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3 Sissies at Lake House have Fun

It has been almost a year and a half since Steve, Mike and Joe have been meeting at Joe’s secluded lake house every month. Of course, it’s really a secret meeting of three sissy cross dressers who love to dress femmie and let go and have slutty girlly hot sex. They really are three girlly bois who love to dress up in sissy slutty clothes and act out all their lesbian, limp wristed, prissy, faggy, fantasies.

They work as their boy selves during the week of course wearing cute girlly panties and bras under their mens clothing which gives their cute
little girlly clit cocks a thrill. They each have wonderful sissy names, Steve is Panty-sissy, Mike is Sissy-bra, and Joe is Girly-stockins.
The house is set back off the road and is a three bedroom, one for each girl decorated in frilly girlly style. There are computers with internet with hot porn access.

There is video equipment to make hot porn shots. Each girl has clothes on site with makeup and wigs and all kinds of sissy things.

Panty-Sissy likes to dress slutty in lingerie and adores bras and panties. She has lots of different sizes and colors of bras. She loves to priss in her bras and has dd forms that giggles. She talks in a queer femmie voice saying she is a sisssy and she loves to suck cock.

She holds a bra over her head and prisses around the room saying how queer and sissy she is while she wiggles her ass in her pink panties that has lace on the ass and a little pink bow on the front. She loves to put bras on the other girls and hook the clasps and giggles how cute they are. She loves red lipstick and red nail and toe polish.

Sissy-bra likes to dress kinda teen style.

Her favorite outfit is pink A cup satin bra and pink panties. Freshly shaven legs. Girly hi waisted shorts with no pockets that zip up the back. A pink girly lacy tank top that let the bra straps show. Heavy make up with heavy red lipstick, black paige boy wig with bangs and hooped ear rings. White strappy sandals and red fingers and toe polish as well. She loves to go out in public dressed like this and maybe without the wig to look more faggy.

Girly-Stockins loves to wear maid uniforms with short skirts and black stock ins and six inch heels. She likes the Hugh tits and heavy whore makeup
She loves to kiss other girls get red lip stick all on each other.

Each girl will makes a video in front of the other two dressed all sissy and tell there sissy story in a queer sissy voice and priss limp wristed in front of the other two exposing how sissy she is to the other two.

Then she will drop and suck the other girls clitty cocks and lick up the pre cum and kiss the other girls.

Later each girl will suck each girls cock and share hot facials and lick the cum up and then exchange hot cum kisses. mmmmmmm
Then exchange panties and wear them and get d***k on beer and wine and kiss cum and wine and jack on each others cocks.

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