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A hot afternoon in Bali

In July 2009, I visited Bali for the first time in my life. I was never too eager to go there, because I was afraid there’d be too many tourists and the locals would just try to get your money. However, I had two good reasons to still go at that time. One of them was a woman that I shouldn’t have met in my life(but that’s another story), the other one was S.

I’ve already known S when she still lived in Jakarta back in 2006. We were supposed to meet each other back then, but I was still in a relationship and couldn’t really find the time. But knowing that I’ll come to Bali and knowing that she lives there now, I felt curious to finally meet her. For some reason, I felt a strong urge to spend time with this seemingly nice, funny and smart woman and I guess a part of me felt excited about the idea that an older woman would also have an interest in kissing me.

I arrived in Jakarta a few days earlier and prepared myself. Then my trip started from the then-new terminal 3. A taxi ride later, I was at my destination, my own little villa(with no real walls in front, so each room was open to the garden area). It was a nice place actually, I just felt quite lonely there.
As I mentioned above, I originally wanted to visit Bali to see that other woman.

But after seeing how little she seemed to care and how little she helped me to find a place(I was trying to find one near her house for HER convenience), I felt really pissed off and was actually thinking to cancel the whole trip. The only reason I still went was actually S. She was just so nice and kind and helpful(the total opposite of the other woman, let’s call her I ).
After arriving there and sleeping, a new day started.

I actually contacted me and wanted to meet me, but I was too upset with her. Instead, I got a message by S and decided to meet her. She came to my villa and I picked her up outside of it. We sat down in the kitchen and started talking. She had brought me some snacks and was very nice, but I was a bit intimdated, because she seemed so well educated and cosmopolitan, I wasn’t sure if I’d really be of interest to her or if she’d rather see me as a neutrum.

It was a sunny day and there was some shadow in the kitchen, so I decided to show her the rest of the place. There was a kind of terrace in the first floor with a wooden rattan couch. We decided to sit up there. We talked and talked and had a very good conversation, but it seemed like neither one of us wanted to come back to the topics we had talked about prior to our meeting(like kissing with each other or even more).

Somehow, one of us(I think it was me) started joking about how we had planned so many things, but didn’t do any. And I think it was her who dared me…in the process, I lost my pants and shirt and suddenly just sat there in my undies…and before we knew it, we were on the couch, kissing each other passionately. She took off her jeans and blouse and our kissing became more and more passionate.

I loved to see how the more passionate we became, the younger and even prettier she looked. She really seemed to enjoy it and so did I(she’s a good kisser). We decided to move to the bedroom(the only room with 4 walls that would give some kind of privacy), because we weren’t too keen to be seen by everyone.
Seeing her lying there on my small bed, I felt very aroused. I caressed her breasts, played with her hard nipples and kissed her stomache, going deeper and deeper…my lips felt the moist area between her legs and I started licking her, enjoying her moaning…I kept licking and licking until she came for the first time.

Then she repaid me with her mouth and tongue(she’s very good at it, one of the best I had). It didn’t take long for me to also cum and we were even. We continued our kissing and a few minutes later, I was ready to go again. She moved up a bit, lifing her hips and guiding my “heat-seeking missile” to the hot spot between her legs…she felt very tight and warm and I loved that I could look in her eyes while I entered her and she started riding me.

Even though we were somehow strangers, it felt almost as if we were long-time lovers. We both enjoyed how she was riding my hard cock and it wouldn’t take too long for me to shoot another hot load, this time in her pussy…we even came at almost the same time…could it be more perfect?
We made love a few more times until she had to go home(family called). I wished she could have stayed with me and we could have spent the night together too…but it wasn’t our time yet.

However, this was the start of a really great friendship…the Bali trip as a whole was a total waste of time, money and emotions in retrospective, but she really made it worth-while and gave me a lot of nice memories and even more so, she gave me her friendship for which I’m still very grateful. I’m glad I went to Bali that year to meet her.

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