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A Celebrity Fantasy Part 3

Alison swore to keep their secret to the grave until they felt it was time for everyone to know. They went shopping and discussed everything.

The guys were are tour again, with a bunch of other bands, most of them their friends. Jordyn stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her hair and body before stepping up to the sink and brushing her teeth. She then went into her bedroom, she smiled as she moved to the music that was blaring out of her stereo speakers and looked in her closet for a cute outfit to wear.

Sully had no idea she was coming to surprise him. She figured it was about time, she hadn’t seen them play in such a long time. The only person to know she was coming was the bands manager who got her on a ticket and backstage pass.

She finally decided upon her attire, a black, lace string thong, a tight, short black skirt and a revealing leather corset top that pushed together and up in just the perfect amount.

She put everything on then went back into the bathroom to do her hair and make up. She then slipped on her laced up hooker boots. She grabbed his leather coat slipping it on, grabbing her cell, smokes and keys. She wouldn’t need any money she would have everything she needed. Jordyn locked up her place, got into her car and drove to the venue which was a couple of hours away. It was good, she’d stop for food on the way, eat it as she drove, rock out to the bands music and get there in good timing.

She might get there a bit late but she didn’t care she would only miss a band she didn’t care if she did or not.

Two hours later she pulled into the parking lot, parking by the buses. Before getting out she sent a text to the manager and he said he’d be there in a moment to get her. She got out of the car, locked the doors and lit up a cigarette.

She could hear the first band already on stage rocking it out. There were quite a few bands there and some were big names. It was kind of like OzzFest or Warp Tour, there were a few different stages but only one main stage where the big names played. She heard a whistle come from behind her and she spun around to see the manager. She smiled, stomped out her smoke and ran up to him hugging him tightly.

“Hey Tommy thanks for this, I appreciate it. ” She stated, after letting go and kissing him on the cheek.

“Anytime Jordyn, you know that. It will be a nice surprise for him and the guys. They have been working hard. ” Tommy replied with a smile. They then walked behind the ropes and into the restricted area, she could hear some of the girls going on behind her and it just made her smile bigger.

She was never a groupie and she couldn’t stand them so it made it that much more sweeter. “They go on in an hour, are you hungry?” Tommy asked.

“Yea a little, I only grabbed something small on the way here. ” Jordyn answered, he nodded and led her to wear the food venues were. Handing her a hundred dollar bill which she tried to refuse but he wouldn’t allow it. She thanked him as she shook her head and waited in line for some food, her backstage, all access pass hang around her neck, the strings drapping across her exopsed tops of her breasts.

She ordered a sandwich, fries and a beer she walked into the tent and sat down eating her food. She finished off her beer, got another one and headed towards the stages to see who was playing. Tommy met up with her, “there’s some booze in the backstage tent. Go have fun, let loose. ” He whispered before taking care of a situation that was going on. She nodded her thanks, lit up another cigarette as she headed towards the rope.

Jordyn pushed through the groupies who glared at her, she just smiled sweetly she wasn’t here for them, she was here for Sully and the band and wasn’t going to ruin it by beating some bitches ass unless necessary. She was stopped briefly before being allowed passed, she stuck her middle finger into the air as she stepped around the rope and kept walking to the girls bitching in the background. She ducked around the staged quickly as the guys headed toward the stage.

She had watched a few bands before making her way to the main stage. She walked in front of the stage and tried her best to blend in as she rocked out to their set.

The set was done an hour or so later, they walked off stage and she waited a few moments before heading back there herself. She grabbed her a bottle of whiskey before heading back toward the band’s tent, which had all four sides up to give the guys privacy, that was surrounded by the buses.

It had gotten dark now, the last band was on and the guys were grouped at the entrance of the tent about to go watch the last band. A couple girls surrounded Sully, trying desperately to get lucky but not having any such luck. She snuck up behind them the other guys already half way to the stage, she reached out a grabbed a hold of Sully’s hand. He stopped abruptly as well as the girls who looked annoyed.

He turned only to have his eyes land on her and his eyes went wide with shock and a smile spread across his face. “Well hello gorgeous!” He exclaimed, the girls looked disappointed hoping he was going to ignore her and go with them instead, fat chance. He shrugged them off instead, their hands falling to their sides with pout faces and walked up to her, wrapping his arms low around her waist and kissed her deeply.

She smiled against the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, bottle still clutched in one hand as she kissed him back just as deeply. “Mmm, I’ve missed you, but that I especially missed. ” Jordyn commented. Their foreheads still touching once the kiss ended.

“Come on Sully baby, let’s go. ” They heard one of the girls whine.

“Why don’t you skanks go ahead he won’t be needing your services tonight or ever in fact.

Believe me he is well taking care of, and the other guys won’t either you’ve already lost the competition. Sorry to disappoint you. ” Jordyn stated not removing her eyes from Sully, still holding his gaze with a sexy smirk and her eyebrows raised. He shook his head slightly, but the moment he heard their responses spun around standing between her and the girls. “Now girls, let’s not get our panties in a twist, she’s right tho you have already lost the competition, and the only panties coming off in front of me is hers.

I’m honestly doing you a favor before you finish whatever you were about to say I’d walk away willingly. And I mean,” he took a deep breath as the images began in his head, “to see her riled up and kicking some random girls ass is such a turn on but I’d rather just get away and have her abusing me instead. ” He paused as the vision popped in his head and he already got semi hard, he peered back to her as he licked his lips before his gaze flickered back to the groupie.

“So yeah that’s your cue to leave. ” Sully stated, as he spoke he could feel Jordyn’s hand go up his shirt and his toned chest sending chills through him, making him almost stutter, he had to close his eyes for a brief moment to avoid doing so.

The girls finally gave in but not without muttering under their breaths and glaring as they did so. They disappeared and he spun around, “and you, you need not tease.

” He said before leaning in to kiss her, she kissed him back, he could feel her tongue ring massaging his tongue and as they released she bit on his bottom lip tugging playfully. “Who says I was teasing. Look what I brought with me,” she held up the bottle of Whiskey. “A party favor. ” She stated with a smile. She opened the bottle, taking a huge swig before backing up toward the back entrance to the buses closing the bottle with every step.

“Are you going to have me drink this whole bottle by myself?” She asked teasingly. He shook his head, fire in his eyes, there was no way in hell he was going to allow that. He put his corona to his lips finished the rest in one gulp and set the now empty bottle onto the table before chasing after her, catching her at the bus. He grabbed a hold of her, spinning her around and crashing his mouth against her, her back against the bus.

He was already hard anticipating getting her alone to himself on the bus they leaned against. She was already moist with the very same thought, hell she was wet just watching him play and sing. His playing talent on guitar and drums then his voice, oh god that voice could make anyone melt and it did her every time.

Sully fumbled with the tour bus door latch as they were still locked in a kiss, he finally got it opened, moved her in front of it and she turned as she began to go up the stairs, he slapped her tight ass before slamming the door shut and locked it behind them.

“Owe. ” She cooed as he slapped it. They got on the bus, once he came up the rest of the way he found her sitting on the bench next to the table, already pouring shots and two smokes lit in the ashtray, jacket lying next to her upon the bench. She smirked up to him as she handed him the smoke and shot glass.

“Cheers, to us having amazingly hot sex before going to finish out the show with the guys.

” She stated, “I’ll drink to that. ” He said, they clicked glasses, downed the shots and he tossed the glass kissing her deeply before grabbing the whole bottle. “And you are a tease, wearing an outfit like that, god damn Jordyn. “

“What’s even better is its all easy access. ” She replied with a smirk.

“I see that. Let’s see what we have up under here. ” He said stepping forward, he took a hold of the string and began to untie it and pull out the string.

He then pulled it open to reveal her bra-less breasts sitting there so inviting and perfect. He smiled widely as he put out the finished cigarette in the ashtray before pushing her against the wall bringing an erect nipple into his mouth. The bottle was to her lips as she took another huge swig, moaning the moment she was done swallowing her free hand twisted up in his hair. “Mmmm, Sully I’ve missed you.

” She moaned. His one hand massaged her other exposed tit as the other on wandered down and up under he skirt to find only a string blocking his access to her already wet pussy. She pushed her legs open more once she slid down the bench once more and he dropped to his knees as he slipped a finger under the string and between her cunt lips. “Fuck you are already so wet baby.

” He commented as he switched breasts, some more moisture hit his finger making him growl against her tit and this making her moan loudly.

He took the bottle and took a swig. He set the bottle down, then took both hands and made his way up under her skirt, taking a hold of both sides of her thong and pulling it off her as she lifted her ass to allow him to do it, she then took her feet out of them and he dropped them to the floor.

He then pushed her skirt up some more before putting his head between her thighs, she threw head back as two fingers entered her cunt hole and a tongue joined them. “Fuck Sully yes! Make that pussy cum. ” She moaned, her one hand tearing at his back and shoulder and the other in his hair.

Sully loved the feeling of her pussy clenching around his tongue as he made her cum and shake.

Her breaths came short and quick as her pussy juice came flooding out all over his tongue and face in which he happily licked and sucked up. He came up kissing her once again, “Mmm” She purred with an eraseable smile, his matched it exactly. He then stood up, his arm around her waist pulling her up to him. Now his arm was around her, he turned her around to face the wall with one arm while the other was undoing his pants.

Normally she would take her turn at pleasuring him but he couldn’t wait and didn’t want to either, she of course didn’t argue. She would get him back later during round two.

This was of course a quickie, a God I have missed you sex. Once the pants were undone with them along with his boxers around his ankles and his thick cock standing at attention. She just couldn’t wait anymore either, he lifted his shirt up and over his head as she adjusted her skirt.

He came up right behind her and took the clip out of her hair letting it fall down as he tossed the clip aside. He leaned over her, one hand next to hers upon the wall and the other put the tip of his cock into her pussy, between her tight, wet lips. He slowly pushed his full length into her. He then put each hand upon her hips, holding on and began to pump in and out, slow and deep.

She moaned loudly as she became wetter and wetter with each thrust.

Jordyn swore she would have clawmarks in the wall if it was possible as she came hard as he speed up his pace slightly and he grabbed ahold of her hair with one hand pulling her head back. He kept pulling until she turned to look back at him and their lips crashed together. She moaned against his mouth, he moved his lips to the back and side of her neck as he speed up some more.

His cock slamming into her, her ass bouncing with the intensity and she was so loud anyone near the bus couldn’t possibly not hear her.

An orgasm washed through her body, making her push up against her tiptoes, her fingers scratching at the wall and her head falling back, as she began to shake and cum, breathlessly. Sully then pulled out, turning her around, picking her up and lying her upon the table, pushing her legs up with his arms and slamming his cock inside of her seeping wet pussy once again.

“Oh God, Sully, that’s right give it to me baby, fuck me hard and make me cum and shake! Fuck Yeah!” She exclaimed, leaning back up on her elbows, her head back before lying completely back as he began to pound his rock hard cock into her repeatedly. She could feel the workings of her biggest orgasm yet creeping up inside her. Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head, her fingers became rigid upon his back and her pussy began to tighten and her toes began to curl as her back arched and the tingle began.

“That’s right cum baby, fuck Jordyn!” Sully moaned as he began to speed up, it would be a surprise that the whole bus wasn’t rocking with each thrust. “SULLY!” She moaned loudly as her orgasm exploded, lasting for several moments before his cock exploded inside of her pussy, pushing her even more over the edge. She couldn’t make a sound as tears slid down her face, eyes still in the back of head and her nails dug into his back.

As he moaned loudly, once done collapsed on top of her and they both laughed softly.

Sully looked at her, her eyes shining and he smiled and she did too. He leaned in kissing her deeply, “I love you baby and I have missed you so much. ” He said once the kiss was done. “I love you too. ” She replied, he got up and collapsed onto the bench, pants and boxers still down around his ankles, his chest rising and falling rapaidly.

Jordyn went into the bathroom, grabbing her thong along the way.

A few minutes later she returned, pulling her hair back up as she did so. Sully had got dressed once more before pouring shots and lighting up two cigarettes as he waited for her to return. She kissed him again before taking her shot and pulling a drag of the cigarette. “So, how are you?” She asked with a laugh.

“I am much better now that you are here.

” Sully replied with a smile as he pulled her onto his lap. He smiled up at her before leaning in for another kiss. “You have no idea how much I have missed you. ” He commented before taking his shot and then placing the cigarette between his lips.

“You have no idea how much I have missed you. ” She commented before taking her shot, “but pissing those girls off really made my day.

” She finished with a laugh and a drag of her cigarette. Sully began to laugh, this was part of the reason why he loved her so much. She didn’t get mad that girls were on each arm walking with him to watch a show or dancing all around him while everyone drank. She knew he may look and make comments but at the end of the day he was all Jordyn’s. He was in love with her and truly only had eyes for her, he learned his lesson before on cheating and he wasn’t about to fuck anything up with her.

He wouldn’t cheat, he wouldn’t even think about it or touch another girl in any other way other than a hug or kiss on the cheek, arm around a waist while taking a picture. But, it never went any further than that. There were no leashes on either of them, they knew at the end of the day they would be in each other arms if not literally in their minds.

Sully patted her butt as he put out his finished cigarette.

“Come on, let’s go meet up with the guys, I am sure they will be happy to see you. We can finish this, later. ” He stated before kissing her deeply. Jordyn smiled and nodded, standing up as she put her finished cigarette out as well. They both were feeling pretty good at this point, considering the bottle was almost three quarters gone and she began to tie up her top again.

“Here babe let me help.

” Sully stated, grabbing the string and stringing it up and tying it up for her. He leaned in kissing her before turning to leave, the unlocked the bus door and exited heading up behind the guys to watch the ending of the bands set. “Hey look who I found wandering around. ” Sully stated and everyone greeted her.

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