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A hard BBC night

A hard BBC night

Home alone again, hubby Victor flying away for a long weekend.
My slut girlfriend Barbara called me on Saturday evening. She was happily married and I suspected that she had never cheated on her loving husband Roy, but now he had gone fishing with his mates and she was a little bit horny and in the mood for a good time.
She asked me to have a “girl’s night out” and see what could happen…

We both got dressed like whores in heat and ended the night at a dark bar, where some strippers entertained the customers.

We were sipping some margaritas when two young black men approached us and started a friendly chat.
The first one introduced himself as Nathan, a nice looking guy, smiling, huge muscular torso and apparently well endowed. I started feel a bit arousal while he was looking in my eyes.
The other one seemed to be enticed to my friend Barbara. His name was Jamieson and also was huge sized, especially inside his pants.

Both were from out of town, just working here a few days.

We talked with them for a while and had a few more margaritas. I started flirting a little more with Nathan and before I knew it he had his hand on my leg under the table.

I told Barbara I was going to the ladies room and she joined me; once in there she asked me what the hell was I doing, flirting with these unknown black men.

I asked her “Have you ever fucked a black man, honey?”. She was horrified and told me: “No”

I confessed her I had been with many black men, all of them well endowed and told her that there’s nothing like a BBC. I also told her I was craving one that night and I wanted to go to some place with them to be fucked until dawn.
Barbara was so fucking curious, but she confessed she had never cheated on her husband.

I insisted there’s nothing like being pounded by a Big Black Cock…
I guess my slut friend had enough margaritas flooding her head and finally she agreed to go.

We returned to the table and told the black guys that we were ready to move the party to their motel room. They were all for it so we jumped in my car and headed to their place. On the way I could see Jamieson and Barbara in the back seat; he had one hand between her open legs; she seemed to be enjoying the rubbing of her pussy.

Nathan was rubbing my nipples through my shirt. Once there I felt so wet and ready to fuck. I grabbed Nathan and kissed him wildly, as his huge hands unbuttoned my jeans. Then he ripped off my panties from my body, leaving my wet pussy exposed. He shoved two fingers into my cunt as he kissed me in return.
He whispered in my ear: “Your cunt is so fucking hot and wet, bitch, you are ready to be fucked”.

I dropped to my knees, unbuckled his jeans to reveal his incredible huge black dick; it was about ten inches long and round as a bike handle bar. I took what I could into my mouth to suck.
I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth, but then Nathan grabbed me by the hair, telling me
“You wanted to be treated like a whore, you white slut, you deserve it; I will fuck you very hard”.

Then he threw me onto the bed, making me fall on my hands and knees.

I looked over and saw Barbara on the other bed, sucking Jamieson’s huge cock. It seemed to be even bigger than Nathan’s, at least twelve inches and much thicker than a forearm. It was huge.
Nathan crawled between my legs, grabbed firmly my waist with both hands and suddenly I felt his black snake passing through my wet pussy lips.

It could slide into my cunt with ease. I turned my head and looked at him, yelling: “Come on bastard, fuck me hard with your big black cock”.
Then he grabbed my hair, turned my head making me watch to Barbara and Jamieson, while he slammed what was left of his hard tool deep inside my warm moist vagina.

I grunted hard, feeling pain as he stretched me. He yelled at me: “There we go, fucking slut; you are going to get the big black cock you asked for: Take my hard dick in your hot wet cunt”.

He started to pump the full length in and out of my cunt. I could feel every inch of his rock hard piece sliding in and out. I was in heaven when my orgasm started; he held me down both his hands on my shoulders and continued plowing his cock into me hard as I was shaking my head back and forth. It was one of the wildest orgasms I’d ever had. I started cumming down when he took my leg, flipped me over on my side to continue fucking me, until all of a sudden he started to unload his warm semen inside my cunt.

Once he was done he pulled out and I could feel his cum flowing out of me all over the sheets.
I lay there, while he got up to go to the bathroom. I looked over to see Barbara in all fours, trying to get Jamieson’s cock in her pussy. She asked him to take it easy as he shoved the head into her.

Nathan came back and sat down beside me, shoving suddenly two fingers in my asshole.

I cried in surprise, but then I felt the fondling of my anus was so fucking good.
We both watched to the other bed. Jamieson was still easing his dick into Barbara, when she cried out in pain: “It hurts, please, be gentle… no!!! Stop it please, it hurts so bad, you are so huge!!!”,
But Jamieson attitude changed at this point; then he slammed his cock hard into Barbara and she yelled in pain, with tears in her eyes; as he covered her mouth with his hand; he smiled saying:
“Shut up, little slut and take my fucking big black dick in your tight cunt!!”.

Barbara was grunting and crying tears in pain. I tried to get out of the bed to help her when Nathan grabbed me, held me back and said: “Leave them alone, she will be OK! I was scared; now Jamieson just kept fucking Barbara hard while Nathan held me back onto the bed, his two rude fingers still inserted deep in my anus. After a while Jamieson pulled out of her,but soon slammed his cock back into her tight pussy and continued pumping harder and faster….

My girlfriend was now screaming louder, crying in pain and begging him that she could not take it anymore, but Jamieson just kept plowing her cunt as she fell flat on the bed like a ragged doll.
Then he grunted and started cumming deep inside her. He gave her a couple more hard pumps, slapped her ass and finally he pulled out. When he walked to the bathroom I could see he had red stains and semen dripping from his still hard dick.

I told Nathan it was enough and we were leaving, but he replied angrily: “No fucking way, bitch!!”.
I got really scared now, looking over at Barbara lying face down on the bed, crying with that red liquid flowing out from her abused vagina.
Jamieson came back,sat down beside me; grabbed me by the hair, telling me to ride his cock.
I said: “No fucking way, you asshole, we are leaving now”, but he grabbed me by the throat and said we could not leave until they were done.

Then he dragged me to ride his giant piece of meat. I really felt hard inside me. It was a painful penetration, although my cunt was already wet and well stretched by Nathan.
He instructed me to bounce on it. I did as he said and then I could feel Nathan’s hands on my ass. He was spreading my cheeks and then I realized they were going to perform a brutal double penetration on me.

Nathan used a long finger to play with my anus; then he spat on it and tried to get the head of his dick inside my asshole. It hurt like hell and I cried in pain, telling him I needed more lube. He brought a bottle of shampoo from the bathroom, squirted all over my tight asshole then started to push his dick back into me.
He pushed me down onto Jamieson’s chest and then slammed the rest into me.

It hurt so badly!!.

I yelled “You bastards are going to kill me”. Nathan answered; “Your asshole is so tight, bitch, does your useless dick husband fuck you this way???”. “No, never” I sobbed crying in pain.

They continued fucking my both abused holes during an eternity, making me cry in pain as I never had been fucked so brutally. Suddenly my own body betrayed me, making me feel an intense wild orgasm.

I moaned in pleasure although the hard pain in my ass and they noticed it.
Jamieson smiled ironically to me and told Nathan: “The bitch is cumming on my dick”.

Nathan redoubled his assault on my ass, pounding me harder and faster, causing me an unbearable pain. I could not stand it anymore. But suddenly he tensed and I felt his warm seed invading my stretched sore anus. Then he pulled out, at same time Jamieson filled my pussy.

They got off the bed and started getting dressed in a hurry. Then both went out of the room, leaving us alone finally. I got up to check on Barbara. She was still crying and told she was very sore. Her pussy lips were red and very swollen; a mix of red liquid and semen was still flowing out. I helped her get dressed and we made our way to the hospital to have her checked out.

Her sweet pussy had been torn apart by the rudeness of Jamieson dick’s girth, but later she confessed that the bastard had made her come twice before ripping her cunt apart.

On the other hand, I had really enjoyed the brutal double penetration from those black bastards, although the anal pain and I was thinking ahead I could have another weekend free from my loving Victor… to enjoy more BBC.


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