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a friend with benefits

Me and my mate james were at a club on Friday night we had been there around four hours and we were talking to girls but getting nowhere, we had just finished talking to a group of five girls and then we went back to the bar, we ordered a couple of beers and he turned to me and said, this is starting to piss me off, I haven’t had sex for over two months now, tell me about it, I said, I’m getting so desperate I’d stick my dick into anything right about now, if some ugly fat chick walks in I might just have to jump it, he looked at me and laughed, actually the last girl I fucked was a fat chick, he said, and we both laughed, I downed the rest of my beer and told him I’m gonna go for a piss, when I get back I’m gonna find a girl and fuck it.

I went into the toilet but the urinals were out of order, so I went to the stall, I went to the one at the end there was no lock on the door but there was also no one else around so I just pushed the door a little, I got my dick out and went, I was just about to pull my trousers back up when the door opened, dude, someone’s in here I said, I turned around and it was james, the fuck you doing man? I said, he looked at me and said, your dicks still out man, I don’t care man unless you suck it fuck off, I said.

He looked down at it and said, you might be that desperate but I ain’t, I looked at him and said, yea? You sure about that? You can’t take your eyes off it, I looked him straight in the eyes and said, I dare ya, you want me to suck it? He said, sure, why not? Coz I’m not gay, he said, nor am I, I said, I’m just horny, you must of thought about it once or twice I said, what sucking a dick?! He shouted, you must of, either that or being fucked in the ass I said, have you? He said, every now and then I wonder what it might be like, really? He said, yea, you cant tell me you haven’t, or if you haven’t before your thinking about it now, I can tell, you keep looking at it, I can’t help it he said, it’s right there, I know I said, I can put it back if you want, or I can get it hard and you can try it? It does look nice he said, and I grabbed it and said, it looks nicer when it’s hard, and I started rubbing it, I could see his eyes were glued to it and he was definitely thinking about it and that was making me hard, I took my hand off it and it stood there rock hard, wow he said, thats pretty big, he stood there staring at it with his mouth open and he was breathing harder, we both stood there in silence for a couple of seconds and then all of a sudden I noticed a bulge in his trousers, you got a hard on aint ya? I said as I looked down at him, yea, he said, you like it don’t ya? Your thinking about my cock and its getting you hard, I grabbed my cock again and pulled my foreskin back slowly showing him my big fat helmet, go on, stick that in your mouth I said, I know you want it, and a split second later he was down on his knees and my helmet was in his mouth, Mmmm yea he moaned, and I let out a little moan as he slowly put his mouth around my head, it felt weird but nice his mouth was all warm and wet and my cock was so hard it could have knocked him out, he was really good at this and I was so turned on, I stood there watching him suck my cock and it was amazing, girls were right when they said women are better than men at oral coz they no what girls want, I could actually see what they ment coz he was better than any girl who had done it before, he was really concentrated on my helmet, licking it and wrapping his lips all over it, oh fuck yea, I moaned go on take it, deeper man I want you to take the whole length, he looked up and said, there’s no way I can do that, it’s too big, take all you can man, don’t stop I said, you like it do ya? He said, oh fuck yea I said, do you? It tastes good he said, good, you suck it till the taste is gone, as he went back around my cock, he took more and more, and I was ready to burst, if you don’t want a mouth full of cum I’d suggest you slow down man, he took it out his mouth and said, maybe I want it, I already came in my pants just sucking you off, wow really? I said, yea your cock in my mouth felt so good and when I felt your helmet get bigger and push against my mouth, I blew my load, oh god, I moaned, I think I’m spunk now too, you want it in your mouth? I said, and I grabbed my cock and tossed myself off, I’m cumming! I moaned, and he threw him self back on my cock, oh fuck! I screamed and I shot my load all down his throat.


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