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A Day at college.

Believe it or not but my first time was in my freshman year of college. I attended a university in South Korea, I was nervous and unfortunately embarrassed myself in my first class that morning. When I embarrassed myself I literally ran to the school garden, when I got to a bench I found a girl sl**ping. Like any other person I just left her alone, but when I left I felt uneasy about leaving a very attractive sl**ping girl alone so I sat on a bench across from her.

Now I think about it that was pretty creepy haha but anyways I heard the school bell ring signaling it was around noon time. I wanted yo go get some food but I didn’t trust anybody enough to leave that girl still sl**ping so I woke her up, the first thing she did was look at the clock, when she looked at her schedule she became extremely frantic and was talking about missing half of her classes.

Honestly I felt bad so I offered to take her to a nearby cafe which I worked at, she hesitantly accepted my offer. When we got there I ordered and paid for everything, she just sat quietly and ate. We got back to the school and parted ways. After my classes I decided to walk home and saw the same girl waiting by the school gates. I just walked by but she started walking behind me, naturally I stopped and asked what she wanted and she said she just wanted to thank me because she was a music trainee for a company so she was sl**py and nobody treated her nicely or something.

She said she wanted to apologize for being rude earlier and said I could have homemade food at her dorm. I accepted and everything went smoothly until nighttime it was pretty late and she told me that she didn’t want me to walk home in the dark so she let me stay on her couch. I was sl**ping when I felt somebody lie next to me, I was too tired to care until that somebody started touching my stomach,I’m not gonna brag but I do work out haha.

Anyways it was that girl she said she hasn’t been touched in a while and she wanted me to. I was a virgin at the time and didn’t know exactly what to do so I carried her to the bed and kissed down her stomach and when I got close to her panties she told me everything she wanted me to do. So I did my best to pleasure her, I must have done a good job because she was a moaning mess and she was surprisingly rough she pulled my hair a couple of times when she came I sat up and she said it was her turn.

She began giving me the best blow job ever and I tried to hold off the best I could but I came in her mouth. She seemed a bit disappointed but quickly she began kissing my neck and I quickly became hard again. She pushed me back and sat on top of me she was so tight I almost lost it, she started grinding her hips and playing with her nipples it was the hottest thing I have ever seen, she came again then got on all fours.

I entered her from the back and went slow too slow for her liking because she started to push my hips faster I was too close to cumming and started to rub her clit she told me to just come inside and I did. After that we just went to sl**p, the next morning we had a very awkward walk back to school but I learned her name was Youngjoo and she was a very good singer.

That is the story of my first time having sex and attending uni. I have seen her a few times after but she transfers schools and is actually a kpop idol now so you can believe it or not but my first time was with a kpop idol haha.

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