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69 “Goth girl”

69 “Goth girl”
She`s my ‘Goth’ girlfriend 27 yr old, pretty, not over-tall, great hips and tits , shape like an hourglass dressed in black, lipstick to match , bits of lace whisping about, boots well you know the look has the name of Mary.
I`m Guy and I had taken her out for the evening, like you do on a Saturday and well she`d had a drop or three, just to loosen the limbs and she was really beginning to enjoy herself by about 10 o clock, me well I was kept ‘fairly’ sober as I didn’t want a headache come the morrow, and some silly buggers got to get us home safely.

We had drifted into a nightclub
Now I must tell you one of her, (well in truth our) fantasies: We fantasised about having an older guy wank for her, or over her, you know the sort of thing and if we met the right guy one night, we had decided we would ask the bloke to join us

I spotted this guy watching my lady, well all the girls really but Mary in particular; her arse was probably swinging nearest him as she threw herself about on the dance floor with a young lady we both know.

He was in his mid 60s, grey hair, average build, bit of middle age spread going on. So I struck up a conversation with the chap and he told me his name was Trevor and that he thought that Goth bird was very hot and sexy, especially when she dances.
Laughing I explained my name was Guy and she was my girlfriend Mary and we talked for a while, I could see that he was actually getting hard for her whenever Mary got very close to him on the dance-floor, I took a dance with her and kept swinging her in front of him perhaps as a tease.

It must have worked as he had to adjust himself in his jeans as he was so hard watching us.
I pointed this out to her and she giggled loads. After a bit, I started kissing her in front of him, squeezing her tits and arse I made sure he could see our tongues touching.
By now he was trying to be subtle while playing with his cock. So I invited him to come over and talk to her.

Anyway I told her that this guy Trevor fancied her, she thought it was all a bit of a giggle he not being a youngster.
I asked him if he wanted to kiss her. He thought I was joking, but once he saw that I was serious, he asked Mary if she was OK with it, she said yes, so he gave her a long kiss on the lips.

More of a peck to start really then they just started kissing for real. That’ll be a hot summer night and the alcohol playing a part in it I suspect. Once he saw that we were OK with it, he put his tongue in her mouth, & squeezed her tits. It didn’t last too long and when they’d finished, she giggled and went off dancing with her friend again like a child in a play-park.

The2 girls have known each other for probably a couple of years now, while dancing together in a local nightclub one time, the moment overcame them and they just started kissing. That’ll be a hot summer night and alcohol again playing a part in that. Anyway they became secret lovers and they now have sex every couple of months, the other lassies partner has still not woken up, but I know and they enjoy it so what`s the harm.

Anyway they both whirled about in front of us and he became hard & horny so I asked him if he wanted to come home with us, I said that I’d ask her to do a sexy strip for him though I’d have to ask her first.
He was oh so keen so I asked her if she wanted to bring this fellow home, she was a little hesitant, but she giggled and didn’t take a lot of persuasion believe me before she thought it might be an good idea.

By now she was pretty horny, as she always is on hot summer nights when she’s been drinking vodka and coke all evening. She’s a very sexual girl anyway.
She said goodbye to the other lass who`s hubby had turned up and we drank up and tottered outside.
We three got a taxi back to my house, and all sat around on the sofa`s, having another drink and chatting.

To be honest, the sexual tension in the room was quite evident. He couldn’t take his eyes off my girl, as she sat there with her dress ridden up a little almost to her pussy. I think that he must’ve been able to see her thong from his position opposite her and I`m sure she knew the effect she was having on Trevor, the poor bugger.
After a while, I asked Mary if she would do a sexy strip for us, she giggled, so I asked him if he wanted to see her strip.

He couldn’t say “YES” quick enough. So I put on Stranglehold by Ted Nuggent, a slow rock track.
She stood a little unsteadily be it said and started to dance for us. It was sensual and affected me as much as him. While she was dancing, as she faced him, I unzipped her dress the zip being at the back of the dress. She realised it was coming loose and slid it off her arms, dropping it in a slither down her body and stepping out of the thing as it lay round her ankles.

I slipped it away to save her tripping and she was now just in her black platform bra and matching thong her body reflecting the soft light of the table lamp as she writhed and gyrated.
Trevor`s eyes were organ stops, and he was megger hard again, rubbing his cock through his jeans.
I left them to it and slipped away to remove my own clothes and put on my dressing gown.

I came back downstairs and Mary was still dancing in her bra and thong just as I had left them, her revelling in his rampant excitement.
He saw me with just my open dressing gown on; he could see that my cock was hard too but was so fixated on her body; his eyes quickly returned to her body.
She reached round and unclipped her bra, and with one hand slid it off, keeping her other hand over her breasts, spoiling his view.

Gently she whispered that she wanted him to show her something of himself before she showed him her more of her body. He looked at me, not understanding what she had said, perhaps he was hypnotised and had missed what she had said so I said that “she wanted him to take his clothes off. ”
He shot to his feet, fumbling about undoing his jeans and taking his shirt off it took him only a little time and while he was doing this, I got behind her, stood covering and squeezing her lovely tits from behind, my stiff cock pushing into her arse cheeks.

When he was finally naked, she slowly pulled our hands away from her tits, and took up a real Page three type pose with her arms up above her head. I still stood behind her kissing her, squeezing her tits rubbed my cock against the thong in her arse crack watching him slowly stroking his cock.
As if suddenly realising we wanted him to play Trevor came to life, he came over to us, slid his hands onto her hips, and then he began to kiss and tongue her mouth.

He bent and squeezed her tits, he sucked on her erect nipples, and he was rubbing his cock stiffly against her pussy, though she still had her thong on. We were both sandwiching and rubbing ourselves up against her body.

She took a cock in each hand slowly wanking both of us, dropping to her knees and taking the tips of both into her soft mouth. She’s amazing at blow jobs nibbling and biting your cock as she sucks it, it’s so dammed hot!!
She left me in deference to our guest.

He didn’t last too long at all, cumming in her mouth almost immediately. She then grabbed him, and snow-balled his cum back into his mouth. He absolutely loved it!!

While he was getting himself sorted out, she began again, sucking on my cock. Once he’d got hard again, he began feeling her tits once more, slipping his finger behind the thong, fingering her and dropping it from her. Again she stepped from it like a fawn, me kicking it away
I asked him if he really wanted to fuck her, and again the word “YES” almost shouted, he couldn’t get the word out fast enough he was so sexually excited.

Smiling she lay on the sofa, dr****g herself back on it with her legs open so he could see right into her wet pussy. He got on top of her and with a little help from her gentle guiding fingers, slid his cock right up to the hilt into her.
As he was taking her, I put my cock back in her wonderful mouth. We both came bucket-full`s, He inside her and me in her mouth it was noisy and intense.

We all took a while coming down from this first high.
It struck us then that we had forgotten to get him to put a condom on, an oversight on our part in the heat of passion by now it was just too late luckily with no side effects but it was a sobering thought though she was on the pill we really didn`t know the chap.
We trouped upstairs to the bedroom hand in hand and the night became full of sex and more sex, this time he apologetically offered to use a condom but it now seemed pointless so he and I took turns.

We slept, screwed dozed and screwed again. That girl was a live-wire; we carried on, on well into the dawning hours of Sunday. When I finally woke up again, he was again kissing Mary and fingering her. She was gently playing with both our cocks.
I went and made tea for us all, I can`t say for them but I was well dehydrated. While I was downstairs, I could hear the bed start to creak once more and still more moaning and groaning.

I heard some dirty talk too. It was so hot to hear them fucking.
We’ve since had 4 or 5 threesomes with him now. They have sex every couple of months.

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