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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 19)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner “help” them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading…

Chapter Nineteen

Cumsocket stared up at me from the floorboard of the truck, her long black hair fell in front of her eyes as she knelt there. She was dressed in a thin, almost sheer, cotton sun dress with tall heels strapped to her ankles.

I’d loved the way she’d staggered out of the house on the heels, almost like a new born calf trying to walk for the first time.

I reached out and tapped her on the head, knowing it utterly humiliated her to be treated like a pet, an object for my pleasure.

“You better be an obedient little cunt at the shop.

” I tapped her on the head again then started up the truck. She whined the whole way to the garage, her body swaying uncomfortably as we moved down the highway.

Cumsocket whimpered as I opened the passenger side door and snapped a leash to her collar. Her legs were shaking as she stepped out of the truck. I could see the moistness in her eyes as she looked around the lot, there was only one other car—Jim’s—and I wondered how long he’d been there.

I could hear the sound of him working in the metal shop down the way.

The Asian slut struggled to keep up with me as I dragged her along behind me on the leash, she cried softly as I dragged her from the front of the station through the backrooms to my office.

“Get on your knees bitch.

” I collapsed in my chair and Cumsocket fell to her knees by my side, trying to hide behind the bulk of the desk.

I looked down at the girl, her body was trembling softly, her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin dress. I could feel my dick starting to ache and grow in my pants. I’d already cum twice already but I couldn’t help it, the sight of the Asian chick to my side, the way she pouted softly, it just made me want to fuck her.

I tapped the bulge in my pants and Cumsocket let out a small whimper before she crawled between my thighs. Her hands were shaking as she slowly undid the fly on my pants and eased my throbbing cock out. Her wide, moist eyes stared up at me as she started lapping her tongue on my prick.

I’d woken up with Emily’s lips wrapped around my cock, her hands had been bound behind her back and her legs were pulled up and tied to her wrists, hogtieing her.

She’d gotten used to sl**ping with my dick in her mouth, suckling me all night long and I loved it. I’d started fucking her mouth before she’d even woken up and I loved the look in her eyes when she finally came too, feeling my prick plunging in her mouth, slamming against the back of her throat as I used her hair to move her head over me. Emily was starting to learn, she’d sucked on my cock like a vacuum as I used her, knowing full well I wanted to cum in her pretty mouth.

I let out a small moan as Cumsocket eased her lips over my prick and tried to swallow me down. I could feel the involuntary convulsions of her mouth as the head of my cock touched the back of her throat. Her soft, tiny hands were gently cupping my balls, massaging me softly as she wrapped her lips around the base of my dick. Her eyes stared up at me, almost looking for approval as she moved her tongue against my shaft inside her mouth.

I’d had Cumsocket sl**p in the cage with Monique the night before, there wasn’t much space inside and I loved the way they’d had to wrap their limbs around one another to fit and get any sl**p at all. After I’d spewed my load in Emily’s mouth that morning I’d pulled Cumsocket and Monique from the cage. I’d figured I’d give Emily a treat since she’d been such a good girl. I knew she hated it, but I had Cumsocket lick Emily’s pussy till she was writhing in orgasm on the bed.

I’d stood and watched for a while, making sure my new slave was putting in the effort I expected of her, but Monique had started getting desperate and was whimpering by my side rubbing her cheek against my thigh like a kitty.
I did love watching Monique crawl, she had such a gorgeous body and I loved the way her ass swayed as she moved. Walking behind her I could see how wet her pussy was and I couldn’t help but smile, she was such a needy slut.

Monique had got in the shower and turned on the water like I’d trained her, instantly the goose bumps exploded on her skin as the cold water cascaded over her body. She’d shivered while looking up at me, waiting for the frigid stream to warm while she smiled.

As soon as my slut signaled me the water was warm enough for me to enter I stepped in the shower. Instantly Monique had started bathing me, running the soft sponge over my skin, lathering me with soap as she eased her mouth over my cock and gently gargled water over my prick.

I loved the way Monique cleaned me; using her hands, her mouth, squeezing her breasts against my skin to make sure every inch of my body was clean. She’d knelt in front of me, her wide eyes staring up at me as the water cascaded over her forehead while she bathed me. I could see the desperation in her eyes as she let the water run over her skin with her mouth open as she was panting.

She’d nuzzled my cock with her cheek and I knew she’d desperately wanted to beg me to fuck her.

I’d considered taunting her and making her suffer with the lust, but the need of the slut was too much and I grabbed her by the hair, lifting her to her feet and pushing her against the tile. I rammed my cock into her pussy brutally as she put her palms flat against the wall to support herself.

I couldn’t help it, Monique was such a desperate slut already and I loved the way her cunt gripped my cock when I entered her. I rutted her hard and fast, slapping her tits and ass as I buried my dick in her pussy like a jackhammer. Monique squeezed me like a vice while I pounded her body with my hips. I heard her moan as I exploded in her snatch, filling her with cum as I tugged hard on her nipples.

My mind was filled with visions of Monique from the morning as I groaned and felt Cumsocket’s mouth clamping down on me, eagerly sucking every drop of cum from my prick as I planted my hands on the back of her head and pushed her lips around the base of my cock.

“That’s is slut, that’s what you’re made for.

” I jerked my hips up and heard the Asian girl gag on me as I slammed my dick into the back of her throat, the memory of Monique’s tight, throbbing pussy floated through my head.


“Pat, I—” Annie walked in the door without knocking, the folders she was carrying crashed to the floor as she saw Cumsocket kneeling naked next to me. The Asian slut was on her haunches, legs spread wide, body covered with a glistening sheen of sweat as she plunged the 12” dildo into her cunt over and over.

Cumsocket’s eyes shot open when she heard the files hit the floor and her moans turned suddenly into whimpers of humiliation as she plunged the large shaft in her pussy again like a robot.

“I—I—I’m sorr—“ Annie was completely flustered, her face was beet red as she scurried to the floor trying to pick up the files spread out on the tile. Her eyes never left Cumsocket and the massive dildo that was buried in her snatch.

“Annie, have you ever heard of mail order brides?” Annie looked at me for an instant, her mouth opened as if to respond but no words came out. “Well, Cumsocket here is a mail order slave. ” I chuckled in laughter as I smacked the Asian girl on the ass, her body was trembling with complete and utter shame as she held the dildo with two hands, sinking it in her stretched pussy once again.

Annie tried to pick up the papers spread out on the floor, but her hands were shaking too violently.

“Actually, this slut is here to help you around the office. I bought her recently and she’s going to be doing some of the accounting and bookkeeping work, among other duties. ” I smiled sadistically down at the Asian girl. “She’s a smart little whore, aren’t you?” Cumsocket stared up at me, there was shame in her eyes.

I could see the way she was panting, the sweat covering her body after she’d been fucking herself with the long shaft for the last half hour.

“Go help her you stupid cunt. ” I slapped the Asian girl across the face. She started to pull the dildo from her pussy as she fell to her knees to crawl.

“NO slut, leave it in.

” Cumsocket started to whimper as she slowly shuffled across the floor with difficultly to the strewn papers. Tears were streaking down her cheeks as she started picking up the files and handing them to Annie.

I’d always had the feeling Annie was a girl in need of a Master, there were hints to her submissiveness but I’d never acted upon them. She was a cute girl, maybe 5’6” with a long, thin body.

She didn’t have much in the way of breasts, but I found her to be attractive. I paid her well and she did a good job for me. She had beautiful long strawberry blonde hair that accentuated the soft freckles that covered her face and arms. Annie was desperate for approval and always went out of her way to do the job right, she always seemed on the verge of tears when I had to rebuke her for something.

Sometimes I did it just for fun, to see the subtle blush in her cheeks, or the way her eyes would get moist when I criticized her for something.

I loved the way the huge shaft jutted from the Asian girl’s pussy, her cunt lips were spread wide and I could see the thick dildo wet with her juices as she picked up the papers from the floor.

“So do you like you’re new helper Annie. ” I stood up, Annie looked up at me confused and a little scared I thought, not sure what to say as she gathered the last file from the floor. Her eyes remained fixed on the Asian girl, her mouth was open slightly and I know she wanted to say something but she remained silent with shock.

I reached out and grabbed Cumsocket by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She let out a screech of pain as I tugged on her scalp, but I think her cries were more due to the complete and utter humiliation she felt as I twisted her head so she was looking at me.

“Hands behind your head slut.

” Cumsocket’s legs were shaking violently and I thought she might collapse. She brought her hands instantly to the back of her neck, forcing her to thrust her breasts out enticingly toward Annie.

“How do you like her Annie, she’s got a nice body, doesn’t she?” I pulled hard on the Asian girl’s hair and arched her head toward the ceiling.

“I bought her last weekend, she’s going to help out around here, okay.

” Annie couldn’t look at me, her eyes were lowered toward the floor but I knew she was looking at Cumsocket, the way her body glistened with sweat, her hard nipples twitching, and the wet, soaking shaft that jutted from her pussy.

“Don’t worry, she’s a smart girl, used to be an engineer but now she’s decided to be a full time slut, didn’t you?” I tugged on the Asian girl’s hair making her squeal.

“Didn’t you?” I could see the tear dribble down her cheek as she looked desperately at me.

“Yes Master, I’m—I’m—”, the Asian girl struggled to get out the words, her eyes were closed and she sobbed when she finally stuttered out the remainder of the sentence, “—just a cum receptacle for cock. ” I let go of her hair and looked at Annie, her face was pale.

“Don’t worry Annie, she’s also learning how to lick pussy too. Actually, why don’t you have a seat at my desk and see how she does, she needs the practice, I’ll watch the counter for a while. ” Cumsocket’s face contorted, I knew she wanted to break out in sobs, but I think she was in shock and couldn’t.

“Get on your knees slut!” I back-handed the Asian girl across the face and she fell to the floor with a thud.

“Go on Annie, take a seat, she’s not perfect yet, but she will be. Asian’s are high achievers, and I’m sure she’ll try hard to make you orgasm. ” I felt my heart pounding, I’d never thought about talking to Annie like I was now, but I knew it was right, I could sense it in her, perhaps I’d known all along, now I just felt the confidence as I stared down at Cumsocket kneeling at my feet.

“Won’t you make her orgasm slut?” I could see the Asian girl’s lip quiver as a tear dripped off her chin.

“Her name was Joyce, but now we just call her Cumsocket. Jim and I got her last weekend, she’ll help around the shop with the books, and then, well, I want you to use her any way you want, okay? She’s going to help out with the boys too.

” I winked at Annie, the bl**d was starting to ease back into her face and I could see her nipples were now hard under the tight fitting fabric of her top.

“Take your time, tell her what you want, and need, and I’m sure she’ll oblige. ” I stared down at Cumsocket. “Won’t you?” I loved seeing the tears that streaked down her cheeks as she looked up at me with wide humiliated eyes.

“Leave her under the desk when you’re done, and take your time. ” I grabbed the files from Annie’s hands and walked toward the front of the station, I closed the door behind me and grinned to myself.

It must have been a good hour before Annie finally relieved me. She walked slowly, gingerly, as she moved toward me. There was a contented smile on her face and her hair was tussled.

Annie was meticulous about her appearance and generally perfectly coifed, but as she sat at the front desk with me she looked completely disheveled and she didn’t seem to care.

“Did you have a good time?” I smiled at Annie, there was a twinkle in her eye as she nervously looked up at me.

“God yes, I’ve—”, she paused and her face went flush with embarrassed, “I’ve never done that before, I—“, Annie went silent for an instant as she rubbed her hands together, “I’ve never been with a woman—”, she couldn’t look up at me, “but that was incredible, and—do you really own her?” Annie’s face went bright red, redder than anything I’ve ever seen.

“Yep. ” Annie’s body shuddered.

“I—“, Annie’s whole body was shaking, her hands were trembling as she shot a glance up at me, “God I want—“. Annie looked like a deer caught in headlights as the front door opened and somebody walked in.

“Go freshen up, I’ll cover this till your back. ” I grinned as I turned away from Annie, I knew I’d been right about her.

I didn’t go straight back to the office, I knew Cumsocket would be kneeling under the desk waiting for me and wouldn’t move. Instead I walked out into the metal shop to see what Jim was working on.

“Hey buddy, how’s it going?” Jim was bent over the work bench shaping the polished stainless steel bands he’d been working on.

“Whatcha working on bud?” Jim held up the steel band in his hand, a huge grin grew on his face.

“We wouldn’t want our little slave girl’s to play with themselves without permission, now would we. ” The steel work was masterful on the chastity belt, every edge was buffed smooth and a layer of neoprene covered the inside of the shell so the metal wouldn’t harm the girls sensitive flesh while still keep them from touching themselves.

“This one is for Monique, but I’ll make ones for all the girls.

” Jim snapped a little brass lock on the part of the metal that made up the belt so I could see. I could tell that once put on, there would be no way for the wearer to take it off without a key.

“That’s awesome buddy. ” I took hold of the metal frame, the belt was light, but I could tell it was strong and my dick started to throb just thinking about seeing Monique suffering, not being able to touch herself.

“This is great buddy, I can’t wait till you get them all done. ” Jim took the steel frame from my hand and started working the flexible joints making sure they moved easily.

“Drop by the office later bud, you can check out how our little Asian cunt is doing. ” I left Jim alone, he was banging on the metal again before I even got out the door.

Jim knocked at my door a couple hours later, his face broke into an instant smile as he saw Cumsocket kneeling by my side. Heavy weighted nipple clamps were pinching down on her breasts, bouncing painfully as she squatted next to me humping the huge suction cup dildo stuck on the floor.

Jim sat in the chair in front of my desk and leaned back with his hands behind his head.

I could tell he was tired, his hands were almost black with dirt and grime from working hard on the chastity belts.

“How is that Asian cunt working out?” Jim talked as if Cumsocket wasn’t even there.

“Good, good, Annie was pleased I think, but she hasn’t done any real work for us yet. ” I smiled and tapped her on the head like a disobedient puppy, “we’ll see if she’s actually worth anything.

” Her face was contorted with effort and humiliation as she impaled herself on the long shaft rising from the floor again and again. Her nipples were stretched and strained downwards by the heavy weights dangling from her breasts and danced each time she bounced off the dildo.

“You know what you need here in the office Pat, you need a doggy door. ” Jim pointed toward the wall by the window which looked over the back of the shop compound.

“There is that pen where you used to keep your dogs against the wall, we could put in a doggy door and then you could keep her out there, just like the bitch she is. ” Jim sat up in his seat, I could tell he was thinking intently about how he could put the door in.

“Yeah, it’d work, I could do it in no time, and I think the boys would like having a little pet to play with at lunch time.

” I snapped the tip of my finger against one of the dancing weights making Cumsocket yelp in pain.

“Why don’t you go see if Jim needs his cock sucked slut, you need to do some work around here to earn your keep. ” I could see the moistness in the Asian girl’s eyes as she stared up at me. She groaned as she lifted herself up off the thick shaft, it slid from her pussy with an audible slurping pop.

Cumsocket moved gingerly as she got on all fours and crawled between Jim’s open legs. I could hear the clang of the nipple clamps swinging as she moved.

“Master, can this useless whore suck your cock and have the pleasure of your cum?”

“Yeah cunt. ” Jim reached out and tapped Cumsocket on the head, “That’s all your good for slut, at least so far.

” I could hear the Asian girl sob softly as Jim slid his hips forward in the chair and put his hands back behind his head.

Cumsocket’s tiny delicate hands were shaking as she leaned forward and started undoing the fly on Jim’s overalls. I knew she must have been disgusted, even just seeing the back of her head and the way her long black hair fell as she knelt over Jim’s groin I knew it, after all, she was a highly educated engineer, and here she was, no better than a common whore sucking a working man’s cock.

I could hear Cumsocket slurping on Jim’s prick as she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft.

“It shouldn’t be a problem putting the door in, then we could keep the Asian cunt out there in her pen, she’s no better than a dog anyway. Hell, I’m sure a good hunting dog would be worth more than she is.

” Jim groaned and grabbed Cumsocket by her hair, he lifted her head off his prick.

“Slow down whore, it’s not a race, you’re here to please my cock, not win a competition. ” I could hear Cumsocket gag as Jim pushed her mouth down around his dick again, forcing the head of his prick against the back of her throat.

“Stupid cunt, doesn’t know how to do anything right.

” Jim left his hand on the top of Cumsocket’s head as she worked her throat over his prick.

“I should be done with the chastity belt in the morning, then we’ll see how it fits. Wouldn’t want these sluts to cum without permission. ” Jim looked down at Cumsocket. “Open those eyes bitch, keep them focused on me at all times you Asian cow.

” I could hear her whimper as Jim pushed her head hard down on his prick again making her choke.

“Play with my balls you fucking slut. Do I have to tell you everything. Damn you are a stupid girl, engineer my ass. You don’t even know how to suck cock and that’s part of your genetics, fuck if I think you’re a goddamn engineer. ” I could see Cumsocket’s hands shaking as she worked them between Jim’s thighs and started playing gently with his balls.

“Engineer my ass, can’t even be a simple whore where all she has to do is keep her legs open and suck a cock. ” I could hear Cumsocket’s lips moving over Jim’s dick as I watched the back of her head bob up and down, it was obvious she was crying.

Jim and I talked business for another good 20 minutes before he finally shot his load in Cumsocket’s mouth.

Even after he came Jim held her mouth down on his prick for another 10 or 15 minutes with her lips locked around the base of his cock suckling him.

I was starting to get jealous and my dick was aching. The sound of the Asian girl sucking on Jim’s prick had started to get to me.

Jim tugged on Cumsocket’s scalp and pulled her mouth off his shaft.

He backhanded her across the face making her head jerk with the blow.

“I wouldn’t give $10 for that blow job cunt. ” Jim stared down as Cumsocket, then looked up at me. “I think we should take the Asian slut back to Mack’s, he could probably make some money off her, maybe he could sell her to some Mexican whorehouse where she just had to lie on her back all day and get fucked, maybe she’s smart enough to do that.

” Jim pinched Cumsocket’s cheeks between his fingers. “Hell, maybe she’d make a good sideshow whore fucking dogs or horses, that pussy has to be good for something. ” Cumsocket had her hands up behind her head kneeling between Jim’s thighs while he held her face, her body was trembling and I could hear her softly sobbing. “Think you could manage that slut?” I could see the way Cumsocket’s back shuddered and hear her whimpering louder and louder.

“Get out here slut, maybe Pat has some use for you. ” The Asian girl scurried away quickly as Jim let go of her face. The Asian girl crawled around the desk and laid her head on my thigh, her eyes were wide and she stared up at me in desperation.

I grabbed her by the back of her hair, arching her head back.

“How did that cum taste slut?” I could see a tremor in her cheek as she stared up at me nervously.

“Good Master, it, I’m just a worthless cum slut, I’m meant to suck cock. ” She barely got out the words with her voice cracking and barely audible.

“Didn’t you forget to tell Jim that slut?” A single tear dribbled down her cheek.

“Yes Master. ” Her lip quivered.

“Don’t tell me bitch, you know what to do. ” More tears started down Cumsocket’s cheeks as I let go of her hair.

She fell to her hands and knees and crawled around the desk again, I smiled as she moved between Jim’s thighs and started kissing the bulge in his overalls, she looked up over his belly and stared in his eyes.

“Thank you Master for allowing this useless whore to suck your cock and have the pleasure of your cum. This useless cunt is sorry for not thanking you properly before, please forgive me and allow me to suck your cock in the future.

” The Asian girl leaned down and kissed the bulge in Jim’s pants again.

“Get away from me bitch. ” Jim pushed Cumsocket from between his thighs and she shuffled towards me again on all fours. The weighted clamps on her nipples clanged as she looked up at me. I pointed to the dildo still mounted on the floor and her head fell dejectedly.

“You have two minutes to get yourself wet cunt, and you can suck it if you want, I know how much you like a cock in your mouth.

” The Asian girl quickly wrapped her lips around the shaft jutting from the floor. Almost instantly she had her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy trying to get wet.

I kept watch of the girl out of the corner of my eye as Jim and I started talking again.

“Want a beer buddy?” Jim was rubbing his cock through his pants leaning back in his chair contemplatively.

“Yeah, sounds good. ” I picked up the phone and called Annie in the front office.

“We need some beers back here baby. ” I hung up the phone and smiled at Jim, I couldn’t wait to see the look on Annie’s face when she saw Cumsocket on the floor.

“What do you think we should do with the Asian cunt?” Jim leaned his head to the side so he could see Cumsocket frigging herself on the floor as he spoke.

“I just don’t know if she’s going to work out, she’s nothing like Tara. I think we should sell her back to Mack, or take her down to Mexico ourselves, I’m sure those boys could put a piece of Asian ass to work, hell, $10 a fuck, 12 hours a day, that’s a good earning whore down there, hell, they’d probably work her 18 hours a day down there, they don’t have all the damn lawyers we do up here.

They know how to treat a slut. ” Jim chuckled in laughter as Annie knocked softly on the door and entered, her face went instantly red when she saw Cumsocket on the floor with her fingers banging into her pussy.

“I’ve got your beers guys. ” Annie kept her head down as she handed Jim and I each a beer.

“What do you think about the Asian cunt?” Jim grabbed Annie by the hip and pulled her toward him as he popped the top on the bottle.

“I—I—“ I could hear Cumsocket whimpering as she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy while she sucked the long dildo in her mouth. I snapped my fingers and nodded at her. Annie looked over at me as the Asian girl lifted her mouth off the shaft with a slurping sound and stopped playing with herself. She got on her haunches and squatted over the dildo rising from the floor.

I heard her yelp as she spread her pussy lips and let the mushroomed head of the shaft slip into her sex. I watched Annie’s face as the Asian girl let the long dildo slide into her pussy till only a few inches jutted from her snatch.

Jim tugged Annie toward him again. “So, what do you think about the slut, think we should keep her around, think she’ll help out at all?” Annie broke free from Jim’s hold and backed slowly toward the door as Cumsocket started bouncing up and down on the dildo impaled in her cunt.

“We’re thinking about selling her to a whorehouse in Mexico, want to go for a drive with us?” Jim winked at me. Annie’s eyes never left Cumsocket’s body as she bucked her hips up and down on the long pole buried in her pussy. “Maybe you’d like it down there too. ” Jim chuckled as the Asian girl continued to bury the dildo in her pussy over and over again.

Annie bumped into the door as she backed away further, her eyes were locked on the confluence of the Asian girl’s legs watching the long thick shaft disappear into her pussy.

“Go watch the front Annie, I’ll talk to you later. ” Annie spun quickly as I released her from Jim’s torments. I could only grin at my friend as he smirked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

“I’ll get working on the doggy door in the morning. When are you going to introduce the Asian slut to the boys in the shop?” Jim got to his feet and walked toward where Cumsocket bounced up and down on the thick dildo. Her face was red with effort and a thin sheen of perspiration shone on her belly as she bucked her hips on the shaft buried in her cunt.

“You’re going to have to do a lot to impress me bitch, I really think we should sell you down in Mexico, or maybe we should just find a migrant worker camp?” Jim thrust two of his dirty fingers in Cumsocket’s mouth, I could hear the girl gag as he pressed down on her tongue.

“You’ve got a lot of work to do cunt.

” Jim pulled his fingers from her mouth and wiped the saliva off in her hair. Jim turned toward me.

“I’ll talk to you later bud, I’m going to go finish up in the shop and then head home for some rest. I’ll talk to you in the morning. ” Jim tapped Cumsocket on the head and left.

I dragged Cumsocket naked into the house by her leash, as soon as we got inside I pointed to the floor and she fell to her hands and knees instantly.

I loved the sight of the dildo jutting from her pussy as she crawled in front of me, it must have been uncomfortable for her, kneeling on the floorboards of the truck as I drove her home after we left the shop, the thick shaft stuffed in her cunt filling her completely.

I walked my Asian slave back into my bedroom, Monique’s head popped up as she got onto her haunches and stared at us as from her cage.

Her mouth was slightly ajar and her lips were moist as she moaned softly in need.

Emily was curled in a ball inside her cage looking like a content little kitty as I pulled the Asian girl behind me. I’d decided that Monique needed to be punished for her neediness and I wasn’t going to let her out of the cage for the night. Emily mewed softly as I dragged Cumsocket towards her cage, her eyes were fixed on me as I opened the door and grabbed for the ring on her collar.

“I bet you’ve missed me slut, haven’t you. ” Emily purred softly as I pulled her out of the cage, her nipples were hard and I could see the way her pussy twitched as I dragged her out of the metal frame and pushed the Asian girl inside. Emily rubbed her cheek against the bulge in my pants, rubbing her hair against my dick as I snapped the cage door shut behind Cumsocket.

“Good girl. ” I petted the top of Emily’s soft head and ran my fingers through her hair.

To be continued….

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