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a big suprise

Yesterday i came home from work telling my wife i have to make a few phonecalls and she should get in the shower and remove hair from her Body. I mentioned to clean all holes properly and make sure you dont take too Long.
I called 2 couples and two freinds, one of them male and a female that i use as a Sub every now and than. She has been tought by her ex husband to do all that been told with no Limits.

i met her when she needed a mechanic to fix her car, we didn´t only take care of the car but that´s a different Story. We all agreed to meet up in 1 hour at our house, we live in the Country with almost no neighbours. My wife was clean and shaved ready for inspection, spreading her legs far appart Holding her cheeks open for me to check. I went and put a finger in her whore mouth to make it wet and slide it in her anus.

All the wax in i twisted it a Little bit turning side to side, pulling it out and straight back in to her mouth waiting for the reaction. Looking at her smile i knew she did a good Job cleaning herself i entered her pussy with two fingers doing the same. We went to the bedroom and i picked a slip with two dildos attached, a bigger one for the pussy and a smaler for the ass.

They popped right in as she was moaning and i gave her a ball gag ball to swallow with a neclace around her neck. Now she got tied to the bed knowing if i would leave her to take a shower she would start to Play. Comming back from tha bathroom i lloked at her dripping out from her slip all holes and moving her but to make it feel better. I removed the ball and shoved my cock in her throught not allowing her to breathe, while being in her mouth i twisted her tits and slaped them.

Pulling my cock out and seeing her catch air was a great Feeling, she smiled and gave me this “give me more grinn”. I stopped cause freinds would be over soon. I left her on the bed in Position for use….

It was just a few minutes before my Sub was at the door, face down Hands up with just a fishnet Body Suite on. She also had a her ass and pussy plugged, the one in her slave pussy was removed and i slid in an enflatable one that i started pumping up.

I took her to the bedroom telling her to wait in front of the door. I blindfolded my wife and that told her to come in and get on her knees so she can get used to todays Mission, cleaning whatever is needed. The couple knocked on the door and they were also very sexy and ready for starting the Party. My freind called and sai d he was comming in very late and to start already, he would a supprise.

We went to the bedroom and i introduced everyone to eachother, telling them to use the slave for whatever they wanted. Sylvia replied with ” everything”?? I told her yes and showed her the goodies, i told slave janet to open her mouth and she did, i gave her a drink and she swallowed every Little drip and did not Spill. Sylvia wanted to try and stood over her and put one Hand to her pussy and started to spray her golden fluid on janets face trying to get the stream in her mouth.

After that dirk told Sylvia to kiss janet and try her mix of sweet wet. She also got on her knees and started kissing janet as dirk stepped over and leaked all over there faces. It was a sweet mess. Now we take turns on my wife, removing the dildo slip and Sylvia reached emediatly for the anus giving it a tender kíss trying to get her tongue in as far as possible. taking her tongue out she spread her fingers in my wifes pussy, Sylvia has smaler Hands than i do so ist easyer to enter.

I gave here some lube to ease entering the pussy with her Hand. In this Position i treid to enter her anus wich was very easy to slide in thanks to the dildo. Dirk removed the gag entering her mouth. I made janet come over to lick all our butts/ balls and pussy and make sure we all stay clean. This went on for about an hour changing Position and Partners. whle having a Little brake and releasing my wife from the bed we heard the door bel.

Thomas was there, i asked janet to go to the door as she was, her fishnet Body was sticking to her Body mixed with fluids and sperm and a lot of cream on here face. Whe she came back with thomas i was shocked for a second. Thomas brought over a very tall good looking Girl that i havent seen with hiom before. This is miss “T” he introduced here, telling here to go over and say hello to the host.

She did come over and gave me a warm and wet kiss that made me grow instantly which she noticed and got a hold of my cock for a while. She went around to all others to to the same, kiss and feel errections.

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