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5 Year Elder Lost Virginity

I wanna tell you my story how i met a girl and how we have enjoyed. My name is raghav, I am 5’11? with athletic build and have 6? tool size that can make any girl satisfied and take her to heaven & the girl name was pratibha(neelu) let me describe her Stats 36B-26-38 fair complexioned girl who can make any guy discharge on seeing her.

It was year 2010 when i came to Delhi for 6 months internship in MNC.

One day in a market i was roaming with my Aunt where i saw that girl for the first time. My aunt and her just started talking to each other and she told about some stuff so aunt asked her to give her number, she was staring at me but i did not show my intentions as i am very descent in front of my family. So the gal asked me my number and she gave to me hers.

1 month passed and I had completely forgotten about her, I received a call from a girl and she asked do you remember me. I said sorry I dont remember then she told me where we met so we talked abt 15 mins. And I just said I am busy so disconnected the call.

She again called me and again talking for 10 mins i again said sorry I am busy.

Then after half hour she again called me so I talked her and said her to meet her in the evening. We met in MAC D at CP where we started talking to each other I was shy as she was 27 Y old and I am just 22 but she was so beautiful that I was not even to speak. She just started talking to me and we became very good friends.

So after my training I started going to meet her every day sometimes in mall , red fort, long drives she use to hug me.

One day she kissed me on my back when she was coming with me on a bike. She said that she stays in uttam nagar and we were roaming near dilshad garden, it was about 11 o clock. I said her she won’t get metro so I will leave her to her house and she said ok. At 12 we reached uttam nagar at her flat. She asked me to come inside her flat but I said I would leave on strong insisting me I entered her house.

She brought some food to eat for dinner. After having dinner she started to share her life with me as ho she got so alone after her grandmother got expired and rest her complete family at USA. She started crying as she needs a good friend who can care her. So I hugged her and started wiping her tears and kissed her on her forehead and made her believe that dont cry I am with her she is not alone.

Then we thought of sleeping, while sleeping she hugged me her crispy delicious boobs were pressing my back that made my tool grow to its maximum and reached to condition of tearing the boxer out. I just turned and placed a kiss on her lips. We were so involved and lost in each other that we did not knew when our tongues were roaming and reaching every area of each other mouths.

Then I came above her but she dont wanna loose the kiss and she hugged so tightly that I never wanted to get rid of that hug. It was so pure and lovely. then slowly I started rubbing the pillows like boobies that are making me to ignite out and we were kissing madly. I put my hand inside her top and started taking out slowly and slowly. She was wearing a pink colour bra and her boobs were appearing as white as milk.

That aroused me that I did not waste the time and took the melons in my mouth they were so delicious that I sucked them to red. The nipples were of pink color and fully erect that are inviting me for the pleasure that I have never taken. in the mean while she also put her hand in side my boxers and started caressing my tool and exclaimed in rejoice ”Hi kitna bada hai” How Large its is?

And she took out my tool in her hands and she pushed me down on the bed and she came above me.

She started kissing and sucking my tool as a small baby sucking lollipop for the very first time. My penis was “Badke maar riya si in Punjabi style”. She sucked my tool for abt 20 means she sucked my testicles and every corner of my penis and let it clean with her tongue.

I pushed her down and took out her lowers and she was wearing a very beautiful pink panties that excited me a lot.

What a fragrance I have never received such kind of beautiful fragrance and I took out her panties in no time. The clean shave pussy lips were in front me inviting me to taste it. Her pussy was like fresh strawberry ripped and I got a chance to taste it. I started to suck her clitoris she started moaning ohhhhhhhh……. Aauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, her moans were driving me crazy. I just kissed her navel and pressing her boobs from both hands and start putting my tongure in her vagina.

she was pushing my head towards her.

I put my figure in her vagina and found out that she was virgin. She then said that now she cant control anymore she will die please make her feel the ultimate pleasure of life and I aimed my tool to her vagina and pushed. It just got out and she shouted loudly with pain. I again tried and put my mouth in her mouth and pushed my toll with a jirk and she started crying her tears started flowing and my tool has entered 2” inside.

I just waited for two mins and gave a strong jerk and my tool entered fully inside and she was crying out of pain I made her believe that it wont hurt from now. And kissed and said I love you to her she also said I love you to me.

Then I started stroking lightly and in few mins her pain was gone and the bed was spilled with red bleed , I started increasing the speed of my stroke where I was continuously kissing and sucking her boobs and it took 30 mins to splash my cum flooded her pussy.

In the mean while she got discharged three times. Then we hugged each other and gave a warm kiss to each other and slept naked till morning. In the morning we got up late and we both took shower together where we have sex again and during making breakfast in kitchen we have a session again.

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