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A fantastic Experience

One day I m on chat on xham. I have been decided to call a old friend listed on my friend list. Than I call and ring is going on. Suddenly the phone is picked up from that side. After Introduced of my self as friend. Than I ask about a warm and hot date. Its my good luck that agreed after 1-2 years trying that they agreed.

After that we decided to meet.

I went from home to their home next day. Me is very excited that I m going to meet my one of old friend. And also afraid that how they looks and how they react. In that circumstances reached the destiny.

After reached the destiny I am surprised to see my friends and all the worries are run away when I meet my fun loving partners. They are awesome and sweet.

Than I take a glass of water by partner and say Hi to them. Its very pleasurable moment of my life when I see any one in sexual dress. I m get very crazy. My heart is beating fast and want to touch her. But still now I m get afraid to touch her. Than my other friend get started kissing in front of me and take a pleasure of her figure, than my afraid is phurrrr.

After that I take her hand in my hand and stand up in-front of her and start kissing. ohhhhhh thats awesome experience to kiss that lovely and sexy lady.

Me and my friend than put down her sexy dress down from her breast and start licking her boobs. Its unforgettable moment of my life and girl is start moaning that could me more warm. Me and my friend is going on kissing and licking her nipples than one of my hand went down between her legs.

Ohhhh its more pleasure its warm and going wet pussy that I am touching. Me is start rubbing her pussy and licking her nipple and after that start more durable kiss to her. She is moaning more and more.

I felt down between her legs and start touch her pussy with my tongue and its get her more crazy and she moaning loudly and I have great fun to licking her pussy cunt and deep inside with the clit.

its unbeatable pleasure with that princess. Still today I am warm that when I remember that day. Than I go to 69 position and she start sucking my dick. Its also a pleasurable to suck by her very hot and passion-able sucking she is. When she is sucking the load is cum to stream situation and its going to disburse than I disburse the load. She is also going on stream position and she loose her liquid also.

She is very hot and still she wants that carry on sucking her.

After take a short brake of tea time we again start a play with my both friends. Than I start 69 position and my dick is in her mouth she is start sucking my dick. My friend is going to fuck hardly and roughly as he can. After some time of that friend say me to fuck her and I start fucking her its very warm pussy.

I m get crazy and fuck hard and disburse my load and start sucking her boobs and kissing her again. At that time my friend get fuck her and cool my sexy girl get disburse a loud moaning. My friend also got crazy and disburse her load in her pussy.

Its very awesome experience. Non forgettable and still my eyes and waiting that when my friends call me and get me pleasure to play with them.

All of you tell me about real life experience enjoying and share your comments with me.

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