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A Dad’s Letter

I was shaving my oldest son’s prick hair, and my
buddies were leaning in to get a close look, trying to
help out. My son always hates these shaving
parties, but I insist on shaving his pubes and balls
and asshole myself. It’s not easy to bring up three
teenagers on your own, and I insist that my boys are
hygienically clean and ethically moral.

I have three boys as I said, Dan who is the oldest and the most
trouble, Steve, who is going through that awkward stage, and
Mike who is the youngest and really submissive and well

I think I started with Mike first and he has learned that I know
what’s best for him and only have his best interests at
heart. Not so with Dan, who still remembers his ma, the
fucking whore, and tries to defy me every chance he

“Jeez Dad, the guys in the locker room at school will
all see my shaved pubes and balls,” he complains.

nothing I have not heard before.

“I want my sons clean and free of disease. You know how
many germs can gather in your prick and nuts area? I
don’t care what the guys at school think, or what names
they call you. You and I know you are a normal healthy
boy. ”

The kids at school have been calling my boy queer and
faggot and roughing him up a bit because of his shaved
pubes, and also because he is not allowed to associate
with girls.

I don’t allow my boys to speak to girls, as
I know all too well what trouble the bitches can cause
a male. I only have to think of my ex wife to get

No sir, I want to protect my boys from that. Dan of
course claims that his normal urges and desires are
being thwarted, but I told him, when he is twenty one
years of age, if he behaves himself until then, I will
allow him to date girls on a regular basis… like once
a month for example.

I don’t see what the big deal is, do you?

I know my boys have sexual urges, so three times a
week, I have them masturbate into large jars, and we
measure the content and texture and thickness of their
sperm. My buddies, who have been the saving grace in my
life, come over and help me with these masturbation
sessions, sometimes even helping out by milking the
boys themselves.

Mike doesn’t shoot a lot of cream yet, but we let him play
along, just so he doesn’t feel left out. Anyway, about
the shaving session, Danny was so fucking proud of his
bush, but I knew it had to go. The first time my
buddies saw all that prick hair they were shocked. “The
boy must be shaved,” they said. I shave Danny and Steve
at least once a week, balls, prick hair, and asshole

I was really distressed to find a ring of light hair
around Dan’s asshole, and I had just shaved there a
week ago. The older he gets, the more we have to watch
carefully. At first Dan didn’t want my buddies to help
with the shaving and he actually got physically
violent. We had to tie him down to shave him. But he
has now learned to appreciate their help.

After he is shaved, he has to spread wide to show us
how clean he is. Now the only way to be really sure it
is a close shave is to run your tongue over the skin
area to feel for stubble. Well I have Dan do Steve with
his tongue and Steve do Dan. Sometimes, again so he
doesn’t feel left out, Little Mike is allowed to
stubble lick both his older brothers too.

At first the boys rebelled especially about having to
put their tongues on each others assholes, but I
explained that that is the only way to make sure the
shave was really close. And the only other option was
to let my buddies do it. Well that got them in line.

And Dan won’t need to worry about showing off his
shaved pubes in gym class any more, as I am writing a
note to get him excused from gym class, not that I
don’t think he should be proud of his young clean body,
but because of something else.

You see I just can’t trust him when it comes to girls.
I found him in his room jerking off to a girlie
magazine. Can you believe it? I was so fucking shocked.
I beat his ass until it was black. Anyway, I have
followed the advice of my buddies and put a lock
through his prick. A nice big padlock.

I know it’s heavy and uncomfortable, but he can deal
with a bit of discomfort, and now I don’t have
to worry at all that he will go and get some cunt

It was painful as hell for the boy, he passed
out twice from the pain, but in the end, it was worth
it. It will also stretch his penis longer so when he is
older, he may be very grateful. The lock comes out for
my approved milking sessions. Did I mention that?

I give all three of my sons two Viagra every day as I
think it does wonders for their metabolism.

In Danny’s
case, the combination of the Viagra and the lock
creates an interesting situation. In fact, it so
comforts me and takes a worry from me, that I am now
considering putting a padlock through Steve’s dickhead
as well, after all, he is at a dangerous age.

I do not; I repeat do not want the boy masturbating
without supervision. Perhaps I should even consider a
lock for little Mike’s dick.

I mean, he might as well
learn self discipline at an early age, don’t you think?
Did I mention that I make my boys stay naked in the
house at all times, so they become used to their bodies
and proud of them.

The sight of Danny’s big padlocked prick swinging as he
walks cause no end of amusement in our family. Well,
thanks for letting me share my story with you guys, and
I love the passing of info and the wise observations of
your group.

Together maybe we can raise out sons to be
upstanding citizens in a sinful world.

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