that, I love the energy you put into fucking me, your cock is so big and it feels so good deep inside me, I hope you stay in me for a long time. Oh, this is heaven, pure heaven. Don’t move, stay inside me for awhile, keep your cock in me, I don’t want you to leave. I need to keep my pussy full of cock a little while longer.

My mom looked over at me and said, “Oh sweetie, I also love how you fuck me. I always love having you slip that big cock of yours inside me. Both of you guys are great lovers. I love how you run your hands all over me, fondling my private parts, fingering me, sucking me, ohh you guys are the greatest. ”

She winked at me then said, “June told me she saw on a porno website a gal that took two cocks in her pussy, she said that the gal was not really a big gal but was able to get two good size cocks totally in her cunt.

Maybe sometime you and Junior will try that with me, I would love to see if I could get both of your cocks inside my pussy. Wouldn’t that be a blast, having two cocks in the same hole. Uhhh, I bet that would be really tight. Please say you will try that some time with me!”

I just shrugged not knowing what to say, I wasn’t keen about having my cock along side another cock, even if it was Junior’s and we were fucking my sexy mom.

I did feel a bit of excitement at the thought, but brushed off the comment not wanting to make any such commitment. My mom did not pursue the question any further but just laid her head back enjoying the pleasure Junior was giving her as he kept his cock fully engaged in her pussy.

Gradually Junior’s cock began to shrink and so he got up giving my mom a quick kiss and first on the mouth, then on her tits; he then sat down on the floor next to mom’s legs that were hanging over the couch.

She was laying there spread eagle with cum dripping out of her snatch, a big smile on her face and saying, “Oh what a way to start a day. Good fucking first think in the morning is hard to beat. Thanks Junior and you too Glenn. I love you guys. ”

She sat up and fondled her own tits with both hands saying, “I could do this all day. Fucking is just too much fun.

I love being a slut for you guys. I especially loved it last night with Jack and Craig. I loved it when they got excited and just fucked us how they wanted, ramming their big cocks in June and I, grabbing our tits and pinching our asses. Shit they had big cocks, what a blast that was and just think, they are going to find a dozen more guys to gangbanging us. I can’t wait for that to happen.

A dozen hard black cocks to fuck and suck as we wish, a dream come true. “

At this point my mom got up and faced Junior who was sitting on the floor saying, “Want to dine on my little pussy here, it’s full of both your and my juicy cum? Ummm I know you like cum!” Junior just smiled sticking out his tongue, she took that as a yes and leaned her pelvis in toward him pushing her cunt directly in his face.

He licked her pussy all over dragging his tongue up and down her slit. She placed a foot up on the couch straddling Junior’s face to give him easier access to her cum dripping pussy. He quickly stuck his tongue between her cunt lips and licked her clean. She then placed her hand on the back of his head pushing his face firmly into her snatch humping his face saying, “Oh baby, suck my pussy, eat me, yes, oh yes, eat me, play with my clit, oh yea, push your tongue in me, tongue fuck me, oh, ohhhhh, yes, yes, suck me, eat me, bite me, oh yes, I love this, eat me, get me off, ohhhh I want to cum again, suck meeeeeee, oh yes, yes, yes, ohhh I’m cuming, I’m cummmmming, ohhh I love your tongue in me.

I love it, love iiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt… Oh fuck that was great! Ohhhhhh Junior you are one of the best. Oh honey I love you. “

I got hard watching my mom and Junior get it on again. Seeing my nude mom in sexy lewd positions and hearing her talk dirty really gets me horny. I got down on the floor on all fours, crawled up behind my mom, took both hands to spread her buns and place a very wet kiss on her asshole.

I then probed her anus with my tongue as Junior continued tonguing her pussy. She said, “Oh honey that is so good. Oh yes lick my ass, kiss my ass, suck my ass, finger my ass and if you would, fuck my ass. Yes baby, please, please fuck me in the ass. Get your big cock up my tight asshole and fuck me good. Yes fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. I want you guys to fuck me all day long.

Do whatever you want with me, but just keep FUCKING ME!”

Well, I can tell you that we had one hell of a hot day. Junior and I spent all day fucking, fondling, sucking my mom. We all spent a lot of time around the computer reviewing the photos and videos from last night. There were some really hot scenes that had us all horny, we would take turns fucking or masturbating my mom to get her off.

She later said that she thinks she had maybe three or four dozen climaxes that day. By evening we were all bushed and crashed early. Tomorrow is another day!.

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