sexperience with hostelmate

Hi everyone, my name is ajay, I am an average looking guy with good height and weight from vijayawada in andhra.

And hardly my life has just 3 sexperiences that also with guys, I am bisexual(I enjoy sex with both girls and boys) I just love the pleasure.. this incident happened nearly 7 years back when I was in my 12th with my hostel mate. I started masturbating from my 10th since then that is the only way for my pleasure, every night I masturbate in bathroom before bathing.

As it is residential college only for boys and I used to hear some stories regarding gay sex in my college. And I dont understand why do they have sex with guys untill I have experience one. On one fine Sunday, we usually go out and enjoy that day seeing hot girls and thier clevage in busy markets and some b grade movies in internet centers and come back to college by 9.

That Sunday was also the same, but I had some extra fun in the exhibition, I was made to go onto a girl in a heavy crowd and I was touching her entire back with my front with noo gap btween US, that was my first time I am touching a girls butt with my already hardened penis, I didnt cared about her face or her looks, all I Care is I am having pleasure of my life time,

I stood like that For nearly 10 mins near columbus ride, oh my god it was very good, I almost went near to ejaculation but I controlled it and went to my college and expecting that girl in my dreams and complete the rest, I slept early.

As I thought I began to dream something like, a girl rubbing my penis with her soft hand for some time and started smooching my lips with her rose petals, aaaaah I am enjoying it as it is real, the smooching thing gained some intense and I woke up suddenly and got shocked to see my room mate sl**ping next to my bed,

I immediately moved from him thinking that I am smooching him as I was in middle of a sexy dream, suddenly my heart rate increased many thoughts running over my mind ( next day he will reveal everything to everybody, everyone will look me like gay and will behave differently ) for next 2 mins I was looking at him and very tense,

suddenly he moved Towards me and again started smooching suddenly, my nervousness came down and now I am somewhat cool and started to enjoy his lips and he is pumping his saliva into my mouth and I started to d***k it I am liking it I moved a bit towards him he slowly exploring my private parts with one hand and he caught my other hand and kept on his abdomen aaah

it was hot and smooth and I aatrted exploring I quickly went to his penis and I caught it my hand and next feeling his balls mean while he is masturbating me, my penis is soo wet like never before, his penis is also soo wet and I wanted to taste his precum so I Dip my finger in his pre cum and took to my mouth and I broke the marathon smooching to taste it, it was a bit hot and salty.

He with one hand started puling my t shirt down soo I followed I came to his nipples they are already erected and I took one of those and started sucking like a baby, he again pulling down my tee I followed and came to his umbilicus I pushed my tongue into it and rotating in it for some time,

again he is pulling me I went further down he is wearing shorts without underwear his penis made a tent slowly my anxiety for his is penis growing.

I pulled his short his penis popped out now he stopped pulling me down now I got understood that he want me to play with his penis. I grabbed his cock it was a bit larger than mine and is like a hot corn ready to serve.

I moved his foreskin back and I smelled his precum and his cock and moving all over my face, I think he is irresistable and suddenly grabed my head with his hands and pushed it into my mouth it touched my pharynx and I coughed suddenly with a big noise and immediately moved to my place so that I anybody can wakeup with that sound.

I was under my bed sheet and watching carefully whether any body woke up with cough, I was awake and I am remembering the taste of the his penis and I became impulsive to such his penis, slowly I went into his bed sheet directly moved to his penis.

I grabed it, it gently chewed his foreskin and moved it back meanwhile he started to move his legs around my waist and He locked me between his legs and I prepared my self that he wants some good stokes in my mouth I started to taste his glans the soft smooth meat with pre cum oozing from his penis aaah it was goo he is trying to wave fast in my mouth but I am controlling his speed by grabing his hip with my hand.

Aaaah he is pumping hard in my mouth and in the middle I am stopping him to suck his meat as like a baby trying to extract milk. with my hand I am massaging his back and I tried to explore his anal area. I am enjoying his penis in my mouth he is pushing his penis to every corner of my mouth thick mucus coming from my mouth and he is using it as lubricant.

It went for 5 mins I guess but every minute was very pleasureful at that time he suddenly with drawn his penis out and I was mastubating his penis with my hand and a full load of cum splashed all over my face he jerked for 4 times and my face is full of his semen.

I started licking around my mouth and I came back to original position and the rest of the semen he licked all over my face and we started smooching again.

Later he gave me a hand job and I ejaculated really good amount than past. we continued this for twice later I can never forget this experience. And I am waiting for the next sex adventure since then. Thank you.

Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, 3

Saved by The Bell: Bangin’ at Bayside, Part 3

It was finally Friday night Zack and Kelly met at The Max and ate dinner. They walked to Zack’s house for their big night.

They walked into Zack’s bedroom and ripped their clothes off. They crawled onto his bed and started kissing their tongues wrestling as they groped each other’s bodies. She reached down and started stroking his cock. “I love the way your hand feels on my cock, so much better than mine.

“I love the way your cock feels,” she said with a wicked grin. “And how it tastes. ” Kelly kissed her way down his chest stopping to lick his nipples. This sent a shiver down his spine. She kissed on down and licked a drop of pre-cum off the head and said, “Better than a malt at The Max. “

She opened her mouth and slid about half way down the shaft.

She started slowly sliding up and down licking the shaft as she went He moaned and put his hand on the back of her head trying to push her farther down his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down loving the way it felt sliding in and out of her mouth. She took it out of her mouth and slowly licked it from bottom to top.

“Oh Kelly, I love when you suck my cock.

Your lips feel so good. Lick my balls, take them in your mouth and suck them. “

She stretched out between his legs so she could have better access to his balls. She sucked one and then the other into her mouth. She was stroking his cock with her left hand and rubbing her clit with her right.

Meanwhile Zack’s mom had snuck into the house and was kneeling in the hallway watching through the open door.

Watching Kelly sucking Zack’s cock and balls was making her very wet. She reached down and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. She stripped off her clothes, she didn’t know what she would say if she got caught.

Kelly kept licking Zack’s balls and then she licked lower, running her tongue over his asshole. That sent a shiver down his spine and he moaned loudly. She stuck her tongue up his ass as far as she could.

“Oh god Kelly, lick my ass. Stick your tongue in it. I’ve never felt anything like this. “

She pulled her tongue out and took his cock back in her mouth and sucked as hard as possible. Then she took her right hand, which was covered with her juices, and slid a finger up his ass. That was all he could take and he felt his balls tighten as he shot a huge load into Kelly’s mouth.

She swallowed it all then pulled his dick from her mouth with a loud pop.

She grinned at Zack and said, “Good to the last drop. “

In the hallway Melanie couldn’t believe what she had just seen. She had never thought of anything anal and here was 16-year-old Kelly Kapowski licking and sticking her finger up her son’s ass. She shoved three fingers up her pussy as she orgasmed.

“That was fantastic Kelly.

Where did you learn to do that?”

“I just thought I’d try it. Haven’t you ever used your own finger?”

“Yeah I have a time or two, but I didn’t expect you to know about something like that. “

“You’d be surprised what I know. ” She said with a big smile.

“What do you mean? I am your first aren’t I?”

“Of course you’re my first. My first guy.

“You mean you’ve been with a girl?”

“Only two,” she laughed.

Zack’s cock sprang back to full erection at the thought of Kelly eating another girl’s pussy. “Who was it?” He asked as she started stoking his cock again.

“I don’t know if I should tell you. As fast as your cock got hard when I said it, it might make you cum if you knew. “

“Come on Kelly, I have to know.

“Ok, first was Nikki then Lisa. “

“I can’t believe it, you and your s!ster then you and Lisa. “

She felt his cock jerk as cum shot from his cock and landed on his chest and her arm. She quickly put her mouth over the head and swallowed the rest. Zack scooped the cum off his chest and sucked it off his finger. Kelly saw this and moaned as she came squirting pussy juice onto Zack’s sheets.

“Zack, you just ate your own cum! That’s so sexy; I’ve never imagined a guy doing that. “

“I just started last week, I tasted it by accident and now I can’t get enough. I need a few minutes to recuperate. Let’s go get a coke from the kitchen. “

“That sounds good. Then it’s time for the main event. “

They both laughed as they got out of bed and walked toward the hall.

Zack’s mom grabbed her clothes and ran to her room, closing the door just as they entered the hall. She lay on her bed panting. She thought, ‘Wow, that was close. ’ She was so excited by what she had heard and seen that she started masturbating again. Just the thought of sweet innocent Kelly eating her s!ster and Lisa was pushing her closer to the edge. When she thought of Zack eating his own cum, that was all she could take and a major orgasm shook her body.

Zack and Kelly ran back to his room. They were laughing as he kept grabbing her luscious ass while she ran. She jumped on his bed flopped onto her back, spread her legs as wide as she could and said. “Here I am big boy. I’m all yours make me a woman. “

He crawled onto the bed between her legs and started kissing his way up. He stopped at her pussy and started licking.

She grabbed him by the ears pulling him on up and said, “I’ve had enough foreplay I want to feel your big hard cock inside me. Come on Zack FUCK ME!”

“I’ve been dreaming of this for so long. This is going to be great. ” He said as he rubbed his cock up and down her slit covering it with her juices.

His mom moved back into the hall just as he started to slide it in.

Kelly moaned as she felt the head spread her lips and start to slide in. Zack held his breath as he pushed it in. It had felt great when Kelly had sucked his cock but this was unbelievable. Then he felt resistance and knew he was against her cherry. He didn’t want to hurt her so he stopped.

“Why did you stop Zack? I want you inside me. “

“I don’t want to hurt you Kelly.

“I know it’s going to hurt but just do it. PLEASE FUCK ME!”

She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled as she humped her ass up. He took the hint and pushed hard tearing her cherry and burying his cock completely into her pussy.

“OH FUCK THAT HURTS!” She screamed as she felt her cherry break.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine just don’t move for a minute.

“Just tell me what you want me to do. ” He said as he wiped the tears off her face.

His mom watched in awe as Zack popped Kelly’s cherry. She thought how lucky Kelly was to be with someone as gentle and considerate as Zack. She remembered her first time when she was 14 and how the captain of the football team had shoved his cock in and pumped it as fast as he could.

She was thankful he didn’t last very long. It had been such a bad experience she didn’t have sex again until she met Zack’s dad when she was 18 and in college.

The pain subsided and Kelly started to grind her crotch into Zack’s. She moaned and said, “Ok start fucking me, but go slow. “

Zack felt her pussy grabbing his cock as he slid it out and thought, ‘I’m glad I’ve cum twice already.

’ He pulled out till just the head was still inside her then gently slid back in. He developed a slow easy rhythm as he fucked the girl of his dreams.

“Oh Zack your cock feels so big. It feels so good. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. Don’t ever stop. “

He picked up the pace and leaned down and kissed her sliding his tongue into her mouth. They kissed passionately as their hips moved in unison slamming their crotches together with every stroke.

“Your pussy feels like a glove on my cock. “

“Fuck me harder Zack. Oh I love your cock in my pussy. ”

Zack fucked her harder. He looked and saw his cock sliding into Kelly’s pussy and almost came. He stopped before he lost it and said, “That was close, I don’t want to cum yet. “

He lay there gently rocking his cock into her then he grabbed her ass and rolled over so she was on top.

This was new to Kelly but she started rocking her hips. She bounced up and down faster and faster. She could feel her orgasm approaching as she humped harder.

“OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO CUM! I’ve never felt this good. Oh Zack fuck me make me cum all over your cock. “

Zack felt his balls tighten and new he couldn’t hold out any longer. He grabbed her ass and fucked his cock up into her as fast as he could.

“Get ready I’m gonna cum. “

“Yes Zack, cum in me. Shoot your load deep in my pussy. I want to feel you squirt. “

That was all he could stand he slammed into her one last time as the cum shot from his cock. Kelly felt his hot cum shooting into her and screamed as she came all over his cock. Her body shook as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

Zack felt her pussy grip his cock tighter and his cock jerked harder pumping every drop of cum out of his balls.

In the hall his mom had three fingers up her pussy and one in her ass as she came with them. Kelly lay on top of Zack till she felt his cock soften and slip out of her pussy. She could feel his cum start to run out of her and she thought, ‘No need to waste it.

She straddled his face and said, “Dinner is served,” as she pressed her pussy onto his mouth.

He was stunned for a moment then he dug in and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

“That’s it Zack lick my pussy, suck your cum out you nasty boy. Damn that turns me on, watching you eat your own cum. “

He used his tongue and scooped all his cum from her then sucked on her lips and licked her clit.

She ground her pussy into his mouth and she was pulling hard on her nipples.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum again. Don’t stop, lick my clit. Oh shit I can’t stand it. EAT ME!” she screamed and collapsed onto the bed.

They both fell as!eep as they lay in each other’s arms. Zack’s mom got dressed and left she had rented a motel room earlier and she was going to let the k**s enjoy the rest of the night.

* * *

Zack awoke to a strange sight; Kelly had crawled into a 69 and was sucking his cock. Not being one to pass up a golden opportunity he pulled her pussy down to his mouth and began licking. They did this for several minutes then she slid down his body and slipped his cock into her cunt.

“Damn your dick feels good inside me. It fills me completely.

I could fuck you forever. ” She said as she humped on his cock. This position was different as she slid up and down his cock rubbed her clit. She leaned forward resting her hands on his knees, that was the perfect spot she humped faster and faster her clit rubbing on his prick with every stroke. Zack licked a finger and slid it into her ass. She screamed “OH SHIT I’M GONNA CUMM! OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK ME!”

Then she came, almost drowning Zack with her juices squirting from her pussy so fast.

“That felt so good when you stuck your finger up my ass I thought I would die,” She said laying her head on his shoulder.

“I love making you cum. ” He said as he licked her nipple.

He was licking one nipple then the other and gently rubbing her pussy. It was working she was becoming horny again. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it.

“You didn’t cum did you?” she asked.

“No I didn’t. But that’s all right. “

“We’ll have to remedy that. ” She laughed. She was getting hornier by the minute and she said, “I want you to fuck my ass. “

“Are you k**ding? You really want me to put my cock in your gorgeous ass?”

“Yes I do. I want to feel it stretching me and sliding in and out.

If tongues and fingers, feel good then your cock should be out of this world. “

Zack went to the bathroom and got a bottle of baby oil. He walked back to the bed Kelly was rubbing her pussy and saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m going to get fucked in the ass and I can hardly wait. “

He rolled her onto her stomach and started licking her ass.

She moaned and humped her hips trying to f0rce his tongue deeper. He pulled his face away from her ass and poured some baby oil into her crack. The oil felt cold and caused her to jump. He slid his finger up and down her ass crack rubbing in the oil. He slid his finger in and started pumping it in and out.

“That feels great. Fuck my ass with your finger.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked sliding a second finger in.

“Hell yes I’m sure. I want your hard cock in my ass NOW!”

He poured oil on his cock and rubbed the head around her puckered hole then began to push it in. He felt the head pop in and he kept pushing till he had all of his inches in her ass.

She screamed as she felt her ass stretching wide as he buried his cock completely. “OH ZACK STOP. DON’T MOVE. It feels like you’re slitting me in half. Please don’t move. “

“I’m sorry Kelly. Do you want me to take it out?”

“NO! Just hold still and let me get used to it. Oh god it hurts. ” She cried tears running down her cheeks.

She buried her face in a pillow and sobbed as she tried to relax.

The longer they lay there the better it started to feel. She slowly started to rock her hips and said. “Ok, move slowly. “

Zack slowly slid his dick out till just the head was in and poured some more oil on it. He slid back in and started fucking her slowly. She moaned and began rocking her hips to meet him. Her ass was tighter than her pussy had been and he was loving it.

He grabbed her hips and started pumping faster.

“Your ass feels great on my cock. It’s so tight. Do you like my cock in your ass?”

“Oh Zack it feels awesome. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck me harder. Make me scream. Oh, fuck my ass. “

He fucked her harder and faster. He knew he wouldn’t last long as he pounded his dick into her.

“Damn Kelly I can’t hold out much longer.

I feel like I’m going to explode. “

“Yes Zack cum in my ass let me feel you explode. I want to feel your hot cum shoot up my ass. “

“I’M CUMMING!” He screamed as he buried his cock completely in her ass and shot his load.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMING TOO!” She screamed as she felt squirt after squirt of his cum fill her ass.

They fell onto their sides with Zack’s cock still in her ass.

It softened and slid out and Kelly got up and ran to the bathroom. After that ass fucking she really had to go. Zack changed the sheets while she was gone and threw the dirty ones in the washer. He looked at the clock it was 3:00 AM. They crawled back into bed and fell as!eep.

* * *

It was 9:30 when they woke up and Zack knew his mom would be home soon.

They jumped in the shower and washed each other. Of course they got excited and he bent Kelly over and fucked her in the shower. They got dressed and met the gang at The Max. The girls went to the mall and Zack went home and collapsed.

Lesbian experience with Varsha

“Aaaaah… just like that baby, just like that…” I hissed. My back was arched, my head thrown back, eyes closed and my legs wide apart, bent at the knees. Varsha had her face buried in between my legs, doing wonderful things to me with her tongue. I was gripping her head with one hand and squeezing my breasts with the other. I pulled her up, and we kissed and wrapped our arms and legs tightly around each other, enjoying the sensations.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Swati, 19, a slim, medium complexioned girl with average sized breasts. Varsha is my roommate, and she has been an athlete all her life. She is built strong. We are roommates in our college hostel and we became friends right from day one. The story starts on a warm night, when after dinner we decided to watch a movie on the laptop.

It was quite hot, so Varsha removed her tshirt and was sitting close to me.

I started feeling hot too and removed my tshirt, although a bit shyly. Varsha looked at me, and gave a naughty smile and put her arm around me. We shut down the stupid movie we were watching and Varsha brought up her collection of porn. Yes, we girls watch porn too!

Varsha played a lesbian move and it was slowly turning us on. Varsha was lightly brushing her hands over her crotch. I was overcome with lust and made the first move.

I reached for her crotch over her shorts. She smiled at me, and then quickly reached for my shorts and tried to pull them off. She was strong and had them off in no time. I reached for her shorts too, pulled them off and there she was, pinning me to the bed under her with her strength.

Overcome with lust, we kissed each other and then she started to move her mouth to my breasts.

She started to squeeze them, pinch them and suck on my nipples. It was heavenly. I tried to reach for her breast but she wouldn’t let me. “Shhhh… just lay back and enjoy” she said. She started to caress me all over with her soft hands and I was really enjoying it.

She started to run her hands over my thighs. I stopped her, and we got into the 69 position. Our tongues invaded each others pussies and we both began to pleasure each other.

My legs were trembling. Varsha was so skilled that I just stopped and let her take over. I sat up, and she buried her head between my legs. I spread them wide to allow her better access, and placed my legs on her strong shoulders. I could feel my passion rising with every second.

“Oh I so want to get fucked now” I said. She smiled, and brought out a bottle of lotion.

She lubed up my waxed pussy slowly, and then hers. She then knelt, and asked me to face her, and put my legs on either side of her. I did. She inserted her ring and little fingers into her pussy, kept her middle finger pointed upwards, and asked me to put my pussy around it.

It was a novel way, for both of us to enjoy. She started to thrust upwards, it was like being fucked in a porn movie.

Both of us were enjoying ourselves thoroughly. Her head was at my breast-level and she started to suck me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and head, running my fingers through her hair..

Being fucked with a finger was so much enjoyable. We began to moan. Varsha was strong and went on thrusting for a long time, suddenly she shuddered for a few seconds and had her orgasm, but I didn’t have mine.

We took a break. Varsha asked me to turn over and immediately went to work on my ass with her tongue. I was excited but at the same time apprehensive about the pain.

She said not to worry. She lubed up my ass and slowly wriggled a finger into it. I was surprised it didn’t hurt at all. She slowly put in two fingers and began to fuck me, while kneeling behind me.

It was sending me through the roof with pleasure and I moaned my approval very loudly.

I could feel the throes of an orgasm coming. Varsha knew that too, and all of a sudden she reached around and inserted a finger in my cunt. I almost jumped up with ecstasy. Varsha went on fucking me, when suddenly my legs started to tremble again, my toes started to curl, I felt the most amazing sensations in me, as I orgasmed with a loud shriek.

I just collapsed on the bed after that. Varsha lay next to me, pulled herself close to me and I embraced her, feeling the warmth of her soft flesh. “That was…. mmm…amazing” I whispered. “Lets do it again soon” she smiled. We drifted off to sl**p cuddling each other.

Hope you guys liked my story. I’ll try and share some more stories and I’m hoping for wonderful readers

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Rupali and Suva Enjoying Lesbian Sex

Rupali and Suva were living in as neighbours with their f****ys in Jaipur. Suva was good at heart and very friendly so Rupali liked her. Suva used to tie rakhi to Rupali husband and Rupali used to tie rakhi Suvas husband Although Suva was in early thirties and Rupali was also of same age as Rupali, Suva used to call her bhabhi.

Suva had 3 c***dren and Rupali also had three c***dren and all of them were in same school nearby.

Both f****ys were a middle class. Rupali was fair and well built and had fairly large round breasts where as Suvas was also fair and healthy but her breasts were smaller and perky type.

Both were good friends and used to visit each others house every day and exchanged food items and other things daily. Suva always noticed Rupali ample breasts and used to feel jealousy of her breasts and her large cleavage which was visible always to Suva.

She used to tease Rupali jokingly frequently about her breasts in bhabhi nanad manner and she used to try to touch them sometimes because she was also attracted to them. One day they were to visit someone in another distant area of their city. So Suva got ready and went to Rupali house and found she is not still ready.

As they were to return back the same afternoon before their c***dren came from the schools.

Suva urged Rupali to speed up. Rupali was changing and Suva just went in the room to help her. Rupali was trying to find some clothes with her pallu dropped. Blouse was partly open revealing breasts and cleavage was very long & deep and Suva could not take her eyes off and felt some pleasant shock.

In a hurry Rupali unhooked her blouse and revealed her big breasts with large light reddish brown rings around nipples and she did not notice Suva was watching her breasts.

Rupali nipples were wide, erect and very inviting. Suva felt a strong urge to suck those breasts. Suva never felt like it earlier except when she was as a c***d used to sometimes suck her mother breasts till she was teen.

Rupali suddenly saw Suva was staring at her, she shyly tried to cover…Suva did not want to miss it. She said: Rupa, you have very good breasts and your husband is very lucky.

and moved to back of Rupali and cupped her big breasts from back. Rupali laughed and resisted but Suva was adamant and did not remove her hands.

Rupali said Suva what are you doing and should not do it like a man and also we are getting late. Suva was in a trance and whispered in her ears I call you Bhabhi and Bhabhi is like a mother, there is nothing wrong in asking for mothers milk so please let me suck your breasts.

Rupali was speechless for some seconds when she heard this.

Suva taking it as chance and took Rupali bigger left breast and put it into her mouth as much as she can started sucking it and was happy to receive some drops of sweet milk and her other hand cupped Rupalis right breast. Rupali told her that her UKG daughter chhoti still drinks her milk in nights. The milk tasted sweet and Suva was very happy as her secret desire for breast milk was filled.

Rupali was still surprised but she also felt nice and after a minute or so Suva guided her to the bed and she slowly made Rupali sit on the edge of the bed without removing the breast from her mouth as she did not want to change Rupalis mood and she kneeled on the floor so that she could reach breasts easily continued sucking Rupalis breast for sometime.

She changed one breast to another as the breasts were getting empty very quickly after two three drops of milk.

Rupali helped her get some milk while sucking the breasts for four to five times by pressing the breasts. Suva tried to touch Rupalis other part but Rupali strongly stopped Suva.

But Rupali automatically put her hands in Suvas blouse removed buttons and took out Suvas breasts from her bra and started fondling them she noticed Suva breasts were smaller than hers. She gently squeezed Suvas long nipples to find any milk but there was nothing.

Suva kept sucking Rupalis breasts and finally Suva was satisfied after Fifteen twenty minutes.

After that Suva stopped, stood up and ran away to the corner of the room as she felt ashamed strongly and turned her face away as she was not feeling alright to face her friend. Suva hooked her blouse and she ran to her house. They did not go to any place. Suva and Rupali c***dren came back from schools.

Suva sent her c***dren to play and sat alone and was thinking of the incident and feeling guilty and shame. The door bell rang and she opened the door and got surprised to see Rupali who was smiling. Ruapli turned around and shit the door and came to her and embraced her with affection and comforted her and asked Suva, why you ran away?

Suva started to cry and said Bhabhi I was feeling ashamed for what I have done.

Rupali said Suva You should not feel shy and guilty and Rupali took her to Suvas bed and lied down and unhooked some buttons of her blouse. Suva lied near her and lifted Rupalis blose to get her breast and greedily started sucking it and put her other hand inside Rupalis blouse to play with other breast.

Rupali also played with Suvas breasts. After they were done Rupali said you are my best friend and nanad and I also enjoy while you drank my milk.

You are free to suck my breasts and drink my milk whenever you want to as I am your bhabhi and you are my nanad. Suva told her that she used to suck her mothers empty breasts sometimes.
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Panty Fantasies – Coleen’s Magic

Sissy – body change – panties – satin – feminization – lingerie – cocksucking – gender swap

He swallowed hard, his body tense with anticipation and admittedly a small amount of fear. He didn’t _really_ know this woman and her beauty was no guarantee of her honesty. He was exposing himself as he had never done before, all in a desperate attempt to capture his dreams, to experience the most intense pleasures.

Looking around the bathroom he saw that it was finely appointed with grey and pink marble and fine Italian tile.

The towels were Egyptian and felt wonderful. The whole penthouse suite was luxury but for the money he was paying her, it felt appropriate.

The money had almost stopped him before jumping in but after twenty years of desperate fantasies and a collection of partial experiences, he couldn’t resist. She’d described things in such detail that he was completely convinced that she’d done this before. Some things had been left vague but tantalizing.

Maybe it was desperation that took out the five thousand dollars but he preferred to think of it as hope.

His skin was tingling as he dried off. Her instructions had been very detailed and had taken him awhile to comply with every item. He’d cleaned himself all over and then used a special depilatory cream from his toes to his hair line. With some embarrassment, he’d given himself an enema. He’d never felt so clean and his skin so smooth.

Leaning close to the ornate mirror, he took a good look at himself: fit, toned, a little on the lean side, a little shorter than average, longish black hair that he kept combed back loosely. He’d never been unhappy about his build. The fact that he could dress off the rack at women’s stores made his secret life ever that much richer. Most guys were too big, too tall, or just shaped too masculine.

Maybe the genes of his mother had given him a just little extra curve here and there. It had been embarrassing as a k** but when his secret fantasy life had blossomed he’d cherished any little thing that made him feel more feminine.

Once he was dry he stepped back. It took him a minute to recognize himself. Gone was the moustache he’d had for the last decade and there wasn’t even a hint of five o’clock shadow.

He definitely looked younger and, if he wasn’t just delusional, more… if not feminine, well, at least androgynous, less obviously masculine. He found himself daydreaming.

It had taken shockingly little time to set the whole thing up. He wasn’t deluded that his particular fantasies were “mainstream” so he was pleased that Coleen had understood his descriptions so quickly and well. She’d added suggestions that had given his hard-on an almost painful rigidity in excitement.

She’d spoken of applying her talents in very similar situations with other friends. She never spoke of clients or customers. Everyone was a friend which he felt was a nice touch.

He’d only discovered her after an awkward first visit to a swinger’s club where he’d been too scared to join in the fun. He just couldn’t get my courage up to strip down to his favorite lingerie in front of strangers though he had masturbated three times in the men’s room.

Maybe it was his reluctance that caught Coleen’s eye, but just before he was about to give up and head home, she asked to sit with him. She later admitted that she recognized his panty lines first and then the tell-tale bumps of his garter belt. For a long time he’d thought she was a run of the mill prostitute, even in a swinger’s club. But she had such a warm and easy way about her that he found himself telling her some of his secrets.

They’d exchanged emails. A follow-up dinner at a secluded restaurant brought the rest of his secrets to light and she revealed that she was a ‘fantasy maker’. While their arrangement would have to remain a secret from any legal authority she claimed that she was not a hooker. Somehow her veiled anecdotes of previous experiences seemed more than just trying to sell him on the proposal. He admitted he could have been completely deluded but he felt they had a real connection.

The rest had come together in a matter of days.

Glancing at the time, he only had a few minutes left. The experience he’d arranged was not one of submission to a cruel dominatrix. Nothing killed his desire and his erotic mind-state more than someone trying to hurt him or cruelty. No, Coleen would be in charge but sensuously and kindly. At least that was what had been arranged. Still he wanted to comply with her directions in every last detail to make sure nothing would upset the experience.

He walked out of the bathroom and on to the warm, soft carpet. Looking out through the breath-taking large penthouse windows he saw Chicago arrayed out beneath him in the setting sunlight. The Sutton Place Hotel had been an excellent choice and he loved her taste.

The robe slipped over his arms and shoulders like a caress. It was a women’s satin robe that fit him perfectly and he started to get erect.

The satin just felt so amazingly wonderful on his tingling skin that a moan escaped him. From his toes to his nose, his skin seemed so sensitive that even the light brush of the satin was thrilling. His skin definitely felt different but he loved it. The fleeting thought of masturbating caught his attention but Coleen had been very explicit about him not masturbating for two weeks up to their encounter.

The chunk of the suite’s door’s lock opening made him freeze.

The door swung open and she came in. Her perfectly straight red hair flowed past her shoulders. Her emerald green satin blouse was modestly buttoned but was still cut tight enough to showcase the curves of her large breasts. Her hips and legs were accentuated by a pair of tight jeans that looked like they’d been sprayed on. High stiletto heels clicked on the tile of the suite’s foyer until she reached the carpet.

The door drifted shut and locked behind her.

“James!” she smiled as she walked up to give him a warm hug. He hugged her back and shuddered as he felt her body against his own and the robe shifted on him deliciously. She gave him a kiss on his lips, not quick and chaste, but also not overly lingering. “I’m so glad you could make it. We’re going to have so much fun.

Her enthusiasm was a wave of energy over him and he couldn’t stop smiling himself. He watched her put her purse, the room key card, and plastic shopping bags on a side table, taking the quick opportunity to enjoy the view of her bottom, her curves, and that fluidly shifting hair. The bags were clearly from Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Cupid’s Boutique.

“Were the instructions clear enough?”

“Very clear and finished completely.

“Great! We can jump right in. Now remember we don’t have to rush anything. This isn’t a sprint. We’ve got the suite all night. Also, it isn’t a marathon. When you’re sated and tired, we can stop for the night. We’ll see how it goes. We might be able to catch a little sl**p together later. “

Just sl**ping with her sounded wonderful to him.

“As we discussed, I do have some techniques that are rarely used by others but I think really elevate the experience to something you’ve never reached before.

If you think back to the first time you touched panties and wanted to put them on… the first time you slipped your s****r Sarah’s panties on you… the first time you braved Victoria’s Secret to buy a teddy for yourself… That first time intensity is what we’ll be experiencing tonight. “

He nodded, not trusting his voice with his nervous excitement. His cock was rock hard and he hoped it wasn’t leaking against the satin robe.

She read his mind and glanced down.

“I think you’re happy to see me,” she gushed and that line between a purchased experience and sl**ping with a lover was blurred in his mind again. He’d been to Vegas a few times to try and have his fetish indulged. The experiences had been enjoyable but there had always been a clinical side to it all, an emotional detachment. He felt none of that with Coleen.

In fact, most of their dinner together had been talking about things besides sex. He’d really enjoyed her company.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a foil pouch. He recognized it as a condom. He gave her his hand as she got down on her knees, giving him a disarming giggle while she did so. She divided the front of the robe to reveal his smooth, hairless cock beaded with precum on the tip.

She reached out one red-nailed finger to catch the bead on her tip and then lifted it to his mouth. He opened and let her rub the precum softly on his tongue. She winked and returned to her knees.

“Such a beautiful cock, James,” she said softly, staring at it as her hands tore open the condom packet. “You must really please the ladies, so long and thick. ” Her words were like honey and he grinned at her praise.

“Here’s a little trick I learned that I think you’ll like,” she continued. She took the condom out of the packet and placed it in her mouth. After a moment of moving it around behind her lips, she opened her mouth and began to take his cock in between her lips.

He groaned in pleasure as he felt her teeth and tongue gently pulling the latex condom on his cock, stretching and unrolling it down his shaft as his cock disappeared in her mouth.

He closed his eyes and absorbed the sensations of her heat and wetness, her eager tongue. She was massaging his cock head with her tongue as her teeth unrolled the condom. His tingling skin made the pleasures even more intense. Looking down at her, her beauty, his cock disappearing into her mouth, he gulped and felt his orgasm rushing up on him.

“Wait, I…” he blurted but she continued getting the condom unrolled 3/4 way down his shaft when she couldn’t take any more of him in her mouth.

His balls clenched, sending his brain a blast of sexual joy and then throbbed and flexed, pumping out his cum. “Oh god yes…”

Coleen’s hands gently grasped his thighs and she kept him fully in her mouth as he came, moaning softly as she enjoyed the feel of his throbbing cock and the flowing cum. When his wave finally subsided, she helped steady him as he felt momentarily weak in the knees.

“I’m so sorry, I…” he began as she pulled her mouth off his cock.

“No, don’t worry, honey,” she cooed. “I’m pretty flattered actually. I’ve never had a lover come so quick in my mouth. ” The condom was still firmly on his cock and the end was drooping and heavy with his seed. She cupped the end, feeling the amount and heat of it. “That’s a lot of cum… we’re lucky. “

She carefully slid the condom off his cock, keeping the reservoir filled with cum carefully protected.

He watched as she walked to the suite’s kitchenette and got a glass. She poured the come into the glass, working the condom to get out every last drop. After fetching a fresh packet, she returned to him.

This time she slid his cock in her mouth without the condom and quickly cleaned it of lingering cum. His erection renewed quickly. She let it come out with a pop and licked her lips.

“I might just have to steal some of that later,” she teased before wiping off the remaining wetness and rolling down the new condom with her fingers.

“Come with me,” she said with a purr. He followed her into the bedroom of the suite where he sat on the edge of the bed. The pink satin comforter felt wonderful against his bottom and legs.

Coleen brought a chair over and placed it facing him.

She sat down and looked at him. Several moments went by as their eyes were locked before she spoke.

“Look at my breasts…” She slowly undid the buttons of her satin blouse, the green material slipping open further and further to reveal her large breasts held in the sheer black lace cups of her bustier which did little to hide her nipples and their hardness. The black satin bustier hugged her body tightly.

Sliding the shoulder straps of the bustier off her shoulders gave her enough play in the material to slowly work the lace cups down. Her beautiful breasts became fully revealed, round and firm.

Taking one hand, she gently touched her left breast, cupping and squeezing it. He could see her nipple stiffen further. “Do you like my breasts?”

“Very much!” he blurted and he could feel how hard he’d become.

She began to run one finger very slowly around her breast, in a circle around and around her nipple.

“Watch my finger… Each time it goes around, you’ll feel more relaxed, more comfortable with whom you want to be. ” The finger circled again slowly. “Relaxed and natural… relaxed. “

He opened his eyes after an odd blink to see her still circling her breast but from her face he could swear she’d just cum. Her free hand slipping out of her unbuttoned jeans added to that conclusion. He could glimpse black satin panties in the little gap in the top of the jeans.

After a few moments, she stood and put the chair back. She waved him to standing as well. “Take off your robe, sweetie. ” He slid the satin from his shoulders and let it slide fluidly down his body to a heap around his feet. Even the current of air of its passing felt wonderful on his skin.

Coleen walked to the other room and came back with the Cupid’s Boutique bag.

Leaving it on the chair, she pulled out a pink satin blindfold and stepped behind him to place it on him. She pressed into his body as she reached around to adjust it on his face, her breasts making him shudder with pleasure as they pushed against him.

Once the blindfold was secure he could see nothing but a very dim grayness. She didn’t leave but slid her arms under his and around to hug his chest.

Now he could feel the undone snap of her jeans against his ass too.

“Breasts are womanhood,” she began softly, talking into his ear. Her hands moved to his pecs and began to stroke him. They massaged his skin and he felt it all tingling. “Full of life they are very sexual. Full, round, supple breasts are beautiful, entrancing men and women alike with the desire to kiss, lick, and suckle them.

His chest was really tingling now and he felt her fingers pulling at his skin. Something was happening.

“Oh the pleasure they bring a woman… so sensitive and sensual… making her clit tingle when they are brushed and throb when they are worshipped…”

“Feel my full breasts against you; imagine how they would feel to have, their weight, their size transforming your figure into a gorgeous woman…” She was pulling more now and he felt a weight on his chest.

“Beautiful breasts inside delicate bras or bikini tops, always threatening to escape and be free, to be seen and admired, to be lusted for…”

He sighed as a wave of pleasure washed over him and he realized that she was cupping and massaging his full breasts. Blinded by the satin over his eyes, he could only strain to interpret the sensations, the way she would move them, lifting them and stroking them, the tingle he’d feel in his toes and balls when she brushed his full nipples.

He’d never felt these sensations before and he felt transformed.

“Oh god yes,” he breathed and she let his hands replace hers. He felt them, warm and real flesh, truly transformed to have the young, full breasts he’d always fantasized about. She stepped away and came back after a few minutes.

“Good girls wear pretty bras on their breasts,” she said softly, slipping the material around his waist and then pulling it slowly upward, letting the satin cups, the underwire, and the elastic straps all play against his skin.

She guided his arms through the shoulder straps and then brought it up. His breasts strained the cups as she fastened the back hooks but he thought the tightness felt divine. He’d worn all manner of bras and lingerie wishing he knew what they truly felt like full with breasts and now he was experiencing every bit of it.

His cock was throbbing with his heart beat and he knew that he was more than ready for another orgasm.

He realized that the cream Coleen had made him shower with had so heightened his sexy smooth skin’s sensitivity that every brush of her skin or pretty lingerie was amazing. It was a thousand nights’ fantasies come true.

Coleen loosened and removed the blindfold, letting him look down at his breasts in the pink satin bra. He continued to cup and stroke them happily.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Coleen gently. “You have no panties! Girls without their panties are just little cock-sluts, aren’t they?” His mouth gaped but just before he recovered to say something she continued, “We’d better get you a pair.

He nodded although it was a bit half-hearted. He wanted the panties but being a little cock-slut sounds pretty good to him too. She fished a pair of pink satin string bikini panties out of the Victoria’s Secret bag. He noticed they had the same black threaded ornamental stitching that he saw on the bra itself.

She knelt behind him and nudged him to turn a little so he could see himself in the full mirror.

His hands were still cupping and feeling his breasts as he let her lead his feet into the panties. Then her hands pulled them slowly up his legs, letting the satin, the ruched elastic waist, the soft cotton gusset stroke his skin. He was trembling with pleasure as the panties reached his upper thighs.

“There is nothing,” she began as she started to pull the material into place. “like the feel of satin panties, tight on a girl’s bottom…” The waist pulled up and he felt the satin slide up and then taut over his own bottom.

“And delicately over her pussy…” Her fingers brushed his asshole through the satin, tucking a little material between his cheeks.

She left the material bunched under his cock. There was no way it would nestle inside at its current state of raging erection. He owned plenty of roomier pairs of panties at home but they always fit him like a bag. He didn’t want to give up how perfectly these panties seemed to fit him, touching his skin the right way in every place.

Moving around to his side, she pulled another pair of matching panties out and lifted them over his cock. He watched everything in the mirror as this beautiful woman d****d the panties over his condom-wrapped penis and then began to stroke him with her hand.

“Pretty girl wanna cum in my panties?” she asked him. On top of the sensations racing through his body, those words blew his control.

“Oh god yes yes yes,” he blurted as his balls clenched fiercely, electrifying his body with pleasure and then throbbed with powerful contractions and even more cum shot into the condom.

He had to sit on the edge of the bed before the orgasm began to subside as his legs had gone silly on him.

“Mmmm, good girl,” mused Coleen as she stroked all of the come out of his cock into the condom. She tossed the panties on the bed and teased the hanging bulge of come in the condom with her tongue as she looked up at him. One final ejaculation boiled up at the sight of that, pouring out, and then he was spent.

She quickly handled the condom and cleaned him with her tongue. Finally, his body was relaxing and his cock got soft. She deftly pulled the panties in place and smoothed the front of them with her hand. She kept pulling them a little this way, a little that way, tugging on the waist band, until she asked him to stand again.

“Do you like your panties?” she asked. He stood and looked in the mirror.

He was stunned. He was looking at a beautiful woman with full breasts and panties smooth over her pussy. He saw no bulge in the panties at all and they looked perfect.

Coleen stepped behind him and tugged in the waistband a little on either hip until the satin was perfectly smooth between his legs. “You look good enough to eat…” she whispered.

He had to sit on the bed.

As soon as he sat he had to lie down. His head was spinning in amazement and a rush of arousal. When he looked up, Coleen was slipping out of her blouse and heels and peeling down her jeans. She was left in a black satin bustier and matching satin thong panty. She climbed on to the end of the bed.

“Janey, you are such a beautiful girl, I just have to have you,” she purred and then he watched as her head dipped down between his legs.

He felt her hands stroke his thighs and urge them apart. He felt his panties shifting as he complied, stroking his electrified skin. His breathing was ragged in his excitement. She urged him further up the bed until he was propped up on pillows and she could comfortably lie with her head at his panties and he could watch everything.

His panties had pushed down a little when he scooted up and he watched Coleen nose against the satin of them, rubbing them against her face.

Her fingers snaked up to tug them back into place and pull them tight enough that he saw the outline of a perfect pussy through the satin. He could hardly breathe.

She caught his eye and watched him as her tongue extended and began to touch his pussy through the satin panty. Her tongue moved in a circle over the material and he could feel it rubbing his swollen labia, the tingling and pleasure of it, of seeing her kissing his pussy.

His previous eruptions were still dragging on him so she was able to lick and suck him through the satin for over ten minutes as he squirmed in pleasure and moaned his appreciation. The only chance to relax came when she shifted him and settled over him into a 69 position.

He eagerly grasped her ass cheeks and put his own mouth to her panty-covered pussy. Her panties were soaked with her arousal and he loved the taste of her sex.

Soon, her hips were squirming like his as they moaned and moved together. Her toned stomach pressed against his satin-covered breasts while her breasts pressed and moved against his bare skin.

“Oh god, Janey, come with me,” she moaned. There was a several second pause and then, “Pretty girl wanna cum in my panties?”

He felt his body clenching and throbbing, pleasure washing over him from nipples to clit to toe to his lips.

Over and over it rose and spread over him. His hands felt Coleen’s body doing the same thing, muscles contracting and relaxing as she came. Her panties got wetter and he eagerly lapped at them.

After a minute of lying in that position, Coleen shifted around to lie with him face to face. He loved the way their feminine bodies and lingerie felt together but he was also entranced by her. He watched as she lapped up some pearly white cum from her lips and swallowed it with a smile.

He knew that he dozed a little that way, spooning with her arms around him and her breasts against his back, her breath in his ear and her hair brushing his shoulders. He’d never felt so feminine and so happy.

He didn’t feel that too much time had gone by before she slipped her arms from him and got up. He watched her stretch, her curves moving smoothly. She brushed out her hair with her fingers until it was all flowing straight again.

“I’ve got more pretty things for you, Janey,” she smiled. “You ready?” He nodded and sat up in the bed. She padded on bare feet over to the bags in the salon and returned with the remaining bags.

“We girls need to always look our sexiest,” she began as she pulled out some plastic-wrapped packages of thigh high stockings and some garter belts. “Now watch me and then you’ll dress yourself.

She brought the chair back over to the bed and sat on its edge. After she unwrapped the package she drew out two thigh high silk stockings. She took a moment to indulge herself and stroked her cheek with the soft material. Next she picked up six garters which she proceeded to clip to the bottom of her bustier. Each was black elastic ending in shiny silver clips. She stood to clip them on and have them hang properly.

Sitting again, she rolled one of the stockings up over her hand in a delicate bunch. Pointing her left toes, she slipped the bunch over her foot and drew it carefully and evenly up her leg. Wrinkles in the silk disappeared one by one until it was simply a sheen over her lovely skin. Standing, she carefully attached one… two… three garters to the stocking. The first ran to the inside of the top of her thigh in front.

The second ran over her hip. The last curved to hug her bottom snugly. The black lace on top of the stocking pulled taut with the garters.

“Maybe you should put my other one on me,” she mused. She held out the second stocking and he took it, his fingers trembling with arousal. He mimicked her motions, ones he’d practiced on his own for years dolling himself up time and time again.

She held out her foot and he slipped the silk over them, carefully drawing the stocking upward. He made sure he didn’t snag it and ruin the perfection of it.

When he’d pulled it snug up to her thigh, she rose, leaving him kneeling. He swore he could feel the heat of her sex and smell the perfume of her arousal. He began in the front and kissed her thigh just above the stocking.

After a few soft touches with his lips, he pulled the garter and clipped it to the stocking.

Moving to her hip, he repeated the process, kissing her skin longer before drawing back and shutting the silver clip over the lace. She turned to present her bottom to him. He saw the narrow elastic disappear between her cheeks leaving her virtually naked before him. Smiling, he began to kiss.

This time the kissing was no momentary diversion from his task.

He nuzzled and suckled the slight crease where her perfectly round bottom became her thigh. He kissed up her cheek, all over the soft, warm skin. He reached the back of the thong and caught the elastic with his teeth, pulling it gently again and again, working it between her cheeks. Her throaty moan was his reward.

His lips journeyed to her other cheek, all over. His finger lifted the clipped garter to not miss a spot.

Slowly, he moved closer to her crease, the heaven point at the crux of cheeks and thighs. He slithered his tongue into the crux, brushing the elastic and tasting it soaked with her juices. He inhaled all her aromas, pressing his lips between her cheeks. His tongue sought deeper and when he touched her anus, it flexed and she gasped.

She hurriedly got on the chair on her knees, facing the back and bent down over the top of the back of the chair.

Her knees were spread as wide as the chair allowed. She practically yanked her thong down until it caught against her garters at the top of her stockings.

Grasping her thighs, he pressed his face again to her, enjoying more freedom of movement now. With his nose spreading her cheeks, he moved deeper until his lips touched her anus and kissed it. He felt her shudder. His tongue snaked out and probed her, coating her with his saliva and urging her to open.

Slowly he felt her relax and his tongue pushed into her hot, raw flesh. He worked slowly, working more and more saliva in until his tongue could thrust into her with perfect ease.

“Oh god yes, do it,” she gasped. He felt her touching her pussy and possibly her breast as well. He shifted slightly, enjoying the weight of his own breasts and the way his curvy body moved. He slipped one of his hands free to cup and squeeze his breasts, still amazed at the transformation and how good it felt to finally feel what he’d dreamed of for years.

Putting his pleasures aside again, he slid his hand up between her legs and stroked her labia as his tongue thrust in and out of her ass. His fingers became slippery in an instant and a slight shift was all it took before two of them were thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“More, yes, please, more fuck me…” she begged, her fingers swirling around her clit. He added a third finger and felt her have to stretch to accommodate all three.

Thrusting with fingers and tongue, she moaned louder and louder until her body clenched up. He had to work hard to keep his tongue from being expelled from her ass. Not a second later, her orgasm crested and he felt her ass clenching over and over on his tongue just as her pussy grabbed at his fingers. He’d never stopped thrusting and she rode him, her hips grinding herself against him.

He lost track of exactly how long she came but she finally pulled away from him to drop into the chair, her panties still around her thighs and her face still flush with pleasure.

“You continue to surprise me, Janey,” she grinned as she ran her fingers through his hair.

He carefully attached the final clip to her stocking and pulled her thong up and into place around her pussy. She relaxed as he stood and slipped another pair of stockings from her pile along with a pink satin garter belt that was obviously part of the set he was wearing. It had six silver clips matching Coleen’s set.

Watching her carefully, he went through the delicate process: rolling, unrolling, smoothing, pulling taut, and snapping the clips. When he was done he had to walk around the room, feeling the delicious silk pulling at him, the garters taut over his panty-covered bottom, the swish of his legs.

“You’re missing something,” said Coleen as if she were pondering. He turned back to her to see her holding a pair of black ankle-strap high heels dangling from a finger.

He grinned and swished his way back to her. He sat on the bed and she went to her knees to slip each shoe on his stocking-covered foot after first kissing his toes. The shoes slid on and felt perfect. He felt very excited as she buckled the ankle straps on him and stepped back.

He stood up and began to strut, out into the salon in back, each foot placed perfectly in front of the other, shifting his hips in time to give his ass that little bounce women in heels get.

His calves felt stretched and slender, arched by the shoes.

“You little slut, you know how to walk in heels!” laughed Coleen. He smiled back, flipped his head as if his hair was much longer and did a catwalk turn.

“You watch enough Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows and you get a clue. Then its just practice,” he said happily. He loved the way his body was moving, the shifting of his breasts in the bra, the swing of his hips.

Even his ass seemed toned, firm, and deliciously curvy.

“We’re almost there. ” Coleen stood up and walked over to the bags. She’d slipped on her own pair of high heels though he noticed hers were higher than his, almost 5″ of thin heel. She opened the Frederick’s bag and drew out a voluminous satin dress, full of puffing, lace edging, flared skirt and taffeta petticoat. It was 100% fetish and he loved it.

“This is going to feel better than it ever has before,” she whispered in his ear before kissing him and stepping back to arrange the dress. Using her shoulder to steady himself, he stepped into the dress as she held it open for him. He took care not to snag the material with his stiletto heels. Once his heels were back on the ground and clear of the material he let go of her.

“Watch yourself in the mirror,” she said quietly. He drank in his beauty, the stockings, the flat feminine panties, the full breasts in the bra, the high heels. If he wasn’t mistaken he even looked like he had makeup on, pushing the transformation toward absolute heaven.

The dress was bulky enough that Coleen had to work at it a bit to bring it up his body. It moved very tight past his hips and bottom and then snug against his torso.

He slipped his arms into the sleeves and she pulled to get it into place. He felt a little out of breath with how tight the dress as but that felt perfect. Skin-tight dresses are what he’d always dreamt of wearing and now he could do the dress justice.

She pulled the top up and over his breasts. The material was tight enough to give him glorious cleavage in the scoop neck of the dress.

A quick click of some hooks behind his neck and she was done.

Coleen stepped back and let him admire himself in the mirror. He turned this way and that to see the dress and his body from every angle. He cupped and pushed his breasts. He smoothed the skirt down over his curvy bottom only to have it flare again from the stiff taffeta. Every swish and shift of material made him more and more excited.

The dress was tight and really showed off his transformation to a voluptuous woman.

He felt flush and light headed as his hands slipped down to get under his dress in front. His panties were soaked and he quickly began to stroke his pussy. His sensation overload sent him to orgasm in mere moments; moaning loudly in the room and feeling Coleen slip her arm under him to steady him. His whole body spasmed in pleasure and joy and he never wanted to stop stroking his clit.

At last, he relented. When he could stand, Coleen slipped to the salon for a moment before returning and fussing with his pussy for a few moments.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, Janey,” explained Coleen facing him. “You are gorgeous and femme now and you deserve to become a real woman in every way. “

He swallowed as his mind raced with the possibilities. At her bidding, he knelt and the blindfold was returned over his eyes.

He waited a minute or more before he felt her near him again. Her finger tips brushed his face tenderly.

He waited a little more and then he felt her fingertip rubbing something on his lips. His tongue slipped out to taste it and tasted cum. He flushed with latent embarrassment but licked it up regardless.

“Every real woman has a slut inside her, a side of herself that wants to get and give pleasure, which wants to drive a man wild for her.

Every real woman craves cock, honey. She wants to feel it in her mouth and feel it throb. She wants it to pour salty cum in her mouth. Do you want to be a real woman, Janey?”

“Oh yes,” he began and then felt the tip of a warm, very real cock touch his lips. He stopped speaking but he didn’t close his lips.

“Suck my cock, Janey,” moaned Coleen. “You know how you like it, how it feels when I sucked yours.

Open wide to keep your teeth from scr****g me and enjoy. “

He could hardly breathe as the hot, tender flesh pushed against his lips. He opened wide and took the head in his mouth. He let his lips close around the shaft just after the head and he began to lick the head. His first taste of precum nearly made him cream his panties. He’d wanted this so long… to be completely femme and pleasure a big cock.

Past images of porn blowjobs came to his mind unbidden along with watching Coleen suck him. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, her face partially hidden by her breasts. He smiled widely to let her know that this was everything he wanted at this moment, to suck and please her.

Glancing down, the cock seemed enormous right in front of his face. It was hairless along with her tight balls.

Her panties were tucked under the balls, lifting them up toward the shaft.

He bobbed his head on the shaft, slowly testing how far he could take her in him without gagging. He pushed himself, recalling the times he’d practiced on a soft dildo aching for this chance. Further and further he pushed his lips down the shaft until he felt the big head push into his throat.

He couldn’t breathe but he pushed another half inch until his lips fully pressed against her skin at the base of her cock and then he popped back off.

“Holy shit, James! I mean, Janey,” gasped Coleen. “You’re a natural cock-sucker!”

He winked at her and began to bob again on the upper part of her length while stroking her with his hand on the lower part. His tongue was everywhere, lapping, stroking. He would seal his lips around her head and suck until his cheeks pulled in, desperate to bring out her cum.

This continued happily for nearly fifteen minutes when his jaw was starting to ache from all the effort.

He started stroking her firmly and fast with his hand while his lips and tongue zeroed in on her head.

“You’re going to make me cum!” she moaned, her hands working her breasts firmly.

His mind was awash with pleasures and satisfaction, and amazement at this experience and a desperate need to cum again. She started bucking, fucking his mouth with her cock and he held still with his hand a firm tunnel on her shaft and his mouth a tight hole for the head.

“Pretty girl… wanna cum in my… panties,” she choked out before giving into a wail as she came. He came at the same moment. His body flashed with pleasure from his clenching pussy to his nipples and everywhere. He felt her cock swelling and then throbbing, her balls clenching against his hand.

And then the cum erupted! Hot, salty, slimy, sexy cum! Spurt after spurt flowed into his mouth. He literally had to swallow quickly and still his mouth filled up even with the tip of her cock only barely past his lips.

When her flow slowed, he snaked a cum-coated tongue out to lap up the last dribbles of hot seed from her cock. She flopped back on the chair in front of him, spent but glowing with her orgasm.

“Show me the cum, Janey,” she urged with a wicked smile. He opened his mouth and sloshed the pool of cum around for her to see.

“Swallow it. Swallow every last drop…”

Shuddering with aftershocks of his own orgasm, he happily complied; the cum sliding easily down his throat in to his stomach.

He swept his mouth with his tongue to get it all off and sucked it all down. He opened his mouth to show it was clean though he could still smell the potent aroma of his service to her.

“Next time, maybe I’ll cum on your breasts and let you lap it all up?” she mused. He flushed in embarrassment while grinning big.

“It’s getting late,” she finally concluded. “Let’s go to bed.

” She pulled up her panties which now had a large bulge of her flaccid cock in them. She took off both their high heels and helped him out of the dress. They took off their stockings and garters and stripped off the other lingerie. She did have him keep the bra on.

“You’re not used to sl**ping with a pretty rack like that. The bra will help you keep ‘the girls’ in check,” she explained.

When she was down to her panties and he to panties and bra, she pulled out the last present: matching soft pink satin nighties. He realized that they were the same height out of heels and probably the same size in clothing, at least with his new figure. Regardless, they both looked smoking hot with the satin dr****g their bodies beautifully.

After shutting off the lights in the penthouse, she drew back the comforter to reveal satin sheets and they slipped into bed together.

“Was it everything you’d hoped for?” she asked after a few minutes.

“Far beyond my wildest dreams,” he confessed. “I don’t know how you did it, but it’s just wonderful. I’m so glad I could experience it… with you. “

She snuggled closer to him, spooning against his bottom and pressing her breasts into his back. “Me too. “

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he drifted off into restful slumber.

Early dawn light was starting to filter into the room when he woke up. For a moment he was disoriented and then everything rushed back to him. He couldn’t help but smile.

Still, things felt different now. For starters, he was sl**ping behind Coleen, his arm d****d over her waist. And it didn’t take much movement for him to realize that he felt very… normal. Gone were his large supple breasts and his cock had found some morning wood nestled against Coleen’s ass.

At least they were still dressed in the pink satin nighties.

He didn’t want to move and wake her. He felt like he was in a frozen moment, peaceful and happy. The light grew slowly the room moved from shadows to grays to pale colors. Sitting on the nightstand next to the bed was a large strap-on cock and a dirty glass. The glass was the one she’d been saving his cum in and it looked like it had been quite full last night.

Even slight movements against the satin sheets told him that he was still baby butt smooth all over. He pressed his cheek to his shoulder and felt the barest hint of emerging stubble. He moved his tongue around his mouth and knew that he’d really had cum filling it and he was sure he’d swallowed all of it. Now he needed a toothbrush or at least a mint.

“Regretting anything?” she asked softly, not moving from her position cuddled back into him.

“No…. well, maybe just one thing. “

She shifted on to her back and looked at his face. His fingers passed over her clearly cock-less panties and ended up across her body with his hand lying gently on her breast through the nighty.

“Last night was… so special and powerful that I could never thank you enough. You really brought my dreams to life in a way I never thought possible.

I don’t know how you did it, but I guess… I guess I don’t really want to know. I don’t want to spoil the magic. “

“It was special for me too,” she smiled, running the tips of her fingers along his forearm.

“But something else was happening, Coleen. From the moment I met you, all through our dinner together, making the plans for last night… I guess you could say I was smitten before you unleashed my fantasies.

Right now all I can think about it not getting to see you again, to see you smile, to learn everything about you. “

She was quiet for a long time but he held his tongue. He needed to hear how she felt.

“So you’d rather go to the movies together than have me doll you up and transform you?”

“What happened last night was magical, powerful more than I can describe.

But yes, I’d leave it as the once-in-a-lifetime experience that it was if I could take you on a date. If we could have a chance of seeing if there is something more powerful between us. “

She looked into his eyes so long that he could see her irises change colors as the dawn light strengthened. Finally, she leaned over and kissed him on the lips. It was a soft, tender kiss full of possibilities.

“How about Friday night?”

He grinned wide and kissed her back eagerly, pulling her to him. They both laughed and held each other.

She slid a hand down his back, over the satin nighty and down to his panty-covered bottom. His cock stiffened noticeably against her leg.

“I’m guessing that you wouldn’t refuse to play dress up too?” He moaned in obvious appreciation, pulling her tight to him, his cock pressing urgently against her.

“Good guess…” he whispered before kissing her.

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Story – Picking up a coffee boy/man!

This is a story requested by a friend…this was not part of my real life sex life yet hehe

Everyday before work I would stop in at this little coffee shop. Behind the counter is this strapping young teen-ager, his skin like Hershey’s chocolate and a slight bulge twitching as I notice him checking out my snake running down my jeans…this was not the first time I saw him looking…his name tag said Mors…one late afternoon I stopped in by chance and there was Mors sitting at a table alone…after getting my drink I head over to Mors table…standing beside him where he gets a nice crotch view I ask if I can sit with him and he says “sure!”…as we chatted I steered the conversation to sex…he stated he’s a virgin and only had one man jerk his dick off…after hearing this I confess to him that I have a crush on him and want to take him home and have sex…he looks me in the eyes and says “your crotch scares me…looks so big.

I’ve noticed the outline many mornings!” and he stated he has not been with a man yet…he believes his cut dick is 5 or 6 inches…I say baby that’s fine but it’s that bubble butt is what I want…and it’s enough to fuck my ass…after much convincing, he agrees to let me take his virginity…we got to my apartment and I lead him to my bedroom…I sit on the bed and say ‘strip baby’…he kicks off his sneakers, takes off his socks, shirt and undershirt…unsnaps his jeans, strips them down to the floor and steps out of them…Mors stood in front of me with a nice muscular chest and light blue jockeys with a growing bulge!!…he slowly pushes down the undies and out pops his chocolate stick hard as a rock…I reach out grab his ass cheeks and directs his hardness into my mouth…deep throating him…I push a couple fingers into his ass…he starts fucking my mouth…I loved being mouth fucked by a 19 year old!! After a bit, he’s a strong teen…he lifts me off the bed and he sits down naked with his dick sticking out but fading and soon his dick was resting over his balls….

I play with my outline…. rubbing my cock through the jeans…he watches and I notice his cock getting hard again…not controlling himself…he reaches out unbuckles my belt, unsnap the snap, pulls the zipper down…reaches into my Calvin Klein’s hole and yanks out my half hard 9 incher…and starts licking it up and down and puts his lips over my mushroom head making a popping sound…this k** was sucking like a pro!…. I tell him for the first time you are one hell of a cocksucker son!…he then explained he has watched str8 and gay porn flicks and watched their technique of sucking…you have it down pat baby boy!…his mouth started to tire so I said jack it…he did…I was hard enough to dive into that virgin ass! I told him before I fuck you I’m going to nibble on your nips, suck your dick a little more and then turn you over and rim your ass…on his stomach I reach for some pillows to boost up his ass…as I lube and put the condom on I explain this cock may be big and may hurt a little at first but once in it will be pleasurable…I stick a few fingers in his tight hole…I spread his nice ass cheeks and try to get the mushroom head into him…inch by inch my cock starts to disappear…Mors screaming “get it out it hurts’ but if feels so good no way was I going to pull out!…he was screaming to deaf ears…I’ve busted this virgin ass…my balls slapping against his ass…I suddenly pull out of him…turn him over…rip off my condom and let a huge stream of pee shoot all over his body…Mors got so excited he started to pee on himself!…
I reach for a towel sitting on my chair and dried off my dick…grabbed a new condom and lube…threw the towel at Mors to dry off…stuffing pillows under his ass and throwing his legs up over my shoulders…his huge virgin hole is calling me….

I shoved my whole dick back in this time he jumped instead of pain he moaned “oh daddy”…. I started yelling “you want this big meat to cum son!” and he yells back ” yes daddy!” as my dick is tearing up his hole…I pull out, rip off the condom, straddle his muscular chest, yank his head up and shove my dick deep into his mouth…. I start to face fuck him like he did me earlier…his mouth felt so good I shot my load down his throat…he was gagging with cum dripping from both sides of his mouth….

I look at my chocolate lover and say “my ass is yours now son!”…he licked my dick clean first…his young dick was hard…he gave it a few jerks…I lay on the bed…parting my ass cheeks for easy access for this first time fucking teen…he said “being 19 daddy I’m horny and hard all the time!”…he wanted to breed me and I said “No”…. use a condom…. reluctantly he did…he lubed my hole real good and swiftly entered me…his fucking has got my dick twitching again trying to get hard…this young bull fucked me for over an hour…sweat dripping into his eyes and down his muscular ebony chest…he turned me over on my back with his dick still in me…he notices the niner was hard and dripping pre cum again…the harder Mors fucked….

the more my dick throbbed…. I yelled “Mors Mors Mors I’m gonna cum son!!” Mors stopped and watched as with no hands my dick swaying…. shooting cum all over the place…. meanwhile Mors took off his condom…gave his dick a few jerks…straddled my face and forcing his dick in my mouth…burying it deep in my throat…. a minute later I’m gagging on this teen’s protein shake…I was a cum whore for a moment…I couldn’t get enough of this teen’s cum…he was addicting!! As I smiled I said “Mors, my next coffee can you supply the fresh cream? LOVE YOU MORS!!! xoxoxox Troy.

Dad’s Friend Using Me Like A Slut (Fantasy)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine that I plucked from my perverted mind. Hope you enjoy guys and gals……

Living with my dad after my mom left sure took some getting used to on both of our parts I guess since I cannot believe it is easy for dad to get up everyday and look at me a spitting image of my mom. I got her same flowing red hair and light freckles but dad always tells me that I certainly got her entrancing blue eyes.

Since mom was gone dad spent more time with his friends especially his best friend Mike who I have know for many years to the point where I call him uncle Mike. Now Mike looked kinda like an old biker with his muscular build, slicked back black hair that was starting to grey and some faded tattoos s**ttered about his arms but as intimidating as he may look to me he was just a big softy.

One very hot summer Mike came over to help dad put in the new wooden fence around the house he had been talking about putting in since before mom left.

Mike was quick to come help especially when dad sweetened the deal by offering to by him some beer. Mike showed up and gave me a hug like he usually did and seemed to be in a very good mood for some reason as I told him dad was already in the backyard starting to dig the post holes.

Even in the house with the fan going it was scorching hot so I slipped into my pink dress which wasn’t to fancy just kinda like a tank top with a skirt attached to it, slipped off my socks and put my hair up into a ponytail and decided since they would be working in the backyard I would do some cleaning around the house. I started in the kitchen cleaning the floor while every once in awhile peeking out the kitchen window to the backyard to see them working.

I finally finished the large kitchen floor and then started on the dished humming to myself until I was startled feeling hands gently grasp my hips.

I jumped and turned with a squeal to see Mike standing there with a grin and his hands still on my hips “Sorry if I scared you”. “Its OK I guess I am jumpy, you taking a break?” I smiled as Mike nodded “Grabbing your pop and I some drinks its hot out there, and in here” he said looking my body up and down.

“I’ll let you get on with your dishes” he said and turned towards the fridge so I turned back to the sink and continued washing until again I felt hands on my hips. I smiled and as I went to turn I heard Mike whisper “No don’t turn around, just keep doing what your doing”. I grinned getting goosebumps as he slid his hands around to my stomach and then back to my ass as he grabbed it gently.

I started to pant as he placed one of his hands on my ankle and ran it all the way up under my dress and I felt him slid his fingers under the band of my panties and slide them down. He pressed his body to mine sliding his hand up my inner thigh until I felt him start to gently massage my pussy with two of his fingers.

I put my hands on the sides of the sink and moaned softly as he slid his other hand up my dress and grabbed onto one of my boobs gently.

“You like that” he whispered into my ear as I panted and moaned “Yes” as he played with my nipple rubbing it between his fingers and with his other hand gently rubbed my pussy faster until he stopped and grabbed the beers “Be right back, gotta drop this off, don’t go anywhere, just keep tending to those dishes”. As Mike went out the back door I started to shake and my knees buckled watching as he handed dad his beer and then pointed to the house and headed back towards it.

I smiled and continued with the dishes with my panties still around my ankles as Mike came back in and lifted up the back of my dress putting his hand on my lower back and whispered “Bend over a little baby”. I scooted my ass back bending slightly looking back at Mike as he squatted down grabbing my ass and spreading it open.

“Such a pretty little pussy” he said and then he leaned in and I moaned feeling his tongue plunge into me.

I turned back towards the sink my mouth open and moaning softly as I felt him licking and sucking on me while moaning “Tastes so good”. My knees continued to shake as he ran his tongue up my pussy and buried it into my ass licking in circles making my eyes flutter as I whimpered. Mike stood up and turned me around facing him with a smile on his face “How bout you squat down for me?”.

I put my back to the sink and bent down until I was facing his crotch and watched as he unfastened his jeans, reached into them and pulled out his long, thick veiny dick. My mouth opened and I smiled up at him “Wow” I said as he grinned and grabbed his dick stroking it “Suck on this big cock baby” he smiled as I grabbed onto it with my hand his dick dwarfing it in size and I stroked it a couple times before looking up at him, leaning in and wrapped my mouth around it.

Mikes mouth opened and he groaned softly watching me sucking him slowly as I kept a firm grasp on the base of his shaft as I did it. “Damn baby, suck that cock” he said grabbing gently onto my pony tail and began guiding my head up and down his dick. “My big cock looks so good in that little mouth” he smiled pushing my head a little further down his dick each time until I gagged.

“Damn you got me so hard” he said watching me continue to suck him until he gently grabbed my arm and lifted me up. He looked out the window seeing dad still on his knees facing away from the house digging holes as Mike lifted me up under my ass and placed me on the sink. “You want this cock in that little pussy don’t you” he said grabbing his dick and guided it to my wet hole and began to shove gently.

“I want it” I moaned looking down at his dick until I watched and felt as he slid into me.

I grabbed his arms as my eyes and mouth opened wide feeling his dick inching into me stretching my insides. “Oh fuck baby” he moaned as he grabbed my ass holding me in place and started to fuck me as I tiled my head back trying not to moan loudly as he fucked me deep.

“Who’s pussy it this?” he moaned fucking me a little harder as I put my arms around his shoulders and neck and moaned “Its your pussy” enjoying the feeling of every inch of his dick fucking me until my eyes clinched and I moaned “I’m, I’m gonna cum”. “Yes baby cum for me” he said quickening his thrusts as I moaned louder so I leaned in and put my mouth on his shoulder and bit down on it until I screamed into his shoulder and felt my entire body trembling hard as I came hard on his dick.

“Oh baby I felt that” he smiled holding me from falling off the sink. “You wanna taste your cum” he smiled helping me down before I squatted back down and started to suck his dick tasting my cum all over it as he groaned.

“Come back up here baby” he said helping me up and turned my back to him and slightly bent me over. He lifted my dress, spread my ass and guided his dick back into my very wet pussy.

I tightly gripped the sink and moaned as he grabbed my hips and slammed his dick into me hard and deep over and over again as he groaned “Your my little slut baby”. “Oh god yes” I moaned as he pounded me until finally he groaned “You want some cum baby?”. “Yes cum for me” I moaned as Mike quickly turned me around and I quickly bent down and shoved his dick in my mouth sucking a couple times until I felt his large load exploding into my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned softly holding my head on his dick as he drained it into my mouth until it was topped off with his load. He let go of my head and I smiled up at him opening my mouth to see his load pooled inside before I closed my lips and swallowed it down.

“That’s my girl” he said as he tucked his dick away and went back outside to help my dad.

I stayed on my knees in front of the sink with a smile and trembling with the taste of his cum still in my mouth. I stood up and adjusted myself before continuing my cleaning taking a peek every once and awhile at Mike outside as he grinned back at me.

I hope you enjoyed my story, thanks for reading.

teach me how to deep throat ok? please?!

silvia asked me again, teach me how to deep throat ok? please?! she looked so cute, holding my hands while we sat on her bed, her pretty eyes looking at me all excited. i always gag when i do it, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong, she went on. oh, you just have to have the right angle and relax your throat muscles, i told her all matter of fact. i know, i know! she went on, but i always gag! teach me ok? please?! she asked, her pretty face beaming, the kind of face no one could say no to.

alright, i’ll show you you silly girl! i laughed and squeezed her hand a little, trying to go along, but feeling a little weird about it because i did not know her very well. what do you want to use? i asked her, do you have a dildo or something like that? how about carlos? she said. i opened my mouth and eyes a little wide, your boyfriend?! i asked her all surprised. yeah she said, he has a nice big cock and i keep gagging when i try to take all of him, she giggled and rolled her eyes, he’d be perfect! he should be home any minute.

oh, i don’t know, i told her. i hardly knew him and i felt weird about sucking a stranger’s cock, even though i’ve done that many times, but… oh, come on! she said, please?! i shook my head and looked concerned, i don’t know… would he mind? i asked her. mind?! ha ha ha she laughed, he’d love it! she moved closer to me and put her thigh over mine, we were both wearing short dresses and it felt real nice to feel her soft skin on mine, she brought her pretty face close to mine, leaned in and gave me a sweet, wet kiss on the lips as she moved her hand up and down my thigh… i moaned and kissed her back.

you are terrible, i said under my breath as she slid her hand and rubbed my pussy, you’ll do it then? she asked as she softly rubbed my pussy and licked the side of my mouth, making me moan again.

we heard the door open and silvia jumped up all excited, she turned to me and said, you stay here, it’ll be a surprise. she winked at me and smiled real big.

i stayed sitting on her bed, thought about it all and felt a little nervous but a little wet at the same time. i heard them greet and kiss, then she said something to him in a hushed voice… a few seconds later silvia and carlos came in the room holding hands and smiling. you remember lara right? she said to carlos. sure i do, hey lara. hi, i smiled back. he was a stylish guy, very hip clothes, super fit, jet black hair and strong cheek bones, definitely a hot latin guy.

silvia brought carlos to the bed, she sat him next to me and she sat on the other side. you are going to be our lab rat! she giggled as she put her hand on his crotch and rubbed it. mmmmm he moaned, he looked at me, i was kind of frozen, blushing a little. lara is going to be the teacher and i’m going to be the student, silvia told carlos, she giggled and rubbed his cock some more.

carlos already had a big bulge, he looked at me, looked at my hot legs and asked, so, you are the teacher huh? Yep, that’s me! i smiled and giggled nervously, it’s all her idea, i said pointing to silvia. so, what are you going to teach silvia? he asked me. hmmm… i couldn’t find the words so i said, just relax, you’ll see, i think you will like it, i giggled. oh… ok, what do you need me to do? he asked, all ready to be used as a subject.

you just lay back, silvia said, we’ll do the rest. i can do that, he smiled and looked at me like he wanted to fuck me real bad, i blushed.

he was sitting on the edge of the bed, he laid back, kept his feet on the floor, silvia knelt in front of him, between his legs, big pretty smile on her face as she took his sneakers off, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them off him.

he was soooo hard, and silvia wasn’t k**ding, he had a lovely big cock and seeing it like that, soooo hard and standing straight up, waiting for love, made my nipples hard. silvia giggled and looked at me, see how big he is? she said holding his cock, pointing it at me, I just said mmmm, then she started sucking it, she looked so hot. carlos moaned and put his hand on my bare leg, i let him.

i didn’t know what to do though, i was just sitting there watching them. silvia closed her eyes and took more of his cock into her mouth, she looked like she knew what she was doing and the whole, “teach me how to deep throat” thing started smelling like a set up to get me in bed with them… silly me, i was so turned on though that i didn’t care, i wanted it.

carlos moved his hand to my pussy, i didn’t stop him, instead i spread my legs a lil so he could rub my sweet spot, i smiled at him and put my hand on his thigh and caressed him. then silvia tried to deep throat him and gagged, spit running down her chin. when she caught her breath she looked at me, pouted like a little girl and said, see what i mean?! ugh! can you show me lara, please? she asked as she rubbed carlos’ cock.

i could see a faint smirk in her face, and she was pouting like a baby… i shook my head, you are such a bad girl silvia! i told her, waving my finger in her direction, carlos laughed. pretty please?! she said as she pulled her little dress off of her hot lil body, mmmm, 100% hottie. bad, bad girl i softly said as i leaned down, slowly ran my tongue up carlos’ yummy cock, gave it a couple of sweet wet kisses then kissed silvia on the mouth, she almost sucked my whole tongue into her mouth, carlos’ hard cock brushing my cheek.

i sat back up and as i stroked silvia’s hair while she kissed his cock i looked at carlos, he was staring at me, his cock sooo hard. i smiled at him, winked my eyes and asked, is it ok if i deep throat you? he moaned and said you bet!

i stood up, smiled at them, and slowly pulled off my dress then slowly pulled down my panties, i wasn’t wearing a bra, they both stared at me and moaned as i undressed.

then i joined silvia, got on my knees between carlos’ legs and silvia and i wrapped our lips around his big cock and started sucking it sweetly, mmmm he tasted great, felt sooo good in my mouth. silvia stared at me as i gave carlos head and she said, that’s it baby, suck his big cock, i wanna see you take all of my boyfriend’s cock into your hot mouth. i was a little surprised to hear her talk like that, and her voice even changed a lil, she got bossy, kept telling me to suck it.

she slid a finger into my pussy and made me moan, then she told me to get on all 4s and to keep sucking his big cock. i was very obedient and did as she told me. mmmmm i started enjoying the idea of being their play thing so i gave in fully. i took carlos’ cock out of my mouth, turned to silvia as i kept rubbing it, then asked her, are you watching me baby? you wanna see how to deep throat your boyfriend’s big cock? mmmm, i love you lara, you look so fucking hot with my boyfriend’s cock in your mouth, silvia said as she slid another finger into my pussy and actually slapped my ass with her other hand! wow! i then took carlos’ big cock all the way to my throat, mmmmmm, 9 inches of sweet, beautiful throbbing cock love.

he moaned and fucked my face a little as silvia got up, went to the dresser, got something out and came back. i had my eyes closed, on all 4s sucking his big cock as he rubbed my hair, i loved it.

silvia was putting something on, i turned to look at her and my eyes popped open when i saw she had put on a strap on! she had a wicked smile on her sweet face, then said, i’m going to show you how much i love you lara, then she slapped my ass again.

wow, such a naughty babe! i moaned and spread my long legs a lil wider, and stuck out my cute butt for her. she got on her knees behind me, and started licking me, my pussy, my thighs, she bit my ass cheeks, rimmed me hard and sooo fucking good, she ran her tongue and mouth all over my ass and pussy, got me sooooo wet! i couldn’t believe silvia was so kinky, but i enjoyed every second of her dominant behavior, it felt like she had taken over me, become my master, cos i was doing everything she told me to do, including making her boyfriend moan my name as i sucked him, mmmm.

carlos and i really had something sweet going on, we were holding hands as we made love, my hot mouth as a pussy. he softly rubbed my hair, softly pushing my head down, softly repeating my name, also calling me mami, and mi amor, fucking my throat with his big cock, mmmm baby! we were like a couple in love. i was moaning sweetly as silvia kept eating me. then she stopped and i felt the rubber cock slowly slide into my pussy, i gasped, mmmmm.

she slapped my ass again. she asked, you like how i fuck you babe? mmmmm i just moaned, didn’t want to take carlos out of my mouth to answer, instead, i sort of backed up into silvia to show here how much i liked it. mmm, that’s it babe, she said.

then she asked carlos, do you like how lara sucks your cock baby? isn’t she cute with your big cock in her mouth? carlos had propped himself up on his elbows to watch me suck him and to watch silvia fuck me from behind.

mmmm, you bet, carlos said. lara is super hot, i think i’m in love! when he said that, i looked up at him, took his cock out of my mouth, and gave him the sweetest lil girl smile, my face so lit up with sex, my mouth all wet with loving, you taste sooooo good baby, i told him as i licked his beautiful cock. he leaned down and kissed my mouth, mmm we made out soooo passionately, our tongues and lips sucking and licking as silvia started thrusting my pussy with the rubber cock, you guys look so fucking hot together, she said as she watched us making love.

i was moaning and so enjoying being used like that… a fuck bunny, that’s me, i thought.

then i felt silvia slide something into my wet ass as she kept fucking my pussy, mmmmmmm, sent magic tingles through my body and i went back to sucking carlos’ cock. deep, deep throat, he moaned and throbbed, told me he loved me, told me he wanted to fuck me so good, mmmm i wanted his cum in my mouth so bad, i did my little throat act, started swallowing spit while his cock throbbed deep in my throat, mmmm, guys love that! it makes the throat muscles give the head of the cock little squeezes and 9 times out 10 it’ll make a guy cum super hard, the way carlos did! mmmmmm so fucking hot! i had my arms around him, my eyes closed, his cock buried in my face shooting big gobs of hot cum down my throat while silvia kept fucking both of my holes with toys… what else could i do but moan super loudly and cum really, really hard as well!

i was dripping cum onto the carpet, my hot body trembling, carlos and silvia groping me and fucking my 3 holes sooooooo good! i kept carlos in my mouth, i swallowed all his cum, i was soooooooo turned on, loved his taste, loved his cock and really wanted to feel him in my pussy so i kept sucking sooooo sweetly, i wanted to keep him hard so he could fuck me, i wanted to feel his gorgeous cock in my pussy, he kept panting and loving me, telling me what a good girl i was for swallowing all his cum, telling me he was going to fuck me soooo nice, patting my head as my mouth refused to let go of his sweet cock.

mmmmm love!

then i felt silvia pull out of my holes and stand up, you guys are making me jealous, she said, you look like you’re already in love with each other and are gonna get married tomorrow! what about me! awww, we turned to look at her, she had her pout going on, ha ha, looked very cute standing there naked with a strap on, her hair all messy, looking like she needed lots of loving.

aww baby, i said, want me to suck your cock while your boyfriend fucks me? mmm yes please! she answered all peppy, we all laughed. then she came and took carlos’ place while he went to take her place… mmmmm! i couldn’t wait, my pussy was so wet and sooooooo ready for his cock.

silvia and i made out for a while, it was sweet. she sucked my tongue then said, i can taste my boyfriend’s cum in your mouth, pouting like a baby as i gave her lips soft licks.

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The Basketball Game

My wife and I were all excited our favorite team was playing for the conference title. We got our shirts own with the school logo, school colored sweat pants, fixed our drinks, and turned the tube on. We were not picked to win but had been playing well in the tournament. My wife has a large frame about 5?” tall, beautiful 36DD tits, 29″ waist, and 38″ butt. She handles her weight well at 155 lbs.

, she is very strong. To look at her one would guess her to be 25 lbs. lighter.

The shirt she wearing was one of mine that buttoned in the front. She stretched it across the front with her large tits such that she left it unbuttoned showing a lot of cleavage. We were both settled in for the night not wearing any underwear planning to go to bed as soon as the game was over.. Her nipples were pushing hard and very visible against the thin tight shirt.

I made a comment that she was making me horny with her tits swaying and bouncing every time our school scored. She said wait till the game is over, I don’t want to be distracted.

Our team was ahead at the half and with all the excitement we had been guzzling our drinks. I called my good buddy, who is also a fan of the team to make sure he was watching.

He said he was but he and his wife had had a argument and he was in his man cave, a storage room in his back yard. He went on to say that he had his wood stove on and it was toasty warm with a pot of lima bean ready to eat on top. He ask us to come on over and watch the rest of the game.

I ask my wife as I talked and she no way, no make up, no underwear, and no time change before the game would start up.

My friend pleaded, he said it not any fun to watch the by himself. He said he was in some jogging sweats, not worry how we were dressed. I asked again and my OK. He lived about a mile from us so we grabbed our coats and ran to the car.

We have know this guy for probably 20 years, back before he was married. He got his wife pregnant and had to get married.

He often told how badly they were getting along. We had been to cookouts, birthday parties at his house, so on and so forth.

He had always flirted with my wife in front of me and when I was not around, just harmless fun. He would say things that my wife would normally take offense to, but would laugh and enjoys his sexual remarks. He once was behind her at the grocery store and walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “lady you have a beautiful ass”.

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He was wearing shorts and you could plainly see the outline of his semi-hard dick in the leg of his shorts. She cussed him again and when she got home she laughed till cried telling me what was said and what he did.

It was always something like that. Once I pulled up to talk to him as he was gassing up his truck. Before I could say anything he blurted out, when are you going to have your wife give me some, to which I said she would hurt you.

So, we arrive at his man cave and the game had just started. My wife planned to leave her coat on to hide her braless tits but it very warm with the wood heater and my wife pulled her coat off. As we drank and cheered my wife’s tits would sway and bounce. Our friend would make nasty commit after nasty commit and my wife began to do things just to aggravate him.

The game ended and we all hugged. When my wife and friend broke their embrace, her nipples were hard and you could see his semi easily through his sweat pants, he obviously did not have any underwear on.

He saw me looking and apologized. He said that he and his wife had cooked the beans and had plans similar to ours, a quite night, lima beans, and then some good sex. She for got the Texas Toast at the grocery and that started an argument.

He said he had taken Viagra to make sure he performed well. That was why his dick was sticking straight out of his sweat pants. He said you know how I feel about your sexy wife.

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He said they rarely had sex and when they did she was not responsive.

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She took off her coat and her nipples were hard. I commented how come you have hard nipples if so hot. She did not respond. She said it is getting late we had better go.

We all stood up and my wife started to put on her coat, with her arm stretched to her back the out line of her tits and nipples were left nothing to the imagination. I was looking at her and she started laughing again.

She was looking at our friend. YES, he was hard again. He said show your tits and I’ll take care this later pointing to the lump in his pants. I said flash him so we can leave.

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He started fucking her slowly and would pull out briefly to cup her tits and look at her voluptuous body. He then started fucking her hard and fast. Suddenly her pulled out and shot cum all over the floor. He staggered over to his pants and my wife pulled her pants and shirt on we all hugged and we went home where we fucked the night away.