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A Gay Diary

Excerpt from a gay diary

I have decided that I like guys better than I like girls. Guys make my dick hard or the right guys do. No girl that I have been with has done that for me. I have found my fantasy guy. I have a computer teacher late 40’s maybe early 50’s he is round kind of Santa looking. He bent over in class today and I thought I would love to push my cock into his round ass.

I got a hard on and wanted to do something about it.

Day 10 – I have been jacking off thinking about Mr. B… Thinking about him sucking my cock and fucking his ass. I have been dreaming about rimming his asshole before I shove my hard cock into it. With my mind so fixated I have decided to try something. I wore a shirt that hangs down below my crotch. During class today I was thinking about Mr.

B… and my cock got hard it was ok because the shirt hid my cock from the rest of the class. Everyone is up at Mr. B’s… desk turning in their flash drives with their projects I go up and wait for my turn I get behind his shoulder and lean over and drop my flash drive on his desk. My cock presses into the back of his arm. He turns and smiles at me but does not move away.

KB I am glad you are pressing yourself to get your work in on time. As I walk away he says cum back anytime. Or at least that is the way I am taking it. I jack off three times tonight thinking about this.

Day 14 – I have made an excuse every day to be close to Mr. B… and to press my cock against him. Today was really good. He was bent over at a computer trying to adjust the monitor.

It was in a corner. He was standing in the corner between two desks and he asked if I would stand behind him and hold some wires. I jumped at the chance. I moved behind him he pointed to the wires and then bent back over. I pressed my cock into his ass. I moved a couple of times and almost exploded in my pants. After the bell I stayed back. I walked up to his desk and he turned towards me still seated in his chair.

His face was almost even with my crotch. My cock got hard again. I pulled the edge of my shirt up so he could see my tent. He smiled. I jacked off again thinking about pressing my cock into his ass; thinking about my cock being right near his face; about his smile seeing my tent.

Day 26 – Nothing had happened lately. Just normal day to day. I have pressed my cock to him almost daily.

I really want something more. I wonder how it would be to rub his ass or let him see my cock. I take a couple of selfies in the mirror both showing my hard cock. I put them on my flash drive and now I turn it in with my assignment. Mr. B… I think I want you to suck my cock. I jack off thinking about him seeing my cock.

Day 28 – I get my flash drive back today.

The pictures are gone off of my drive. There is a URL in a note. My normal assignment stuff of course. I get home and get on the internet. I go to the URL and see a picture sharing site. I see at the bottom of the note the password. I go to the locked folder and see a crap load of folders showing different things. I finally find the folder I am looking for and see a story loaded.

I open the story and see my picture. I see that Mr. B… is a bisexual. I read about how he enjoys seeing certain students who create desires in him. I jack off reading about Mr. B wanting to suck my cock and drink my load. About how he would like to have me pump his ass full of my juice. Mr. B… suck my cock.

Day 45 – We have been trading stories and pictures on the web site.

I decide I want him to see my cock. I left Mr. B… a note last night outlining my plan. During his class I would ask to go to the bathroom. He would follow in a couple of minutes. I would make sure no one was in the bathroom. If I don’t come out immediately I am in the last stall in the bathroom.
I ask Mr. B… for a restroom pass. He gives it to me.

I walk nervously to the bathroom hoping no one else is in there. I check all the stalls. We are clear. I go to the last stall and drop my jeans and boxers. I stroke my cock in anticipation of the Mr. B… coming into the stall. I hear the door open and I hear his boots echoing off the floor. The stall door opens and Mr. B… steps quickly in. My cock is fully erect.

He looks at my cock and says he wishes we had the time. I tell him I know. He steps out of the stall and walks off. Just then I hear the bathroom door open and someone else comes in.
Tonight I jacked off a record 6 times because Mr. B… has seen my cock.

Day 74 – Today I graduated. I am out of school. I will miss Mr. B…’s class and our secret fun.

I graduate today and now I want some of what I have fantasized about. Mr. B… approaches me and my family after the ceremony. He hands me an envelope. He tells me he knows I will do well in whatever I decide to do with my life. I put the envelope away. In the envelope is a $50 bill and note saying good luck.

3 years later. I have come home to see everyone.

I am out of the closet. My significant other (Bry) has read my diary; including some entries that did not make it here. He wants to meet Mr. B… I call Mr. B… and set up a time to meet him. We walk into a local restaurant and find him already waiting at the table. I walk up and press my cock into his shoulder. He smiles. Bry shakes his hand. We talk about life, work, and school.

I finally decide to ask him if he ever thinks about what happened my senior year. He laughs and says all the time. He tells us he has a lake cabin near the local lake and it is isolated. Bry and I tell him we would love it. Mr. B… picks up his cell phone and makes a call. He tells me he is ready. I ride with him while Bry follows us. After we get into the car I slip my shorts down so that my cock is out.

Mr. B…. reaches over and strokes me. About 15 minutes later we get to the cabin and we go in. Once inside he says that I can live out what ever fantasy I desire. I pull off my shorts and ask him to sit down in a chair. I walk up to him with my cock in his face. He immediately sucks my cock into his mouth. Bry has gotten naked and is on the other side of Mr.

B… My cock is almost ready to explode but I want this done right. I pull my cock from his mouth. I bend down and kiss him rubbing his round belly. I sit in the chair and tell him I want to cum in his mouth. He starts sucking my cock again but this time he is looking for the prize. I let my first load go. He swallows my cum.

We go into the bedroom and Bry lays down.

I tell Mr. B… to suck Bry off. He gets on his hands and knees to suck Bry’s cock. I start licking Mr. B…’s asshole. My cock is hard again and Mr. B…’s ass is slick with my saliva. I spit in my hand and start getting my cock wet. I ease into that asshole bareback. I am thinking about how I imagined this. Mr. B… lets me start my fuck. I hear the familiar pant of Bry when he is about to cum.

As Bry unloads he tells me this old guy is a good cocksucker. I finally am at the point of no return. I shot my load into the grasping asshole of my former teacher.

Needless to say I now go by and share memories whenever I go home.

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